Reading an Aruba trip report gives you the inside scoop of someone’s vacation.

You get valuable tips about what is a must do (or not), where to eat (or avoid) and what to do for fun or relaxation.

Valerie’s Aruba Trip Report

This is the first time I am posting a trip report by a reader of mine.

Her name is Valerie Viercant Berg.

I quickly noticed Valerie’s passion for Aruba while we chatted on Facebook.

She told me how she would like to live on Aruba one day.

I asked her to share her passion for Aruba – she said yes.

Awesome, right?!

So let’s read further for tidbits to plan your vacation in Valerie’s Aruba trip report.

She wrote about…

  1. Her first time on the island.
  2. Where she went, what she ate and more on her first visit.
  3. And how she became an Aruba ambassador and a return visitor.

My First Time Traveling To Aruba

It was December 24, 2015.

The day I stepped foot on Aruba for the first time.

Aruba Trip Report

The first time I stepped foot in Aruba was in 2015.

I was greeted by my tour guide at the Cruise Ship Port.

Afterwards I went on a tour and spent 6 wonderful hours exploring the island.

My experience so far in one word – breathtaking!

I Couldn’t Believe It

I was in awe my first time in Aruba!

Driving around the island with my tour guide I saw pristine white sand beaches, beautiful turquoise waters, a desert like north shore and the Natural Pool.

Aruba Tour Guide

Touring around the island.

I also got to see wild donkeys and goats in Savaneta, Alto Vista Church, Bushiribana Gold Mine Ruins, Arikok National Park and the California Lighthouse.

Aruba trip report

This donkey is so cute.

There was more to explore on Aruba and I had to plan a return visit.

I couldn’t believe Aruba was so beautiful and full of history.

Fresh Fish and Cold Beers

The food on Aruba is simply to die for!

I found that you can basically get pretty much anything you want to eat.

I had the chance to visit Zeerovers in Savaneta.

It was one of my first stops after arriving. It’s a local spot that sells fried fish. A great place to relax and drink a few local beers.

Aruba Trip Reports

The vibe and food at Zeerover is awesome!

There’s nothing like fresh fish and a few Balashi’s!

Time for Some Fun in The Sun

Then I was off to Eagle Beach, Palm Beach, Arashi Beach, Fisherman’s Huts, Malmok and Baby Beach.

I also got to snorkel at Boca Catalina.


Snorkeling in Aruba was great!

It was beautiful and a one of a kind experience.

The Day I Planned My Return Visit

I totally fell in love with Aruba in the 6 hours that I was on the island.

In my heart I knew that I needed to go back.

That day I booked my second trip and 29 days later in January, 2016 I was back!

Aruba trip report

My Aruba beach art in 2016

Yes, so soon and quick.

And let me tell you something – I thought I had seen everything in 6 hours before the first time, but I was wrong!

I saw more sites this time and I feel like I still have more to see!

For example I still have to climb The Hooiberg.

I Became an Aruba Addict

To satisfy my own mind I returned again on May 29, 2016.

I was hooked.

I was on Aruba three times in less than 6 months.

The feeling of being in paradise was all over me.

Aruba trip report

Aruba is truly a paradise.

The third time around I knew, right away when I had Aruba in my sights from the plane, without doubt, I had truly found where I belong.

The Reasons Why I Love Aruba

I love Aruba so much because…

  • Aruba is a country I feel safe travelling to alone.
  • I drive anywhere I want and go for walks by myself.
  • The local people.
  • Aruba being outside the hurricane belt.
  • The consistent good weather
  • The food
  • The natural beauty on the island makes Aruba a true Paradise!

I could go on and on, there’s so much I could tell you about Aruba!

I’m a Brand Ambassador for Aruba

I promote Aruba to everyone I know as I feel everyone needs to experience Aruba at least once in their lifetime.

Let me tell you…one visit to Aruba and you’re hooked!

Everyone I know said I was glowing when I returned home from Aruba.

They asked me what happened when you were on Aruba.

Because the excitement I show when I mention Aruba is amazing!

Aruba trip report

I truly love the island so much!

My friends and a local Aruban both told me I should work for Tourism Aruba because I show so much excitement when I speak of Aruba.

I tell people I will help them plan their vacation if they go to Aruba.

My Last Thoughts About Aruba

I feel excited and peaceful inside when I see the island from the plane.

As soon as the plane lands I say to myself – I am home.

When on Aruba, I feel more at home there than I do in my home country!

My dream is to live permanently on Aruba!


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