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This weeks Aruba news update

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So here’s a few good ones out of a bunch of things that happened this week…

A new hotel in Aruba

Last year the Minister of tourism announced that Aruba will get another hotel.

Airport Hotel – “Aruba Airport Hotel & Business Center”.

Last week a ceremonial ground-breaking event took place next to the airport, where the hotel will be constructed.

The airport hotel will be perfect if you’re using Aruba as a travel hub.

You can stay at the airport hotel instead of going to the hotel area just to stay a night or a couple of hours.

The airport hotel is also going to function as a business center.

For example, you can rent a room to have a meeting with your business partners. Or rent an office space for a few hours to finish up on projects.

The airport hotel is a 30 million dollar investment and will take 18 months to complete.

I think this hotel is a great idea. Because it’s different. It will cater to a lot of business travelers and sustain Aruba’s Tourism.

The hotels in the low and high rise are going to have more rooms available because of this move.

Biggest lotto jackpot yet…

Aruba’s lottery had the biggest jackpot in history last year.

It was 3.1 million AWG ($1.771.428).

On the 20th of December 2016 someone won the jackpot.

Representatives of Aruba lottery said the winning ticket was bought in Santa Cruz by a vendor named Lucky Mack.

The winning numbers were 04-12-23-27 & Mega Ball 14.  

However the winner hasn’t claimed the prize yet.

They have exactly 90 days to come forth and claim it.

I wish I had that ticket!

The things I would do with the money…

Electric cars for sale in Aruba

Last week Garage Centraal (a car dealership in Aruba) displayed their first electrical car for sale in their showroom.

The Prime Minister of Aruba, Mike Eman, was present and revealed the new Hyundai Ioniq to the public. 

This was a significant moment in the history of Aruba.

Because the Minister has been stimulating car dealerships to start selling electric cars since 2012.

The growth of electrical cars in Aruba is not big.

Maybe after the introduction by Garage Centraal things will pick up.

Now it’s time for the other car dealerships to start selling electric cars.

Would you drive an electric rental car in Aruba?

The Beach Between Divi & Tamarijn

The beach between Divi and Tamarijn was severely damaged by Hurricane Matthew.

Click to see the damage of hurricane Matthew.

Everyone’s asking for recent pics from the beach at Divi, so they can be relaxed about their upcoming vacations.

Matthew is long gone…

However it seems that it’s raining a little too much on Aruba after the storm.

The big waves between Divi and Tamarijn are causing damage to the beach.

Taking out some palapa huts.

The damage reported by the resort is over a million dollars.

But Divi, Dienst Openbare Werken and Aruba Tourism Authority have partnered up to repair the beach and come up with a permanent solution.

DOW proposed that a study be done to monitor the behavior of the beach.

How the beach erodes, what season of the year it happens and how the beach grows back naturally.

With this data they can simulate the process and prevent any kind of future threats to our precious beaches. The entire study is expected to cost about 500 thousand AWG ($285.714). And will take a year to complete.

It’s a good investment of time and money to preserve our beaches.

The property itself…

The Divi & Tamarijn in Aruba are well known for maintaining their hotels.

Last year the Tamarijn resort renovated the lobby, added a new restaurant, built a new terrace and pizza bar. The rooms are refurbished. All the balconies are looking nice with amazing views. 

Renovation is still taking place and the hotel is practically full of visitors.

There’s also talks into building a gym at the Divi Links.

Can you imagine overlooking the beach while you get in shape?  

I can…

Aruba’s coast guard doing a good job…

Aruba’s coast guard is continuing to do a good job of finding and catching illegals in Aruba.

The coast guard showed up without notice by some construction workers this week.

During the day last Friday, they went to a site near Palm Beach and caught various people without the right documents to be in Aruba.

They arrested everyone who was not properly documented.

Calling all Aruba’s volunteers…

One of the biggest volunteer events is going to held on 10/11 of March.

This event is called Aruba Doet (Aruba Does).

You might be thinking, Aruba does what?

It means Aruba’s own people doing volunteer work to fix places and help people in need. 

Like painting schools buildings. Fixing playgrounds. Spend a day with elderly people. Clean up the beach and more.

If you’re in Aruba in March and want to help clean up the beach, remember to subscribe as a volunteer.

A weather update for this week…

It has been raining constantly the last 2 weeks here in Aruba.

Not constant rain, but every day it rained for a while.

Some days it was very hard rain and the other day cloudy and drizzling.

The director of Meteo Aruba said that it rained more than usual in Aruba.

However, these last couple of days were very good.

Today the sky is clear and the sun is bright.

I checked the early afternoon scan from Aruba weather report and it shows clear skies over Aruba.

No significant signs of rain expected, so I think we will have dry conditions throughout this week. And hopefully the next one also.

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News in Aruba

So let’s start with this weeks news in Aruba…

The Owners of Cilo Restaurant Abandoned Aruba

A process-server and a lawyer were sent to Cilo Restaurant located in Renaissance Marketplace.

They went to seize everything in Cilo after the owners of the restaurant decided to close the place in December 2016. The owners abandoned Aruba leaving behind debts and their employees without a job. 

According to the employees, the owners told them that they didn’t have money to pay their salaries or pay the rent and other expenses – so they we’re forced to close.

I personally think that the employees should of smelled the rat a long time ago.

Because the same owners of Cilo were caught once by authorities without the legal documentation to be in Aruba or to run a business.

Everything in the restaurant has been confiscated.

In the meanwhile the employees are waiting for another restaurant to open so they can get their job back.

Senor Frogs Employees Still Jobless

The employees from Senor Frogs are fighting for their rights after a lawyer representing Senor Frogs broke his promise.

