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Zero Cases So Far As Aruba Reopens Tourism

Good news, the island of Aruba has the coronavirus under control!

There are zero positive cases after reopening the island to travelers from the USA.

Almost 4000 visitors and counting were welcomed in Aruba during the weekend of July 10-12, 2020. Flights continue to arrive out of USA, and other countries (except Dominican Republic & Haiti).

Strict entry requirements remain in place to enter Aruba at the moment, to limit the risk of importing new coronavirus cases.

The Prime Minister of Aruba mentioned during a live press conference that the Government is happy with the results they are receiving at the airport – zero cases until now from visitors.

Aruba Health App

If you are travelling to Aruba, I would advise you to download the Aruba Health App.

The Health App is a medical health check application developed by the Department of Public Health of Aruba.

It’s created for visitors to make their upcoming visit safe and pleasant.

The app is available in 3 languages. 

Download and register on the app to get several benefits, including: 

  • Speed up the process going through at the airport
  • Low touch travel experience, giving you piece of mind
  • Get your COVID-19 test results quick and conveniently (if you test at Aruba airport)
  • Know who to call and where to go, incase you start showing symptoms

Download the “Aruba Health App” – click here for android, click here for iphone, and here for the web app.

Current Coronavirus Situation

At the moment there are 4 coronavirus infections in Aruba, all are local people – zero infected tourists.

  • Active Cases – 4
  • Quarantine – 21
  • Deaths – 3


Key-points Regarding COVID-19 Rules in Aruba

Here are some of the rules, regulations and best practices you can expect here in Aruba.

They can change at anytime, depending on the ongoing situation in Aruba regarding coronavirus.

  • Print all documents when traveling to Aruba (copy of approval ED-Card, receipt coronavirus insurance, negative test results, etc.)
  • Download the Aruba Health App (if you test at the airport, you receive your results on the app, plus more valuable information).
  • It’s not required to wear masks in Aruba, but for everyones safety, please do in public spaces.
  • All casinos, restaurants and bars close at 11:00 pm.
  • Pool chairs at some hotels are placed in groups of 2 and are not allowed to be moved.
  • Some resorts closed their water & ice dispensers around the property.
  • Resorts, restaurants, and bars have rules and regulations to limit close interaction between guests and employees to keep everyone safe.
  • Tourists that are lucky enough to be in Aruba, are mentioning on Facebook groups that there’s little to no impact at all on their trips despite the current rules to stop the spread of coronavirus.
  • Important websites to visit when planning a trip to Aruba – &

Tourism Will Take Time To Recover

Following the three months without tourist on the island, here’s what figures are looking like right now.

Occupancy has dropped 50,6% in compared to the same period in 2019.

Luckily the island is open again for tourism, although not at full potential, better than nothing.

AHATA (Aruba Hotel & Tourism Authority) is projecting an occupancy rate of 9% in the month of July. Hotel room occupancy are expected to gradually increase to 40% in December, hopefully more, if you decide to visit Aruba.

Aruba is dependent on tourism, and at this recovery rate, the revenue for the industry will be low, and the cost to run business remains high.

COVID-19 is not over in the world, luckily Aruba still has low infection numbers – but the economic crisis caused by coronavirus is still not over for the island, until tourism booms again.

Regent Seven Seas Splendor Lays Up in Aruba

Cruises are still not a part of Aruba’s tourism. 

But the Regent Seven Seas Splendor is docked in the ports of Aruba. 

Seven Seas made the decision to lay up its ship meanwhile cruises are suspended around the world until further notice. 

No passengers are on board, only the captains and crew members. 

Both the captains and crew members passed all tests required by the public health department of Aruba.

Airline tourism has restarted in Aruba, and worldwide in certain countries, however, the cruise lines are still held up until September 15, 2020, until further notice by the US President. 

Regent Seven Seas Splendor is planning to stay docked at the ports of Aruba for at least a month, before departing again to its homeland.

There’s no official date yet set for when cruise ships travel will resume to Aruba. 

Updates regarding cruise ships will be officially updated by Aruba tourism Authority.

Elements Restaurant Receives Wine Spectator Award

Elements Restaurants received the prestigious wine spectator award of excellence. 

The restaurant received the award for its interesting wine selections that are appropriate to their cuisine and appeal to a wide range of wine lovers. 

There’s millions of restaurants around the world, but only 2289 restaurants can say they have a Wine Spectator Award of Excellence, including Elements in Aruba.


Beach dining at Elements Restaurant…

Food & Beverage Director, and Michelin star trained chef, Marc Giesbers says it’s a beautiful feeling to be rewarded for the hard work of creating the restaurant’s wine list.

Elements has a selection of wines from all over the world, from light and relaxing wines to the most powerful and intense taste.

Marc says, wines are imported from different regions around the globe, including but not limited from New York (Finger Lake), which is known to produce spectacular white wines. 

He recommends visitors to try the award-winning Viognier from yalumba, a family owned winery in Australia.

The wines at Elements combine perfectly with their menu, for example, the Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon with a deliciously grilled sirloin steak.

Elements Restaurants will open as of July 15, 2020, with brand new renovations and upgrades.

White Screen For Drive in Installed

Aruba’s drive in theatre is making a comeback and the screen is already set-up.

The large white screen is securely placed on 10 containers (5 containers high, and 2 next to each other).

The final design of the drive-in will be modern, but still keeping its original look in its glory days, including ample parking, concessions stands, and bathrooms.

Drive-in Aruba first opens it’s doors in 1969 and operated for 40 years until it, unfortunately, closed in 2009. But the open-air movie theater is making a comeback, with the help of modern technology.

The drive in will be complete within month.

After the property is completed, it will officially be named “The Movies @ Drive In”.

Soon you can get out of quarantine life and enjoy a movie outdoors on the big screen.

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