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Last Days To Pay With Old Aruban Money

The old Aruban bank notes are soon going to be removed from circulation on the island with the emergence of new paper bills.

Here’s a view of the old banknotes.

Aruban Paper Money Bills

Fresh off the press on June 3, 2019 – the bills are spanking new, featuring elements of flora, fauna, culture and popular landmarks on the island. The new bills also contain several advanced security features, including waterproof.

Here’s a view of the new bank notes.

New Money in Aruba as of 2019

So when is the official date that these old bills become obsolete?

August 11, 2019 – after this we can no longer use old bank notes to pay for goods and services in Aruba. 

What if you have old Aruban bills from your previous trip to the island?

You can change old bank notes for new bills at any commercial bank on the island, and only at the Central Bank of Aruba after December 5, 2019. The old bank notes can be changed during a period of 30 years, until August 12, 2049. 

Are there any other type of forms to pay in Aruba?

You can pay with US dollars, credit cards, and debit cards. Euro’s and other currencies are not accepted in Aruba, but can be exchanged at the bank for local florins or US Dollars. 

The exchange rate for US Dollars & Florins – $1.00 equals 1.75 Aruban florins. Casino’s and other establishments close to the resort area may have higher exchange rates (1.80 and above). 

Note – $100.00 bank notes are not accepted everywhere on the island.

Watty Vos Boulevard Almost Complete

According to the department of public works and infrastructure minister, the new watty vos boulevard project will be completed in October 2019.

Watty Vos Boulevard is a new roadway project including a total of 7.5 kilometers of new roads spanning from the Airport towards the resort area. And over 17 kilometers of existing roads will be renovated.

The new boulevard also includes over a dozen roundabouts, 2 overpasses and a 15 kilometer bike road alongside the route. 

recent updates in Aruba

A view of Watty Vos Boulevard, wow!

The Government of Aruba awarded, Mota-Engil, a Peruvian company to develop Watty Vos Boulevard. Mota-Engil is also responsible for the maintenance of the boulevard 20 years after completion of the project. 

As Watty Vos Boulevard becomes accessible, it will alleviate traffic congestion in Oranjestad, residential areas and the rest of the island. 

Aruba & Caribbean Is Hot!

The Caribbean region is well known for Hurricane season (June – November).

Usually the weather alternates between wet and dry, but according to Caribbean climatologists, the region has a distinct heat period during the hurricane season, and this year is no different. 

Local meteorologists forecast a rise in temperature on the island during this years Hurricane season (August, September & October). There’s going to be a combination of high temperatures, more humidity and less strong winds than usual.

news in Aruba today

A view of Arashi beach during midday.

The heat in Aruba or any other Caribbean island is not as extreme as they are in other desert areas around the world, but the weather can have an impact on you.

According to local meteorologists, the heat won’t be a problem for visitors, as long as you are aware of the situation: 

  • drink more water than usual
  • limit activities during the day
  • stay in air conditioned rooms during the day
  • open windows and doors for ventilation
  • wear as much light clothes as possible 

Use sunscreen in Aruba when going in the sun.

San Nicolas Is The Street Art Capital of The Caribbean

San Nicolas is the street art Capital of the Caribbean, according to a recent article by Forbes Travel magazine. 

The reasons why? 

The emerging art district since 2015 that is now oozing with amazing murals, arts, crafts and culture.

San Nicolas is found on the other side of the island, nearly 20 miles from the popular Eagle beach strip. Here you’ll find the frequently talked about art district boasting over 44 mural paintings.

3 days in Aruba

Artistic murals in San Nicolas worth checking out!

Want to know more about the art works? 

Join a private excursion by Aruba Mural Tours for a walk through the streets and a chance to create your own art piece at their creative center. 

San Nicolas is the islands second largest district, next to the Capital of Aruba, Oranjestad. The district was quiet and off the radar for many years, after its refinery closed its doors. 

Fortunately, new life is being blown into San Nicolas, including but not limited to – art mural. art fair, monthly island festivals, bi-weekly get togethers with locals, new hotel in Seroe Colorado, new restaurants, brand new movie theater and upgrading beaches in surrounding areas. 

A cultural shift is slowly happening as the Island transforms into art & cultural hub in the Caribbean, particularly the district of San Nicolas. 

