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Update On Palm Beach Replenishment and Revitalization Project

There’s a beach revitalization project going on in the area of Palm Beach since June 2018.

We’re a few weeks into the project and according to the Aruba Tourism Authority, the beach revitalization is going as planned.

The project is executed by a local company – Varadero Aruba.

What exactly is being done to the beach?

Varadero is replacing old muddy sand with fresh new beach sand.

This is a natural process used to fixed beaches that have suffered from erosion.

Varadero is working with different Governmental departments to ensure a smooth operation, with minimum disturbance to wildlife and visiting tourists at the beach.

This project is beneficial to the beach and environment.

The operations are being done by this machine!

Out with the old beach sand, in with the new and fresh sand!

Where exactly is the revitalization happening?

The ocean between playa linda and moomba beach.

When is the project expected to be completed?

The project should be completed before 2019.

Here’s the dredging schedule.

  • Start date (mobilization): 11 – 18 Jun 2018
  • Playa Linda section A1 – 19 Jun – 9 Jul
  • Playa Linda section A2 – 10 Jul – 30 Jul
  • Moomba section A3 – 31 Jul – 27 Aug
  • Holiday Inn section A4  – 28 Aug – 18 Sep
  • Holiday Inn section A5  – 19 Sep – 9 Oct
  • Holiday Inn section A6  – 10 Oct – 30 Oct
  • Project completion (demobilization): 1 nov – 8 nov 2018

Library in San Nicolas Under Renovation (and Art Fair Mural Project)

Art & Culture is alive in Aruba!

The annual art fair in Aruba is going to take place in October.

In a few short years the art fair event turned the district of San Nicolas into the “arts & culture capital of Aruba”.

During the past art fair events, International & local artist converted the walls in mainstreams of San Nicolas into must see murals.

The public library in San Nicolas is one of the focal point of the event this year. The building is undergoing a renovation of almost 1 million dollars.

Three international artist (from Kazakhstan, Czech Republic and Portugal) will convert the library walls into a piece of art!

One of these artists painted the house of cards last time.

Ace of spade!

When & where is the Art fair?

October 5, 6, 7 – 2018 in the main streets & promenade of San Nicolas.

Carnival 65 in Aruba – Are You Going To Be Here?

Next year is going to be Carnival edition 65!

You can expect it to be big!

Carnival in Aruba attracts thousands of visiting tourist from all over the world!

The start of the Carnival 65 is highlighted by a torch parade which is usually in the first week of January.

Keep following my newsletters to get updates about the carnival schedule, events and parades for this upcoming carnival season.

The official carnival schedule will be posted as soon as it is released by the organizers.

Make sure to book your flight to Aruba so you don’t miss this years carnival edition!

Hunting Lionfish in Aruba

A few years ago the hunt on lionfish started on the island, and today they are still fighting the fish!

Lionfish, which are native to the Pacific and Indian oceans, are in the Caribbean, and they are eating smaller fish that protect our reefs!

The reason fishermen are hunting lionfish is not only to save our reef fishes, but because lionfish have no natural predators.

Foundations dedicated to saving our reef fishes have a new count on the amount of lionfish that they managed to kill.

As of July 2018 they eliminated about 951 lionfishes. Let’s put this in perspective, how much of an effect does killing 951 lionfishes have?

Well, one lionfish eats about 5000 reef fishes, crabs and lobster every year.

With 951 lionfishes eliminated, this is about 4.755.000 reef animals a year that were saved.

Lionfish are known to have a lifespan of 10 years, this means one lionfish can eat 50.000 reef fishes in its lifetime.

Of course, the hunting of lionfish provides great seafood!

There’s a demand for the lionfish on the island.

When you take off the venomous spines from the lionfish it’s safe to eat!

Surprisingly lionfish taste delicious! Ask for it next time your on the island.

Strange Fish on Eagle beach Aruba

The National Archives of Aruba received a miniature model of an unexploded torpedo found on the shores of Eagle beach in the 1940’s. The artwork was made by an artist from Curacao.

It’s a diorama model of the scene back then, named “strange fish on Eagle beach”.

Dioramas are models representing a scene with three-dimensional figures, either in miniature or as a large-scale museum exhibit.

The torpedo was fired on 16 February 1942 by U-156 in the second world war, but luckily it didn’t explode.

The torpedo that didn’t explode found on Eagle beach in 1942.

The art is impressive, and looks like a dangerous scene, but it represents the islands history during world war 2. It is available to see personally at the National Archives in Aruba, which houses the oldest artifacts of the island.

No Oil Or Gas Found Yet in Aruba

Last week I mentioned the drilling that’s taking place on the Aruban waters.

The first round of drilling is already over. It takes nearly a year to analyze the results, but they already suspect that there’s nothing!

Luckily this was the first test drill. There’s still at least 2 other locations that need to be explored. Keep your fingers crossed!

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