Once a week, on Sundays I publish a recap the news report in Aruba. If this is your first time reading my newsletter – welcome!

News Report in Aruba

Last weeks newsletter was focused on the islands development, this week there’s some exciting news, and special because there’s an amusement park in Aruba for the following months. Keep on reading to find out more about what’s been happening in Aruba. 

Coney Island in Aruba

There’s something exciting and fun, perfect for kids (and also for adults that still feel like kids) to do on the island.

It’s an amusement park, known as coney island by the locals.

The owners from the amusement park is are from Venezuela and they travel all over the Caribbean – now they are finally in Aruba.

Last time coney island was in Aruba, is about 2 years ago, back in 2015.

The staff are installing the rides at the moment – this will take about a week!

Coney island is located on L.G Smith Boulevard strip, close to the cruise port.

I spoke to one of the staff members and they informed me that they have over 25 rides. From popular kid rides like merry go rounds, Montana ruso, bumper cars to rides for adults, for example, slingshot, Ferris wheel, revolt (which turns you upside down) and more attractions, they are too much to name!

There’s also going to be popcorn, cotton candy, sweets and treats for children!

If you’re on the island (especially with kids) and are looking for something exciting and different to do, visit the coney island.

It’s truly one of a kind experience on the island, because it’s not everyday that we have a coney island in Aruba!

Commemorative Prikichi Coin

The government declared the “prikichi”,  one of island’s endemic birds as the national bird of Aruba on February 7, 2017.

This week the central bank of Aruba announced that a silver 5 guilder coin commemorative for the prikichi.

Here’s a picture of the new silver coin…

news report in aruba

This is really beautiful.

The prikichi can be found everywhere on the island, especially in the cunucu and mondi ( which mean in the garden and bushes in Papiamento). They are usually with a group. You can recognize them by their beautiful green and yellow feathers (and distinctive chirping noise)

The coins are made from silver and cost $82.00 each. You can buy them at the central bank of Aruba, located on J.E. Irausquin Boulevard 8.

Last Carubbian Festival for 2017

This week was the last edition of Carubbian festival for 2017.

If you’ve been looking forward to visiting Carubbian fest in December, you’re out of luck. Because the last edition for Carubbian 2017 was on November 30.

What’s the carubbian you ask?

It’s one of the best festivals in the district of San Nicolas to mingle with locals, get a feel for Aruba’s culture, taste local food and drinks, hear carnival music and watch musical style shows that depict the history of the Aruba.

The festival is held every Thursday night and promises great ambiance!

Carubbian festival will restart in 2018, the specific date will be announced by the organizers.

Early Bird New Dragon Fly (

If you’re a sushi and Asian cuisine lover, you must try Dragonfly’s new early bird menu.

Their new daily early bird menu consists of a main appetizer (Grouper Butterfly, Mozzarella Salad or Miso Soup), main course (Phad Thai, Green Curry veggies, Chicken teriyaki, Grouper Dragonfly and Mongolian Beef) and for dessert (Vanilla Ice Cream). This menu is available at 4:00 PM – 6:30 PM. The price is $19.75

The early bird menu also has all you can eat sushi from 4:00 PM – 6:30 PM. Four pieces are available per roll: California Roll, Alaska Roll, Tuna Roll, Spicy Tuna Roll, Dynamite Roll and a Veggie Roll. Two rolls per person are served at a time. The price is $23.50 per person.

These specials are worth looking into – Dragonfly is located in Arawak Garden across from the Barceló Resort.

More Hotels on Palm Beach (still to do)

There’s talks of another hotel on the island near the area of palm beach.

And it’s gaining the attention of environmental groups and the government, because is another large resort really necessary on the island?

According to the new minister of tourism, after this year’s election in September 2017, he explained that the hotel was approved by the previous minister in charge of infrastructure, but that he personally doesn’t approve of the project.

The new government wants a balanced expansion of hotels that has a minimal effect on the islands infrastructure, environment and social impact. They are focusing on a different type of niche in tourism by creating small boutique hotels.

It’s not clear what the future holds for this particular lot next to blue residences, because the developers have an agreement with the previous minister. No reaction was given from developers as of yet to the media.

Here’s a picture of the area this “new brand” hotel is going to be built.

news report in aruba

Is another hotel needed?

First Flight To Bonaire

It’s official!

Aruba airlines inaugurated their first flight to Bonaire this week, after announcing their inter island flights between Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao two weeks ago.

The members of the press and government were invited on the first flight to our neighboring island Bonaire.

Aruba airlines will fly direct to Bonaire 4 times a week (on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday).

But on Sundays the return flight from Bonaire will be with a stop at Curacao, before going to Aruba.

The airline has better prices to go to Bonaire and Curacao, compared to other companies.

I’ve heard that they will be also opening new flights to Aruba from Minneapolis with Delta Airlines and Sun Country – however, we’re going to have to wait for the official announcement!

Fiesta di Pasco

It’s December, finally!

The new month brings holidays and festive celebrations on the island.

What’s Aruba like in December?

It’s beautiful!

One things that’s tradition on Aruba is decorative Christmas lights, and this year is no different. As the sun makes it way down, homeowners turn on their christmas lights for display.

Not only are houses decorated, but nearly every roundabout on the island has a different Christmas theme decor and lights. The main street are also covered with beautiful christmas lights.

Here’s a picture of a decorated roundabout in the district of Hato.

news report in aruba

Happy holidays!

What should you expect around Christmas season in Aruba?

As we locals say, expect a “fiesta di pasco” with lots of ambiente (which means Christmas party with ambiance, and things to do in English).

There’s going to a bunch of Christmas events around the island, featuring local bands. You will also get to taste traditional foods like ayaca, keshi yena and ham di pasco.

If you’re on the island during the holidays, make sure to visit one of these local Christmas events to experience the most loved seasons.

Christmas Wonderland Marketplace

Believe it or not, Aruba has its own winter wonderland located right at the Renaissance Marketplace in the downtown area.

It’s one of the places you should visit with the family if you’re in Aruba during the holidays.

