If you’re considering to spend a quiet time at the beach, but doubt you’re going to find a secluded beach in Aruba – think again.

There are plenty of beaches in Aruba that are under the radar – finding them is another story.

Secluded Beach in Aruba

So, if you’re serious about looking to spend some quiet time on a secluded beach in Aruba keep reading…

I’ll show you one secluded beach in Aruba and how you can get there (without getting lost).

One of Many Hidden Gems

The secluded beach in Aruba I’m talking about is on the other side of the island far from the hotel area.

It’s called Grapefield Beach...

And it’s located in San Nicolas.

I know some locals who have never been to Grapefield.

The majority of first time travelers never see this secluded beach in Aruba (even return visitors for the matter of fact).

And those who know about Grapefield never really visit…

You might see a few kite surfers in the distance enjoying the trade winds. But they are so far out, you barely notice them…

secluded beach in Aruba

No one to be found on this beach

Surrounded by Nature 

Grapefield beach is surrounded by big leaved sea grape trees (the beach is named after the sea grape trees).  

During certain times of the year these trees are full of purple juicy sea grapes (they are safe to eat).

secluded beach in Aruba

Sea-grape trees around grape field beach

Grapefield beach has about nearly half of kilometer strip of white sand beach…

Perfect for long beach walks, for sunbathers, and hikers who want some alone time surrounded by nature.

secluded beach in Aruba

The beach strip at Grapefield.

What You Should Know

Here a few things you should take notice of before you decide to visit this secluded beach in Aruba…

Swimming in the deeper area of this beach is not recommended, because of strong currents and trade winds.

However, the beach is perfect for taking a dip or wading in the water.

It’s also good for shore snorkeling, but be careful not to go too far out in the sea.

Before you go to the beach in Aruba, make sure you have checked off your list of must have items when on the beach.

There’s one kite surfing school on Grapefield beach.

It’s also a small bar snack called Oceans Parette.

secluded beach in Aruba

Kite surf school near Grapefield beach.

Although there’s a bar snack, I advise you to take your own necessities (food & drinks).

Because the snack bar may not have everything you’re looking for (and there’s no other shop to buy amenities close to Grapefield beach).

If you need to go to the bathroom you can ask at the kite surf school.

The beach at Grapefield is secluded, so you won’t find any trash cans around easily.

But you can ask at the bar snack for a free garbage bag to dispose of any kind of litter.

secluded beach in Aruba

Please help keep Grapefield beach clean.

How To Find Grapefield Beach

To find Grapefield beach you need to drive direction San Nicolas from Oranjestad.

Follow the highway in front of the airport to the south of the island (you will have to drive via Pos Chiquito and Savaneta). Continue further following directions to seroe colorado (and boca grandi).

When you reach sero colorado you will notice a big red anchor (turn left here at the cross road).

Keep driving on this unpaved road until you see a sign from Oceans Parette bar snack and turn right.

secluded beach in Aruba

You can see the kite surf school in the distance.

The drive from the hotel area to Grapefield beach is about 30-40 minutes (depending on traffic).

You don’t need a jeep to reach Grapefield (a small car is just fine).

Click here to book a rental car if you need one. 

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