Are you looking for unique things to do in Aruba that you’ve probably never thought of doing before? Here’s a list of unique activities in Aruba for you, and your family.

Unique Things To Do in Aruba

The list consist of three categories from beach, air and land activities. It has both low impact energy activity and adventure for thrill seekers.

You might of never heard from these activities before (that’s the point), and some you’ve never gotten the chance to do it before, but totally should.

Go Horseback Riding At Wariruri Beach

Guided horseback ride alongside Aruba’s scenic coastlines towards Wariruri Beach.

Wariruri is a secluded beach surrounded by a natural coastline cove.

It’s known among locals and visitors for hiking and surfing. Wariruri Beach is one of the hidden gems of beaches on the island, a must visit while on Aruba.

At wariruri beach you get a chance to take in the scenic views and make some memorable pictures.

Enjoy the freedom of riding a horse in the Caribbean.

Go horseback riding on the country side of the island towards one of Aruba’s hidden gem – Wariruri Beach. 

Tours start at $105.00


Horseback Tour Details & Pricing

You can easily book this horseback riding tours directly with us.

The tour is offered during the morning or in the afternoon.

Here’s some details and pricing for horseback riding tours to Wariruri beach.

  • Prices start at $105.00 per person.
  • Private tour guide included in price.
  • Confirmation email with be sent by email after your booking.
  • Guests exceeding weight limit of 250 pounds are not allowed to ride.
  • Quick lesson on riding horses included.
  • Transportation included: you will be informed about pick up time and location after you confirm your booking.
  • Activity Provider: La Ponderosa Ranch

Book Your Horseback Riding Tour

Hike To Natural Pool (Swim & Snorkel) + Lunch at Palm Beach!

Are you into hiking and exploring the island in an unique way?

This tour starts at Aruba’s national park (Arikok) where you will start your hiking tour alongside a countryside trail towards one of the most popular attractions on the island, the Natural Pool!

Arikok hiking tour is perfect for adventure seekers who want to discover the park in a unique way.

You can snorkel and swim here at this famous rock formation pool.

After the hiking session, you will refuel your body with a delicious lunch at, Ricardo’s, one of the best restaurants on Palm Beach (lunch included in the tour price).

Book Now – $175.00

Natural Pool Hiking Tour Price & Details

Here’s a list of important details and price for hiking tours to Natural pool.

The Tour includes:

  1. Experienced tour guide
  2. Private Tour
  3. Fruits & Water on the way
  4. Snorkeling gear
  5. Entree to the Arikok National Park
  6. Half-day Tour Exploring nature
  7. Visit seven sightseeing spots
  8. Visit coast to coast or Aruba
  9. Luxury lunch at Ricardo’s restaurant ocean Front at Eagle Beach

Book Your Natural Hiking Tour

The Natural Pool.

Do you want to explore Aruba’s National Park Arikok on a hiking tour see the popular natural pool?

Arikok hiking tour is perfect for adventure seekers who want to discover the park in a unique way.

Guided Local & Private Tour Around Aruba

There’s a lot to do in Aruba and one smart move is to go with a tour that highlights all the iconic spots on the island.

With a local guided and private tour, you will enjoy the privacy of enjoying the island with your family.

This is a half day tour that includes stops at:

  • Butterfly Farm
  • California Lighthouse
  • Feed turtles while you swim and snorkel at Mangel Halto
  • Visit the donkey sanctuary
  • And you can request iconic spots that interest you to visit.
  • Price starts at $125.00

Explore Aruba with the help of a local tour guide. Visit all the iconic spots on the island, including snorkeling and swimming. Or request to add some point of interest of your liking. This tour is perfect for families and groups looking to explore Aruba.

Price – $125.00

Details Local Guided Tours in Aruba

 Here are the stops this tour includes.

  • Butterfly Farm
  • Family picture at the Tower
  • Let’s feed the turtles
  • Donkey Sanctuary
  • Mangel Halto Beach (Swimming & Snorkeling)

Book Your Private Tour Now – $125.00

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There’s a new beach to explore in Oranjestad. It’s a beautiful bay called “bushiri beach Aruba”, a wide space that was created after an abandoned hotel was dismantled.

Keep on reading to find out more about the history of this old hotel, and the before and after of bushiri beach in Aruba.

History of Bushiri Beach Aruba Resort

Bushiri Beach Resort opened its doors over 36 years ago, and was the first and only all inclusive resort in Aruba.

It was a beautiful beachfront resort featuring 155 rooms, swimming pools, jacuzzi’s, fitness center, two bars and a popular restaurant at that time called Tabasco!

This is how bushiri beach resort looked in its glory days…


The first all inclusive resort in Aruba.