The wonderland is going to have a merry go round, ice skating rink (yes, ice skating in paradise), face painting, cookie baking and decoration, local bites and drinks and of course entertainment by local bands such as Las Unicas, Grupo di Betico, Tsunami, Le Groove, ‘N Fuzion, Claudius Philips & OREO.

All proceeds during the christmas wonderland will be donated to the mary joan foundation.

The shops, restaurants and bars at the Renaissance marketplace will have specials, so be sure not to miss out on these amazing deals.

The Christmas wonderland is open everyday from 6:00 PM until 10:00 PM.

Renaissance marketplace is located in the downtown area, close to the cruise port.

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Once a week, on Sundays I publish a recap of recent Aruba news updates. If this is your first time reading my newsletter – welcome!

Current Aruba News

This weeks news in Aruba is focused on the island’s development.

There’s a lot going on at the moment, especially around the infrastructure of the island.

New buildings are being created, roads are being reconstructed, new highways and parks are being built, the bushiri hotel is almost completely dismantled and so much more!

If you think Aruba is beautiful now, you will be amazed by how it’s going to look in 2018..

Aruba is making huge progress, and you should read what’s going on the island, so you know what to expect in the future.

Havenstraat is Open Again

Havenstraat, which is one of the roads in the main street was closed for construction since last week.

The pavers had to be replaced, now it’s open again for the public.

This street is an alternative to the LG smith boulevard, if you want to make your way through the downtown area during rush hour and when there’s a cruise ship docked at the ports.

During a press conference the new minister of infrastructure officially declared the Havenstraat open and also mentioned that night work for roadside construction will be possible from now on.   

According to the minister it’s not acceptable to have main roads such as Havenstraat closed during rush hour and high season. That’s why he introduced a new mandate to execute roadside construction during the night hours, when possible.

This will alleviate the obstruction during the daytime and gives the public workers better and safer working environment.

Green Corridor & Watty Vos Boulevard

As you may have seen while driving around Aruba – the island is under construction, especially the roads and highways. No other island in the Caribbean has made such progress in its infrastructure, so you have something to look forward to when visiting Aruba in the future.

Two of the largest projects at the moment are the green corridor and watty vos boulevard.

This week the director of the public works company explained more about the projects.

According to him, both the green corridor and watty vos boulevard should be completed within the first quarter of 2018.

So who’s really in charge of the projects and what’s the status of them at the moment?

The director said that both projects are public private partnership, between the government and international companies.

Green corridor is being constructed by ODINSA, a special purpose vehicle company created by Caribbean Infrastructure Company. Watty vos Boulevard is being developed by Mota Engil, a Portuguese group of civil construction and public works.

Both companies signed an agreement with the government to design, construct, finance and maintain the new highways for 2 decades.

The new infrastructure projects boosted the economy as 95% of workers from both these companies are locals.

Green corridor is almost finished. It’s a double two way road that starts from the airport, until the district of pos chiquito. You can also drive on a new bridge and roundabouts.

If you decide to visit baby beach, mangel halto, charlie’s bar, carubbian festival or any other place in the south part of the island, you’re going to have to drive on the new bridge.

Watty vos boulevard is still under construction, there’s still a lot to be done here.

The department of public works is finishing the roundabouts and roads on this beltway.

If you’re still looking to rent a car don’t hesitate to contact me for a free car rental quotation.

New Hospital Project

Aruba’s hospital got expanded with two buildings, called new bed towers and all patients were transferred to the new towers.

The rooms of the new bed towers are modern, feature new equipment and machinery and a new emergency department with more waiting rooms.

Now it’s time for the old building to be renovated.

The plan is to renovate the entire hospital, which includes building a new warehouse, replacing the electrical system, updating the equipment and making the building more modern.

At the moment the old building has a total of 275 rooms, which accommodates more than 2 people at the same time. However, after the renovations, the amount of rooms will be reduced by one, leaving 274 rooms. The new rooms can hold up to 2 people maximum.

Citgo’s Mancamp Almost Complete

A section of the mancamp that will house the workers helping to rehabilitate the refinery is complete.

“The hard work to construct the mancamp shows the commitment of Citgo Aruba to the local community to bring the refinery back to full operation” said the interim vice president and GM of Citgo Aruba refinery.

The dormitories are located near the refinery in San Nicolas.

Several buildings will be created that can house up to 400 workers each.

A total of 1500 workers are expected to help refurbish the refinery and every single one of them needs a place to sleep. The first facility is already getting beds and furnitures.

Once the refinery starts back again, even partially, it’s projected to give the economy a huge boost. The effect of the refinery’s rehabilitation can already be felt and seen, as over 150 residents got employed.  

The mancamp should be completed in the first quarter of 2018.

New Mandates By The Government

Since the new government was officially installed, some ministers took it upon their their selves to visit and talk to directors and GM’s of different companies and organizations.

They also implemented a few new mandates already!

For example…

Improving Waste Collection

The new minister of environment & nature (Otmar Oduber) visited the board of directors from the waste collection company (serlimar).

During the meeting they touched on the subject of waste collection near the area of parkietenbos, which has been a problem for residents in the area. Locals near the districts of parkietenbos have been complaining about the situation for over a decade now.

No other government has been able to fix the issue, but the new minister promised to find a permanent solution for the island’s waste disposal area.

Ending Permit Exemptions

The new minister of labor met with the department of labor and instructed the director to put an end to “permit exceptions” until they have enough data about the local job market.

Because the previous minister of labor accepted cash payments in return for work permits, the new government will keep an eye out for these illegal practices.

Work permits are being denied until the department of labor and the minister reach a decision.

Full Suite Hospitality App

Amsterdam Manor introduced a new app that lets you control your experience with the touch of a button.

The new app is called, Alice (named after the housekeeper on the popular TV show, the Brady bunch).

It’s a platform that keeps guests, staff and concierge connected to one another.

Now you don’t have to go to the front desk or call in to put in a request. You can order housekeeping amenities, make dinner reservations at passions on the beach restaurant, ask for a wake up call or ask any question through the new app!

The front desk can log in and see the status of any guests request in real time and cater to them instantly.

You can even communicate with the staff after your visit and share your thoughts on your stay.

