The Brownstone

When is the last time you had the best ribs near Eagle Beach?

Or the best seafood dish?

If your answer is: a long time ago – let me show you this new place.

It’s a newfound gem near Eagle Beach.

It’s called – The Brownstone.

Keep reading and I’ll show you the best of the best of what The Brownstone has to offer…

The Brownstone Restaurant

The Brownstone started as a simple bar concept.

A place where you can eat good food at the bar, share stories with the bartender, and watch a live game on a big screen.

It’s now a perfect spot for ribs and seafood on Eagle Beach.

New York Style Look with International Food Flavors

The look and feel of the restaurant is similar to the brownstone structures in New York, when they first popped up in the early 19th century.

Almost everything inside of the restaurant is handmade, from the chairs to the the bar.

Cognac brown is the owners favorite color, and she decorated the entire place with chic brown décor.

Have a drink at the handmade Brownstone bar

The Brownstone offers a variety of cuisines styles influenced by different regions including:

  • Caribbean
  • Dutch
  • Europe

The menu also accommodates children:

  • Deep Fried Grouper
  • Home Made Chicken Nuggets
  • Pasta With Tomato Sauce
  • Scoop Vanilla Ice Cream

It’s no doubt one of the newest spot on Eagle for ribs and seafood, but there’s more options on the menu.

Half roasted chicken is also available in different styles: BBQ Honey Smoked, Korean Style, Caribbean Curry and Herb Seasoned.

The fish cuisines are made with the local catch of the day which is usually red snapper, also available in different styles: Korean glazed, Caribbean style and chefs style.

All main courses on the menu (expect pasta dishes) are served with potato gratin (cheese and potato layered on top of each other) and coleslaw.

Besides the regular food, there’s also a special menu for vegetarian, gluten free and lactose free foodies.

The beverage menu includes but is not limited to soft drinks, local beers, draft beers, cocktails, martinis, coolers, wines, and coffee.

There’s more on the menu, but the following beverage and food items listed below are among the best of what The Brownstone has to offer.


The Best Cocktail – Brownstone Cocktail

Let your taste buds tingle with a sip of the best house drink – The Brownstone Cocktail.

This is the restaurant’s iconic drink.

Made from a combination of ingredients including:

  • Brugal White Rum
  • Muddled Cucumber
  • Elderflower Syrup
  • Dash of Angostura

Served on ice –  a refreshing alcoholic drink with a slight cinnamon spicy taste.

Refreshing cold drink, served on ice.

The Best Draft Beers by Abita

At the brownstone they are proud to tap all IPA draft beers by Abita Brewing Company in Louisiana.

Here’s a few available draft beers at The Brownstone:

  • Purple Haze
  • Hop On

The purple haze draft beer is one of my favorites.

It’s a lager brewed with pilsner and wheat malts and vanguard hops.

Real raspberries are also used to add fruity aroma, and shade of purple color to the beer.

the brownstone restaurant draft beer

Cold draft beer by Abita.

The Best Appetizer – Grilled Scallops

There’s plenty of starters on the menu when it comes to appetizers.

If your not allergic to seafood, start your main meal with the grilled scallops!

Scallops are grilled to perfection: delicious crispy brown crust.

And glazed with sesame chili & soy sauce, yummy!

Grilled Scallops – Image by Sizzlefish.

Best Soup – Fish Caribbean Bouillabaisse

Soup is a popular dish in the Caribbean, especially fish soup made from the catch of the day.

The Brownstone offers a good tasting Caribbean inspired bouillabaisse fish soup.

It’s made with the days local catch, calamari, shrimp and mussels.

Freshly prepared in a light tomato fish broth.

Seafood Soup | Image by Pinterest

Best Salad – Garlic Herb Cream Cheese Mix Salad

If you like to eat light and healthy meals, you should try The Brownstone’s mixed salad. 

It’s a fresh mixed salad served with warm garlic herb cream cheese in puff pastry, walnuts, pear plums and champagne vinaigrette.

You can choose to add shrimp or scallops to the salad.

Fresh Salad.

Best Meat Dish – The Ribs

Do you finally remember the last time you had good ribs?

The ribs at brownstone are well seasoned, slowly roasted and finger licking good.

Every bite is as close to heaven as you can get.

The chef prepares the ribs in different styles:

  • BBQ Honey Smoked
  • Sweet & Sour Teriyaki
  • Cajun Dry Rub
  • Chefs Style

Try all of the signature rib style and experience the great taste and tender ribs for yourself.

the brownstone restaurant ribs

The Brownstone perfected ribs!

Best Seafood Dish – Grilled Stuffed Calamari

Another seafood option for sea dish fanatics at The Brownstone is the stuffed calamari. 

Calamari can be prepared in numerous ways: fried, braised, grilled and roasted.

The Chef at Brownstone grills the calamari perfectly to a crisp light brown texture. Afterwards combining the calamari with shrimp, mushrooms, spinach and a saffron sauce.

This dish is full of taste!

Or try the bacon wrapped shrimp, delicious!

Best Dessert – Flambéed Strawberries Over Vanilla Ice Cream

What’s the best way to finish a meal? If your answer is dessert, you’re correct!

It’s a tradition to conclude a meal with sweet tasting food, or a sweet beverage or liqueur.

At The Brownstone you get 3 choices for dessert, and the best one is the flambéed strawberries served over vanilla ice cream.

Specials at The Brownstone

Take advantage of the daily specials:

  • Early bird dine menu
  • All you can eat ribs
  • Live music

Check out the specials available at The Brownstone.

3 Course Early Bird Dine Menu For Only $28

Enjoy a 3 course meal including appetizer, main meal and dessert for only $28.

Choose your appetizer:

  • Broccoli Soup – finished with crunchy bacon strips
  • Tomato Salad – thin sliced tomatoes, feta cheese, olives and basil dressing
  • Mix Salad – tomatoes, bell pepper, red onions and champagne vinaigrette

For the main dish you can choose between:

  • Full rack of ribs – two types: BBQ Honey or Smoked BBQ
  • Deep fried grouper – served with 2 dip sauces: tartar sauce and French cocktail
  • Half roasted chicken – Caribbean Curry

Early bird dinner available from 5:00 pm – 6:30 pm

3 course menu worth every dollar.

All You Can Eat Ribs (Saturday) For $24.50

How much ribs can you handle?

If you are hungry for ribs, go to the all you can eat ribs on Saturday night for only $24,50

You can choose between different rib styles including:

  • Korean Glaze
  • Cajun Dry Rub
  • BBQ Honey Smoked

Potato gratin and coleslaw are served only once with the first order of ribs.

You can eat as many ribs as you can handle after.

The BBQ ribs is available during the entire night.

How much ribs can you handle?

Live Music (Sunday)

Enjoy live music every Sunday from 7:00 pm until 10:00 pm.

Come and enjoy the live entertainment at The Brownstone.


The Brownstone is located at the Alhambra Casino Marketplace.

Address – J.E Irausquin Boulevard 47

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