Aruba’s Airport – Project Gateway 2030 Officially Starts in June 2021

Aruba Airport Authority announced that they will officially start their redevelopment project “Gateway 2030” in June 2021.

The project is aimed at addressing the airport’s capacity restraints, customer experience, and sustainability. 

Plans for “Project Gateway 2030” were announced before the COVID-19 pandemic. Regardless of the current crisis, the Airport decided to resume the project with a new mode of execution. 

This multiyear project will now happen in phases, in order to control and manage the progress of the project in the best way possible. 

The first phase of redevelopment includes:

  1. Constructing a new baggage hall
  2. Installing a new baggage handling system
  3. Expanding the US check in hall
  4. Expanding the airside and landside connections

The objectives for the first phase of redevelopment includes:

  1. Eliminating the need to recollect baggage on the way to US pre-clearance.
  2. Set a touchless and seamless check in process.
  3. Second screening only for selectee screening.
  4. Allow airlines to reduce the connection times at their respective hubs (tail to tail transfers). 
  5. Construct and operate projects in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. 

Project Gateway 2030 will be executed by five local contractors including: 

  • Albo Aruba
  • Bohama Aruba
  • Arubaanse Wegenbouw Maatschappij
  • Croon Caribe
  • CHS Technical Contracting & Technical Contracting

According to the Airport’s Director of Development & Technology “Project Gateway 2030 first phase will make use of the latest technology and innovation to benefit passengers. The new redevelopments will make travelers journey faster, seamless and hassle-free.”

The first phase of redevelopment for Gateway 2030 costs 140 million dollars and generates more than 200 local jobs. 

The groundbreaking for the first phase in redevelopment of Aruba’s airport will happen in June 2021.

Gateway 2030’s first milestone will be reached in February 2023, when the new baggage handling building and system will be completed. The second milestone is in August 2023, when the new check in hall will be completed. 

Phase 1 of the project should be fully completed in July 2024. 

The CEO of Aruba’s Airport, Joost Meijs, said “The planning and designing phase is complete, it’s time to execute our ambitions – we are excited to make history together.

Tourism Bounces Back Strong
Aruba is experiencing a rise in tourism numbers due to the growing demand for travel in the USA. 

48.967 travelers stepped foot on Aruba in March 2021. The majority of visitors were from North America (43.464), the rest were from Europe (2.538), Latin America (1.895) and 1.070 from other countries in the region. 

According to the Airport in Aruba, more than 15.000 travelers are expected within the first week of April 2021.

malmok boardwalk project in Aruba

California Lighthouse Open Again After Renovations

The California Lighthouse is open again for visitors after closing its doors in February for maintenance.

Renovations at the California Lighthouse include repairing the wooden stairs, plastering and painting the interior walls, and fixing the windows. 

A new banister was also installed to support visitors while climbing the stairs to the top of the lighthouse.

The new banister not only functions as support while climbing, but also prevents visitors from touching and leaning against the limestone walls when climbing. This will help against deterioration of the lighthouse walls.  

new banister, and stair at California Lighthouse.

Cosecha Presents New Art Collections & Shopping Night

There’s a new art collection on display at Cosecha Aruba.

Cosecha Aruba is one of the island’s best art galleries to visit if you are interested in purchasing local artisanal products. 

The new art collection features beautiful fauna paintings on antique wine bottles and tote bags created by local artist, Erika Moran. 

All of Erika’s new designs are inspired by Aruba’s nature, including various birds around the island.

The new art collection is for sale at Cosecha Art Gallery, located in the downtown area.

Starting April 8, 2021 it’s shopping night every Thursday at the Cosecha art gallery in Oranjestad.

The new art collection at Cosecha.

Watch Baseball Games in Aruba

Now you can watch Aruban athletes play baseball, after the island’s Little League organization announced that “Big League” baseball season will start again. 

The Big League category is for players between the ages of 16 – 19 years old. 

Different districts around the island have registered their teams for this new season, including but not limited to North League (North Indians and Hammersharks), Center League (Quality Chiropractic Grasshoppers and Gillette Stars) and the South League (White Sharks). More local teams are planning to join the league and create a big competition. 

The baseball games will start April 17, 2021 until June 20, 2021. There’s also an All Star game planned on May 29, 2021. 

If you’re in Aruba during the big league season, you can watch a game of baseball and see what talent Aruba has to offer. Maybe you’ll see one of these aspiring players in the MLB soon.

Here’s a schedule preview of the big league games. 

  • April – 17,18, 24, 25
  • May – 2, 8, 9, 15, 16, 22, 23
  • May – 29 (All Star Game)
  • June – 5,6,12 (Playoffs)
  • June – 13, 19, 20 (Finals)

Full schedule will be posted soon by the league officials. (all games will be played in Santa Cruz – Veld di Winston)

Aruba Continues With Vaccination Program

The public health department of Aruba announced that the local vaccination program is heading in the positive direction.

According to the health department, over 47.000 locals have registered to receive the vaccine. This represents almost a third of the island’s population. 

The amount of locals who successfully received the vaccination is also increasing. As of this week, over 22.000 locals got the first vaccine dose, and over 11.000 got the second dose. 

More than 33.000 vaccines were applied since the first day of vaccination.

1000 locals are being vaccinated every day on the island on average. The health department’s goal is to increase the amount of vaccinations to between 2000 and 3000 daily.

The Health Minister mentioned that Aruba will only get one vaccine brand, and that’s Pfizer. 

The Netherlands sent another batch (30.420) of vaccines to Aruba to continue the vaccination program on April 14, 2021.

Fast Ferry Project Still in The Horizon

The fast ferry project announced a few years ago, is still in the pipeline, according to Transport Minister.

This project was put on hold, due to different situations that presented after the project was announced, including Coronavirus.

The Transport Minister said “the fast ferry project is currently on hold, but will be developed in the future”.

Fast ferry project will be a new way of transportation between Aruba & Curacao (and possibly Bonaire).

conceptual design fast ferry harbor..

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