One of the best ways to drive through Aruba’s country side and see the top sites around the island is by UTV.

What Is a UTV?

UTV means utility task vehicles –  these machines are powerful 4×4 built for driving on the rocky countryside of Aruba.

You can drive on of these UTV’s

Don’t Know How To Drive An UTV?

Tour guides will show you how to:

  • Drive an UTV
  • Explain traffic rules
  • Explain what is allowed (and not) to ensure safety.

Fofoti UTV Tours

Fofoti Transfer & Tours has two awesome UTV tours available for adventure seekers that are definitely worth checking out!  

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Fofoti offers two type of UTV tours:

  1. Island Expedition UTV Adventure
  2. Natural Pool Adventure

Go on a off-road adventure!

Island Expedition UTV Adventure

This tour is all about sightseeing on the rocky north coastline of the island – use code VByA15 for discount

You’ll visit one of the beaches not seen by many travelers: Blackstone Beach.

See the Natural Bridge.

And the old fortress along the islands coastline better known as Bushiribana Gold Mill Ruins.

The Natural Bridge.

The Gold Mill Ruins.

You’ll also visit the California Lighthouse for one of the most beautiful vistas on the island.

And you get to go for a swim after the tour at one of the most popular beaches among locals Arashi Beach.

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Natural Pool UTV Adventure

This tour will take you through Aruba’s one and only national park towards one of the islands natural rock formations that you can swim, snorkel and even cliff dive from!

The Natural Pool.

The natural pool UV adventure tour also includes stops at iconic sites:

  • Natural Bridge
  • Bushiribana Gold Mill Ruins
  • Alto Vista Chapel – the first catholic chapel in Aruba.
  • California Lighthouse

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Highlights Of Fofoti Tours

Both tours take about 3.5 – 4 hours.

Included in tours:

  • Hotel or cruise port pick up & drop off.
  • Bottle water, dry snacks and bandanna

Bring your own goggles to protect your eyes from the outback trail or buy one at Fofoti office. And wear comfortable clothes, shoes,  sunscreen, swimsuit underneath if you’re going to swim at Natural Pool or Arashi.

Snorkeling equipment and water shoes are not included in tour.

Here’s what you need to know about the tour sites you will discover with Fofoti UTV tours:

Natural Pool

Believe it or not, it’s a natural swimming pool formed with big rocks by mother nature.

Natural Bridge

Before it collapsed back in 2005, this was the largest natural bridge formation on the island. During the years a new bridge has formed and it’s amazing to see.

Black Stone Beach

This is one of the only beaches on the island that has small and shiny black eroded stones.

Bushiribana Gold Mill Ruins

A building resembling a fortress on the coastline of the island used by the islands first inhabitants to mine and process gold.

Alto Vista Chapel

The first Catholic chapel on the island.


One of the most popular local beaches on the southwestern side of the island.

California Lighthouse

Old lighthouse used to warn ships for the islands coastline at night. And one of the best places to overlook the island with scenic views.

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This is how you use the discount code to get 15% off!

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