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Aruba News Updates

This weeks newsletter contains many updates on last weeks news like the mangroves in Santo Largo, result of diesel spill at the hospital and more!

Keep on reading to find out what’s been happening on the island recently

No Fishing or Swimming in Bubali Plas

A few weeks ago someone posted a picture on social media of a visitor fishing at Bubali plas. Within no time the post got viral and the director of the department of public works took note of this.

According to the director of the department of public works there’s no swimming or fishing allowed in this area.

Maybe the visitor who was caught on camera didn’t know this, but I’m sure he’s well aware now…

The department of public works will add several pictogram signs near the area of Bubali plas that it’s “not allowed to fish or swim” here.

Bubali plas is a protected wetland area by Arikok (Aruba’s national park). It’s a beautiful area with vegetation and animals right next to Sasaki Highway (close to Superfood supermarket and Tropicana Resort).

In bubali plas you find various species of birds, reptiles, fish and trees.

A part of this wetland functions as a purification plant since 1972.

The sewage water from hotels and houses in nearby districts are processed here before entering the lagoon.

In 2015, a Dutch consultancy firm found heavy metals in the wetland. That’s one of the reasons why it’s not allowed to swim or catch and eat a fish out of bubali plas.

If you want to fish, go to one of the many beaches appropriate for fishing or charter a boat for a big catch!

Update on Oil Spill At Bubali Plas

Last week a diesel spill occurred in one of the generator rooms at the hospital.

Diesel made its way through the hospital’s sewage system and was headed to the bubali plas (the wetland I was talking about in the previous topic).

The department of public works, which is in charge of bubali plas was immediately notified about the situation.

They dispatched vacuum trucks to collect the diesel before it entered the purification tanks and added oil booms into the wetland.

A total of 10 vacuum trucks collected a mixture of diesel and water!

“Bubali plas remained unaffected by the diesel spill” according to experts from the department of nature & environment – thanks to the quick response from the department of public works and local authorities.

Updates on Mangroves at Santo Largo

A few weeks ago Aruba bird life conservation posted an image of mangroves in the district of Santo Largo that are slowly dying off.

Since then the department of public works are trying to restore the mangroves.

After a study done by agriculture experts from the university of Wageningen and the local department of nature & environment, it resulted that the mangroves were slowly dying because of the salinity of the lagoon.

The area in which the mangroves are at the moment is private property. It’s owned by a local who first used the area to extract salts before the year 2000. But after being uncared for, mangroves trees started to grow in this area, this was around the year 2004.

About a year ago in 2016 some contractors who were fixing the street damaged one of the many pipes that supplied water to the mangroves.

Since then the circulation of seawater to the mangroves has been compromised, which caused a high salinity in the water and some mangroves started to dying off.

Two weeks ago the public works department fixed 4 underground pipes that supplies the mangroves in santo largo with fresh sea water and added a pump to make the process easier.

It will take a few months for the mangroves that were dying off to start recuperating from the damages.

Although the mangroves are in a privately owned area, the public works department takes full responsibility to restore the mangroves. Because during the years this site became a tourist attraction (even for locals) who want to explore Aruba’s nature.

The Official Government

It’s official – we’ve got a new Government!

The name is of our new Government is “Gabinete Wever Croes” and is a coalition between 3 political parties (MEP, POR and RED).

“Negotiations weren’t easy during the formation period of Aruba’s government, because each party had their own vision and ideas, some of them were contradictory to each other and some were shared between the political parties” – according to Aruba’s new Prime Minister.

In the end they decided to focus on what unites them and what they have in common. Which are integrity, good governance, economy, reduce the spending and focusing on the human aspects. This means combating crime, healthcare, jobs, recreation, infrastructure, education, housing and everything that brings happiness, health and prosperity to people.

It took 35 days to form the coalition. The process started with an “Acuerdo di formación” which was signed on October 17, 2017 after a “formatie opdracht” from the Governor on October 12, 2017.

The “acuerdo di formacion” is a document that list in details the focus for the next 4 years.

On November 1, 2017 they signed the “acuerdo di gobernacion”.

This document elaborates more about the specific points of their governance for the next 4 year.

On 10 November 2017 they finalized the “repartition di cartera” and after that it took a few days to screen all candidates for ministers and finalize everything.

The new Government has a total of 8 ministers.

Here’s the name of the ministers and their functions…

  • Evelyn Wever Croes (Prime Minister, Energy and Innovation).
  • Otmar Oduber (Infrastructure and Vice Prime Minister)
  • Xiomara Ruiz Maduro (Finance, Economy and Culture).
  • Danguillaume Oduber (Tourism, Health and Sport)
  • Chris Romero (Transport, Communications and Agriculture)
  • Andin Bikker  (Justice and Immigration)
  • Rudy Lampe (Education, Science and Sustainability)
  • Guilfred Besaril Plenipotentiary Minister in the Netherlands).

This is the first time that a lady is the prime minister of Aruba! It’s also the first time that we have a coalition of 3 parties. The previous coalition was 16 years ago, and was between 2 political parties.

Congratulations Aruba!

New Hospital Emergency Department

This week it was turn for the emergency department (spoed eisende hulp, SEH) to get a makeover.

The department is now located in the new bed tower building from the hospital.

The new emergency department has 3 waiting rooms (2 for adults and one for kids with toys and entertainment)

It’s more modern and spacious than the previous one. The old emergency department had 7 rooms, the new one has 9 emergency rooms. However, a total of 16 emergency rooms are available, but with short of staff only 9 will be in working order.

There’s about 40 employees in the emergency department and they have to take care of an average of 35.000 people during the year for emergency cases.

The hospital will be hiring more nurses to open up the other available rooms in the emergency department. This will shorten the waiting time to get help when you’re in an emergency.

The new emergency rooms have special equipment to treat people with different emergency cases and promises a speedy process to be helped when in a case of emergency.

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Aruba Airline Inter island Flights

Aruba airlines announced their inter island (between ABC, Aruba, Bonaire & Curacao) about a month ago.

This week they officially made their inauguration flight to Curacao.

Bonaire is next on schedule, and Aruba airlines will fly to flamingo island for the first time December 15, 2017!

