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Borders Won’t Closed, So You Can Visit Soon

The second wave of coronavirus is in Aruba, but the Government won’t be closing the border like they did the first time. 

According to the Tourism Minister, coronavirus is a reality that we all have to live with around the world, and closing the borders for travelers is not an option anytime soon to stop the spread of COVID. 

The borders need to stay open in a responsible manner to keep a balance between the economic and health state of the island. 

This means you can be sure that you will be able to travel to Aruba in the near future, until further notice by the Government.

Tourism Keeps Growing Even With Corona

Aruba ended the month of July with close to 14.000 visitors. 

The amount of visitors was higher than expected by the tourism board, and paints a positive picture for the island,in the midst of coronavirus times. 

Aruba could break records in August, because the tourism board is expecting a large number of visitors again, between close to 25.000 international travelers.

The current numbers are far below average, because the island is used to welcoming over 1 million visitors each year. But it looks like tourism is slowly picking up, and will reach 40% occupancy by the end of December, according to Aruba Hotel & Tourism Association.

Official COVID-19 Testing Requirements To Visit Aruba

Aruba Tourism Authority launched a new informational page to guide visitors through the coronavirus testing requirements before entering the island. 

The Government of Aruba requires all visitors to undergo a molecular SARS-CoV-2 test based on a nasal or swab (children under 14 years old are exempt from testing). All tests need to be performed by a certified lab, and the results need to be uploaded as part of the ED card process. 

All states in the USA have different entry requirements for Aruba.

On the new informational page you can select your place of residence and get the official information that you are required to comply with.

The information is available for the USA, Canada, Europe, Bonaire, Curacao and Caribbean (except Dominican Republic & Haiti)



The Easy Way To Find COVID-19 Testing Locations in USA

Traveling around the world right now is not easy to do, and Aruba is no exception. If you want to travel to Aruba you have to follow strict regulations, and one of them is to test for coronavirus prior to your departure. 

Some travelers manage to comply with all regulations, but many other visitors can’t find a testing site that provides COVID-19 results within 72 hours, just like Aruba requires. 

Luckily there’s a solution for this….

Bats Media & Consulting, an Aruban based company, created a website that lists all the rapid testing locations available in the USA. 

The frustration of looking for a rapid covid-19 testing location near you has ended. Now you can easily type in the state you live in, and with one click find the location that is the closest to you for testing.

You will find different rapid testing locations, including hospitals, labs, well-known drug stores chains such as CVS and Walgreens. Some locations deliver results within 42 – 72 hours, and even less than 24 hours. 

The new rapid testing website even makes it possible to report locations that don’t deliver on promised results, and you can also add new testing locations now yet listed on the site.

Visit for more detailed information and find out where the closest rapid testing is located to you.

You will drive on this bridge on the way to boca Grandi

Are Masks Required in Aruba, or Not?

Everywhere you go you will notice people wearing a mask, but face masks are not yet obligatory in Aruba. 

The Prime Minister has recommended wearing a facemask when indoors at public spaces, and almost all establishments in Aruba are displaying a “no mask, no service” sign at their storefront. This includes, supermarkets, retails stores, Government departments, banks, taxi’s, public transportation, pharmacies, doctors office and hospital. 

Masks are not yet obligatory, as you will not get a fine by the police for not wearing one when walking outdoors, but the community is taking the precaution seriously, and nearly everyone is already wearing a mask. 

The number of local transmissions of coronavirus cases has increased in a few weeks since a viral breakout in a nightclub.

According to local health authorities face masks will be officially required if the coronavirus transmissions get out of control.

Remember to wear your face masks in Aruba, especially when going in any stores, because no mask on means no service.

Aruba Will Pre-order COVID-19 Vaccines

Aruba aims to preorder vaccines for coronavirus and make sure to have them ready for delivery as soon as they hit the market. 

According to the Health Minister, the island will be pre-ordering vaccines for 20% of the Aruban population. The first group that will be in line to receive these vaccinations are the at risk group, including eldery people (65+ years), people with chronic diseases, and first line caregivers. 

There are several different vaccines at the moment, and a few of them are going through the last testing trials to make them official for the public. 

When the first vaccine will be available is not sure, but experts are expecting to have a vaccine ready by 2021. 

It’s not clear yet if the vaccine is going to be mandatory for everyone living in Aruba. The same counts for visitors, will it be mandatory to be vaccinated before traveling to the island?

Stores That Are Closed Due To The Pandemic

Coronavirus has taken the world by storm, including some business in Aruba that had to close their doors, because they couldn’t survive the crisis. 

The tourism sector in Aruba, and all the establishments in this sector, especially restaurants and bars suffered the most on the island from the economic turmoil caused by coronavirus.

Some companies were able to remain open and survive the crisis by offering take out and delivery, however other establishments couldn’t handle the decline in customers.  

Here’s a list of establishments in Aruba that are now closed:

  • Taste of Belgium
  • Denny’s
  • Hard Rock Cafe
  • Tinashi Music & Sports Pub

It’s uncertain if more businesses will close on the island, this depends on different factors, including the rate which the economy recuperates and the financial aid provided by the government.

Unfortunately these stores have closed, but looking at the bright side, another establishment will take its place and start a new journey soon.

Carnival 2021 Officially Cancelled

The foundation that manages Aruba’s carnival announced that Carnival in 2021 is officially cancelled. 

Due to the current coronavirus situation, it will be irresponsible to allow large groups of people to agglomerate and possibly continue the spread of the virus. 

The economic situation also helped lead to the decision to not allow carnival to continue as usual in January & February. 

All hope is not lost, because there is a chance that a smaller carnival might continue, but in July, starting with a “Carnival Warm Up Event”.

New concepts and ideas will be created by the foundation to innovate the carnival in 2022. For example to move the usual carnival schedules from January & February to July, August or September.

I was part of Carnival 65 with TOB Group.

Now You Can Order Delicious Meals From Renaissance Hotel

Renaissance Hotel Aruba launches an exciting culinary experience called “Ren On Wheels”.

It’s a new delivery service offered by the hotel to give you an opportunity to taste the special dishes from the comfort of your own home.

Ren On Wheels is a special offer highlighting Indian & Thai dishes. 

The dinner menu is for two people, including the option to combine with cocktails., wine or soda. 

Each menu comes with a 3 course menu, including a video and instructions on how to prepare and complete each dish.

Prices are 90 Aruban Guilders (or 52.00 US Dollars)

Ren on Wheels is only available on Friday, Saturday and Sunday with delivery between 4:00 PM – 9:00 PM.

Order your ren on wheels special deal through whatsapp messenger +297 5676140 or visit the website

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