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Latest News Out Of Aruba

The local newspapers might give you a thumbnail sketch of what is happening on the island. Or you might be having a hard time understanding what is written in the newspaper, because you’re not that fluent yet in Papiamento.

Whichever the case maybe, here you can get the latest news out of Aruba in English and for free!

This weeks newsletter is dedicated to Aruba’s beaches. We all know they’re beautiful, but many people don’t respect our beaches, so it’s important to focus on the aspect of keeping the beach clean.

Protect Aruba’s Beaches

There’s always been rules and ways of conduct on the beach, but unfortunately many locals and visitors don’t know about them…

Last year a group of friends who always hang around the beach, started a movement called – the blue block project.

The blue block project was a movement to make everyone conscious about protecting our beaches.

Because they noticed that too many people driving on the sand dunes, when it was actually prohibited to drive on them. They also noticed beach goers who leave their trash behind, or don’t bother to see a plastic bag blown into the sea.

They gathered concrete blocks, painted them blue and wrote bright yellow positive messages on them. For example, “keep our beach clean” – “don’t drive on the dunes” and “don’t drive on the beach”.

latest news out of Aruba

No one enjoys a dirty beach, please keep it clean!

These blue blocks can be seen on the beaches like boca druif, wariruri, boca bayena, andicuri, shark bay, dos playa, grapefield and boca grandi.

The movement was a good one, supported by locals and visitors.

New Life into The Project

Last week the CEO of Aruba Tourism Authority announced that they want to continue to bring awareness to locals and visitors, to take care of Aruba’s beaches and medio ambiente (nature in Papiamento).

During a press conference, the members behind the project, presented different tools and tips to all stakeholders (motorized vehicle rental, and hotels) to help inform visitors about the movement.

All stakeholders received stickers and flyers that they can hang on their car door handles to help spread the message – no tire tracks on our beaches and sand dunes.

latest news out of Aruba

Press conference about protecting Aruba’s beaches

Rules of the Beach

Aruba Tourism Authority will be adding signs (in English & Spanish) on different beaches in Aruba, that will be pointing out the rules and ways of conduct on the beach.

One of the most important things you should know is that it’s prohibited to drive on the beach and sand dunes, with any type motorized vehicle.

Driving on the sand dunes kills the vegetation and brings the marine shore life in danger.

Some of the other beach codes are….

  • No littering, keep the beaches clean
  • It’s prohibited to use charcoal grill on the beach (use gas grill)
  • Don’t touch (or endanger) Aruba’s marine life, because they are protected.
  • Be aware of turtle nesting sanctuaries.

The police is also part of the project, and will be cooperating with bringing awareness to locals and visitors. They have also made it very clear that anyone who violates any of the above mentioned rules can be punished by law.

latest news out of Aruba

One of the flyers that you will see around the island.

Zero Mosquitoes in Hotel Area

Recently the president of Aruba Hotel & Tourism Association, the director of department of health and the minister of public health had a meeting to talk about the mosquito situation in Aruba, especially around the hotel area.

latest new out of Aruba

Talking about the mosquito situation on the island.

They discussed the current situation and future plans needed to eliminate all possible mosquito breeding grounds near the hotel zone.

There is no reason to panic or be concerned about the zika in Aruba, because at the moment, the total amount of cases of zika has reduced dramatically compared to two months ago. This meeting was just a precautionary one, to brainstorm idea’s to prevent any formation of new mosquito breeding nests.

The president of AHATA reassured the minister of public health, that his team is working on keeping the hotel area free of mosquitoes (and breeding nests).

They must be doing a good job, because many of you confirmed last week on Facebook, that mosquitoes weren’t an issue during your most recent trip to Aruba.

But no matter how good the mosquito situation is going on the island, it’s always a good idea to buy your mosquito repellent, just in case you need it.

Is MiO going to close?

MiO is a network provider in Aruba popular for offering mobile hotspot devices.

Many visitors (and locals) use their services to get data.

However, the company might be closing soon, leaving their customers to look for data somewhere else….

What are the issues they’re facing at the moment?

The company has been battling the minister of telecommunication (Richard Arends) in court with regards to their licensing fees.

According to Richard Arends, mio hasn’t been making any payments for their license in the past two years.

During an interview he confirmed that the company has been given an ultimatum date (July 1, 2017) to pay their license fee, which is about 8 million dollars.

He promised to “pull the plug” on mio, if they don’t pay the fees.

In the meanwhile, a number of employees have been reportedly fired for no reason.

Is this a sign, that mio’s era is coming to an end? The future of the company is not looking bright….

Let’s wait and see what happens next month, if they’re going or staying….

New Hospital in Aruba

Maybe you didn’t know it yet, but the hospital is being expanded, with two new facilities.

Last week the prime minister, together with the minister of infrastructure and public health were invited for a tour in the new building.

The facility has new emergency rooms and maternity wards. At the moment the current emergency room only has 10 rooms for patients, the new facility has 17 emergency rooms.

The new building has a total of 134 hospital beds, each room holds up to two patients. Which means an increase in privacy for patients.

The new hospital promises faster help once you arrive for emergency treatment, and will be open within the next couple of months (in the end of 2017).

latest news out of Aruba

Aerial view of the two new hospital buildings. (two buildings on the right side)

Highway Closed in front of Marriott

The highway in front of the Marriott Ocean & Surf Club will be partially closed on April 24 – 25 , 2017 for regular road maintenance, during 6:00 PM until 2:00 AM on both days.

They’re going to be adding new asphalt on this road.

So if you’re in Aruba in the following days, and you need to pass on this road, you need make a detour.

The advised road is to drive passed Caribbean palm village until you reach the district of bakval, make a left and come out at the small roundabout, between Marriott and Ritz Carlton.

If you’re renting a car in Aruba in the following days, please take note that the road in front of the Marriott will be closed during the evening.

However, if you’re still looking for a rental car in Aruba. Let me personally help you find one, click here to see my car rental rates.

Great News For Book Readers

There’s a ship docked at the cruise port and it happens to be the world’s largest floating book library.

The name of the ship is Logos Hope, and it’s owned by a non-profit organisation in Germany.

Last time Logos Hope was docked at the ports was in 2010, and more than 17.000 people went to visit.

This time the ship is docked until May 7, 2017 at the Oranjestad cruise terminal.

latest news in Aruba

Grab your chance to experience the Logo Hope.

Things you can do on the boat…

You can browse  and buy over 5.000 different books at a fraction of retail price. Book titles from science, cooking and health to personal development and many more interesting novels.

There’s also children’s books, including story books, academics, atlas, and many more fun reads for kids.

The boat has a “visitor experience deck”, where you can watch an introduction film and learn more about the ship. There’s also a kids corner for children to play. Live music, and theater plays.

They have a cafe that sells drinks, snacks, popcorn and everyone’s favorite – ice cream!

If that wasn’t enough they also have various interactive events hosted by international crew from over 60 countries.

If you’re looking for something to do with kids, consider visiting Logos Hope.

Details – Logos Hope is at Gate 7 of the cruise terminal. They are closed on Monday, and open from Tuesday to Saturday, from 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM. On Sunday they open from 2:00 PM to 9:00 PM.

Entrance is only 1 Aruban guilder (less than a $1.00). Children under 12 years old and adults over 65 enter for free. Tickets can be purchased on board at the welcome desk.

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