Beach Buoy Maintenance

The Tourism Minister announced that the maintenance of floating beach buoys at several beaches around the island started as of this week.

A field of buoys will be strategically installed on several beaches around the island including Malmok, Arashi, Tres Trapi, Palm Beach and Costa Linda.

These buoys are like floating barriers used on the island’s open beaches to segregate and protect swimming areas. They also restrict entry of passing boats and jet skis. 

Floating beach buoys

Works to install the new buoy fields have already begun. The buoys will be brightly colored for visibility, made up of a combination of small floats and larger marker buoys, connected by high tension floating ropes.

Local contractors are leading the installations of the new buoys with help of spotters on the beach.

According to the Tourism Minister, the project will be completed late 2021.

New Gated Community in Aruba

A new wave of residential projects has emerged in Aruba, catering not only to home ownership, but also to those who seek a sense of community.

It’s the first large vertical residential project and gated community in Aruba.

The gated community is located close to Eagle Beach (a few blocks away from Ling & Sons).

Construction of Caribbean Town Villas & Apartments will start soon, which apartments are priced between $100.000 and $200.000

The villas and houses are priced separately, and available upon request at the sales office.

Villas and townhouses are available in different sizes – studios, 1 or 3 bedrooms. The apartments are available in studio, 1 or 2 bedrooms.

The project will have 4 buildings hosting 328 residential units, 4 townhouse buildings with 10 houses in each building, including 4 commercial buildings. There’s also community pools, beautiful landscapes, courts for sports, and many more amenities around the property.

New gated community in Aruba near Eagle Beach.

Caribbean Town Villas and Apartments will be constructed within 2 phases.

The beginning phase includes the construction of two buildings that will house several apartments. 

At first the building named, Turks & Caicos, will be created, followed by the Guadalupe Residence, which both have 56 and 70 apartments respectively.

Both buildings are at least 7 stories high.

Two town buildings are also going to be constructed during the first phase of the project.

After the first phase of the project is complete, construction work will start with the remaining villas and houses.

Do you dream of living in Aruba? This is your chance to make it a reality.

Roundabout Construction at Palm Beach

The public works department is preparing to start a new project that will improve traffic conditions at the intersection located at Palm Beach, between Wendy’s and McDonald’s

Construction works will start as of 2022. This includes the repair of several streets that converge in the same area.

According to the Director of the Public Works Department, the roundabout will be designed with enough room to move traffic through the area safely and smartly without causing any congestion or traffic accidents. 

Roundabout in Eagle beach.

The new infrastructure project includes the roundabout construction, new asphalt for surrounding roads, green space, side walks, and stamped crosswalks. 

Navigating through roundabouts can be quite confusing,  but with enough practice, anyone can do it.

Construction will start early 2022 and will be completed in May 2022.

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Aruba Expects Record High Tourism in 2022

Aruba’s tourism is continually growing as the island is expected to break records in air seat capacity in 2022, compared to levels before the worldwide tourism halt.

The growth of Aruba’s tourism is showing significant momentum that will rollover into 2022 as the island’s tourism board expects 1.8 million travelers.

Air Traffic in Aruba is seeing over 25 airlines everyday that depart out of 28 different destinations around the world.

According to the Tourism Minister, Aruba has recovered almost 90% of the island tourism pre-pandemic. 

The air seat capacity for 2021 is estimated at 1.4 million visitors, which is 21% less compared to 2019. Data from early bookings to Aruba for 2022 project that the amount of visitors will surpass 1.7 million.

US travelers make up the majority of visitors to Aruba. Over 90% of flights to Aruba from the US depart from the East, Mid West, and South of the country.

Aruba also continues to add more flight options from different destinations, as Delta Airlines, starts flying from Boston to Aruba starting December 18, 2021.

The islands airlift committee is continually searching to expand Aruba’s gateways, as the group explores flight options from Hartford, Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Detroit that can potentially open anytime soon.

Flight services will resume by different airlines from different states such as La Guardia, Chicago, Dallas, and Minneapolis.

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Beaches are shining like diamonds…

Frontier Airline Now Offers Non-Stop Flights To Aruba

Frontier Airlines announced they are adding 15 new nonstop routes to their flight schedule, and one of those flight paths leads to paradise!

Most of the airline’s expansion is happening in Miami, where they are opening 9 new routes, including the first-ever service to Aruba.

If you’re lucky, you might catch one of their introductory fares to Aruba starting at $79.00

When are you visiting Aruba?


The airline will start operating to Aruba as of November 20, 2021, weekly on Saturdays out of Miami International Airport. 

Frontier airline is headquartered in Denver, Colorado, and operates more than one hundred Airbus A320 aircrafts.

The fleet of aircrafts offer flight services to approximately 120 destinations in the US, Caribbean, Mexico and Central America. 

Frontier Airlines new non stop service to Aruba from Miami is crucial to further expand the island’s recovery and growth in tourism.

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