Aruba airlines fleet consists of 4 airplanes – 2 Canadair Regional Jets, 1 Airbus 320 and 1 Airbus 319.

At the moment they fly between Aruba to Miami, Havana, Cuba, Georgetown, Maracaibo, Valencia and vice verse.

Future Plans Aruba Airlines

Aruba airlines is going on a joint venture with a company called Skyworks to expand the airline into other markets like Colombia.

They are also going to invest in 4 new air crafts, because of a big demand of travelers.

Aruba’s airport (Reina Beatrix) will function as a hub to connect the airlines with other markets in the future.

Sustainable Restaurant Solutions

Restaurant “Passions on the beach”  implemented new sustainable solutions to protect our environment.

The leftovers from the restaurant will no longer be thrown away, but fed to animals at the foundation “cunucu Aruba dushi tera”.

Passions on the beach is located right on Eagle beach, close to Amsterdam Manor Resort and La Cabana and it’s one of the most romantic restaurants to dine on the beach

Benvenuti a Fresco!

Renaissance Ocean Suites recently redesigned and launched their new Italian restaurant called Fresco.

They offers traditional Italian food like pizza, pasta, pastries, desserts, lemonade, cocktails and wine.

One of their popular dishes is the lobster risotto!

You can dine in the open air, with an open kitchen to watch your food be prepared.

They also have a traditional stone oven to make pizza.

There’s no need to make reservations, just walk in!

Weather Report

It’s been raining in Aruba these couple of days…

“we should be expecting more rain this week”  according to the meteorology department.

A low atmospheric pressure that’s developing in the Caribbean is affecting the island with rain showers, thunder and lighting!

The weather system is still not moving past Aruba and will keep affecting the island during the following days.

The sun has been shining now and then, but the clouds are making it difficult!

There’s no wind, the trees are barely moving, however, during this week the wind should start picking up again and the situation should be very normal and stabilized again as the normal sunny Aruba that we all know.

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Once a week, I make a recap of the most relevant and recent Aruba news updates in English. If this is your first time reading my newsletters, welcome!

Aruba News Updates

If you want to keep up with what’s happening on the island, sign up for my weekly newsletter. 

Local Fishermen Concerned About Their Future

The department of environment protection wants to introduce a law, which is a list of prohibited fish species that local fishermen aren’t allowed to catch, but the fishermen don’t agree with it!

After a meeting in the parliament the minister of environment protection promised the local fishermen that the law won’t be accepted by the government.  

The local fishermen don’t trust the verbal agreement  by the minister, so they took matters into their own hands by starting a signature campaign seeking support from the Aruban community to stop this law from being implemented.

According to the local fishermen, the list of prohibited fishes is controversial, because it contains species of fish which they sell to the local community in order to make a living. The list also includes a fish called “buni” which they use as bait, which means they practically can’t fish anymore, because they don’t have the “right bait”.

They are demanding a clarification by the department of environment protection why fish species, such as “buni” and many others appear on the list, while they are far from being extinct, according to them.

The president of the local fishing organization explained the concerns they have towards this new law during a press conference and invited everyone who loves fishing to attend a general meeting on October 10, 2017 at piedra plat entertainment center to discuss the current situation.

“We are all surprised by the introduction of the new law by the department of environment protection, without consulting us. They don’t realize what type of impact this decision will have on our economy and  social life” said the president of the local fishing foundation during the press conference.

Although the law hasn’t been officially implemented yet, they already feel the effect of it by local authorities like the coastguard.

The goal of the signature campaign is to support a letter of appeal to the government regarding the new law by the department of environment protection.

Do you like to fish?

If so, join the Bucuti Yacht Club for their annual bill fish tournament.

The tournament will be held on 13, 14, 15 October 2017 at BYC.

For more information and rules about the bill fishing tournament call them at +2975823793.

Aruba Airlines Announces New Flights

Aruba Airlines announced their new flights to Curacao and Bonaire.

Starting on October 23, 2017 with 2 flights everyday. There will be one additional flight on Tuesday and Thursday.

Aruba airline invested into a new airplane, a model Q300 (DH8-300) with a capacity of 50 people, to fly between the ABC islands.  

The exterior of the airplane, has the same design as their Airbus A320, which is completely wrapped in the Aruban flag!

If you want to visit Bonaire or Curacao after enjoying Aruba, call the Aruba Airlines office for more information at +2975838300.

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Planting Mangroves Seeds

Aruba’s national park started a camp called “Arikok Junior Ranger Camp” to teach kids how to protect and conserve the flora and fauna in Aruba.

They kicked off the camp with a project called “plantacion di mangel”, which means planting mangroves in English.

The governor of Aruba joined the junior rangers as a surprise guest and helped them plant mangrove seeds all over the area of Spaans lagoon.

During the first day of the project they managed to plant 36 mangrove seeds, that will grow into big and beautiful green mangrove trees in the future.

Prinses Beatrix visited Spaans lagoon a few months ago to officially transfer the area of under the protection of Arikok.

Spaans lagoon is a nature area in Aruba that has a high percentage of biodiversity, because of the various types of flora and fauna. It’s 1 of the 16 nature areas that is officially under the protection of Arikok, the other 15 nature areas still have to be officially transferred to Arikok by the government.

Aruba news updates

The Governor and park rangers planting mangrove seeds.

Beautiful & Clean Beaches

Over 800 volunteers cleaned up the beach shores, during the Aruba Reef Care Project.

The reef care project is an annual event, which locals and visitors volunteer to clean up the beaches in Aruba.

Different organizations and companies gathered up their staff and gave Aruba‘s nature a helping hand.

Volunteers cleaned the beaches from Arashi, Malmok, Eagle Beach, Palm Beach,Mangel Halto, Baby Beach and the beaches on the southern coast of the island.

A lot of garbage, especially plastic packaging from different products were removed from the beaches, which would of ended up in the water, forming a danger to the fishes and other animals in the sea.

The reef care project ended with a celebratory event and every volunteer received a certificate by Aruba Reef Care Foundation.

Aruba news updates

Volunteers cleaning up the beach.