Baby Dolphin Found Dead

This week the Aruba Marine Mammal Foundation received a notification that a baby dolphin was found near dos playa, which is one of the beaches on the north coast of the island.

When they arrived on the scene they found a newborn dolphin without any signs of life, right on the seashore.

The dorsal fin of a newborn dolphin gets in an erect state when it swims for 2 – 3 hours after being born, however, this dolphin’s dorsal fin wasn’t erect yet, signaling that it died a short moment after being born.

The dolphin was confiscated by the local authorities and they will conserve its skeleton to display in the museum..

Dolphins aren’t rare in Aruba, however, you’ll find them in the north coast of the island, far out in the deep blue, where it’s not allowed to swim or snorkel.

This is the 4th time a dolphin ends up on the island’s shores. The other recent cases happened near the lighthouse, baby beach, coast of Oranjestad and near the refinery in San Nicolas.

Aruba Art Fair

This weekend locals and visitors experienced the Aruba art fair 2017.

It’s a 3 day art fair with the purpose to exhibit and sell art made by local and international artist.

Not only did they display and sell arts, but there was dance, theater and music.

The highlight of the art fair are murals that were painted by local and international artist on the walls of buildings in the main streets of San Nicolas.

A photography contest was also organized aimed to feature Aruba’s nature and diverse population. The winning photographs will be exhibited in the City Hall of Doral, Florida!

This year school kids were invited to express their creativity on a 2×3 blank canvas. Aruba art fair handed paint supplies and canvases to different schools around the island and exhibited all completed canvasses during the fair.

During the art fair visitors got a chance to meet the local artists through a short 3 minute intro video that shares each artist’s unique story and art.

Upcoming Events in Aruba

Here’s some events worth visiting if you’re on the island…

Next week Aruba will be celebrating the annual short film festival.

What’s the Aruba Short Film Festival?

It’s a red carpet event dedicated to local filmmakers.

During the festival local filmmakers will be awarded and honored for their short films they created during 2017. Visitors will also get a chance to see different short films produced by locals on a big screen. Each film is minimum 3 minutes and maximum 15 minutes.

The grand event will take place on November 30, 2017 in the crystal theater located at Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino. It starts at 7.00 PM until 10.00 PM.

Tickets are for sale at the door for $6.00 per person.

Aruba Fashion Week

Fashion week in Aruba is an exciting celebration that positions the island as an unique destination for fashion in the Caribbean.

It’s a 3 day event full of fashion & lifestyle shows, cocktail party and business meetings.

The event will take place during December 1-3, 2017 – Tickets start at $20.00 at the door.

Aruba will be the runway for the latest collection of brand names such as Prada, Hernan Zajar, local designer Gigliola Gomez and Elisa Lejuez among others.

The event starts with a fashion show at the Marriott Resort & Stellaris & Casino on December 1, 2017 at 6.00 PM. Followed by a shopping experience and press tour at Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino between 11.00 AM and 4.00 PM. The last day will be a fashion talk conference at the Ritz Carlton at 1.00 PM and a show at the Renaissance pier at 6.00 PM.

Visit Aruba fashion week and experience the trendiest looks designed by local artist.

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Once a week, on Sundays I publish a recap of recent Aruba news updates. If this is your first time reading my newsletter – welcome!

Aruba News Updates

This weeks newsletter contains many updates on last weeks news like the mangroves in Santo Largo, result of diesel spill at the hospital and more!

Keep on reading to find out what’s been happening on the island recently

No Fishing or Swimming in Bubali Plas

A few weeks ago someone posted a picture on social media of a visitor fishing at Bubali plas. Within no time the post got viral and the director of the department of public works took note of this.

According to the director of the department of public works there’s no swimming or fishing allowed in this area.

Maybe the visitor who was caught on camera didn’t know this, but I’m sure he’s well aware now…

The department of public works will add several pictogram signs near the area of Bubali plas that it’s “not allowed to fish or swim” here.

Bubali plas is a protected wetland area by Arikok (Aruba’s national park). It’s a beautiful area with vegetation and animals right next to Sasaki Highway (close to Superfood supermarket and Tropicana Resort).

In bubali plas you find various species of birds, reptiles, fish and trees.

A part of this wetland functions as a purification plant since 1972.

The sewage water from hotels and houses in nearby districts are processed here before entering the lagoon.

In 2015, a Dutch consultancy firm found heavy metals in the wetland. That’s one of the reasons why it’s not allowed to swim or catch and eat a fish out of bubali plas.

If you want to fish, go to one of the many beaches appropriate for fishing or charter a boat for a big catch!

Update on Oil Spill At Bubali Plas

Last week a diesel spill occurred in one of the generator rooms at the hospital.

Diesel made its way through the hospital’s sewage system and was headed to the bubali plas (the wetland I was talking about in the previous topic).

The department of public works, which is in charge of bubali plas was immediately notified about the situation.

They dispatched vacuum trucks to collect the diesel before it entered the purification tanks and added oil booms into the wetland.

A total of 10 vacuum trucks collected a mixture of diesel and water!

“Bubali plas remained unaffected by the diesel spill” according to experts from the department of nature & environment – thanks to the quick response from the department of public works and local authorities.

Updates on Mangroves at Santo Largo

A few weeks ago Aruba bird life conservation posted an image of mangroves in the district of Santo Largo that are slowly dying off.

Since then the department of public works are trying to restore the mangroves.

After a study done by agriculture experts from the university of Wageningen and the local department of nature & environment, it resulted that the mangroves were slowly dying because of the salinity of the lagoon.

The area in which the mangroves are at the moment is private property. It’s owned by a local who first used the area to extract salts before the year 2000. But after being uncared for, mangroves trees started to grow in this area, this was around the year 2004.

About a year ago in 2016 some contractors who were fixing the street damaged one of the many pipes that supplied water to the mangroves.

Since then the circulation of seawater to the mangroves has been compromised, which caused a high salinity in the water and some mangroves started to dying off.

Two weeks ago the public works department fixed 4 underground pipes that supplies the mangroves in santo largo with fresh sea water and added a pump to make the process easier.

It will take a few months for the mangroves that were dying off to start recuperating from the damages.

