Paid Parking in Downtown Aruba

A few years ago, on September 7, 2015 to be exact, the government introduced paid parking in downtown area Aruba.

The system was completely new, and a first on the island. They implemented the law, because locals and visitors parked their cars however and wherever they felt like it. This created dangerous situations, like cars parked on the sidewalk and blocking the driveway making it hard to watch for oncoming traffic.

The Situation at The Moment (Article Updated on October 27, 2017)

Since the new system was introduced, more parking spaces opened up and you don’t see any cars parked on the sidewalks.

The government implemented sanctions for drivers who break the law (a fine, wheel clamp or towing your car). However, a few months ago they eliminated the wheel clamp as a sanction.

The wheel clamp is no longer being used at the moment, but the parking authorities will still tow your car if you violate any of the parking laws.

In this article you will read everything you need to know about paid parking in Aruba and how to avoid a fine or getting your car towed.

Do You Need To Pay For Parking Everywhere in Aruba?

No, you only have to pay for parking in the downtown area. Paid parking is from 7:00 AM until 3:00 PM. After 3:00 PM you can park for free, inside the white parking spaces of course.

This includes the parking lot at Renaissance Marketplace, Royal Plaza Mall, Port of Call Marketplace, West straat, Werfstraat and the entire L.G. Smith Boulevard.

Parking is only free on Sundays and Holidays (or if mentioned otherwise).

What if you’re staying at the Renaissance Resort, should you pay for parking?

No, you can park your car for free as a guest at the parking lot from the Renaissance Marina Resort.

What about the beaches and the hotel area?

Parking at the beach is free! You don’t have to worry about paying for parking when you’re having fun at the beach in Aruba.

There’s also no cost to park around the low rise and hotel area (with exceptions of some parking lots near the malls in the high rise area).

How Much Is The Parking Rate in The Downtown Area?

The parking rate in the downtown area is 2 Aruban guilders for 90 minutes.

Every hour that you add extra after that will be 2 Aruban guilders (one guilder for 30 minutes).

If you’re wondering how to convert Aruban guilders to dollars – $1.00 dollar equals 1.75 Aruban guilders.

How To Feed The Parking Meter?

The parking meters in Aruba only accepts coins!

You can pay with local Aruban coins, US coins or an Aruparking smart card (I will explain what it is and how you can use it in a bit, keep on reading).

The parking meter doesn’t give back change (a very smart parking meter), so the best thing to do is pay the exact amount shown on the display.

Do people with disabilities have to feed the meters?

Yes, regular rates apply.

Instructions For Using The Parking Meter

So how do you go about paying for parking?

Here’s a picture of the parking meters in Aruba.

paid parking in downtown Aruba

A parking meter in Aruba.

Now that you know how the parking meter looks like, follow these 6 steps to pay….

  1. Park your car (in a white marked parking space) and note the number of the parking space.
  2. Press the green button to start.
  3. Choose your language and press the green button.
  4. Type the number of your parking space and press the green button.
  5. Insert your coins or smart card to pay your parking fee.
  6. Pull your parking ticket out of the machine and keep it, because the receipt number can be used to add more time at any parking meter in the downtown area.
paid parking in downtown Aruba

Pay for parking is simple.

What Is The Aruparking Smart Card?

The Aruparking Smart-card is a prepaid card encoded with a computer chip that allows you to purchase a predetermined amount of parking time for use at any parking meter in the downtown area.

Hold the smart-card above the parking meter scanner until your hear a beep to feed the meter.

The smart-card can be loaded with credit at various stores in the downtown area with an Aruparking logo.

What Should You Do If A Parking Meter Doesn’t Work?

Move to another meter to pay for parking time.

Note the number of the parking meter and inform one of the Aruparking staff.

The number of the parking meter can be found on either side of the machine.

When Will Your Car Get Towed & What To Do After?

There are plenty of rules and regulations for parking in the downtown area, your car will get towed when…

  1. Your parking time expires.
  2. If you’re parked in a no parking area.
  3. If you’re parked in a handicap space (and you’re not).
  4. When you park in a permit only space, indicated by yellow lines.
  5. If you car is blocking the driveway or other vehicles.
  6. If you’re parked in two spaces.
  7. If you park in incorrect parking zones & areas (Permit Holders)
  8. If you don’t pay your permit for the month (Permit Holders)
  9. If you’re permit sticker isn’t visible (Permit Holders)

Which Parking Spots Are For Permit Holders Only?

The parking spots painted in yellow are only for permit holders.

If you park your car in a yellow marked space (and you’re not a permit holder), your car will be towed on the spot – even if you paid for parking time.

What To Do If Your Car Gets Towed?

You have to pay a fee of $45.00 at the Aruparking office, which is in the downtown area, adjacent to the green town hall building. The address is Wilhelminastraat 13.  

They are open from 7:00 AM until 7:30 PM.

What If You Can’t Make The Payment On The Same Day?

If you can’t pay the towing fee on the same day, you will be charged an additional storage fee of $15.00 AWG, which has to be paid before your vehicle is released.

It’s certainly not fun to deal with paying for parking or getting a fine during your vacation, but if you follow the rules outlined in this article, you shouldn’t encounter any issues while parking in the downtown area of Aruba.

Last Words….

If you plan to explore the main street of Aruba, but still want to avoid the hassle of paying for parking, take the bus or taxi to the downtown area.

However, if you’re plan to visit the downtown area a lot for shopping and dinners, you should rent a car, because it’s less expensive than taking a taxi and more convenient than the bus.

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