New Series of Post Stamps

The local post office announced a new series of post stamps titled “paisahenan di Aruba”, which means stories of Aruba.

There are a total of 8 post stamps in this series and they are beautiful.

All the post stamps have been designed by local artist Rogelio Montero.

Take a look at the post stamps and what they represent…

Aruba news updates

New series of post stamps are beautiful!

65 cents – Red Anchor in Sero Colorado

This post stamp represents the red anchor and beautiful beaches in Sero Colorado. According to locals it symbolizes the island’s heritage being anchored.

The red anchor is a part of Aruba’s history and is a must see landmark for visitors and locals alike.

90 cents – The Iguana

This post stamp represents one of Aruba’s native animals, iguana, also known as “yuwanna”.

In the background, you can see a mountain, called hooiberg, which is also a popular landmark on the island. Hooiberg is over 541 feet high.

100 cents – Casibari Rock Formation

This post stamp shows one of Aruba’s natural wonders, Casibari. It’s a formation of huge boulders, surrounded by flora and fauna.

Casibari is one of Aruba’s natural wonders, because no one exactly knows how such a formation came about on a dessert like and fairly flat island.

130 cents – M.S. Antilla Shipwreck

This post stamp has one of the most memorable shipwrecks on the island, the M.S. Antilla.

The ship crashed decades ago near Malmok, and was never removed.

During the years the ship got covered with corals and surrounded by different types of tropical fishes, making it one of the popular spots to snorkel and dive on the island.

200 cents – Hushidibana

This post stamp represents the panoramic view of the area known as Hushidibana.

Take a closer look to notice the cactuses, a prikichi (native bird) and the california lighthouse in the background.

220 cents – Piscado

This post stamp represents a piscado, (which means fishermen in English), as he prepares to go fishing early in the morning.

300 cents  – Art of Fishing

This post stamp shows a fisherman throwing his net into the water, which is a old tradition here on the island by fishermen.

320 cents

This stamp shows a child enjoying a sunset from above while sitting on Hooiberg.

Every sunset on the island is different and beautiful.

All stamps are for sale at the post office in Oranjestad, San Nicolas and St.Cruz.

We Love Food Truck Festival

Next month food lovers can enjoy delicious mix baskets and sandwiches during “we love food truck festival”.

The food truck festival is a new addition to the Love Festival which is taking place on 3, 4 and 5 November 2017.

All food trucks on the island will be stationed on “music boulevard” which is close to the venue “harbor arena” where the love festival will take place.

You can taste different type of platters from Aruba, Mexico, Italy and Netherlands.

Entrance to the food truck festival is free, as well as for love festival goers and the general public.

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News About Aruba Today

Aruba celebrates its culinary heritage during the month of October with a “Eat Local Aruba Restaurant Week”.

This is a culinary event with over 65 participating restaurants.

Every restaurant will present their top local Aruban dishes (lunch and dinner) for reasonable prices. The dishes are priced as following: $15.00 for two course lunches and three course dinners for $30.00 or $40.00.

The event starts today, October 1, 2017 until October 21, 2017. If you’re on the island during the month of October, be sure to get a taste of locally inspired dishes by the best restaurants on the island.

You don’t need a special pass or voucher to attend this event – just visit your favorite restaurant that’s participating in the eat local program and enjoy a local dish on their menu.

news about Aruba today

eat local in Aruba during October 2017.

Aruba Reef Care Project

Aruba reef care foundation is organizing their annual reef care project.

The goal of ARCF is to make the public aware on the importance to protect and keep the beaches in Aruba clean. They also want to establish a marina management system in the future.

Originally known as “Aruba underwater Reef Clean Up”, they have been unifying people that love Aruba to protect the island’s marine environment since 1994.

The beach clean up is today (October 1, 2017) and it’s the 23rd time ARCF is organizing the reef clean up event.

They kicked off the reef care project since March 2017 by educating the kids with presentations and lectures of Aruba marine life. An estimated 3.000 primary and secondary students were reached through the lectures by the ARCF. All schools were asked to adopt a beach that they will clean up during the year, in an effort to get the kids involved in conserving and protecting our pristine beaches.

The rest of the community and visitors have been informed about the importance of keeping our beaches clean with pamphlets and flyers all over the island (including hotels).

Volunteers will clean up the beaches starting from the northwestern point all the way to baby beach and the most southern part of the island. This includes in the back of California Lighthouse, Arashi, Boca Catalina, Malmok, Hadicurari, Palm Beach, Eagle Beach, Surfside, Mangel Halto, Baby Beach, Grapefield and Boca Grandi.

Divers will be cleaning the popular dive sites on the island.

At the end of the day all volunteers will get a certificate and have many chances to win different prizes.

news about Aruba Today

a group of volunteers cleaning up the beach.

Forming a Government After Election

The elections in Aruba are over, and none of the political parties received the majority of votes by the locals to govern the island alone.

In order to form a government between different parties, the Governor of Aruba had to meet with the different leaders of political parties to explore the available options to form a coalition.

The governor also consulted with the president of the parliament, president of the central bank of Aruba, chamber of commerce, and ex-Governor (Fredis Refunjol) for their point of view on the current situation and which parties they think should form a coalition.

After the meetings between different leaders in Aruba, there were priorities that were shared by the different parties and that were also important to the Governor.  For example, reducing debts, lowering the costs of products on the island, improving elderly care, reducing the age for pension and introducing good governance in the parliament (these are a few priorities in the list of many others).

But before a new government is formed, the Governor has to appoint a person as the “informador”. Which has been done this week, a well known lawyer on the island (Jacobus Andries Swaen).

His first findings are scheduled to be reported by the end of next week.

A New Government

In Aruba the government is formed by “asientos” – there are 21 asientos (21 seats in the parliament) and for a political party to govern alone, they have to have the majority of asientos, which is 11.

However, the results of the asientos of the latest elections are: AVP 9 – Mep 9 – POR 2 and RED 1, which means no party can govern alone, only by forming a coalition.

Both leaders of the biggest political parties (AVP & MEP) said they don’t want to work together.

The leader of MEP doesn’t want to govern with AVP, because they have different visions and priorities. MEP is willing to negotiate with RED and POR to form a possible government.