Although the mangroves are in a privately owned area, the public works department takes full responsibility to restore the mangroves. Because during the years this site became a tourist attraction (even for locals) who want to explore Aruba’s nature.

The Official Government

It’s official – we’ve got a new Government!

The name is of our new Government is “Gabinete Wever Croes” and is a coalition between 3 political parties (MEP, POR and RED).

“Negotiations weren’t easy during the formation period of Aruba’s government, because each party had their own vision and ideas, some of them were contradictory to each other and some were shared between the political parties” – according to Aruba’s new Prime Minister.

In the end they decided to focus on what unites them and what they have in common. Which are integrity, good governance, economy, reduce the spending and focusing on the human aspects. This means combating crime, healthcare, jobs, recreation, infrastructure, education, housing and everything that brings happiness, health and prosperity to people.

It took 35 days to form the coalition. The process started with an “Acuerdo di formación” which was signed on October 17, 2017 after a “formatie opdracht” from the Governor on October 12, 2017.

The “acuerdo di formacion” is a document that list in details the focus for the next 4 years.

On November 1, 2017 they signed the “acuerdo di gobernacion”.

This document elaborates more about the specific points of their governance for the next 4 year.

On 10 November 2017 they finalized the “repartition di cartera” and after that it took a few days to screen all candidates for ministers and finalize everything.

The new Government has a total of 8 ministers.

Here’s the name of the ministers and their functions…

  • Evelyn Wever Croes (Prime Minister, Energy and Innovation).
  • Otmar Oduber (Infrastructure and Vice Prime Minister)
  • Xiomara Ruiz Maduro (Finance, Economy and Culture).
  • Danguillaume Oduber (Tourism, Health and Sport)
  • Chris Romero (Transport, Communications and Agriculture)
  • Andin Bikker  (Justice and Immigration)
  • Rudy Lampe (Education, Science and Sustainability)
  • Guilfred Besaril Plenipotentiary Minister in the Netherlands).

This is the first time that a lady is the prime minister of Aruba! It’s also the first time that we have a coalition of 3 parties. The previous coalition was 16 years ago, and was between 2 political parties.

Congratulations Aruba!

New Hospital Emergency Department

This week it was turn for the emergency department (spoed eisende hulp, SEH) to get a makeover.

The department is now located in the new bed tower building from the hospital.

The new emergency department has 3 waiting rooms (2 for adults and one for kids with toys and entertainment)

It’s more modern and spacious than the previous one. The old emergency department had 7 rooms, the new one has 9 emergency rooms. However, a total of 16 emergency rooms are available, but with short of staff only 9 will be in working order.

There’s about 40 employees in the emergency department and they have to take care of an average of 35.000 people during the year for emergency cases.

The hospital will be hiring more nurses to open up the other available rooms in the emergency department. This will shorten the waiting time to get help when you’re in an emergency.

The new emergency rooms have special equipment to treat people with different emergency cases and promises a speedy process to be helped when in a case of emergency.

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Aruba Airline Inter island Flights

Aruba airlines announced their inter island (between ABC, Aruba, Bonaire & Curacao) about a month ago.

This week they officially made their inauguration flight to Curacao.

Bonaire is next on schedule, and Aruba airlines will fly to flamingo island for the first time December 15, 2017!

Aruba airlines fleet consists of 4 airplanes – 2 Canadair Regional Jets, 1 Airbus 320 and 1 Airbus 319.

At the moment they fly between Aruba to Miami, Havana, Cuba, Georgetown, Maracaibo, Valencia and vice verse.

Future Plans Aruba Airlines

Aruba airlines is going on a joint venture with a company called Skyworks to expand the airline into other markets like Colombia.

They are also going to invest in 4 new air crafts, because of a big demand of travelers.

Aruba’s airport (Reina Beatrix) will function as a hub to connect the airlines with other markets in the future.

Sustainable Restaurant Solutions

Restaurant “Passions on the beach”  implemented new sustainable solutions to protect our environment.

The leftovers from the restaurant will no longer be thrown away, but fed to animals at the foundation “cunucu Aruba dushi tera”.

Passions on the beach is located right on Eagle beach, close to Amsterdam Manor Resort and La Cabana and it’s one of the most romantic restaurants to dine on the beach

Benvenuti a Fresco!

Renaissance Ocean Suites recently redesigned and launched their new Italian restaurant called Fresco.

They offers traditional Italian food like pizza, pasta, pastries, desserts, lemonade, cocktails and wine.

One of their popular dishes is the lobster risotto!

You can dine in the open air, with an open kitchen to watch your food be prepared.

They also have a traditional stone oven to make pizza.

There’s no need to make reservations, just walk in!

Weather Report

It’s been raining in Aruba these couple of days…

“we should be expecting more rain this week”  according to the meteorology department.

A low atmospheric pressure that’s developing in the Caribbean is affecting the island with rain showers, thunder and lighting!

The weather system is still not moving past Aruba and will keep affecting the island during the following days.

The sun has been shining now and then, but the clouds are making it difficult!

There’s no wind, the trees are barely moving, however, during this week the wind should start picking up again and the situation should be very normal and stabilized again as the normal sunny Aruba that we all know.

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Once a week, on Sundays I publish a recap of news headlines in Aruba. If this is your first time reading my newsletter – welcome!

Top 9 News Headlines in Aruba

The island has been going through a lot of developments recently, since I published an Aruba news recap last week.

Here’s what happened on the island recently…

Another Oil Spill, Will Aruba Be Affected?

The local disaster council reported an oil spill in the area of Chaguaramas, which lies near the northwest peninsula of Trinidad.

Authorities in Trinidad noticed an oily substance in the water near the peninsula, but they don’t know the exact source of the leak.

According to the local disaster council, Aruba will not be affected by this recent spill, because the oil patches are drifting away from the island’s shores.

The damage of the previous spill in Trinidad & Tobago is still visible on the north coast of the island.

Local organizations had to pitch in to clean up the oil spill on the beach. The total cost to restore the beach up to where it is now is over $300.000. This includes cleaning materials, paying public workers to help clean and the revenue lost from the national park and boca prins restaurant due to being forced to close for over 3 weeks.

The expense report will be delivered at the government in order to send a claim for the company responsible for the spill.