Bushiri Beach Resort was also a hotel trade school that offered many students in-house, on the job training, for the hospitality industry and culinary arts.

It was one of the most vibrant resorts on the island back then, unfortunately, the resort closed its doors.

Since then it stood there, for years, falling apart day by day…


The old resort, fully deteriorated.

Bring Down The Building

Bushiri Beach Resort stood there for over a decade and became an abandoned building. It wasn’t a nice site to see when driving on Lloyd G. Smith Boulevard.

There were plenty of plans to invest money to renovate, and create a new hotel, malls and other commercial buildings. But none of these projects were realized.

The island government approved the dismantlement of Bushiri Beach Resort in 2016.

As of 2017 demolition works started, and a nice stretch of beach was being slowly revealed…


The dismantlement of Bushiri Resort was a historical moment.

It took several months to completely bring down the resort.

Some of the materials from the deteriorated building were salvaged and will be recycled and re-purposed.

Explore The New Bushiri Beach

The clean up was well worth it, because there’s a new view to enjoy, pure blue ocean and miles of white sand.

Direct access was created to this bay since the hotel was removed.

It’s a wide open space, perfect to watch the sunset at the end of the day, or get a glimpse of cruise ships making their way to the port in the morning.  

Local fishermen are also known to fish on this beach.

Here’s a view of bushiri beach…

bushiri beach Aruba

This is just beautiful, don’t you agree?

Bushiri beach looks beautiful, but what will it become in the future?

The intention was to create a beach for cruise passengers, but it’s not suitable for swimming yet.

Until the beach gets developed for swimming, it remains a beautiful site to admire when taking longs walks on the beach near Oranjestad.

Other Beaches Close To Oranjestad

There’s plenty of beaches to swim or snorkel close to the cruise port in Oranjestad.

About ½ mile from the cruise port lies a beautiful strip of beach called Surfside.

It’s a quiet beach, perfect if you’re seeking relaxation or fun things to do.

Read more – Fun Things To Do At Surfside Beach.

You can also walk, or take public transportation towards druif beach, manchebo beach, eagle beach or palm beach.

Here’s a view of eagle beach…

Miles of beach sands…

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If you haven’t been to Aruba for a while, you might not recognize it anymore. Because there’s a lot of new things in Aruba, especially in the downtown area and the main street.

Despite all the new things in Aruba, there’s still more developments being made around the island.

So what are new things in Aruba that are noteworthy since your last visit in Aruba? (or what should you look forward to).

What are the new places you should try for dinner? Or which new bars have live music, dancing and happy hour? Are there beaches that finally have facilities so you can change or use the bathroom?

8 New Things in Aruba You Should Look Forward To

A few years ago beach shacks were hardly to be found on the island, if you wanted a refreshment or a quick lunch, you had to buy it from the closest food truck or shave ice stand. But now all of this is changing, because beach shacks are being constructed on Aruba’s beaches. 

Starting from Arashi, a public beach in the north-western part of the island, there’s a new beach shack.

It’s called Arashi Beach Shack.

This beach shack has been open for a while already. They offer refreshments and local snacks. There’s also a changing room, bathrooms and an outdoor shower.

Now you have more reasons to spend the whole day snorkeling and relaxing on Arashi….

new in Aruba

View of the Arashi beach shack.

Two other beach shacks are being constructed near Eagle beach.

The first beach shack is on the beach strip close to MVC Beach Aruba and the second beach shack is next to Costa Linda Beach Resort.

Both of these beach shacks also offer snacks, drinks, changing rooms, bathrooms and outdoor shower.

They are not done with these two beach shacks yet, but it looks like they will be officially open very soon.

new in Aruba

Beautiful mural from coco loco beach shack

Front view of the coco loco beach shack.

new in Aruba

New beach shack close to MVC Aruba on Eagle Beach.

New Bars You Should Check Out

There a few bars that recently opened in Aruba, but two of them are considered to be “new things in Aruba” and are creating a lot of buzz between visitors and locals.

They have been recently opened a few months ago, which is still “new enough” to call hidden gems on the island….

The first bar you should look forward to visit is called legends pub, located right in the back of McDonald’s in the high rise area. It’s a great place to visit for live music, food, drinks and to watch your favorite sporting events on big screen tv’s….

new in aruba

Nice place to relax and listen to live music.

House music is becoming a lifestyle right now for many people around the world and if you enjoy good house music you should visit the new heart music bar.

Located right on the sasaki weg highway (next to Pizza Hut), it’s a walk in bar with an outdoor garden area and decks to dance.

