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The Border Between Venezuela & ABC Islands Remains Closed For Boats

The Aruban government decided to keep the borders between Venezuela closed for boats, after a meeting with customs and maritime department from the ABC islands.

The meeting was a follow up on the recent encounter between the minister of exterior relations from Netherlands and Venezuelan authorities to reopen the border based on terms to be decided between ABC islands and Venezuela in an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding)

Bonaire and Curacao already signed the MOU and reopened the border for boats, but the islands prime minister wants to ensure clarity, transparency and stricter border controls for Aruba before reopening it fo maritime traffic.

The prime minister wants boats from Venezuela to comply with different points within the MOU.

  • Only boats that are licensed to export from Venezuela and comply with all security regulations are allowed in Aruba
  • Only goods with certification from Venezuela can be imported
  • And only people with proper documents are allowed on the boats.

The MOU also includes setting scheduled departure dates & time, mooring positions, and document control before docking.

The air traffic is restored and normal again, but only the maritime communication between Aruba and Venezuela is closed since January 5, 2018.

Whether the border between Aruba and Venezuela will open depends on a meeting with authorities from Venezuela scheduled in June.

Report Your Concerns About Aruba’s Infrastructure & Environment

The government department of planning and infrastructure launched a new website (infraruba) that allows users to report any concerns regarding the islands infrastructure, waste management, housing, security, nature and environment.

Infraruba is an innovative platform that involves the community in the process of keeping the island clean and maintaining the infrastructure.

You can also see how much cases have been reported, how many are being attended to and completed.

All concerns will be processed by the City Inspector Bureau.

Infraruba is a new project between different stakeholders like Department of Infrastructure & Planning, FCCA, Kadaster, Serliamar, Department of Nature & Environment, City Inspector, DTI and National Park Arikok.

Report any concerns on the infraruba website.

Together we can help keep Aruba clean, and protect our natural resources!

Judge Orders Barricades Around Wetland Near Palm Beach

The court ruled in favor of Aruba Birdlife Conservation to protect wetland area near Palm Beach from construction.

According to the judge, the barrier around the wetland area (located in the back of The Mill Resort & Suites) will stay in place. It’s currently barricaded, but the judge ordered large boulders to replace the barricades. (deadline in 2 weeks).

The court also ruled the government to actively protect this wetland area from now on.

In 2013 all 21 members of Parliament of Aruba voted unanimously in favor of ABC’s proposition to place 16 nature areas under the national parks protection.

This wetland in Palm Beach is one of the sixteen nature areas.

Foam Boxes Prohibited As Of Next Year

Members of the parliament approved a motion to ban foam food boxes, plates and cups.

The motion was approved with 20 votes and 1 vote against. It’s another step towards a cleaner island, with plastic bags already banned since last year.

The government will pass a “landsbesluit” which prohibits the use, importation and distribution of foam boxes and cups. It’s going to take a while before the new law is implemented, it’s expected to be enforced on January 1, 2019.

Foam boxes and cups will be replaced by biodegradable items which minimizes the effect on the islands environment.

The government will start different awareness campaigns against foam boxes and cups in July.

Government Plans To Reduce Tariff For Water & Electricity

The prime minister announced a reduction for the water and electricity tariff. But, it’s not sure when it will be implemented.

It all depends on the result of the annual governmental financial breakdown for 2017.

According to the prime minister, the tariff reduction is intended as a alleviation for the upcoming tax increase (known as crisisheffing) this summer.  

How much the reduction is going to be, is not yet know.

HOH signs Agreement with VUmc

The director of Aruba’s hospital (Dr. Horacio E. Oduber Hospital – HOH) signed a MOU with VUmc (Vrije Universiteit Medical Centre) to continue their partnership, to provide medical education and specialization for nurses and medical workers on the island.

VUmc has been working together with HOH since 2010.

This is the second time since 2015 that VUmc and HOH decide to resign an agreement to continue working together on elevating the quality within the medical field in Aruba.  

The minister of health also recently opened the new rooms for cardiology and radiology in the new bed tower hospital (an additional medical facility next to the current hospital building).

American Airlines Announce Flights Into Aruba From Two New Gateways

American Airlines announced the expanding into the US Market out of Aruba with two new flight services between Dallas Fort Worth International Airport & O’Hare Chicago International Airport.

The official flights from these two new gateways will start on December 22, 2018. But you can book flights as of May 14, 2018.

Are you based around these areas?

If so you’ve got some new routes to fly to Aruba, even if it’s going to be your first time on the island.

These new flight connection into Aruba from the MidWest adds more possibilities for travelers looking for a Caribbean escape in this area.

Book your trip to Aruba as soon as possible.

Soul Beach Music Festival Will Be Big: 5000 Tourists Expected!

This year will be the 18th edition of Aruba soul beach music festival.

It’s the place to be during Memorial Day Weekend on the island (May 23 – 29, 2018).

From beach events and pool parties to award winning performances by Alicia Keys, Guy, Maxwell, and Sevyn Streeter. The event also promises laughs on comedy night headlining Marlon Wayans.

It’s expected that over 5000 tourists will be visiting this years soul music festival. And the event is also well visited by locals, so it’s going to be BIG!

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