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Upcoming Changes For Fully Vaccinated Visitors

The CEO of Aruba Tourism Authority (Ronella Tjin Asjoe-Croes) gave a sneak peek into the requirements for fully vaccinated travelers during a press conference this week.

According to Ronella, Aruba will ease entry restrictions for fully vaccinated travelers, which include, but is not limited to:

  • PCR Test will be no longer required
  • Reduced rate for Aruba Visitors Insurance

These decisions are tentative at the moment, and will be implemented once announced by the Government and tourism authorities.

The CEO of Aruba’s tourism board mentioned in previous press conferences that 85% of the island’s population must be vaccinated in order to proceed with new changes in Aruba’s entry restrictions for visitors.

Entry requirements remain the same until announced otherwise by the local officials in Aruba. 

This means everyone traveling to Aruba is required to at least:

  • Take a PCR Test 72 hours before arrival in Aruba
  • Purchase Aruba Visitors Insurance
  • Register through the Aruba Health App

Aruba’s Tourism Authority is continually working on new projects to motivate more visitors to travel to the One Happy Island.

New Vaccination Program Targeting Teenagers

Aruba continues its efforts to vaccinate as many locals as possible with a new vaccination program targeted at teenagers. 

The public health department in Aruba received approval from the Netherlands to offer the vaccine to children between the age of 12 – 17 years.

Over 732 children have already taken their first jab of Pfizer since the vaccine became available to them. 

These numbers are expected to increase, after the vaccination event “Youth Edition” during this weekend. The event is not only targeted at teens, but also for parents who are not yet vaccinated and want to protect against the virus. 

Here’s a view of the current rate of vaccination in Aruba:

  • 8% of teenagers between 12 – 17 years. 
  • 67% of adults between 18 – 59 years.
  • 73% of adults over 60 years. 

The vaccination rate in Aruba is increasing daily. 

Vaccination programs will continue to be organized until 85% of the island’s population is fully vaccinated.

Over 92.000 Visitors Expected in July

Tourism is recuperating at a rapid rate with over 92.000 visitors to step foot on Aruba during the month of July 2021. 

Experts projected that it would take up to 4 years for tourism to recuperate, after the pandemic hit Aruba and practicality stopped the island’s tourism.

However, the One Happy Island is doing better than expected, a lot better.

Tourism restarted officially in Aruba on July 10, 2020.

Slowly increasing every month by the thousands to welcoming over 85.000 travelers in June 2021.

The monthly visitors reports from the airport and tourism board indicate that over 60% of travelers are first-time visitors.

According to the CEO of Aruba tourism Authority, the island will fully recuperate its tourism in the first quarter of 2022. 

When are you visiting Aruba?

Aruba’s Romantic Overwater Bungalow 

The travel website focused on destination weddings and honeymoons, featured one of the island’s resorts in their top 15 honeymoon hotels in the world. 

Aruba Ocean Villas was selected as a perfect resort to enjoy a romantic honeymoon. 

It’s a small boutique resort on the island with overwater bungalows. 

The villa only caters to adults and couples over 18 years.

There’s a total of 8 overwater villa bungalows with wrap-around decks, with daybeds, hammocks, and staircases directly to the ocean.

Aruba Ocean Villas is located in Savaneta, on the other side of the island from the hotel area. 

If you’re planning a honeymoon trip to the Caribbean – look into the romantic bungalow experience at Aruba Ocean Villas.

Carnival Time Is Getting Close Again

The foundation that organizes Carnival in Aruba (Stichting Musica Aruba Carnaval) announced on their Facebook page that they are discussing the possibilities of restarting Carnival in 2022.

Fanatics are all wondering if the parades will take place in 2022 after the pandemic canceled carnival in 2021’s. 

It will be officially announced soon if the carnival will resume next year or not,  according to the President of the Carnival foundation.

New Double Decker Event Trolley

The double decker trolley that transports visitors around the downtown area will be transformed into a new events trolley.

According to the sales and marketing department of Arutram, the idea of renewing the trolley into an experience surrounding personal events, will help add to the city’s renovation project to revamp the mainstreet. 

The other remaining trams will be available to transport visitors throughout the main street and stop at all the iconic spots to focus on the island’s heritage and culture. However, the double decker, which can seat up to 64 passengers, will be available for rent to host all sorts of personal events including dinners, birthdays, and marriage proposals to name a few ideas. 

More details will be announced soon by Arutram.

Expect New Roundabout in Palm Beach

If you’re renting a car in Aruba expect a new roundabout in Palm Beach soon. 

The public health department announced the new infrastructure project this week during a live press conference on Facebook.

It will be created right between the intersection between Wendys and McDonalds. Traffic on this roadway is currently directed with road signs and barricades, as a temporary solution until construction works start soon. 

The road starting at Caribbean Palm Village until Cafe 080 in the district of Noord will also be reconstructed. 

Renovation works on this road are set to start on July 12, 2021 and will take up to 4 weeks to complete. 

Pay attention to signs around this neighborhood indicating detours.

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