A lot of locals go here, because it’s awesome place to hang out. The inside of the cafe has a mesmerizing design with a backyard and comfortable couches under the blue sky.

Heart music bar is not only known for their house music, but they also have a very interesting 4 hour long happy hour (7.00 – 11.00 pm). Their happy hour are 2 for 1 on drinks and $2.80 for a beer.

If you like house music, you should visit while you’re in Aruba….

new in Aruba

Local spot for house music and drinks.

New Souvenir Shops in the Downtown Area

One of the new things you should look out for in Aruba is a beautiful little plaza near the cruise port area. It’s a small shopping center that going to display local arts and souvenirs. There’s also a terrace area where you can sit with palm trees providing shade.

This plaza is something I look forward to visiting when constructions are finalized. And if you like to buy local souvenirs or arts you should visit also on your next trip to Aruba.

new in Aruba

New shopping area near the cruise port.

New Airport Hotel & Business Center

One of the news things in Aruba that made this list is a airport hotel & business center.

The hotel is far from done, but the developments are pretty far already. 

This hotel is going to be perfect if you’re traveling and staying in Aruba for a day or two (or a few hours) and you don’t want to stay in the hotel area.

If you have some business or meetings to take care of while doing a layover in Aruba, this is going to be the place to be.

It’s going to be different to stay on other part of the island, but it’s always good to try something new….

new in Aruba

Aruba Airport Hotel & Business Center

new in Aruba

Steel structure for the new airport hotel.

New Places To Stay

Aruba has a lot of places to stay, from apartments and villas to big brand name resorts.

One of the developments that have been going on for a while now is a new condominium from the Azure beach residences. This condominium is located close to the Amsterdam beach manor.

It’s far from being finished, but definitely makes the list for new things in Aruba.

So if you’re interested in buying a peace of paradise, you should look into this new condo, before it sell out!

new in Aruba

New condominium being built near Eagle beach.

If you’re going to Aruba in the coming months, plan your trip accordingly and add some of these new things in Aruba on your to do list.

More Articlesclick here to read the latest new out of Aruba in English.

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You’re searching for different Caribbean destinations, but Aruba keeps popping up! What’s so special about Aruba? You obviously love to snorkel, great beaches and lay in the sun. However, you’re still thinking – why go to Aruba? Is it worth it?

Here’s 50 obvious reasons why you should go to Aruba as soon as possible.

This article is a bit long, so reserve some time to read it!

First of all, you should go to Aruba because it’s the…

1. Safest Island in the Caribbean

Aruba has a low crime rate compared to other islands in the Caribbean.

I’m not saying “things” never happen. Just be cautious in Aruba. And you and your family will be A-okay!

For example:  

  • Don’t leave your wallet unattended.
  • Drink responsibly.
  • Leave large amounts of cash in a safe box at the hotel.
  • Don’t walk in alone in dark places

Think about it, crime exist everywhere. So keep your guards up everywhere!    

2. Caribbeans Sunniest Island 

You’re guaranteed a sunny day while you’re in Aruba.

Just make sure to buy and pack your sunscreen and beach hat.

hello sunshine beach hat on Amazon.

3. Relax at the Beach

TripAdvisor ranks Aruba’s beaches among the top in the world.

Eagle beach and Palm beach are the most popular beaches.

But there are plenty of secret beaches still to be discovered.

4. Fun Water Sports

I dare you to go on a bouncy banana boat or tube ride.

Or try stand up paddle boarding, wake boarding, kayaking, jet skiing and parasailing.

You can also rent a water jet pack that literally allows you to fly over the ocean!

5. Coolest Beach Bars

Aruba is dotted with beach bars.

One of my favorites is Bugaloe Beach Bar.

You’ll find a beach bar that fits your taste and budget.

So, how about a beer or two, or more…?

6. Daily Happy Hours

Your hotel, the resort next to it, restaurants and local bars have happy hours.

Some places offer 2 drinks for the price of 1.

And others have special (reduced) prices on selected drinks.

Aruba is the perfect place to turn up!

7. Five Star Hotels

Luxurious complexes built to the highest levels. Quality finishes, bright spaces and all the details you could think of for your own dream house.

Whether you plan on staying at the low rise or the high rise area, you’re going to be blown away by the comfort of these resorts.

An unparalleled luxury experience awaits you!

8. 200+ Restaurants

With over 200 restaurants Aruba can provide the ultimate culinary experience.

You’re choices are almost endless.

Choose between dishes from America, Argentina, Asia, Belgium, Brazil, Caribbean, China, Colombia, Cuba, Dutch, France, Germany, India, Italy, Indonesia, Mediterranean, Mexico, Portugal, Spain, Suriname and local dishes.