Update About New Fishing Legislation

The local fishermen are trying to reverse a legislation that the department of nature and environment proposed a few weeks ago, banning the killing or damaging of various different animals and plants.

They are upset because the legislation alsl bans the capture of grouper, sharks, conch, sea stars, coral and Caribbean spiny lobster to name a few fish species.

According to fishermen a regulation on the fishing is better than banning. They would rather deal with fishing regulations, for example restricted fishing in certain zones, the amount of fish caught, the size and gender. Since it’s banned now to capture Caribbean spiny lobster, you’re next lobster on the island might be imported.

Local fishermen tried to undo the legislation by organizing a signature campaign and wrote a letter directed the government, however they still haven’t changed the minds of those in charge of disapproving the law.

Expect them to still try to save their profession and bread and butter with different further action against the government. 

A New Government

A coalition has finally been formed after almost a month since the government elections.

The coalition is going to be formed by 3 political parties, which one of them (MEP, a traditional party) has the majority of votes, but not enough to govern the island by themselves.

During a press conference all 3 leaders signed an agreement with the important issues they will focus on.

The list of priorities include: integrity and applying good governance protocols, restoring Aruba’s debt and solving social issues on the island. Other priorities of this coalition is lowering the retirement age, creating more sustainable projects, combating crime on the island, improve the island’s healthcare system, investing in education and creating more job opportunity are among the points that they will work on.

Now that a coalition has been formed, the next step needs to be taken, which is screening the members of the political parties to find out who will be in charge of different sectors like the economy, education, public health, energy, tourism, justice and infrastructure.

Aruba Art Fair 2017

History will be made in the main streets of San Nicolas as local and international artist transform several buildings with murals during “Aruba art fair 2017”.

The art fair is a 3 day event with a main purpose of exhibiting and selling art made by local and international artists.  

Not only is the goal to exhibit and sell art, but also to create awareness and educational art programs for kids to stimulate their talents.

It’s also great opportunity to see how the artist create murals from start to finish.

Over 10.00 people visited the art fair last year. This year promises to be bigger with more art, activities, contests and street performances.

The art fair will be on November 24 – 26, 2017 in the main streets of San Nicolas.

If you want to find and buy art made by local artists in Aruba, this is the place to be.

There’s also going to be a photography contest titled “Nature & Faces”. Judges will select 5 pictures out of all the submissions and the winners will be displayed during the art fair.

Bucuti Receives Award

A popular luxury and lifestyle travel magazine named Condé Nast Traveler recently announced Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort as one of the top 40 hotels in the Caribbean.

Over 300.000 Condé Nast readers casted their votes for the best traveler experiences and Bucuti received more than enough thumbs up to be nominated among the list of great hotels.

“Thank you to all our distinguished guests who voted Bucuti & Tara for being among the best resort in the Caribbean” said the GM of the hotel during an interview after receiving the good news.

Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort is an adult only resort and is a perfect place to stay if you’re in looking for a special getaway. There’s even a restaurant called Elements that has one of the most romantic settings to have a beachside dinner in Aruba.

Bushiri Hotel Dismantlement Bushiri

After many years of not being in use, the old bushiri hotel on L.G Smith Boulevard is finally being dismantled.

The contractors in charge of dismantling bushiri closed off the area with fences since the government announced the project about a month ago.

Step by step they are bringing down the building with the help of heavy machinery and equipment.


The hotel is being dismantled step by step.

Bushiri hotel has been a ruin for over decades already, but it’s time for this old hotel to go. The government is going to turn this area into a public beach and recreational area.

Due to the works being done on bushiri beach there can be a lot of dust in this area.

It will take between 6 and 7 weeks to dismantle the building and clean up the area. 

High Season for Cruise Ships

High season for cruise ships in Aruba started this week as 5 ships were docked at the same time at the port this week.

More than 10.000 cruise passengers were shopping in the downtown area, spending the day at the beach and exploring the island by jeep tour.


5 ships docked in the port, lots of tourist.

Having so much cruise passengers and ships docked at the same time on the island is a record breaker in terms of tourism. However, this is only the start of high season, so there’s going to be more cruise ships coming in the following months.

Expect the downtown area to be a bit busier than usual when the ships docked. If you want to rent a car in Aruba, send me an email and ask me for a car rental quotation.

Tourism Oriented Police

The Aruba tourism board started a Tourism Oriented Police unit, which is an visibility team focusing on safety for visitors in the area of downtown area.

TOP will be dispatched when there’s a large amount of visitors in the main street, in order to provide protection and assistance in case of any emergency.

Area’s that will be patrolled by the TOP are the cruise port, royal plaza, L.G Smith Boulevard, surfside beach, linear park and the central bus station.

Hadicurari Seafood Culinary Fest

Hadicurari restaurant is organizing another culinary secret fest.

This time guests will experience a mixture of seafood appetizers, main courses and wine.

The Chef at Hadicurari handpicked the best of what seafood has to offer and came up with some outstanding arrangements for the upcoming culinary fest.

He shared some tidbits about the menu – it starts with oysters. Followed by tataki,sashimi and sushi. And ending the fest with delicious cod filets, mussel, lobster, scampi, shrimp and a seafood paella!

The seafood fest is on October 27, 2017 from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM. Seats are limited, if you’re on the island sign up quick!

Hadicurari is located between Marriott Surf Club and Moomba beach.

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Aruba News Updates

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Local Fishermen Concerned About Their Future

The department of environment protection wants to introduce a law, which is a list of prohibited fish species that local fishermen aren’t allowed to catch, but the fishermen don’t agree with it!

After a meeting in the parliament the minister of environment protection promised the local fishermen that the law won’t be accepted by the government.  

The local fishermen don’t trust the verbal agreement  by the minister, so they took matters into their own hands by starting a signature campaign seeking support from the Aruban community to stop this law from being implemented.

According to the local fishermen, the list of prohibited fishes is controversial, because it contains species of fish which they sell to the local community in order to make a living. The list also includes a fish called “buni” which they use as bait, which means they practically can’t fish anymore, because they don’t have the “right bait”.

They are demanding a clarification by the department of environment protection why fish species, such as “buni” and many others appear on the list, while they are far from being extinct, according to them.

