Are you wondering where you can buy souvenirs from Aruba? Not just any souvenirs, but the ones made by local artist?

Let me tell you, because I know one of the best spots.

Where To Buy Souvenirs From Aruba

This place I’m talking about is called Cosecha, an art gallery in the downtown area.

Cosecha means harvest in Papiamento (language spoken in Aruba), and the artwork found here are made by local artists – representing the heritage of Aruban craft.

The art gallery is managed by a non-profit foundation, with the goal to develop and encourage Aruba’s local artists and their handmade products.

Genuine & Authentic Local Products

So how can you be sure that you’re buying authentic art made by local artists?

All of the artwork in Cosecha are certified by a seal of craftsmanship called – Seyo Nacional pa Artesania. Which is a “seal for local artistry”.

The seal was established by the government and the department of culture of Aruba, as a way to recognize local handmade products.


The seal of craftsmanship received with every purchase

Souvenirs from Aruba

The Aruban artisan community is BIG!

Local artist create intriguing art from scratch – recycled glass, plastic bottles, rocks, driftwood, metal, leather and many other materials to make these unique items.

More About Cosecha Building

The art gallery is located in a more than 100 year old building, which has been declared a monument.

It was built in 1910, as a government office for different departments (and also served as the archaeological museum for many years).

The current building has been restored in 2015. Since it’s a monument, the remodeling had to be completed at a high level – maintaining most of the original structure.


Cosecha – art gallery store

A look inside the gallery

The store offers different artworks, from jewelry, sculptures, paintings, pottery vases, leather craft and more.

Take a look inside of the art gallery….

Miniature Aruban Tree of Life


The miniature divi divi tree artwork is handmade with copper wires, on a milky stone quartz that has special healing abilities.

The combination of the copper divi divi tree and milky stone quartz can…

  • Help release overwhelming feelings
  • Enhances tact and cooperation
  • Links to deep inner wisdom, when used in meditation
  • And has many other healing qualities.

This artwork is said to relax you, making you feel like you’re in a beach in Aruba….

Shoco of Aruba



Aruba has it’s own native owl called – burrowing owl.

It only exists in Aruba, and was declared the national symbol.

Mosaic Art


Wooden crosses with pieces of tiles, shells and other materials.

Other Art


Clay necklaces, made by authentic Aruban clay (fired) called “clayAdorables”



Isn’t this amazing?

This piece of art is made with different materials found on the beach.



A beautiful painting to remind you of Aruba.



This rock was found at black stone beach, and turned into a beautiful paperweight for your desk, to remind you again about Aruba.

Miniature Cunucu Houses


Here’s one of the many miniature Aruban Cunucu houses made of clay available at Cosecha.

They are all based on existing traditional houses of Aruba, in all common colors (available in two sizes – 1: 50 and 1: 100).

More Souvenirs at Cosecha

There are plenty of different souvenirs available at Cosecha than I’ve showed you….

  1. glass art
  2. big paintings
  3. driftwood art
  4. Christmas ornaments
  5. beads
  6. and many more one of a kind pieces of art.

If you like the idea of supporting local artistry, you should definitely put Cosecha on your to do list for your next trip down here. Read more articles –

Buy Souvenirs from Aruba online

The souvenirs at Cosecha are only available at the store, and can’t be bought online.

However, if you want something to remind you of Aruba, until you can buy souvenirs at Cosecha – here’s a few recommendations of Aruba souvenirs available on Amazon.

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