Welcome to foodie paradise….Yummy!

9. Fascinating Nightlife

With a great selection of bars, lounges, festivals, dance clubs, and casinos, you’ll be entertained all night!

After the sun sets, there’s live music, DJ’s and plenty of action!

10. Duty Free Winnings at Casinos

You get to keep everything when you win.

The government doesn’t tax you a cent.

They say the house always wins, but you’ll laugh to the bank when you cash out.

11. Golf Championship Courses

There’s an 18-hole PGA approved golf course designed by, Robert Trent Jones II. It’s located in Tierra del sol, on the north side of the island. The golf course features stunning dessert views of the north coast of the island.

There’s also a 9-hole course at the Divi village golf & beach resort.

You can play at both courses, no matter your skill level.

12. Island Excursions

Whether you want to discover the island by land, air or sea. Aruba has the leading excursions in the Caribbean. 

Knowledgeable tour guides will educate you on Aruba’s history. You’ll leave a tour knowing more about Aruba than you ever thought you would.

13. Wreck Diving Sites

Aruba is home to one of the most wreck diving sites in the Caribbean region.

Divers from all over the world travel to Aruba to explore these wrecks – so remember to buy good snorkel gears!

Do you want to dive near a German cargo ship?

Or see the remains of a freighter, 250 feet below the waters horizon?

There’s also an oil tanker and an airplane wreck, to name a few underwater gems!


Snorkeling gear available on Amazon


14. Snorkeling Haven

Aruba has a beautiful marine life and colorful corals.

The waters are shallow and perfect for any skilled level snorkeler.

Popular snorkeling spots are Boca Catalina, Arashi, Tres Trapi and Baby Beach.

But there are other hidden snorkeling spots like, Mangel Halto and Spaans Lagoon, still to be discovered by snorkelers.

15.Watch Turtles Hatch

Between March and July leather-back turtles return to the shores of Aruba to lay their eggs. Believe it or not, they return to the exact location where they were born.

Experiencing a turtle laying eggs and watching baby sea turtles hatch, is a once in a lifetime experience.

This is your chance to witness baby turtles make their passage to the ocean for the first time!

16. Beautiful Sunsets

Aruba is home to one of the best sunsets in the Caribbean.

Purple skies. Different shades of blue. Sometimes the sky looks like it’s on fire.

Due to the island’s location in the Caribbean region you’re guaranteed a one of a kind vantage point of every sunset.

17. Inspirational Sunrises

Aruba also has one of the best sunrises in the Caribbean.

Watch the sun rise early in the morning at alto vista chapel.

Climb the Hooiberg for a one of a kind perspective.

Or watch the sun come up at the sunrise city (San Nicolas) at Baby Beach.

Sunrises on Aruba are magical and a must experience. 

17. Yoga and Meditation

Vacations should be about the rejuvenation of your spirit, soul and energy!

If you’re into yoga and meditation visit Aruba for a yoga class with yoga girl.

Yoga girl (real name Rachel Brathen) is an internet yoga sensation living on Aruba!

So if you wish to break your daily routine, with some relaxation for a change, come do some yoga with yoga girl in Aruba. 

18. Mountain Biking

What better way to explore Aruba’s dessert like terrain other then by car?

By mountain bike!

With a mountain bike you can reach places not accessible by car.

Rent a mountain bike for a solo journey through Aruba’s country side.

Or go with a group and book a guided mountain bike tour. 

19. Hike Rocky Trails

Aruba has the perfect trails for hikers and mountains for rock climbers.  

There are many mountains you can climb for a panoramic view of the island.

Some hiking trails can be challenging, so watch your footsteps!

20. Sky Diving

I dare you to see Aruba from 10.000 feet high.

As you free fall at 120 miles per hour, your view from the top is spectacular.

The coastlines of, Curacao and Venezuela, are visible on a clear day.  

Sky diving in Aruba is a one of a kind experience and the ultimate adrenaline rush! 

21. Go Bird Watching

Do you get a kick out of watching birds?

Then you should put bird watching in Aruba on your bucket list.

There are over 200 registered species of birds on the island, they have been photographed by the Aruba Bird Life Conservation and published on their book “Bird Wildlife of Aruba”.


Book available at Amazon.

22. World Famous Carnivals

Aruba sets the tone for other islands in the Caribbean when it comes to Carnival.

The fete starts in the first week of January with a torch parade.

Following with a month long of parades, parties, queen elections and road marches.

The highlight of the Carnival is the grand parade, which features more than a dozen bands and thousands of participants.

Come and dance with the locals and experience this unforgettable celebration.  

23. Purchase Local Souvenirs

Everyone who visits Aruba usually leaves with a souvenir.