The president of the local fishing organization explained the concerns they have towards this new law during a press conference and invited everyone who loves fishing to attend a general meeting on October 10, 2017 at piedra plat entertainment center to discuss the current situation.

“We are all surprised by the introduction of the new law by the department of environment protection, without consulting us. They don’t realize what type of impact this decision will have on our economy and  social life” said the president of the local fishing foundation during the press conference.

Although the law hasn’t been officially implemented yet, they already feel the effect of it by local authorities like the coastguard.

The goal of the signature campaign is to support a letter of appeal to the government regarding the new law by the department of environment protection.

Do you like to fish?

If so, join the Bucuti Yacht Club for their annual bill fish tournament.

The tournament will be held on 13, 14, 15 October 2017 at BYC.

For more information and rules about the bill fishing tournament call them at +2975823793.

Aruba Airlines Announces New Flights

Aruba Airlines announced their new flights to Curacao and Bonaire.

Starting on October 23, 2017 with 2 flights everyday. There will be one additional flight on Tuesday and Thursday.

Aruba airline invested into a new airplane, a model Q300 (DH8-300) with a capacity of 50 people, to fly between the ABC islands.  

The exterior of the airplane, has the same design as their Airbus A320, which is completely wrapped in the Aruban flag!

If you want to visit Bonaire or Curacao after enjoying Aruba, call the Aruba Airlines office for more information at +2975838300.

Want to rent a car in Aruba? Ask me for a car rental request!

Planting Mangroves Seeds

Aruba’s national park started a camp called “Arikok Junior Ranger Camp” to teach kids how to protect and conserve the flora and fauna in Aruba.

They kicked off the camp with a project called “plantacion di mangel”, which means planting mangroves in English.

The governor of Aruba joined the junior rangers as a surprise guest and helped them plant mangrove seeds all over the area of Spaans lagoon.

During the first day of the project they managed to plant 36 mangrove seeds, that will grow into big and beautiful green mangrove trees in the future.

Prinses Beatrix visited Spaans lagoon a few months ago to officially transfer the area of under the protection of Arikok.

Spaans lagoon is a nature area in Aruba that has a high percentage of biodiversity, because of the various types of flora and fauna. It’s 1 of the 16 nature areas that is officially under the protection of Arikok, the other 15 nature areas still have to be officially transferred to Arikok by the government.

Aruba news updates

The Governor and park rangers planting mangrove seeds.

Beautiful & Clean Beaches

Over 800 volunteers cleaned up the beach shores, during the Aruba Reef Care Project.

The reef care project is an annual event, which locals and visitors volunteer to clean up the beaches in Aruba.

Different organizations and companies gathered up their staff and gave Aruba‘s nature a helping hand.

Volunteers cleaned the beaches from Arashi, Malmok, Eagle Beach, Palm Beach,Mangel Halto, Baby Beach and the beaches on the southern coast of the island.

A lot of garbage, especially plastic packaging from different products were removed from the beaches, which would of ended up in the water, forming a danger to the fishes and other animals in the sea.

The reef care project ended with a celebratory event and every volunteer received a certificate by Aruba Reef Care Foundation.

Aruba news updates

Volunteers cleaning up the beach.

New Series of Post Stamps

The local post office announced a new series of post stamps titled “paisahenan di Aruba”, which means stories of Aruba.

There are a total of 8 post stamps in this series and they are beautiful.

All the post stamps have been designed by local artist Rogelio Montero.

Take a look at the post stamps and what they represent…

Aruba news updates

New series of post stamps are beautiful!

65 cents – Red Anchor in Sero Colorado

This post stamp represents the red anchor and beautiful beaches in Sero Colorado. According to locals it symbolizes the island’s heritage being anchored.

The red anchor is a part of Aruba’s history and is a must see landmark for visitors and locals alike.

90 cents – The Iguana

This post stamp represents one of Aruba’s native animals, iguana, also known as “yuwanna”.

In the background, you can see a mountain, called hooiberg, which is also a popular landmark on the island. Hooiberg is over 541 feet high.

100 cents – Casibari Rock Formation

This post stamp shows one of Aruba’s natural wonders, Casibari. It’s a formation of huge boulders, surrounded by flora and fauna.

Casibari is one of Aruba’s natural wonders, because no one exactly knows how such a formation came about on a dessert like and fairly flat island.

130 cents – M.S. Antilla Shipwreck

This post stamp has one of the most memorable shipwrecks on the island, the M.S. Antilla.

The ship crashed decades ago near Malmok, and was never removed.

During the years the ship got covered with corals and surrounded by different types of tropical fishes, making it one of the popular spots to snorkel and dive on the island.

200 cents – Hushidibana

This post stamp represents the panoramic view of the area known as Hushidibana.

Take a closer look to notice the cactuses, a prikichi (native bird) and the california lighthouse in the background.

220 cents – Piscado

This post stamp represents a piscado, (which means fishermen in English), as he prepares to go fishing early in the morning.

300 cents  – Art of Fishing

This post stamp shows a fisherman throwing his net into the water, which is a old tradition here on the island by fishermen.

320 cents

This stamp shows a child enjoying a sunset from above while sitting on Hooiberg.

Every sunset on the island is different and beautiful.

All stamps are for sale at the post office in Oranjestad, San Nicolas and St.Cruz.

We Love Food Truck Festival

Next month food lovers can enjoy delicious mix baskets and sandwiches during “we love food truck festival”.

The food truck festival is a new addition to the Love Festival which is taking place on 3, 4 and 5 November 2017.

All food trucks on the island will be stationed on “music boulevard” which is close to the venue “harbor arena” where the love festival will take place.

You can taste different type of platters from Aruba, Mexico, Italy and Netherlands.

Entrance to the food truck festival is free, as well as for love festival goers and the general public.

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Aruba Newspaper Recap

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Bushiri Beach Resort

Bushiri resort is finally being dismantled.

Both the prime minister of Aruba and the minister of infrastructure expressed their gratitude during a ceremony for the dismantlement of bushiri beach resort.

You may be wondering what the government is going to build here now….