According to the leader of MEP they will be a innovative government that will reduce our debts, strengthen our economy in the future, invest in our education, reduce the crime rate on the island and make locals and visitors their main concern and priority.

Arikok and UvA Sign Mou

Aruba’s national park Arikok signed a memorandum of understanding with the University of Aruba (UvA).

The president of the park and the director of the UvA signed the agreement in a local fashion under a tree at hofi shon shoco at Arikok.

The MoU offers the students the chance to internship at Arikok. This gives students a much better understanding on how to go about preserving nature in real life.

Students with a scientific degree will research ways to conserve the flora and fauna in Arikok. These investigations that are soon to take place by the UvA students are of much importance in the conservation of nature on the island.

The academic department of UvA will guide and supervise the progress of the students.

“A partnership between Arikok and UvA is fundamental if we want to continue to conserve the nature of Aruba in the 21st century” said the president of the national Park.

Heat Wave Like Weather in Aruba

The director of the meteorology department advised the community of a heat wave last week during a press conference, caused by the recent hurricanes in the Caribbean.

After another public announcement this week, he says that the same situation applies for the rest of this week.

Although the breeze is back again, the weather is still very hot during the day and at night.

In certain area’s of the island, where there’s less wind, the temperatures seem to be higher than normal.

If you’re on the island and rather seek shade at the beach than sit in a well air conditioned environment, remember to use sunscreen lotion between the hours that the sun is the hottest (that’s between 10:00 AM and 16:00 PM).

Drink lots of water and seek shade as much as possible.

Aruba Endurance Festival

After their inaugural triathlon event last year,  the organizers of this sporting event will kick off another one on October 22, 2017.

Endurance festival is a 3 day event which includes a food and music event, seminars and a main triathlon challenge.

This year the event has been expanded with more activities, like Fit Ville Caribbean (CrossFit Games), Aruba Kids Splash & Dash and a 5km Run-Walk.

The main race will be held in the downtown area, Oranjestad. Different races that are available for registration are half-triathlon, half-triathlon relay, sprint triathlon and sprint-triathlon relay.

Registration closes on October 20, 2017. If you want to register visit their website

St. Maarten Thanks Red Cross Aruba

Red Cross Aruba received tremendous support from the local Aruban community which donated first necessity items to those affected by the hurricane in St.Maarten.

With the help of locals, organizations, schools, hotels, restaurant, wholesalers and supermarkets the red cross managed send the island of St. Maarten: canned food, water, rice, pampers, ensure drinks, toilet paper, strollers, car seats, baby food, clothes, hygiene products, and many more first necessity items.

Over 20 red cross volunteers have been dispatched to St.Maarten to help and they will be the ones who will receive these items and distribute them to those in need.

This week a dozen more volunteers  will be going to St.Maarten in order to provide further assistance.

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So, let’s start with the first headline of this week….

New Algae Pilot Plant

The government officially opened a pilot plant near the refinery to cultivate algae on the island.

The project is a sustainable one, also innovative and commercially good for Aruba, because the algae market is a 100 billion dollar market, which can potentially grow our economy.

According to the strategic adviser of the pilot plant, the project is still in its first phase.

This means that they are currently investigating which type of algae is the best to cultivate in Aruba.

Most likely they will be growing a micro algae called spirulina arubensis.

This type of algae is not easily visible to the eye and can easily be grown during the whole year in Aruba using carbon dioxide.

The next step of the project is to optimize the cultivation process, to maximize the amount of algae that can be produced within a specific period.

The first batch of algae will be sold and used by local businesses that are interested.

After they scale up the production of algae, they will start exporting the end product internationally.

Watch Out For Fake 100 Guilder Bills

The central bank of Aruba made a public service announcement to warn the public that there are fake 100 guilder bills in circulation on the island.

It’s important that locals as well as visitors take notice of these fake bills, and know the difference to spot them right away.

According to management of central bank of Aruba, the fake 100 guilder bills are easy to spot, if you know what to look for.

The main difference between a real and fake 100 guilder bill is the quality of paper used to make these counterfeit bills and the green which is not identical.

You can also spot a fake 100 guilder bill by checking out the serial number, if the serial numbers are 0822322538 and 0836336552 they’re fake.

False 100 guilder bills don’t have a watermark, and the logo from central bank Aruba isn’t visible.

When you hold a real 100 guilder bill against the light you notice a divi divi tree or watapana tree, however the fake bills have these trees directly printed on the paper bill.

If you get caught counterfeiting money in Aruba, you can get a prison sentence of up to 9 years.

recent Aruba newspaper

Fake 100 guilder bill.

Gas Price on the Rise

The price of gasoline and diesel increased again on September 13, 2017.

Gasoline is now 5,4 cents more expensive – 183 cents per liter ($1.00 is valued at 1,75 Aruban Florins – 175 cents).

Diesel will now cost you 147.6 cents per liter – an increase of 6 cents.

If you’re renting a car, take note of these changes for the price for petrol into consideration for gas money budget.

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I can help you find a good car for a good price and arrange a pick up free at the airport to your rental car in Aruba.

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New Office For Refinery Of Aruba

Refinery of Aruba makes some major moves by establishing their own office in San Nicolas, close to the refinery.

It’s the first time in over 75 years that the government and local people own the refinery.

The name of the company is RDA (refenaderia di Aruba) and the government is leasing the refinery to citgo to boost our economy.

There’s different departments in the RDA office, such as fuel marketing and supply Aruba, Aruba Safety Council, department of labor and government.

The new office gives locals who want to work in the refinery to easily apply for jobs.

There’s already over 500 people working in the refinery at the moment.

During the last couple of weeks 39 more locals have been hired for different positions like unit supervisors, area maintenance supervisor, shift supervisor, administration, and other technical functions.

At the moment engineers are busy with inspection of the all the machinery in the refinery, before they partially startup the refinery.

New Office For Public Ministry

The minister of justice officially opened a new building for the department of public ministry.

They nicknamed the new office for the public ministry “safe house”.

The safe house is considered as a new system of working to combat crime on the island, but it’s also the “house” where all the departments that work together to combat crime are located.

