Living in Aruba is great!

It gives me the unique opportunity to explore the island at my own pace, when I want, and my journeys always lead me to find new places most tourists (and locals) don’t know much about.  

This time I made it to the other side of the island, to Boca Grandi Beach.

It’s not a new place for me, also not to those who have traveled to Aruba for years. However, this time I discovered new things to do here that made me fall in love all over again with this beach.

Let me tell you..

It’s not like any other of the beaches in Aruba, or in the world even.

Boca Grandi is known for one of the best kitesurfing spots on the island.

This beach is different.

It’s off the radar for most tourist and locals.

There’s no palm trees, but grape trees (edible, grows seasonally).

White sand, miles of it, and dunes covered in green flora and all of this beauty surrounded by clear blue waters.

boca grandi beach in aruba

Beautiful sand dunes at boca Grandi beach…

It’s not easy to reach Boca Grandi, but if you dare to make the journey, you’ll be rewarded with beautiful scenic views and a private beach to call your own for the day.

In this article I explain how to get Boca Grandi, the top things to do here besides kite surfing just in case you decide to explore Aruba and find this “undiscovered beach”.

And some other helpful tips to make your experience here one to remember.

Where is Boca Grandi Beach?

It’s far from the hotel area, but not hard to find.

The bus doesn’t pass here. Taxis can drop you here,  but this is an expensive ride, compared to renting your own car or jeep in Aruba.

If you decide to rent a car, drive from the hotel area back to the airport and keep driving on the highway to the south side of the island. Stay on this highway following this direction through Pos Chiquito, Savaneta, San Nicolas until you reach Sero Colorado (it’s the same drive to baby beach).  

You will drive on the giant bridge in the background on your way to boca Grandi…

When you approach the entrance of Sero Colorado, you’re going to see a giant red anker.

The road to the left of the anchor leads to Boca Grandi beach, and the road to the right leads to baby beach.

The drive from hotel area to boca grandi can be 30 – 45 minute depending on traffic.

Before Boca Grandi Stop & Learn About The Red Anchor

Before you reach Boca Grandi Beach you’re going to notice a giant red anchor.

It’s not just any anchor.

This anchor laid on the bottom of the ocean near the coastal waters of Boca Grandi for decades, until it was accidentally discovered by members of a tugboat crew who worked for the nearby refinery on the island in 1970’s.

This anchor not only marks, the entrance to Boca Grandi Beach, but this anchor is also an important part of history for the island.

It’s dedicated to all seamen who worked in the refinery after it closed for good in 1985.

The anchor is approximately 10 feet 6 inches wide and 15 feet 6 inches tall and manufactured in Germany in the 1960’s.

This picture will be iconic.


When you see this anchor, you know you’re close to boca Grandi, stop and get closer to this anchor, it has history….

The anchor continues to be “a must see” and one the most photographed landmarks on the island, by both locals and visitors alike.

Follow the road to the left of the anchor to drive to Boca Grandi Beach (the road to the right of the anchor leads to Baby Beach).

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Spend The Day At The Beach How You Really Want!

Boca Grandi beach is not the traditional tourist beach, it’s mostly isolated with no amenities.

The stretch of beach here is over 1 kilometers of soft sand that turns slightly pink everytime the waves touches the shores.

Imagine what you can do on this beach that is generally undiscovered…

  • Relax, unbothered, like there’s no tomorrow
  • Sun bath and get tan
  • Have a picnic or lunch here
  • Long beach walks, and find great clean areas to swim
  • Hike
  • Read a book, undisturbed
  • What’s your favorite thing to do on the beach? You can do it here!

Boca Grandi is windy, the currents are known to be strong here, swimming is not advised in the deep blue, but staying on the shores is advisable and safe.

If you want shade from the sun, sit under one of the man made shacks.


There’s a few of these shacks on the beach…


Shade from the Caribbean sun…

There’s no supermarkets near Boca Grandi (only a small kitesurfing school with a small beach bar).

If you plan to spend a day, or at least a few hours at this beach, come fully prepared with food, water and drinks.

Before you go to the beach in Aruba, make sure you have checked off your list of must have items when on the beach.

Walk The Beach and Find Your Next Souvenir

Walk on miles of sand and discover the beach!

There’s no telling what you’ll find on your walks. You might see a gang of goats or if you get lucky our local donkeys roaming near the dunes or walking from a distance.

Or just walk around the dunes and see the island from a different perspective.

This is how beautiful is looks here at boga grandi…


Can you imagine yourself standing between beautiful dunes…


Boca Grandi beach is different, it’s unique, it’s beautiful…

If you have a great eye for “what can be” you can walk into cool driftwood, and organic materials that washed up on the shore that you can use for souvenirs.

You never know what you’ll find.

It’s always curious to find out what the ocean brings to shore….

This is what I found on one of my walks…


Walk the miles of white beach and find something awesome…

Learn How To Kitesurf (or Just Watch For Fun)

Boca Grandi Beach has on-shore winds, strong currents and plenty of small waves.

There’s a kitesurf shack on the beach, and they offer lessons. If you’re interested in a lesson or rentals don’t hesitate to ask around.

Just incase kitesurfing is not your thing, watching from the sidelines is also interesting, as surfers fly across the ocean.

Isn’t this view a beautiful one?


Learn the art of kite surfing in Aruba from the best instructors…

Remember This Before You Visit Boca Grandi Beach

Boca Grandi Beach is surrounded by white sand dunes, and flora, so it’s important to conserve this piece of nature.

Remember this before you visit boca grandi (or any beach on the island)…

  • Do not drive on the sand or dunes (explore them by foot)
  • Keep the beach clean (no plastic, glass or cigarette on the beach)
  • Park the car before the beach sand starts and walk over the dunes to the beach.

Help keep our beaches sparkling like a gem.

Don’t drive on the sand or dunes.

Keep our beaches clean!


Please do not drive on the beach or dunes…it’s illegal!


Aruba is more beautiful when it’s clean…

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