Visit San Nicolas to witness the districts transformation into the place to be if you want art and culture in Aruba.

Events To Attend in Aruba August 2019

There’s a lot of tourist activities on the island. But on the other side, there’s also another world of events going on the island you may not know about.

Here’s a list of things to do in August 2019.

Rosé All Day in Aruba

August 10 is going to be Rosé all day in Aruba.

Renaissance island, also known as the flamingo island, has a Rosé all day experience for those who enjoy a glass of wine or champagne.

How does a Rosé all day look like in Aruba?

Private island. Beautiful weather. Beach. Stunning views. Music. Delicious food and drinking Rosé all day. 

The dress code for the Rosé event is white & pink.

Tickets for this event are normally $40, but there’s an ongoing early bird sale for just $30 – special available until June 30, 2019. (Event is on August 10, 2019).

Admission to Rosé all day includes a boat ride to Renaissance island, $10 wine credit, and a goody bag.

VIP packages are also included for six people at $600. This includes: butler service, snack platter, 2 wine bottles and a private cabana.

Tickets are available for sale at the Navigators Desk or Front Desk at Renaissance Marina Hotel. For more information or reservations call +297-523-6115.

Aruba Hosts Vow Renewal Ceremony on Eagle Beach

If you’ve been doing your research on Aruba, you’d agree with me that it’s one of the most revisited islands in the Caribbean, and the go to place for love birds!

Why is it the go to place for romance?

Everything adds up to love.

The sunsets. Late night dinners on the beach. Countless romantic hot spots, and lots of things to do on the island for couples.

Here’s a video recap of the vow renewals on Eagle beach in 2018.

This year is no different.

Eagle beach is going to be the host of the 3rd vowel renewal ceremony in Aruba. It’s the biggest wedding memory event in the Caribbean region.

The ceremony will be held on August 21, 2019.

What is the vow renewal ceremony all about?

Of Course renewing your wedding vows, but in a special way, the Aruban way!

With your feet in the sand on Eagle beach, as the sun makes it way down the horizon. You and your loved one will recommit your wedding vows and promise each other to stick besides one another.

Champagne and local hors d’oeuvres will be available during the event.

Are you going to be in Aruba during this event?

You can pre-register to attend the vow renewal ceremony by visiting here.

This years event has a surprise for a lucky couple.

One lucky couple can win a free trip to Aruba. All you have to do is send a written essay between 200 – 500 words, including video or images showcasing you two, and why you want to renew your wedding views on Eagle beach. 

Explore Aruba At The Island Festival 

There’s a new reason to visit San Nicolas besides the stunning mural arts, display of culture, and beautiful beaches – a new street festival.

This month is going to be the 3rd edition of Island Festival.

It’s a 3 street festival in the promenade of San Nicolas. 

Each street will represent an island with its own theme: local island, multicultural island and historical island. 

Walk the trio streets and experience their local and multicultural food and drinks, music, ambience and vibe. 

Island festival will also have live shows. 

Local actors will illustrate the Aruban way of life back in the days and how the lifestyle developed until today. 

Two local bands will be playing live groovy Aruban music.

There’s also going to be different kiosks with local arts and crafts for sale made by Aruban artists. 

Island Festival will be organized once a month in San Nicolas. 

The next edition of island fest will be on August 28, 2019. 

Locals will be there. You are also invited to visit San Nicolas. 

Come and eat our food, taste our drinks, mingle with locals and experience the Aruban way of life! 

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Listen To Steel Pan Music

Experience music that is typical to the island – steel pans! 

This year is going to be the 3rd edition of the steel pan celebration “Honor To Connor”.

The event is in honor of the islands steel pan music pioneer named Edgar Connor who was a star back in the days.

Various local steel pan artists will be performing including: Nico Connor, Lee Connor, Paula Engelen, Zaira Orman, Tico Kock and Ronwayne Kock. Additional performances will also be available in the likes of Quiver Quips Steel Orchestra, The Aruba Invaders Steel Orchestra, NLG Dancers and Carnaruba dancers.

Event will be at the Edgar Connor Amphi-Theatre at Paseo Herencia Mall on Palm Beach – August 18, 2019 – 7:30 PM – 9:30 PM (entry is free).

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