According to Aruba’s general prosecutor they got the concept and method of combating crime from the Netherlands.

The new system for the safe house is to focus on people who break the law, domestic violence, youths that show violent tendencies, people with mental issues and people who have already been detained once.

Moving Into The New Hospital

Aruba’s hospital got expanded with two new buildings, which are ready to use, but the patients need to be transferred from existing hospital building to the new ones.

That’s why all nurses are following series of training to successfully transfer all patients from the existing hospital the new ones.

The staff at the hospital have to learn the correct way to transport different type patients.

They trained different scenarios, like entering and exiting the elevators, testing out the new nurse calling system, figure.out how the new beds work and how to receive patients in the new emergency rooms to name a few of the long checklist that they have to cover before actually making the move.

According to a manager the nurse training sessions are to make sure that the staff gets used to the new buildings, get orientated with all departments and rooms and to introduce them to a new method of working.

The difference between the two new buildings and the existing one is that the new buildings are bigger and more spacious and have newer equipment.

Because the buildings are spacious, the distance between patients and nurses are are bigger. This means that the nurses also have to get used to and practice to get to the patients as soon as possible.

Before the end of 2017 all patients will be transferred to the new hospital buildings and the existing one will be renovated.

Funding Dog Sterilization Campaigns

Stimami steralisami (which means if you love me, sterilize me) is a organization that helps other foundations with the sterilization of stray cats and dogs in Aruba and they received good news from their sponsors.

They have been funding the costs to sterilize these stray animals for about 2 years now since they started their awareness campaign in 2015.

The main sponsors for stimami steralisami during these 2 years have been Aruba Tourism Authority, Aruba Tourism Product Enhancement Fund and Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort.

They recently announced that they will be continue to support the efforts of stimami steralisami to stop the stray animal situation in Aruba.

Since stimami steralisami opened its doors they already sterilized 4.500 dogs and cats.

Their goal is to sterilize 11.000 stray animals within 5 years.

Ley Seco in Aruba

The government approved a temporary law on government election day –  supermarkets and bars can’t sell alcohol during election period.

This law is known locally known as “ley seco”.

Ley seco officially starts on September 21, 2017 until September 23, 2017.

All bars and supermarkets that are located inland are prohibited to sell alcohol to locals.

Some bars are even forced to close, because they only sell alcohol. Supermarkets are allowed to stay open, but they have to close the alcohol section.

Places that have exceptions to sell alcohol are restaurants, mini markets and bars within the low and high rise area.

Ley seco doesn’t count for visitors, so you can buy alcohol at supermarkets like price smart, superfood, ling & sons with no problems during ley seco.

The Fight To Protect Nature

Since the government announced that 16 areas around the island will be protected by Arikok, they only made one of these 16 areas officially under the protection of the national park.

To get more areas under the protection of Arikok, the organization Aruba bird life conservation sent 2 petitions to sit with the government and discuss the status of the rest of the 6 nature area’s that should be protected by national park Arikok.

According to the director of Aruba bird life conservation they made the first petition on July 4, 2017 and the second on August 23, 2017.

However, they haven’t heard a response yet from the government….

I am sure the government has our nature at mind, because without it Aruba wouldn’t be this beautiful. But with the current elections, the government is distracted by the current  political campaigns and their focus is different.

After the election which is (September 22, 2017) is when all other priorities, such as the areas still needed to be officially announced under protection of Arikok.

According to ABC, these 16 areas are very important to Aruba for many reasons, as well as locally and internationally.

For example the mangroves are important for birds during migration.

The government made plenty positive choices after voting to protect these 16 nature areas. For example, they stopped destroying nature areas around the island and are more green conscious.

Aruba bird life conservation also received support by the locals by getting got over 11.000 signatures to protect these nature areas.

The only area officially protected by Arikok at the moment is spaans lagoen.

Charity Dinner At Tango Argentine Grill

Local artist Edith Mensonides and the chef at tango Argentine grill are preparing a delicious charity lunch paired with wines called “taste of art”.

Edith Mensonides is a local artist who specializes in abstract and figurative paintings.

She will be decorating and painting plates for everyone attending the charity lunch as a memory.

You’re invited to attend the charity lunch on September 29, 2017 at 12:00 PM – 15:00 PM.

The menu for the taste of art charity lunch, is an appetizer of escargots, green shell mussels with lemon sauce and cherry tomatoes.

Followed by salmon, croutons and cream cheese.

For the main dish, one can enjoy a savory land and sea plate, served with halibut, steak, sweet mashed potatoes, grilled vegetables and gravy.

There’s going to be chocolate and vanilla ice cream for dessert.

The price for taste of art culinary experience is $60.00 plus 15% service charge.

All the profit of the charity lunch will be donated to an elderly home in Aruba, called SABA.

For reservations email tango@arubawineanddine

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News on Aruba

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The Government Decides To Raise Minimum Wage

The government announced this week that the minimum wage will be raised.

With the adjustment of the minimum salary, a person 18 years and older is going to get 1.711.15 Aruban Guilders as minimum wage (around $977.80) – this is per month.

If you are interested in working in Aruba, check the new website for the department of labor, for job vacancies in your field.

Aruba has a law in regards to minimum wage, this means a general obligatory instruction, backed by the government and parliament members which is in line with Aruba’s constitution.

Everyone who earns under 3.935.65 Aruban Guilders (about $2.248.94) are protected by the law and all rules within apply for them.

The news wasn’t accepted very well by business owners, chamber of commerce and Aruba trade industry association (ATIA) and other organizations

According to the president of chamber of commerce, they weren’t informed or involved in the decision to raise the minimum wage.

They don’t agree with the government’s decision, because the difference in pay raise has to be paid by the business owners, which they find unfair and some say it’s illegal.

Or is this a political stunt to get more people to vote for them the current election, and not fulfill the pay raise anyway?

Want To Work in Aruba?

The government is organizing a labor fair “Expo Labor” to lower the unemployment rate.

According to the minister of finances (also in charge of labor), the unemployment rate on Aruba is 7,7%. Which equals to about 4000 thousand people that don’t have a job (Aruba’s labor market produces about 56.000 jobs).