Because they make for interesting topics of conversations between friends and families back home.

And they’re a nice way to remember Aruba.

There are kiosks and flea markets, where local artist, sell hand made products.

You can buy mugs with Aruba printed on them, even hats, slippers, shirts, bracelets, carvings, paintings, license plates and many more interesting souvenirs.

Click here to find out where to buy authentic souvenirs made by local artists in Aruba.

24. Buy Foreign Products

Visit Aruba to buy dutch made stroop waffles, Gouda cheese, chocolate, local beers, newspaper, jewelry, a jar full of beach sand and sea shells.  

Yes, it’s worth the trip!

25. Holiday Celebrations

During the month of December, you can really feel the Christmas spirit.

Local bands play Christmas music all over the island.

These bands are called gaita (pronounced guy-ta), in Papiamento (language in Aruba).

It’s also a tradition for locals to decorate their house with colorful lights which makes for some beautiful scenery at night.

On new years night the sky is literally lit with fireworks.

Holidays on Aruba are different.

You should come during the season to experience it yourself. 

26. Drink Local Made Beers

Aruba has its own beer brewery.

And they produce two of the most delicious beers on the island.

Maybe even in the Caribbean!

One of them is called Balashi, a thirst quenching pilsner beer.

The second local beer is called Chill.

A smooth tasting beer that represents the island of Aruba.

I find it tastes better when you add a piece of lime!

27. Aloe Factory

Aloe grows abundantly all over the island.

And there is a Aloe factory that produces aloe products from aloe.

Like skin care products, hair care, deodorants, soaps and remedies.

The aloe sun tan lotion your holding in your hand was probably made in Aruba!

28.Soul Beach Music Festival

Soul beach music festival is an annual beach festival with performances by the worlds most renowned artists.

Performers like Fantasia, The Isley Brothers, Tony Rock, Affion Crockett and Miguel have performed during this festival.

It’s held during memorial day weekend.

Many magazines have called this the best Caribbean summer festival.

Come and join us during memorial day weekend for fun, sun and entertainment. 

29. Electric Festival

Electric festival is the most leading dance music festival in the Caribbean.

During the festival you can attend Q&A’s, pop up parties and music master classes.

With artist like DJ Chuckie, Lil John, Afro Jack you’re guaranteed an electric vibe. 

30. Aruba Film Festival

If you like movies, than you should visit Aruba for its annual film festival.

The goal of this film festival is to bring awareness to the international film community about Aruba’s culture.

And also to showcase the production of regional and local filmmakers.

Every year film stars such as Richard Gere, 50 cent, and Tyrese and many more celebrities visit Aruba for this red carpet event. 

31. Summer Music Festival

Summer music festival is a three-day festival headlining Caribbean and Latin artist.

It’s the second time since 2015 that it’s being held.

And it’s proven to be a part of Aruban culture.

Aruba summer music festival attracts more than 10.000 international guests.

Are you joining this year? 

32. Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival

Caribbean sea jazz festival is an outdoor festival featuring local and international jazz musicians.

While jazz is the main focus, there are other elements incorporated into the festival.

Such as dancing, poetry and art.

If you love Jazz, Latin, Soul, Funk and Blues, you must visit this festival!

33. Arikok National Park

Arikok national park, is Aruba’s one and only national park.

And it covers almost 20% of the island.

Arikok consists of beautiful flora and fauna, rugged terrains, dessert like hills  with breath taking views of the islands coastlines.

There are guides to show you around, educate, and inform you about the geological, cultural and historical sites around the park.

You’re invited to explore Arikok National Park.

34. If You’re a Baseball Fan

Aruba has its share of baseball stars that have made it to the major league baseball.

Like Sidney Ponson, who played for Baltimore Orioles.

Calvin Maduro, Eugene Kingsale and Xander Bogaerts who’s currently playing for Boston Red Sox.

Come and witness Aruba’s baseball and rising major league stars. 

35. Friendly Locals

Ask anyone who has visited Aruba, what they think about the locals.

They’ll say locals are the most friendliest people they have ever met.

Everywhere you go locals are sure to smile and are ready to help you.

Whether it’s by giving you directions or advice.

It’s just in our nature to be happy and pleasant to everyone we meet.

Especially to guests who choose to visit (or revisit) Aruba.

36. It’s a Happy Island

What makes Aruba, an happy island?

Well, many things.

The people, friendly locals that radiate a happy vibe.

And Aruba’s culture, heritage, food and lifestyle.

It’s hard to live on this “One Happy Island” and not be happy.  

37. Perfect for Families

Aruba has a lot to offer families.

First of all, it’s safe!

