The New Baby Beach Waterfront Promenade

A new waterfront promenade will be on the rise in the near future at Baby Beach.

The developments are part of the Seroe Colorado Masterplan, which is a Government renovation project to upgrade the beaches and area located southeast of the island, better known as Seroe Colorado.

Here’s a model view of the beach and surroundings, after project is complete..

The waterfront promenade is part of the second phase of construction in the Seroe Colorado Masterplan.

It will feature a new parking lot for beachgoers to conveniently park their cars, two new food & beverage kiosks and public restrooms. The kiosks will offer Aruban traditional foods and drinks.

Two new multifunctional courts will be built for beach sports – volley ball, tennis, soccer, basketball.

New vegetation will be planted, including palm trees to provide beachgoers with natural shade.

According to the Tourism Minister, the new waterfront promenade at Baby Beach will start in October and take up to 6 months to complete.

A 40 room boutique hotel is also slated to be constructed next to rum reef, after the second phase of renovation project at Baby Beach is completed.

Welcome To The Future Oranjestad Port City

The former cargo terminal in Oranjestad will be transformed into a new leisure and upscale residential area.

This new residential area is named, Port City.

Port City was developed by Aruba Port Authority (APA), the company that manages Aruba’s harbor and cruise port.

APA developed the port city and has approval from the Aruban Government to move forward with the development starting 2023.

Port City will be constructed at the former cargo terminal area in Oranjestad.

The infrastructure project has 180.000 square meters of land for development. This includes the former container harbor area, paardenbaai, and bushiri beach. 

Here’s a view of what port city will look like in the future, designed by OZ Architects.

Port City will overlook the Caribbean sea and welcome cruise ships to Aruba, while connecting the harbor front to Oranjestad.

It will feature public parks, residences, retail stores and offices.

The project is a collaboration between Aruba Ports Authority and Port of Amsterdam international. The future port city is estimated to cost $78.000.000 million dollars to develop.

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