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Weekly Aruba News Recap

The entire island is in party mode, because it’s Carnival season.

Until now we’ve crowned our Queen of Carnival, found our Caiso & Soca Monarch, jammed to music and admired plenty of parades through Oranjestad and San Nicolas featuring thousands of participants.

The following weeks will be more of the same celebrations, with the last parades:  2 children’s parades, 2 lighting parades and 2 grand parades and a jouvert morning.

As we’re still enjoying the events, let’s recap the news that made it through the noise of Aruba’s carnival…

Task Force Removes 3 Water Sport Establishments

Last week the government implemented a “3 strikes you’re out” in the beach policy and introduced a new task force to implement the policy.

The decision was made after a conflict between two beach vendors on Palm Beach that got out of hand was caught on video.

Beach policy is not new, it was introduced in 2014, but due to the lack of implementation and enforcement of the policy, the beach vendors made their own laws.

For example, having more chairs, or taking a bigger territory than stated in the beach policy.

Task force is a collaboration between DIP (Department of Infrastructure & Planning), Directie Scheepvaart, DOW and the police.

However, the police are in charge of giving out warnings or closing down beach vendor establishments.

This week they made an unexpected visit at beach vendors on Palm Beach and Eagle Beach.

A total of 42 beach vendor companies were inspected and 37 of them received a “written warning” for failing to comply with regulations in the beach policy. This counts as their first strike, according to the new policy, two more warnings and their establishments get removed from the beach.

The task force closed down 3 of the beach vendors during their control for not having permits.

From now on all vendors must display their permit and regulations for clients to see.

With the introduction of the new task force, the law and order regarding water activities, umbrella and chair renting should be restored on Aruba’s beaches.

Botanic Garden in Aruba

Aruba’s minister of primary sector announced the construction of the islands first Botanical Garden.

The garden is an initiative to conserve, protect, and fortify the evolution of Aruba’s primary sector.

It’s going to be focused on fruits, vegetables and medicinal herbs, which was used to cure diseases by our elders on the island.

Looking back to history, cultivating medicinal herbs and using it for treating disease is part of Aruba’s culture.

The knowledge and skills to grow these native medicinal herbs will be passed onto future generations with the help of this project.

Botanical Garden Aruba  is a collaboration between the government and Santa Rosa, a foundation for agriculture and fishermen.

Santa Rosa also hosts the largest farmers market on the island.

According to the minister, a group of experts will be in charge of planning and structuring the botanic garden. The garden will be constructed at Santa Rosa, which is located close to the popular landmark Hooiberg (Haystack), in the district of Piedra Plat.

The botanic garden is the response to Aruba’s search to be independent for basic food, after the president of Venezuela closed its frontiers to the ABC island (Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao) for commercial communication by air and sea.

Causing shortage of fruits and vegetables at local markets who depend on imported products from Venezuela.

Soon Aruba won’t be dependant on importations of fruits and vegetables anymore. At least more than half of the produce should be made here on the island.

Aruba’s first botanic garden will of course create another “thing to see” on the island, boosting the economy.

There’s already plans of creating an app for the botanical garden, for visitors, enabling you to get the full specifications of the medicinal herbs by a scan of the bar code.

Safest Traffic in Dutch Kingdom

Aruba has the lowest amount of fatal traffic accidents within the Dutch Kingdom in 2017.

This is due to the increase of police on the road, more controls, campaigns by foundations to prevent drunk driving, and traffic safety management to prevent accidents.

For example, a lot of sleeping police and roundabouts have been constructed, which causes a reduction of the velocity. Also a recent ban of driving while using your cell phone was implemented that also increased the safety on the roads.

The traffic in Aruba is very safe, only 2 fatal accidents happened in 2017.

Don’t speed, text and drive, or drive after a few drinks at the restaurant.

Rent a car in Aruba Now

Warning: High Winds, Strong Currents and Big Waves

The meteorological department of Aruba alerts the community for high winds, strong currents and big waves at the beach as of January 26, 2018.

Beaches affected by this alert are the north coast, arashi beach, and high rise and low rise hotels.

Take precautionary warning for swimming at the aforementioned beaches.

Aruba Summer Music Festival 2018

The promoters (SD Productions & Loco Lobo Productions) announced the Aruba summer music festival during a press conference this week.

It’s the 4th edition of ASMF and it will be on June 29 – 30, 2018.

The artists line up has a mix of different music cultures, from the Caribbean, Latin America and North America. Featuring artists like Ozuna, Nacho, Eddy Herrera, Felipe “Pipe” Pelaez, Victor Manuelle and Fonseca.

Local bands will also be performing (Buleria, D’Licious & ‘N Fuzion).

The festival will take place at Harbour Arena, close to the cruise port.

Here’s the schedule for the festival…

June 29, 2018 – The local bands will be performing, followed by presentations from Ozuna, and Nacho.

June 30, 2018 – Eddy Herrera, Felipe “Pipe” Pelaez, Victor Manuelle and Fonseca.

Early bird tickets are available as of 29 January, 2018 at Sandra’s Garden, located near the linear park on surfside beach.  

General entrance is $58 – VIP costs $100.00 – Diamond $143.00

Are you ready to dance at this latin inspired festival?

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