There’s plenty of rumors going around that a new hotel and mall will be constructed in this area, but the truth is that the government plans on making it a public beach with a recreational area for sports, art and culture.

The dismantlement of bushiri beach resort brings up a lot of memories for locals and visitors who remember the good old times at bushiri beach resort (and mambo beach).

The government gave the company in charge to dismantle the bushiri beach resort 55 days to complete the job.

aruba news recap

Aruba beach resort in its glory days.

Green Corridor

Green corridor project is delayed, new deadline is November 15, 2017.

The green corridor project should of been finished on August 14, 2017. However, the company in charge of the project (ODINSA C.C.) ran into some issues, delaying the project.

The delay started when a contractor damaged an underground 60 KV electric cable from elmar (electric company).

Elmar had to fix the cable, which took over a month and all works on the green corridor had to be put on hold. However, the good news is that the green corridor project is in the final phase.

Once the new bridge is open for traffic, the existing bridge next to the new one will be converted into an area where locals can walk and cycle on.

Want to rent a car in Aruba? Click here to contact me for a free car rental quotation.

aruba news recap

This is how it’s going to look!


The sanctions against Venezuela by the trump administration doesn’t have any negative effect for citgo in Aruba.

President Trump imposed economic sanctions on Venezuela recently.

One may think that these sanctions may have a negative effect on the refinery situation, since CITGO is partly from Venezuela.

However, the minister of economy mentioned during a speech that presidents Trumps sanctions against Venezuela will not hinder the rehabilitation of the refinery of Aruba.

Red Cross Aruba

Red Cross Aruba celebrated 60 years of existence with a health day.

Red cross Aruba celebrated their anniversary by doing what they do best – helping the community.

The health day was a successful one with the contribution of different organizations (Mary Joan Foundation & Wilhelmina Kankerfonds).

Anyone who wanted to know the state of their health at the moment was welcome.

A health bus was one site with doctors that offered free examinations (blood pressure, cholesterol, sugar, weight and help with other medical issues).

Animal Protection List

The government is creating a list of protected animals and trees.

Aruba has made what the dutch call a “landsbesluit” (country decision) to protect various species of flora and fauna o the island.

For example, the famous divi divi tree on eagle beach that has been photographed millions of times also belongs to the lists of protected flora and fauna.

It’s been about a week since the government announced this landsbesluit.

This week the prime minister announced during a press conference that his cabinet will sit with local fishermen to determine which fishes should be added to the list.

In many countries there’s over fishing, however Aruba doesn’t have this problem. However, there’s certain fish species that are special to the island, that we rather not risk losing them (for example the parrot fish, known as gutu between locals).

I will publish this list once the government makes this list public.

Police School

Over 60 new policies have been sworn in the police force.

Aruba’s police received reinforcement from new officers that completed the local police academy.

They had to take an oath to uphold the law in front of the minister of justice and police commissioner.

With the addition of these new policemen and women, the total police force of Aruba has about 700 cops.

Now there’s more blue on the road to protect locals and visitors on paradise..

Congratulations to all the men and women who decided to help and serve the local community.

Kiwanis Club Palm Beach Gives Back

The members of Kiwanis club palm beach did a clean up at a kids playground at surfside beach.

The area near Neptali Henriquez playground is beautiful, but the amount of grass has obstructed the view of surfside beach.

That’s why the members of Kiwanis club of palm beach approached the owners of neptali park to help clean up the area, and they accepted the invitation with open arms.

The beach area near the playground is clean and the view to the beach is beautiful!

The idea behind it is called “hand on project”, but the goal wasn’t only to clean up the beach, also to inspire new ideas for activities for youths on the playground.

aruba news recap

Hands on clean up at surf side beach.

Aruba International Pro-Am Golf Tournament

Aruba Tourism Authority is organizing a professional golf tournament at tierra del sol golf course.

On August 25 – 26, 2017 there’s going to be an international pro-am golf tournament on the prestigious golf course of tierra del sol.

The golf tournament is popular among golfers from latin america, united states, Europe.

It’s going to be the 23rd time that Aruba is hosting this pro-am golf tournament.  

A total of 28 teams will be participating this year (one team consists of 5 players, 1 professional and 4 amateurs).

Different countries will be represented during the tournament – from Belgium, Bermuda, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Curacao, Netherlands. Curacao, UK, Venezuela and of course Aruba also.

U-17 Women Soccer

Aruba’s women soccer team will be participating in a competition to classify for a place in the FIFA U-17 (under 17 years old) championship.

The team will be travelling to St.Lucia to represent Aruba in a classifying FIFA competition.

According to team captain (Isabelle Netto,) they started training 2 times a week since the month of March. They not only got physical training, but also had to prepare mentally for the upcoming matches.

They have to win all their games in St.Lucia to qualify for a chance to participate in the FIFA championships in 2018.

The minister of public health and sports was at the airport to wish the girls all the best.

aruba news recap

Aruba’s girls soccer team.

New Slot Machines At Marriot Stelaris Casino

Marriott stellaris casino just received two new slot machines.

The two new slot machines at Marriott stellaris casino are buffalo grands – they are award winning machines and very popular in casino at las vegas.

Since these two machines have been installed, locals and visitors are liking them, because of the payouts. The new slot machines offer multiple progressive payouts starting at $10.000 and other bonuses.

Within a week of being installed, slot players already managed to make the machine pay out!

However, no one won the big progressive jackpot as of yet, which is over $12.000 at the moment.

If you want to win the big bucks, you need to wager at least $3 per spin of the buffalo grands golden reels.

Are you a gambler? If so try your luck at the Marriott stellaris casino!

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Don't you wish you were here, right now?

Carubbian Festival is Back

After a few months of absence, one of the most loved festivals on the island is set to return.

I’m talking about Carubbian festival.

If you don’t know what Carubbian is, it’s a local event in the sun rise city of Aruba (San Nicolas). Locals set up their tents and sell their local food, arts, crafts and other souvenirs made by local artist. There’s also music by locals, dancing and carnival shows.

It’s a perfect way to experience the sunrise side of the island.

So what’s different about Carubbian than the previous one?

Well, there’s new board members (except for the president of the Carubbian foundation) – this means a fresh start, new idea’s and more fun during the festival.

