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Sea Turtle Nesting Season Is Back on Our Beaches

Hundreds of visitors and locals were fortunate this week to witness sea turtles hatching on Eagle beach.

Dozens and dozens of small sea turtles came out of the sands and instinctively knew the way to the ocean.

This was one of the first hatches for this years turtle season in Aruba.

There are several sea turtles nests around the island that are going to be hatching soon.

Did you know that baby leather-back turtles are the only sea turtle hatchlings that crawl with a symmetrical “butterfly” stroke.

The leatherback sea turtles are protected by a local foundation called Turtugaruba. They scout the beaches for turtle nest and barricade the areas. During the nesting season they monitor and protect the nests around the island and guide the turtles to the beach once they hatch.

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Here’s a few rules you can follow in order to leave the turtles nest their eggs at night without disturbing or scaring them away:

  • Limit any sounds and movements that might stop the sea turtles to come ashore
  • Light can make a sea turtle turn back and not nest, no flash lights or camera flashes
  • Do not drive on the beaches with any type of vehicle, because the eggs can get crushed, and the compacted sand makes it harder for turtles to come out
  • No littering, because plastic materials can resemble a sea turtle’s favorite food, jellyfish
  • Do not disturb a nesting sea turtle, by trying to touch it, keep a safe distance at least 10 meters or more.

If you notice crawl marks on the beach on your morning beach stroll, tell the front desk at your resort to notify Turtugaruba (+297 5929393).

Watch Out For Blue Crab Migration Near Savaneta

The department of nature & environment in Aruba are urging motorists to watch out for blue crabs crossing the road in Pos Chiquito to make their way to the ocean.

They added a new bright yellow road sign with “Land Crab Crossing” to remind people to be cautious while driving on the highway on Pos Chiquito with blue crabs.

Blue crabs in Aruba are found plenty near the beach areas, especially in Pos Chiquito, because of the amount of mangroves. They are known to dig holes deep in the beach sand in seek of humidity.

The diet of blue crabs consists of decomposed trees, insects, scorpions and rest of dead animals.

Nesting season for blue crabs is between June & July.

Blue Land Crab

Why protect blue crabs?

Because they are of high value for the ecology of the mangroves. Conserving the blue crabs are crucial for the preservation of mangroves.

Watch out for crossing blue crabs on the highway near Pos Chiquito & Santo Largo.

Government Puts a Definite Stop To Project at Isla di Oro

The government decided to put a definite stop to the ecotourism project at Isla di Oro.

The news was announced by the infrastructure minister this week.

Despite all the expectations from the over-water bungalow, it doesn’t fit in the new and current zoning policy by the government.

The new zoning policy prevents the mangroves in this area to be destroyed and protect the marine life. This makes construction at this private property impossible.


After following the advice from non governmental organizations, and considering the nature and environment for locals around the island, the decision was made to discontinue the project.

This is a clear sign that any future developments in Aruba should be sustainable and have the nature and environment in Aruba at heart.

Parking Card For People With Disabilities

Disabled person’s parking cards are soon going to be a reality in Aruba.

The parliament is working on a plan to make the downtown area and the rest of the island more accessible for people with disabilities.

New Look Revealed For Aruba Buses

The new look for Aruba buses was revealed this week as transport minister went for inspection at the company that builds buses automotriz MAN/Volkswagen.

A total of 15 new buses. All with a bright yellow paint job and the Aruba logo on the sides.

The time of service of the new buses will be mentioned in later date.

The central bus station is located in the middle of the downtown area, right in front of the cruise port. Here’s where you can hop on the bus for less than 5$ and take a retour trip around the island.

If you want to reach Eagle beach, Palm beach or Baby beach in San Nicolas with public transportation, it is all possible.

Aruba Airlines Welcome New Airplane

Aruba Airlines expands their float with a new airplane.

The plane is a CRJ 200, a small jet with 50 seats designed and manufactured by Bombardier Aerospace in Canada.

It is one of the few planes that is registered in Aruba, which gives Aruba Airlines full control of their flights, including routes they want to fly.

This airlines float now consists of four airplanes: three Airbus 320 and the new CRJ 200.

The aircraft will be flying the route: Aruba, Bonaire & Curacao.

They soon plan to expand towards Barranquilla and Europe.

Aruba airlines also has service to Miami, but this flight is currently on hold until further notice.

If you’re looking for a getaway to other islands (Bonaire & Curacao) while in Aruba, you can do so with Aruba Airlines. 

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