If you’re like me, you love sunsets. They tell a story. A different tale each day. Capturing Aruba sunset pictures is a way remember magical moments.

I have 5 Aruba sunset pictures that might bring back memories.

All pictures have been taken and submitted by Aruba Travelers on Instagram.

Before you see the pictures…

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Aruba Sunset Pictures

It’s rewarding to stand in the middle of the beach and watch a sunset.

Hearing waves crash in the background.

Feeling a warm peaceful feeling inside.

Sunsets are special, I tell you.

I’ve watched sunsets by Tamarijn near Druif Beach numerous times. The sun sets so beautiful in the horizon. It never gets old.

No words can explain it.

You have to be here to experience it first-hand. 

Horse-Back Riding Into The Sun

Horse-back riding tours are popular near the Malmok beach and Arashi beach area.

I never went on one yet. I feel safer on the ground than on a horse. However, after seeing this picture. I think I might have to finally get the courage to ride a horse.

Purple is Beautiful

This sunset reminds me of Purple Rain by Prince.

This purple sky sunset is a great way to end a day on the beach.

Dreamy Sunsets

A weekend at the beach is what every one needs.

Hanging in hammock underneath a palm tree.

Can you imagine yourself here, right now?

Aruba’s Palm Tree City

Each day the remaining sunlight is different. Giving all sunsets an unique tint.

This is what you will be staring at in the evening on Aruba.

Take some Aruba sunset pictures if you have a camera.

Taking sunset pictures like these 5 ones isn’t easy.

So, if you want some guidelines read how to take good sunset pictures in Aruba.

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Consider taking a ride on the new Aruba streetcar system while you’re on the island.

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Aruba Streetcar System is The Only One in The Caribbean

The Aruba streetcar system is unlike no other. You can’t even compare it to anything else, because it’s the only one in the Caribbean region.

The electric tram in the downtown area was introduced to make Aruba’s shopping scene more attractive to tourist and locals. 

The Aruba streetcar system is a success and it is causing a hype. Every one wants to ride the colorful trams once they see it. 

There are a couple of trams in operation right now. A mix of a double deck trams and single deck. 

If you want the best view during your ride hop on the double deck tram.

The Ease of Exploring The Downtown Area of Aruba

Before the trams you had to walk through the streets. Now you can reach you favorite store quick and easy.

The tram ride starts at the cruise port. Looping at the end of the main street back to the cruise port. And of course stopping at various places during the trip.

The best thing about it is – it’s free!

Explore The Renovated Main Street of Aruba

The main street of Aruba was in need of a renovation. Now it looks beautiful. And there is no better time or way to explore the Aruba’s Capital city Oranjestad.

There is a lot to do in the downtown area. Whether your looking for a boutique or a place to eat and drink. You will find it.

If you’re planning to visit the main street, read about paid parking in the downtown area.

Are you going to ride the electrical train?