Last years labor expo was a success, because a lot of people found a job. This year the amount of people who are looking for a job has increased, so the expo labor is promised to be big again this year.

Expo labor will take place on August 19, 2017 at the renaissance convention center ( 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM).

The event is a great opportunity for you if you want to work in Aruba.

Politics (POR)

It’s nearly election day in Aruba (September 22, 2017), but before the smaller parties can officially participate in the election, they have to gain enough votes to be eligible for the next election.

They have to get a total of 578 signatures (or more) to qualify – this indicates that they have a strong following during elections.

If you live on the island and are going to vote for a small party, support them by signing their list at the building known as “dependance” in the downtown area in front of wilhelmina park.

The last day to sign is on August 15, 2017 (9:00 AM – 8:30 PM)

Political parties that already reached the required amount of votes are – POR (Pueblo Orgulloso Y Respeta) – PPA  & UPP ( Combination of 2 parties) – RED – RAIZ.

New Nurse Calling System

The two latest hospital buildings in Aruba are going to have a new nurse calling system.

According to the director of the hospital, the old nurse calling system is outdated and not as effective as the new one.

For example, when a patient rings the bell at night, it can be disturbing to other patients who are sleeping.The old nurse calling system also doesn’t indicate how serious the emergency is.

When a patient presses the button of the new nurse calling system, it pages a nurse assigned to the patient for assistance – without making any loud disturbing noises.

If the assigned nurse doesn’t respond within 90 seconds, all other nurses will be paged.   

In case a patient sus the nurse calling system in an emergency situation, a blue light will turn on, indicating a case of emergency, and the nurses have to respond as quick as possible.

Now the nurses will know which patient is paging and where they are located with the new nurse calling system.

Buying Organic Fruits & Vegetables

A traditional house that was built during 1923  in the district of Alto Vista functions as a rehabilitation center and a agriculture company that sells organic fruits and vegetables.

The name of the house is speranza nobo meaning new hope.

The company was founded by Goshen Sustainable Development Corporation to help the addicts work towards a better future and also to give back to the local community.

All fruits and vegetables are grown in the cunucu (backyard), which is maintained by those that live in the rehab center.

They grow all kinds of fruits and vegetables, cucumber, okra, beans, watermelon, dragon fruit and peppers..

All their products are carefully selected, organic, fresh and inexpensive.

You can find more information by visiting their Facebook page – Goshen Sustainable Development Corporation VBA.

If you love to cook your own meals during the vacation and like to use organic products, visit the cunucu located in the district of Alto Vista.

news on Aruba

Organic fruits and vegetables.

Renovating The Yellow House

Stichting Monumenten Fonds Aruba (SMFA) maintains all monuments on the island.

One of the recent buildings to be renovated by SMFA is the California lighthouse.

The lighthouse was closed to the public for years, but now it’s been restored and is open everyday for tours.

FMSA also renovated other monuments in the downtown area for example, the town hall, huisje wild.

Now it’s turn for the “casita geel” (yellow house) to be renovated (located in the downtown area, in the back of the central bus station).

The casita geel was built in 1860 and was used as a town country house.

The walls will be fixed, the yard will be maintained and the house will be repainted (yellow of course).

Renovation of casita geel should be completed in the end of September 2017.

news on Aruba

Do you recognize the casita geel?

Gasoline Price

The price of gasoline and diesel increased on August 9, 2017.

Gasoline is now 4,4 cents more expensive – 1.776 cents per liter ($1.00 is valued at 1,75 Aruban Florins – 175 cents).

Diesel is now 1,416 cents per liter – an increase of 5 cents.

Take these changes in price for petrol into consideration for gas money budget.

Don’t have a car yet? Click here to get a car rental quotation by me.

Campaign Against Mosquitoes

After the department of public health (DESPA) launched their awareness campaign against mosquitoes, they started to fumigate around the island before the rainy season.

Raining season already started since June (hurricane season), but it hasn’t been raining a lot yet, fortunately!

However, DESPA isn’t taking any chances ad plans to fumigate all areas in Aruba that are known to have mosquitoes.

The government and DESPA are more alert than ever to combat mosquitoes.

Largest Vow Renewal Ceremony in the Caribbean

Over a 160 couples renewed their wedding vows on Eagle Beach!

The event is known as the largest vow renewing ceremony in the Caribbean.

Aruba’s tourism board made an open invitation to couples all over the world who were coincidentally on vacation in Aruba during the vow renewal ceremony to participate.

It was magical seeing all the couples say I do all over again….

Watch the short after movie to see what it was like during that magical day on Eagle Beach….

Ben Weider Bodybuilding Event

Aruba hosted the “Ben Weider Caribbean Classic” bodybuilding event.

Ben Weider is a well known figure in boxing (founder of the international federation of bodybuilding & fitness (IFBB) – he was in Aruba for the event.

The bodybuilding event took place in Marriott Aruba Resort & Stellaris Casino, with a total of 90 participants from all over the world.

Participants competed in different pro-card categories (men’s bodybuilding, men’s physique, men’s classic bodybuilding, women’s bikini, women’s body fitness and women’s physique).

One of Aruba’s female bodybuilder, Monica Sanchez became the first local to win the Ben Weider Caribbean Classic.

News on Aruba

Ben Weider Caribbean Classic

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Aruba Online Newspaper

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Before you read what’s been happening in paradise this week, enjoy this view!

Don't you wish you were here, right now?

Carubbian Festival is Back

After a few months of absence, one of the most loved festivals on the island is set to return.

I’m talking about Carubbian festival.

If you don’t know what Carubbian is, it’s a local event in the sun rise city of Aruba (San Nicolas). Locals set up their tents and sell their local food, arts, crafts and other souvenirs made by local artist. There’s also music by locals, dancing and carnival shows.

It’s a perfect way to experience the sunrise side of the island.

So what’s different about Carubbian than the previous one?

Well, there’s new board members (except for the president of the Carubbian foundation) – this means a fresh start, new idea’s and more fun during the festival.

Carubbian festival will kick off on the on August 24, 2017.

It’s a great hangout spot with the family in the evening with your family.