And there’s plenty of family activities on the island.

Like water slides, lazy rivers, game rooms, bowling, water parks, animal gardens and more.

38. Perfect for Weddings (or Honeymoons)

Are you tying the knot?

There are hundreds of people who get married in Aruba every year.

And thousands who come to celebrate their honeymoon.

There are plenty of certified wedding planners who can make your special day unforgettable.

With a wide range of facilities and catering services, Aruba is the perfect spot to get married or enjoy your honeymoon.

39. Renewable Energy 

Aruba is the leading island in the Caribbean when it comes to renewable energy.

About 20% of the islands energy is generated by windturbines.

The Government has a goal to generate 100% ( or close to it) of the islands energy by renewable energy in 2020.

We’re an example to many countries in the world right now. 

40. Buy Time Share

Are you looking for a place that you can get away from once a year (or more often)?

Buying timeshare on Aruba is a good option!

Owning timeshare in Aruba means you’ll always have a happy place where you can retreat to.

How would you feel owning a piece of Caribbean that you can visit anytime you wanted?

I know…

It sounds incredibly good.

41. Pink Flamingos

Have you ever seen pictures of flamingos on your Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook?

I bet you want to take a selfie with these beautiful creatures…

Here’s your opportunity…

These birds reside on flamingo beach, a private beach on Renaissance island.

If you’re not staying at the Renaissance hotel you can buy a day pass for a 100$ bucks and a boat will take you there.

Its totally worth it!

42. Best Drinking Water

Aruba has one of the (if not the most) largest desalination plant in the world.

The production plant produces one of the worlds most best tasting water.

I dare to say even better then most popular brands of bottled water.

When in Aruba skip buying bottled water and refill your durable water bottle with Aruba’s water.

It’s the perfect thirst quencher!

43. Caves and Indian Paintings

Find your excitement off the beaten path….

By exploring the caves of Aruba.

Crawl through underground chambers to encounter bats and Indian paintings.

Don’t forget to bring your flashlight to see where you’re going! 

44. Cool Trade winds

Aruba is windy….

You might think the wind will be too much you…

But the trade wind is a must on the island – it keeps you cool in the sun.

However, the wind is strong here on the island, enough to blow away plastic cups, bags, beach towels or your other personal belongings.

Keep your beach towels from blowing away with these handy towel clips available on Amazon.

Available on Amazon.

45. If You Love Animals

Aruba has a habitat for rescued exotic animals.

It’s a pet collection foundation called, Philip’s animal garden.

They focus on rescuing exotic animals in Aruba and the Caribbean region.

They have, llamas, pigs, camels, giraffes, crocodiles, monkeys, eagles, snakes, (baby) goats, donkeys, peacocks and more wild animals…

When you visit the animal garden, you get a bag of carrots and kibbles so you can feed the animals right out of your hands.

This is a perfect spot to relax for families!

46. Bon Bini Festival

Every Tuesday night at, Fort Zoutman, a museum near the downtown area, there’s an introduction held for tourists to get to know Arubas culture, facts and history..

There is also a dancing show and local food for you to taste. 

It’s fun for families looking for something to do in the evening.

They also teach you to speak Papiamento (local language in Aruba).

47. Local Food

Visit Aruba to taste our local cuisine.

People from all over the world travel to Aruba to savor our local dishes.

Like pan bati (a thick sweet, corn bread like pancake) or sopi (different type of soups made of goat meat, fish, pork, chicken, greens, onions, oyster, or iguana).

There is a whole lot of delicious food to taste from.

You can even learn a few recipes to take a “piece of Aruba” with you home!

48. Swim in a Natural Pool

Aruba has a secret, hidden pool, perfect for swimming and snorkeling. 

It’s a natural cove surrounded by huge rocks with waves crashing into them as you swim in a protected, calm pool.

If you’ve never seen or swam in a natural pool before, then this one is a must visit.

49. Join Reef Care Project

Every year there is a clean up of our beaches, dive and snorkel sites.

The reef care project attracts both locals and tourists.

The goal of this project is to preserve our beaches and help raise awareness about the importance of protecting our precious environment.

Want to be part of one of Aruba’s largest volunteer environmental initiative?

Here’s your chance!

50. Aruba Love Festival

Aruba love festival is a house music fest.

It’s a tribute to the roots of house music, which started in Holland.

During this festival there are more than a dozen dj’s from different countries showing their skills and love for house music.

It’s a free festival held on the beach.

So bring your flip flops and dance the night away…

Why Go To Aruba…

Because, it’s time for you to try something new. 

The Dalai Lama once said, “once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before”.

And Aruba is the perfect go to place!

Even if you’ve been to Aruba before, it’s always a good idea to revisit!

