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Aruba Surpasses 100.000 Stay Over Visitors in July

Aruba’s Airport recorded the strongest recovery during July 2021 for stay over visitors since the pandemic hit in March 2020. 

100.000 stay over visitors stepped foot on Aruba during this month. 

To be exact – 109.318 visitors.

This is a 29% increase for stay over visitors compared to the month before (June). 

Here’s a breakdown of destinations travelers departed to from Aruba in July: 

  • 91.715 travelers returned to the United States.
  • 7.568 travelers returned to Europe.
  • 6.311 travelers departed to Latin America.
  • 3.724 travelers departed to the Netherlands Antilles.

With over 100.000 visitors in July 2021, the airport was averaging 30 flights every day (compared to 37 flights everyday in the same month in 2019).

It’s been a gradual growing process for Aruba’s tourism industry, as 426.565 visitors were on the island since January 2021.

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Aruba Partners With Europe’s Digital Corona Certificate

Aruba announced that the island is adapting the new Europe Digital Corona Certificate into its traveler vaccination system.

What is the new Digital Corona Certificate (DCC)?

It’s a new digital system that contains your official corona certificates according to European regulations. 

Aruba started with the new European Digital Corona Certificate as of August 9, 2021. 

The new DCC certificate allows travelers to:

  • verify vaccination certificate
  • Show negative covid test results
  • Also contains positive covid test results that indicate someone has recovered from corona, or is currently recovering.

Digital corona certificate does not grant you automatic admission to any country, as every country has its own terms and regulations for entry. 

Long term residents in Aruba and locals can get the DCC in the “Aruba Health App”.

Visit the for more details.

About Baby Beach Renovation Project 

Tourism minister completed the first phase of renovation at Baby Beach, which is a new road towards one of the most beautiful beaches in San Nicolas. 

The new road starts from the ex-Aruba Esso Club towards Baby Beach.

It’s a road used by locals and visitors who want to enjoy the moon shaped bay on the Southern part of the island.

The project to beautify and upgrade Baby beach is well underway as construction works move to the next phase.

At the moment the beach is being expanded with additional beach sands, and in the near future additional palapas will be placed. 

In the next upcoming construction phases, more restaurants, bars and courts for popular beach sports will be created. 

Here’s a view of the section of the new beach section.

The Future of Cruise Tourism in Aruba

Aruba is on the list of islands to be visited by two of the world’s major cruise lines in 2022 and 2023.

The news came in this week after a delegation of Aruba tourism officials met with the executives of Carnival Cruise Lines & Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, and Florida Caribbean Cruise Association. 

These are the two largest cruise lines that are known to bring the most cruise tourists to Aruba. 

Since cruise operations initiated again, cruise companies are adjusting their cruise itinerary to fit the current pandemic around the world. 

Why did two of the major cruise lines select Aruba to next year’s cruise schedule?

According to Aruba’s tourism officials – “Besides the relationship with Aruba and reliance on our destination, the executives of both cruise lines appreciate the way Aruba is managing the pandemic diligently, including the introduction of timely protocols to restart cruise tourism”.

Another reason for these two cruise companies to put Aruba as one of their visiting ports is the impressive coverage of vaccination in Aruba and the amount of progress and recovery of tourism. 

Cruise tourism restarted over a month ago, but the growth is still slow, due to the current situation. However, cruise officials are foreseeing a boosted recovery of the cruise industry as of 2022 – both in the aspects of cruise capacity and quantity of cruise ships operating to Aruba.

According to a cruise passengers survey – Aruba ranks in the top 2 for Caribbean destinations and has a cruise passengers satisfaction rating of 9.3.

Arikok National Park Working on New Management

The National Park of Aruba is revamping its management plans during the upcoming months with several stakeholder engagement processes.

All the suggestions from different stakeholders will contribute to the national parks final management plan to conserve nature and also integrate social and economic changes. 

New zoning regulations will also be discussed for the areas under the management of the National park.

Besides the stakeholders meetings, the management of National Park, is also conducting biophysical research on the presence of healthy corals, seagrasses and various marine life on the island. 

The new management plan will go into effect as of 2022 until 2026. 

The document will be published online on Arikok website in 2022.

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