The blue building near the central bus station in the district of San Nicolas that used to function as the department of foreign affairs is currently being renovated and turned into a citgo desk – an office where locals can send in their cv to apply for job openings at the refinery.

The government is also preparing for a job fair for the refinery.

During the job fair, different contractors are going to be on site, talking to their prospective employees.

There’s many rumors that the rehabilitation of the refinery isn’t really happening, but those rumors are just not true.

At the moment there’s about 400 to 500 locals working in the refinery, at the end of 2017 this number is going to be around 800 to 900.

For next year the amount of workers in the refinery will surpass 1500.

If you have any experience in the refinery industry, maybe you can apply for a job opening and live on the island….

Animal Adoption Day

Animal health veterinary hospital organized an adoption day for cats and dogs.

It was a successful adoption day, because about 10 animals found a new home.

The number of animals adopted during the event may not sound much, but it is a good step toward solving the street dog issue here on the island.

All animals that were up for adoption had their proper documentation, vaccination and were sterilized.

The event was organized by different organisations like animal shelter, crioyo trappers, animal rights and bestial.

Members of all these organizations are planning a next adoption day in 2018.

However, if you would like to adopt a pet while in Aruba, you don’t have to wait until this adoption day comes around – just go to one of the animal shelters on the island to find your next best friend….

Mangrove Trees in Danger

The president of Aruba bird life conservation (ABC) is concerned about the mangrove trees located in the area of santo largo.

According to him the mangrove trees are dying due to the lack of supply of water to the trees, because of infrastructure developments in this area.

The works being done on the green corridor ( a new 4 lane highway in Aruba, including new bridge)have blocked the sea water to flow to the mangroves.

During an interview, the president of ABC, who also manages Aruba’s national park (Arikok) mentioned that the affected area of mangrove is among the 15 areas that is still in the process of being transferred by the government as a protected area.

Because Arikok doesn’t have full control over the mangrove in santo largo, they can’t really do nothing about it.

They have informed the department of public works, who is currently in charge of construction in that area to pay attention to the mangroves that are suffering from lack of water.

According to the president of Arikok they want the government to transfer the areas as soon as possible so they can maintain the mangroves.

Hot Season in Aruba

The months between June and September are typically the hottest months during the year in Aruba – which increases the chance for kids and grown ups to experience heat stroke or any other illness caused by being too much in the sun.

Dr. Wilmer Salazar, a member of the department of public health, advises everyone to be aware of the heat during the month of August and September.

The warning from Dr. Salazar is for everyone, especially for kids under the age of 4, elderly people and those that plan to spend a lot of time in the sun.

Symptoms that one should look out for is headache, dryness of throat and high heart rate.

If you don’t watch out for the sun you can experience symptoms like headache, dryness of throat or in the worse case even disorientation, hallucination and memory loss.

The department of public health advises everyone that is going to be in the sun for long periods of time to drink a lot of water, wear comfortable clothes and look for shade as often as possible.

If you plan on sunbathing, please use sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses.

Rosario Bibo

The members of the alto vista chapel are organizing a “rosario bibo”.

Rosario bibo means that everyone prays about events in the history of our salvation and to thank and praise God for them.

The rosario bibo is organized once a month during a full moon.

It’s well visited by locals who are religious to pray for their families, friends, sick people and personal prayers.

If you are on the island and are religious, you should visit the alto vista chapel for this wonderful evening of prayers.

The rosario bibo will be held on August 7, 2017 – starting at 7.00 PM.

New Roundabout in Paradera

The intersection next to bright bakery (in the district of Paradera) has been replaced with a roundabout.

Many people are glad that a roundabout has been constructed at this intersection, because a lot of unnecessary accidents happened at this intersection.

The roundabout is a safer alternative to direct traffic at this section of the road.

Not only does the roundabout offer safety in traffic, but it will also solve the congestion in this area in the morning when kids go to school.

The roundabout was created by a local infrastructure company called BIC Aruba.

If you plan to drive on the island, you may take this road when going to Aruba’s national park Arikok.

Want to rent a car in Aruba? Click here to ask me for a car rental quotation!

New Roundabout in Paradera

The Road To Election

Political parties submitted their list of members this week at the census bureau and the locals joined them in a parade to celebrate democracy on the island.

Locally this is known as “entregamento di lista” (submitting political list of members).

There’s a total of 10 different political parties, but a total of 9 lists, because two parties decided to join each other as one political party (UPP and PPA).

The list is a way for locals to get to know which members are joining which political party.

Big political parties submitted a list with 29 members and other small political parties had a list as small as 10 members.

One of the many surprises this election is the introduction of young professionals on the lists to appeal to the millennials (who aren’t really into politics), but their votes also count!

One thing is for sure, the island is looking for a change in the government.

The election date is September 22, 2017 – but before a new government is elected, there’s going to be another political debate to help locals decide who they are going to vote for.

Illegal Entry By Venezuelans

Three men from Venezuela decided to enter Aruba illegally through the north coasts of the island by swimming to shore (in the roughest waters of the island). But the plan didn’t go as successfully as they hoped, because one of them died along the way.

It was early in the morning when Arikok park rangers saw strange movements by these men and notified the police.

When the police arrived they found one of the three men without any signs of life near a cove.

One of them was badly injured and couldn’t move.

It appears that when they swam to shore the rough waves slammed them into to coves, injuring one and causing one to drown.

The police arrested the two of them and transported them to the hospital for medical assistance.

They also found 3 weapons and drugs hidden in a cove near by.

Aruba isn’t the only island that illegals are trying to enter – our neighboring island Bonaire and Curacao also suffer from this situation.

Students Gone To Study

This week students who finished high school in Aruba went abroad to continue their education.

These students are known as bursalen on the island.

Most students go to study in the Netherlands, but some of them pick destinations like America, Puerto Rico, Curacao and the UK to study.

I remember about 9 years ago when I was in this group of students on my way to the Netherlands to study Chemical Engineering (which I completed successfully).

My best wishes and success to all the students who went to study abroad.

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Latest News from Aruba

This newsletter is for you if you want to keep up with what’s happening on the island.

