Are you going to Aruba with a toddler soon, but don’t know how to keep the little ones entertained?

No worries. I have recommendations for things to do in Aruba with toddlers.

Things To Do in Aruba With Toddlers

This list of recommendations has activities that includes animals, water parks, beach time and playgrounds.

You’re going to have a fun to do list for your kids by the time you’re done reading this article.

1. Philip’s Animal Garden

Take your kids to one of the most exotic animal garden on the island – Philip’s Animal Garden.

This animal garden focuses on rescuing exotic animals in Aruba and Caribbean region.

What’s inside the animal garden?

You’ll see snakes, cows, tigers, birds, alligators, camels, monkey, alpacas, eagles and various other species of wild animals.

It’s safe. And entertaining for a toddlers.

2. Butterfly Farm

Walk between hundreds of butterflies and green lush gardens at the islands only butterfly farm.

You can walk the gardens unguided, or follow a tour that includes information about the butterflies, how the farm works, and cool stories.

There’s also a gift shop, fish pond and benches to relax.

Anyone will be amazed after visiting the butterfly farm, especially the kids.

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3. Ostrich Farm

Far from the hotel area, in the country side of the island, you’ll find a farm with large birds better known as ostriches.

Believe it or not. Aruba has an ostrich farm and it’s worth visiting.

If you decide to go, take a tour around the farm, which includes a visit to the incubator and hatchery for baby ostriches. And a trip to the tall birds waiting for you to hand feed them.

Take your kids to the countryside to get to know Aruba’s ostriches.

4. Donkey Sanctuary

Yes. Aruba has donkeys.

Usually they roam around the countryside, but if you want to see donkeys, go to the only donkey sanctuary in Aruba.

The donkey sanctuary is a non-profit organization that has a simple mission – take care of donkeys in Aruba.

Kids can help the volunteers feed the donkeys. Or you can just watch the volunteers from the porch as they take care of the animals.

Plan a trip to the sanctuary and discover more to a donkey than what you thought you knew. Entrance is free! 

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5. Baby Beach

When on vacation in Aruba, you’re definitely going to spend some time at the  beach.

Nearly all major hotels on the island are close to the beach, but not all beaches in the hotel area are suited for toddlers.

If you want to bring your little one where they can enjoy calm and shallow waters, go to Baby beach.

Baby beach is located in San Nicolas and it’s perfect for smaller kids.

You can go out in the beach for a long distance and still touch the sandy bottom. And the waves are very gentle at Baby beach.

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6. Water Show At Paseo Herencia Mall

What are you planning to do in the evening with your kids?

I recommend taking a walk on the high rise hotel strip, alongside popular shops, restaurants and visit the mall – Paseo Herencia.

Here you’ll find various activities for kids, including a water show.

The water show is daily and starts at 8:00 PM at the Paseo Herencia courtyard.  

Local dancers move rhythmically to music, and the water show in the background is also move in sync to the beats.

The mall also has pony rides for kids, small carousels and little gift shops.

Spend a relaxed evening at the mall with your family and enjoy the night.

7. Atlantis Submarine

Show your kids the underwater world in Aruba without going snorkeling, but in a real life submarine.

Get up and close with the tropical fishes, corals and natural formations more than 130 feet below water.

The submarine tours the water of Aruba towards different spots including shipwrecks and beautiful underwater sites.

It’s not everyday that you hop into a submarine, but it’s worth it.

Kids must be 4 years or older to enter submarine.

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8. Palm Island

Palm island is little man made island located in the Aruban waters.

The private island is only a 5 minute ferry ride away. On the island you’ll find various activities: snorkeling, buffet, open bar and a water park, including a shallow pool for the kids.

Plus they have a bunch of activities to keep the kids entertained – face painting, a small playground and slides.

It’s a perfect place to take the little ones to play and enjoy.

9. Aruba Water Park

If you want to avoid ferry rides and stay on land, but still visit a waterpark, go to Aruba Water Park.

It’s located next to one of the highest mountains on the island – Hooiberg.

There’s a big playground for kids, swimming pool and slides for toddlers.

Aruba Water Park is a fun place to take your kids to play and splash with water, instead of the pool at the hotel.

The best part is children under 3 years old enter free!

10. Neptali Children’s Play Ground

Take your kids to play inside of the largest playgrounds on the island – Neptali Park.

It’s a community playground located in the downtown area, close to the airport.

Neptali is a popular spot for parents to bring their little ones and enjoy the afternoon.

The park has swings, slides, monkey bars, and a bunch of other fun toys for kids.

Take your kids to play in the outdoors with new local friends.

5 Extra Tips For Going To Aruba With Toddler

Now that you have your list of activities for toddlers in Aruba, consider these following tips when on Aruba vacation with toddler.

  1. Book a hotel that has a pool for kids.
  2. Book a hotel room with a kitchen – you can easily prepare a meal when you want to, instead of spending money at restaurants.
  3. Not all resorts have babysitters, if you’d like a night out alone, ask the front desk for local & trusted babysitter recommendations.
  4. Buy a blow up pool & on Amazon for your toddler, blow it up, put it in the shade, fill it in with water, and watch your kids entertain themselves in front of you as your relax in paradise. You can also buy inexpensive toys for the beach and pool on Amazon.
  5. Don’t forget to pack sunscreens for your toddler, the sun in Aruba can be hard on kids. You can find sunscreens for kids on Amazon.

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