Are you looking for a place where you can do some wine tasting in Aruba?

A place where you can get away from the crowds and just relax…

If so I have to tell you about one of the most perfect places to do so – it’s truly a hidden gem on the island.

I didn’t know this place exist, until I accidentally bumped into the owner, now it’s one of my favorite places for wine tasting in Aruba.

This place I’m talking about is called “The Wine Room” and it’s a charming place that brings wine lovers together.

So let me tell you more about “The Wine Room in Aruba” and what you should expect on your visit…

wine tasting in Aruba

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Wine Tasting in Aruba at The Wine Room

The wine room is located in the downtown area, tucked away from the crowds.

It’s owned by native islander, Monrick Croes, who turned his passion for wines into a chic bar for wine tasting in Aruba.

The wine room is a place where you can escape the daily tolls of life and just relax!

A candlelit atmosphere greets you as you enter the wine room.

The walls are decorated with beautiful wine paintings, vintage wine art and a wine rack with over 200 bottles of the best wines in Aruba.

wine tasting in Aruba

A view from inside of the wine room.

One of a Kind Wines

The wine rooms list of wines covers various exclusive brand names from different vineyards around the world.

All wines are self-imported by Monrick, so you won’t find any of them for sale in a supermarket or any wine stores in Aruba.

You can also buy wines at the wine room, they are sold by bottle or case.

wine tasting in Aruba

Wine and steak, two of my favorites!

Wine Tasting & Food Pairing

You can’t just drink a Merlot or a Pinot, and pair it with cheese or olives, there’s so much more to it.

Monrick is not only the owner of the wine room, but he’s also going to be your host.

He has a broad knowledge in the world of wines – so he’s the perfect sommelier to show you the fine points of wine tasting and food pairing in Aruba.

The food at the wine room can be described in one word – Delicious!

Monrick does the grocery shopping, prepares all the dishes, sets your plate and serves it to you in a friendly and entertaining fashion.

The wine room’s menu has different cheese platters, vegetarian tapas, from the oven dishes like champignon Au gratin and escargots a la bourguignon, succulent steak dishes, dessert and coffee.

Wine Not? Book now!

Take a break from the ordinary while in Aruba and relax while you tempt your taste buds with a wine tasting and food pairing at the wine room.

The ambiance is perfect for friends coming together, business meetings, or a romantic night of sipping great wines and having endless conversations.

I recommend you to visit Monrick at his wine room and indulge into an explosion of flavors in your mouth and great experience with a touch of Aruban hospitality.

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