Besides, life’s too short to not to try anything new.

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One of Aruba’s landmarks, a stone tower, better known as California Lighthouse Aruba, has been completely refurbished.

The watchman for ships is standing tall and proud!

Let’s look how the renewing of the lighthouse took place and what you can expect from the grand opening…

Restoration of California Lighthouse Aruba

The restoration of the California Lighthouse started in 2015 and took one year to complete. The initial idea to restore it was, because of the 100th year anniversary since it was first constructed.

The renovation of the California Lighthouse was realized by Monumentenbureau,National Restauratiefonds Netherlands and Aruba Bank.

The California Lighthouse Aruba is now considered a preserved monument.

Grand Opening of The California Lighthouse Aruba

The California lighthouse Aruba has been closed for decades.

When the doors were closed, you could only wonder as to what inside looked like. And how the view would be from the top…

But those days, are long gone. Because on 26th of August 2016 the lighthouse has been officially opened!

The California Lighthouse doors has been re-opened for the first time by the Minister of Tourism and Aruba’s Governor.

The press (and other special guests) were there to witness the grand opening.

California Lighthouse Aruba Tour

The lighthouse is now open for tours (tickets cost 8$.)

The money goes towards maintaining the lighthouse in tip top condition.

The tour includes a historical description of the California Lighthouse. And the best part of all, a climb up the stairs to the highest lookout point of the lighthouse! 

You’ll have 360 degree views of Aruba’s north coastline and surroundings.

If you’re interested you can book a VIP tour for private viewing.

I experienced the lighthouse before and after its restoration. It’s worth it to see what’s new!

Are you going to make your first inaugural climb at the California Lighthouse?

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The family cruise is planned and the kids are exited about the trip. In a few days you’ll be setting foot for the first time on the island. However, you don’t have a lot of time to explore the island, because the cruise ship is only docking for a couple of hours. You want to experience the island as much as possible, but you have no clue of what to do. So you’re wondering what to do on a cruise stop in Aruba?

Here are some tips to make your cruise stop on Aruba an ever lasting memory.

Explore the picturesque downtown buildings

Take a walk in the downtown area and notice all the colorful buildings that boasts some of the most beautiful dutch colonial architecture. They’re eye catching and a must see for architecture fans. Buildings featuring dutch designs are Royal Plaza, Town Hall, Census Building, Willem III Tower, Plaza Daniel Leo, Archaeological Museum, Ecury House and the Aruban Courthouse.

Shop till you drop

The downtown area of Aruba has a mile long stretch of shops. It’s literally a shoppers paradise. The main-street is filled with local shops, famous boutiques and jewelry stores. You can buy just about anything your heart desires. From souvenirs to bring back home to luxury items only found on the island. Stores open from Monday to Saturday (8:00 AM-6:00 PM).

Look for souvenirs at the flea market

The wharf-side flea market is a great place to get a taste and feel of Aruban culture. Here you can find hand made souvenirs crafted by locals. Whether you’re looking for artworks, t-shirts, slippers, hats or mugs from Aruba – you’ll find it all. Farmers usually bring fresh fruits to sell. And fisherman bring their catch of the day. If the kids are thirsty you can buy a some refreshing coconut water from a nearby shack.

Bring some single dollars, because they only accept cash.

Go fishing

Is your family adventurous? Then rent a charter boat for some fishing fun at the Renaissance Marina. The Renaissance Marina is a walking distance from the cruise port.You can choose between bottom fishing and Mahi-Mahi fishing just to name a few options. You might just hook a big fish.

Visit the I love Aruba sign

Aruba started a movement with the I Love Aruba sign. Now, every other island in the Caribbean has their own sign, but Aruba’s sign is the most popular one in the Caribbean. The sign is about a 10 minute walk from the cruise port (in front of Renaissance Marina).

Get the whole family in front of the sign and take a picture.

Take a dip by surf-side beach

Feeling like taking the kids for a dip in Caribbean waters? You can do so at surf-side beach. It’s a quiet family beach next to the highway between the airport and downtown area. You can walk it from the cruise port. Walking to this beach is also a nice treat, because you can walk next to the sea shore where the waves just keep kissing your feet as they come and go.

It’s a perfect spot to relax under a tree, watch the kids play and take a dip.

Still wondering what to do on a cruise stop in Aruba?

There are many activities around the island. However, visiting these places of interest requires you to rent a car, take a taxi or use public transportation. We always advise a family to rent a car, even if it’s for a few hours. Because it’s less stressful than public transportation. And more handy and cheaper than taking a taxi.

With that said here’s some extra options for what to do on a cruise stop in Aruba. 