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New US TSA Rules

The US TSA implemented a revised security measures for all passengers travelling from all destinations to the united states.

Aruba’s airport also has to comply with the new requirements that have been in effect since July 19, 2017.

The revised security measure is an introduction of a new prohibited items (exemption list) – which means you will be subject to additional screening of personal electronic devices after checking in.

You might experience a longer boarding time than usual when travelling to the US from Aruba due to the new security measures.

To avoid any delays, the US TSA advises you to check in 3 hours prior to departure.

Fire At Aruba Beach Club

latest news in Aruba

There was a fire in one of the main towers at Aruba beach club this week.

All guests and employees that were near the tower that caught fire had to be evacuated.

The fire department in the district of tanki flip was immediately notified and had complete dominion over the fire shortly after their arrival.

Fortunately no one was hurt, only material damage.

According to firemen the fire was caused by a short circuit in the tower house.

CITGO & WEB Sign Memorandum of understanding

Aruba’s water treatment plant (WEB) signed an MOU with CITGO to subminister water and electricity to the refinery once the first half of the refinery starts up.

The pilot plant is going to be constructed on the property of the refinery.

There have been many rumors in the newspaper this week that the rehabilitation of the refinery is halted, but of course it’s not true.

The rehabilitation of the refinery is in full swing!

Project Watty Vos Boulevard

The minister of infrastructure explained about the current infrastructure project called watty vos boulevard during a press conference this week.

If you’ve been to Aruba recently you may have noticed that most area’s are under construction – and you’ve been confronted with many detours while driving on the island.

The reason for all of this is because one of the biggest infrastructure project in 30 years is taking place at the moment.

The infrastructure project is called watty vos boulevard and it consist of….

  • Relocating the container port from the downtown area to barcadera.
  • Creating the green corridor (a new highway from the airport to san nicolas, including a bridge)
  • Expansion and renovation of Aruba’s hospital
  • Watty vos boulevard ( A beltway considered to be the backbone of Aruba’s highway by the minister of infrastructure

Watty vas boulevard is going to be a ring road that connects all districts in Aruba together, making all districts on the island accessible from one main road.

The beltway is going to ease the congestion on L.G. Smith Boulevard (from surfside beach until the central bus station).

Click here to ask me for a car rental quote, I’ll answer within a few hours.

T-intersection on Sasaki Closed During July

latest news in Aruba

The director of Aruba’s public works company (DOW) recently announced that the t-intersection on sasaki weg will be closed due to construction of a new roundabout.

Traffic in the area will be deviated at this t-intersection (near the hospital – punta brabo and L.G. Smith Boulevard).

All works should begin in August and should be finished within a month.

2 Restaurants Awarded By TripAdvisor

latest news in Aruba

TripAdvisor awarded two of Aruba’s restaurants (White Modern Cuisine & The Kitchen Table By White) with a certificate of excellence.

These two restaurants are among the best in Aruba.

The kitchen table by white only has 16 seats in their culinary studio – if you want to try their 7 course feast, you better make reservations as soon as possible.

Are you vegetarian? No problem they have a 7 course vegetarian dish menu.

They are situated in blue residences.

White modern cuisine is known for being innovative and creative with their dishes – introducing a new kind of dining experience with their perfect mixture between food, cocktails and wines.

They are located in the gold coast clubhouse.

RIU Hotel Celebrates Big

The staff at RIU hotel have a double celebration this month – RIU celebrates their 10th year anniversary and has been awarded for their social, economic and environmental impact in Aruba.

RIU established their resort in 2007 on the island, and have been providing exceptional service to all of their guests until this date.

The general manager of RIU credits the staff for their success during these 10 years.

Beside celebrating their 10th year anniversary, the RIU staff are also enjoying the award they won from travel life (a web based certification sustainability performance system).

Travel life is dedicated to making vacations more sustainable – working with different tourism based business all over the world to help them improve their social economic and environmental impacts.

Did you know that lime trees are grown on RIU’s property, and they use these limes in the bar and restaurants?

Riu Hotels

New Places At Renaissance Marketplace

When visiting Aruba, one always looks for new places to visit.

If you know what I’m talking about, there’s 3 new places you should visit in renaissance marketplace.

The new places you should visit are aged wine bar, le garage bistro and starbucks (which has been expanded).

Le garage bistro is a French restaurant and is situated were cilo used to be.

Try their most popular dishes, duck a l’orange, bouillabaisse soup and escargot.

Aged wine bar specializes in craft beer and different exotic wines.

Never tried a craft beer before?

Visit aged wine bar to experience these new type of beers.

Starbucks established itself in renaissance marketplace for a while now,

Starbucks expanded the building, making it more spacious for their clients.

If you like starbucks, try their new nitro cold brew drink.

100 Vow Renewals in Aruba

Aruba’s tourism board invited over a 100 people that are going to be staying in Aruba during the month of August to renew their vows on eagle beach.

The intention is to create one of the biggest vow renewal ceremony in the Caribbean.

All couples will be saying I do again on August 8, 2017 on eagle beach.

Baseball Team Gets New Uniform By The Government

latest news in Aruba

The government sponsored Aruba’s national youth baseball team with brand new uniforms.

They got the new uniforms because they are going to participate in the first youth baseball classic in Curacao this month (July, 2017).

This is a great opportunity for these young players to get noticed by scouts and get selected for a scholarship to play in the major league.

Xander Bogaerts is an inspiration to many local baseball player, who also aspire to be a professional ballplayer one day in America.

Good luck to our national team during the competition in Curacao.

Two of Aruba’s pony league baseball teams also received new uniforms sponsored by Aruba Bank and Benjamin Security.

They’re going to represent Aruba in the World Series Pony Baseball League (under 11 years old) in America.

Aruba Won 9 Medals During Caribbean Karate Championship

The Aruba karate team won 9 medals during the Caribbean karate championship in Suriname.

In total they managed to win 5 bronze medals, 3 silver medals and a gold one.

It may have gone unnoticed by many, but Aruba’s karate is among the best in the Caribbean. It’s one of the sports that is developing very fast in Aruba.

The Aruba karate federation wants to join the Tokyo Olympic games in 2020.

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