Carubbian festival will kick off on the on August 24, 2017.

It’s a great hangout spot with the family in the evening with your family.


The blue building near the central bus station in the district of San Nicolas that used to function as the department of foreign affairs is currently being renovated and turned into a citgo desk – an office where locals can send in their cv to apply for job openings at the refinery.

The government is also preparing for a job fair for the refinery.

During the job fair, different contractors are going to be on site, talking to their prospective employees.

There’s many rumors that the rehabilitation of the refinery isn’t really happening, but those rumors are just not true.

At the moment there’s about 400 to 500 locals working in the refinery, at the end of 2017 this number is going to be around 800 to 900.

For next year the amount of workers in the refinery will surpass 1500.

If you have any experience in the refinery industry, maybe you can apply for a job opening and live on the island….

Animal Adoption Day

Animal health veterinary hospital organized an adoption day for cats and dogs.

It was a successful adoption day, because about 10 animals found a new home.

The number of animals adopted during the event may not sound much, but it is a good step toward solving the street dog issue here on the island.

All animals that were up for adoption had their proper documentation, vaccination and were sterilized.

The event was organized by different organisations like animal shelter, crioyo trappers, animal rights and bestial.

Members of all these organizations are planning a next adoption day in 2018.

However, if you would like to adopt a pet while in Aruba, you don’t have to wait until this adoption day comes around – just go to one of the animal shelters on the island to find your next best friend….

Mangrove Trees in Danger

The president of Aruba bird life conservation (ABC) is concerned about the mangrove trees located in the area of santo largo.

According to him the mangrove trees are dying due to the lack of supply of water to the trees, because of infrastructure developments in this area.

The works being done on the green corridor ( a new 4 lane highway in Aruba, including new bridge)have blocked the sea water to flow to the mangroves.

During an interview, the president of ABC, who also manages Aruba’s national park (Arikok) mentioned that the affected area of mangrove is among the 15 areas that is still in the process of being transferred by the government as a protected area.

Because Arikok doesn’t have full control over the mangrove in santo largo, they can’t really do nothing about it.

They have informed the department of public works, who is currently in charge of construction in that area to pay attention to the mangroves that are suffering from lack of water.

According to the president of Arikok they want the government to transfer the areas as soon as possible so they can maintain the mangroves.

Hot Season in Aruba

The months between June and September are typically the hottest months during the year in Aruba – which increases the chance for kids and grown ups to experience heat stroke or any other illness caused by being too much in the sun.

Dr. Wilmer Salazar, a member of the department of public health, advises everyone to be aware of the heat during the month of August and September.

The warning from Dr. Salazar is for everyone, especially for kids under the age of 4, elderly people and those that plan to spend a lot of time in the sun.

Symptoms that one should look out for is headache, dryness of throat and high heart rate.

If you don’t watch out for the sun you can experience symptoms like headache, dryness of throat or in the worse case even disorientation, hallucination and memory loss.

The department of public health advises everyone that is going to be in the sun for long periods of time to drink a lot of water, wear comfortable clothes and look for shade as often as possible.

If you plan on sunbathing, please use sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses.

Rosario Bibo

The members of the alto vista chapel are organizing a “rosario bibo”.

Rosario bibo means that everyone prays about events in the history of our salvation and to thank and praise God for them.

The rosario bibo is organized once a month during a full moon.

It’s well visited by locals who are religious to pray for their families, friends, sick people and personal prayers.

If you are on the island and are religious, you should visit the alto vista chapel for this wonderful evening of prayers.

The rosario bibo will be held on August 7, 2017 – starting at 7.00 PM.

New Roundabout in Paradera

The intersection next to bright bakery (in the district of Paradera) has been replaced with a roundabout.

Many people are glad that a roundabout has been constructed at this intersection, because a lot of unnecessary accidents happened at this intersection.

The roundabout is a safer alternative to direct traffic at this section of the road.

Not only does the roundabout offer safety in traffic, but it will also solve the congestion in this area in the morning when kids go to school.

The roundabout was created by a local infrastructure company called BIC Aruba.

If you plan to drive on the island, you may take this road when going to Aruba’s national park Arikok.

Want to rent a car in Aruba? Click here to ask me for a car rental quotation!

New Roundabout in Paradera

The Road To Election

Political parties submitted their list of members this week at the census bureau and the locals joined them in a parade to celebrate democracy on the island.

Locally this is known as “entregamento di lista” (submitting political list of members).

There’s a total of 10 different political parties, but a total of 9 lists, because two parties decided to join each other as one political party (UPP and PPA).

The list is a way for locals to get to know which members are joining which political party.

Big political parties submitted a list with 29 members and other small political parties had a list as small as 10 members.

One of the many surprises this election is the introduction of young professionals on the lists to appeal to the millennials (who aren’t really into politics), but their votes also count!

One thing is for sure, the island is looking for a change in the government.

The election date is September 22, 2017 – but before a new government is elected, there’s going to be another political debate to help locals decide who they are going to vote for.

Illegal Entry By Venezuelans

Three men from Venezuela decided to enter Aruba illegally through the north coasts of the island by swimming to shore (in the roughest waters of the island). But the plan didn’t go as successfully as they hoped, because one of them died along the way.

It was early in the morning when Arikok park rangers saw strange movements by these men and notified the police.

When the police arrived they found one of the three men without any signs of life near a cove.

One of them was badly injured and couldn’t move.

It appears that when they swam to shore the rough waves slammed them into to coves, injuring one and causing one to drown.

The police arrested the two of them and transported them to the hospital for medical assistance.

They also found 3 weapons and drugs hidden in a cove near by.

Aruba isn’t the only island that illegals are trying to enter – our neighboring island Bonaire and Curacao also suffer from this situation.

Students Gone To Study

This week students who finished high school in Aruba went abroad to continue their education.

These students are known as bursalen on the island.

Most students go to study in the Netherlands, but some of them pick destinations like America, Puerto Rico, Curacao and the UK to study.

I remember about 9 years ago when I was in this group of students on my way to the Netherlands to study Chemical Engineering (which I completed successfully).

My best wishes and success to all the students who went to study abroad.

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