Last year the owners from Senor Frogs decided to abandon Aruba without paying them (or telling them they were closing).

The owners from Senor Frogs said they would return to Aruba in 2017 and explain why they suddenly closed the place. And they promised to pay every employee normally until the company declares bankruptcy.

The employees we’re paid the first month, but never again since then.

This week a lawyer representing Senor Frogs informed the employees that they will not get their salary anymore.

According to the employees they lost their pension, benefits and a family bond feeling at work.

This way of doing business can’t be accepted in Aruba.

How is it possible for someone to work knowing that their job isn’t really something they can depend on.

The owners of Senor Frogs haven’t returned to Aruba yet to explain their side of the story or face their responsibilities.

Credit Card Scam

A family of tourist were surprised by the local authorities when they we’re leaving their hotel near Palm Beach.

The police arrested two brothers with regards about a stolen credit card.

The authorities were informed about various purchases made with a stolen credit card on Aruba.

After investigation the police went to arrest the two brothers.

They are the main suspects and it’s not clear whether they can leave the island or not, because the case is still in process.

Sentenced 4 Years for Attacking a Taxi Driver

The American tourist, Patrick Maxwell, who attacked a female taxi driver in 2016 got sentenced to 4 years in jail.

He decided to appeal on the judge’s first decision last year, but nothing has changed on the second time in court.

Patrick said he isn’t guilty of this crime, because he said he was drunk and couldn’t remember what he had done. Plus he blamed a trauma he suffered in the military for his actions.

The incident took place on the 28th of January 2016 when Patrick was on a retreat from his job.

He was partying with his colleagues and admitting to using drugs.

Later that night he got aggressive and attacked a female taxi driver.

She was severely hurt with 5 broken ribs and a broken nose.

Paying More for Gas

The government announced this week that the gas prices are going to be raised.

If you’re planning to rent a car in Aruba, be aware of the new gas prices.

  • Unleaded Premium is now at 179,4 cents for 1 liter (this raised about +13,6 cents)
  • Diesel is now 148,4 cents for 1 liter (this raised about + 9,9 cents)

Aruba’s Tourism Expected To Grow, Again.

Aruba Ports Authority announced that they are expecting about 700 thousands cruise ship passengers in 2017 that will be visiting Aruba.

This estimation has been made by the amount of reservations made by cruise ships and their travel agencies.

About 600 thousand travelers visited Aruba by cruise ship in 2016.

Not only is the amount of cruise passengers going to grow, but also the amount of cruise ships docked on Aruba’s ports is expected to increase.

Palm Beach Voted Most Busy Beach

A popular travel site called placed Palm Beach in the number one spot for beaches you should avoid if your looking for tranquility.

This article might scare you if you’re a first time visitor looking for peace and quietness.

However, it all depends when you go to Palm Beach.

If it’s high season on Aruba you’re going to find a lot of people on the beach. But if your traveling during low season you might find the tranquility you’re looking for.

If not, you can always look for peace and tranquility on the other beaches on Aruba equally beautiful as Palm Beach.

For to rank Palm Beach as number one means Aruba is a top tropical destination.

Other islands that we’re mentioned were Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Bahamas and Mexico.  

The Most Innovative island in the Caribbean

Aruba Tourism Authority received a Caribbean Travel Award for being the most innovative destination for 2016 in the Caribbean region.

The award was given by Caribbean Journal. 

This is the third year that Caribbean Journal is given out travel awards to hotels, restaurants and people who shine in the tourism industry.

Caribbean Journal also awarded Aruba with the “best beaches you can stay on in the Caribbean” where eagle beach came out in the top 10.

Screaming Eagle and Wilhelmina restaurant were also nominated in the top 50 restaurants in the Caribbean.

Barcelo Aruba, Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa, Divi Village and RIU hotel we’re nominated in “The 10 Best All-Inclusive in the Dutch Caribbean”.

Other News in Aruba

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Latest Aruba News

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Free Parking in Downtown Area

Yes, it’s true. You can finally park for free again now in the downtown area of Aruba. However, it’s only free parking after 15:00 PM in the afternoon.

You still have to pay for parking from 7:00 AM until 15:00 PM.

The Government and Aruparking is also going to stop blocking your car with boots.

Instead you will get a parking fine if parked incorrectly or exceed your parking time.

I agree with a parking fine better than blocking a car. Because blocking a car is counter productive. Let’s see if this is the solution that brings a change in the parking situation in Aruba.

Read paid parking in the downtown area of Aruba for everything you need to know about paid parking.

latest aruba news

You can finally park free now.

Free Wi-Fi in Aruba’s Main Street

Business owners say that paid parking has had a negative effect on the business in the downtown area.

Providing free internet is an incentive to attract more people to visit the main street.

Setar (a local phone provider in Aruba) is managing the free Wi-Fi project.

Now you can connect your favorite smartphone or other devices to the internet while exploring the main street of Aruba.

Want to know what activities there are in the main street? Read this article.

latest aruba news

Visit the main street of Aruba, it’s beautiful!

New Addition To Aruba’s Infrastructure

A new bridge is being built.

The bridge is a part of the new Green Corridor roadway that is being created.

The building of the bridge already reached the highest point.

The bridge is a great addition to Aruba’’s infrastructure.

The Green Corridor and the new bridge promises to reduce the driving time between Oranjestad and San Nicolas.

latest aruba news

The bridge is already looking nice.

Changes to Expect in The Future

The Government said that they will make more changes in the future for the main street of Aruba.

When you visit Aruba soon there will be…

  1. A sound system in the main street.
  2. Being able to drive through the main street after 19:00 at night.
  3. More activities in the main street like street performances and shows.

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