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Happy Easter to you and your family.

Easter weekend is usually celebrated with locals camping on beaches around the island, but this year is different.

No Camping This Year

A tradition during Easter was cancelled this year.

This is the second year camping has been cancelled since coronavirus first came to Aruba in March 2020. Camping means agglomeration, and the current rules put in place for coronavirus don’t allow. 

Driving near the beaches this time of the month you would usually see tents, caravans, and locals having fun on the beach. The most popular beaches for local campers are Baby Beach, Rodgers Beach, Santo Largo, Surfside, Eagle Beach, and Arashi.

Let’s see if camping, Aruba’s tradition during Easter, goes ahead in 2022.

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Enjoying the camping a years ago…

A Step Closer To coronavirus Recovery

The Netherlands sent Aruba an additional 11.700 vaccines on April 2, 2021.

Total people vaccinated on the island as of March 31, 2021 is over 17.000 and more than 36.000 registered. 

The amount of people vaccinations administered per day was also increased to a maximum of 3000 locals per day.

As of April 5, 2021 – the standard protocols for the administration of the second COVID-19 vaccine dose in Aruba will change. 

The time-lapse between the first and second vaccine doses was 3 weeks, but now will change from anywhere to 3 – 6 weeks.

Health officials in Aruba have decided to adapt the time between the first and second vaccine, because all registered seniors have already received their second vaccine and are well protected.

The department of public health indicated that the effectiveness of the first vaccine dose remains high even when the second vaccine is given after 3 weeks, and also when it is administered within the 6th week after the first shot.

According to the Health Minister, the plan is to vaccinate as many locals 18 years and elders with the first dose.

Alcoholic Beverages Prohibited in Public Spaces & Public Roads

A new temporary ministerial regulation prohibits the consumption of alcohol or possessing alcohol in public areas. This new regulation is put in place to slow down the possibility of spreading coronavirus on the island. 

You are allowed to purchase alcohol in the supermarket and transport it, but consuming alcoholic beverages in public areas is not allowed.

Visitors are allowed to have alcoholic drinks on the resort property (including the beaches located close to their resort).

There’s also an area prohibition, meaning no one is allowed on the beach after 7:00 pm – unless you are located on the beach at your resort. 

Bars and restaurants are complying with new safety protocols, including 4 guests per table (kids under 12 do not count).

The temporary prohibition will be revised and possibly lifted on April 11, 2021.


Drink responsibly, and not in public.

 Aruba’s Government Resigns

The Prime Minister of Aruba announced on March 30, 2021 that the Government has resigned, after the Public Prosecutor’s Office announced an investigation on the Governments coalition party (POR), short for Pueblo Orgulloso y Respeta (Proud & Respected Community).

Leader of the coalition party POR, is being investigated on the suspicion of embezzlement of Government funds.

Cabinet Wever-Croes, will only manage pending cases until a new Government is elected. 

The next election date was set to take place in September 2021, however, with the current situation, the election will happen on June 25, 2021.

Radisson Blu Officially Open

The newest resort in Aruba is finally open – Radisson Blu. 

The resort has over 133 suites – and is the second Radisson Blu in the Caribbean region (first one located in Punta Cana). 

Radisson Blu is located on the Palm Beach strip.

Look forward to a comfortable and luxurious stay, featuring swimming pools, gym, including a restaurant (Fire Lake Grill House & Cocktail Bar).

Book a stay at the new Radisson Blu if you’re visiting Aruba soon. 

Take a look at the spectacular views of the new resort.

All this blue, is beautiful.

The captivating entrance…

Take a dip in a brand new pool…

The views are spectacular

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