Island Excursion

If you’re family wants to see the rugged part of Aruba, than a tour around the island is the best way to do it. In front of the cruise port you will find different tour bus companies that offer island expeditions. Let them guide you around the country side to explore Aruba’s desert like nature and wildlife.

They’ll bring you back to the cruise port after the tour before boarding time.

Beach Hopping

Pack your backpacks with bathing suits, towels, sunblock, snacks and plenty of water. Visit the sun-kissed beaches on the island and find out for yourself why Aruba’s beaches make the top 10 list every year. Visit Eagle Beach and Palm Beach to experience the most popular stretches of beaches on the island. For more secluded beaches visit Malmok, Arashi and Mangel Halto.

This concluded our list of what to do on a cruise stop in Aruba.

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Our followers on Instagram tagged us in a bunch of pictures during the month of March 2016. They have shared some beautiful Aruba Instagram pictures with us that we just had to re-post on our account. The month of March came to an end, so we had to make a blog post to round up all the beautiful Instagram pictures we have been tagged in by our followers.

Here are the Aruba Instagram pictures that we liked most and hopefully you will like them also.

Beautiful Aruba Instagram Pictures

picture by @christinejj29

Do you think you can build this sand castle? When on vacation in Aruba build with your kids. They will remember this forever. If this sand castle seems hard to replicate, be creative and try to make your own version. You never know what you and your kids might come up with on the beach.

picture by @anna.m.granberg

Ever wondered what paradise looks like? Well the image above is self explanatory. After you’ve built a sand castle with your kids find some shade under a palapa or palm tree at your resort. If you’re staying at the Divi-Divi all inclusive resort you may enjoy the stunning views from their rooms.

What do you do with the kids while you’re relaxing under a palapa? Leave your kids swim near the sea shore. You can keep an eye on your kids, because the shore is close to the palm trees and palapas at the Divi-Divi resort.

picture by @dbolognese

Enjoying the shade while your kids are playing in the sea? Call them in for a delicious bowl of fresh fruits. A healthy snack is just what they need to stay fresh for the rest of the day.

picture by @tracy_gibb

A day at the beach sounds like fun, but how about strolling in the downtown area with the family? Take the free electric tram that leaves at the cruise port to explore the beautiful colored buildings and their architecture. Walk downtown, explore some shops, buy some cool gifts for the kids and souvenirs to take back home.

picture by @kayjdkay

What better way to explore the island with a jeep tour? Book a jeep tour and surprise your family for a fun time around the out-back and rugged part of the island. There is plenty of options to choose from. You can have a tour guide drive you around, Or you can drive a jeep while the tour guide drives ahead of the fleet of other jeeps or rent your own jeep to discover the island on your own.

Don’t forget to snap some pictures with your phone so you can tag us by using #vacationsbyaruba for some beautiful Aruba Instagram pictures.

picture by @cait1787

Whether you choose a jeep tour or to discover the island on your own, make sure to pass by the baby natural bridge. This natural bridge was formed after the original one collapsed a couple of years ago. There is a shop near the baby natural bridge where you can buy some refreshments, souvenirs, ice cream to cool down. They even have bathrooms you can use for less than 1 dollar.

picture by @flightventures

Why not have a couple of drinks at a beach bar near your resort after you explore the island with your family,? Relax, enjoy the Caribbean breeze and reminisce about all the awesome sights you have seen during the day. Of-course your bartender can make some colored look a like drinks without alcohol for your little ones.

picture by @kirstenmichele 

After you enjoy a couple of cocktails at the beach bar, stroll along the beach to enjoy a perfect beautiful sunset. The sun sets in Aruba around 6:30 – 6:45 PM. Have the kids go with you as they run and splash near the sea shore. Bring your camera or phone with you to take pictures of your sunset, because you will never experience an exact one like it ever again. If you’re not sure how to take sunset pictures we’ve gathered up some tips for you to make good sunset pictures. Try them out and upload them to your feed for some cool Aruba Instagram pictures.

picture by @arukamba

How do you like this gorgeous picture of the Divi Phoenix at night? It’s perfect! While your kids are in the hotel room watching TV or playing bard games, take a walk outside alone to admire the beauty of your resort at night. Many resorts have spectacular lighting that are very eye-catching when viewed from a distance.

picture by @tpfmariah9999

Are you and your family morning people? If so, hop in the rental car and drive to the coast of the island to enjoy a spectacular sunrise at the alto vista chapel. While you’re there enter the chapel to say thanks for being able to take a beautiful vacation. Before you leave pass by the peace labyrinth in the back of the chapel for some peaceful contemplation and to admire Aruba’s beautiful coast.

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