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Top Things In The Newspaper About Aruba

The island has been going through a lot of developments recently, all eyes have been on the mangroves that are slowly dying near Santo Largo.

This week it’s still a hot topic, especially for NGO’s on the island…

Here’s what been happening in paradise…

Finding A Solution For The Mangroves in Santo Largo

Aruba Bird Life Conservation posted a picture on Facebook last week, showing an area with mangroves that has slowly been dying over the course of a year.

These mangroves are located right next to the coast of Santo Largo, in the district of Savaneta.

After the department of environment and nature took notice of the situation they started an investigation.

They found out that there’s a phenomenon called “die-off” that’s gradually killing the mangroves, caused by a high salinity in the lagoon and other toxic components in the water.

However, the cause for a high salinity and toxicity is the lack of circulation of fresh water in the lagoon. During the investigation they found out that an underground pipe, that wasn’t on the map, that supplied fresh water to the lagoon was damaged during a previous excavation job by a contractor.

How could this underground pipe not be on the department’s map?

Well, before the mangroves started to grow, the area was a salt pan landscape and the owners built the underground pipe to supply the salt pans with water. The mangroves started growing back then in 2005, and has bloomed into a beautiful part of nature now in this area.

The good news is that the underground pipe is being repaired and the mangroves should be restored to their original form within a few months.

They’re also adding a pump that’s connected to the beach nearby that can supply fresh seawater for the mangroves when needed.

There’s plenty of different other species of trees found at Santo Largo like salachi, mangel shimaron, yerba di cusinchi and mata di druif.

According to the department of nature and environment they need to do some more tests to find out if there’s more reasons why the mangroves are starting to die off.

Here’s the picture of the Mangroves that ABC posted on Facebook.

news of Aruba

A view of the mangroves near Santo Largo.

While experts are trying to find a solution for the mangroves in Santo Largo, “the mangroves in the area of Spaans Lagoon are developing really good” said one of the experts in the department of biodiversity at the university of Wageningen that’s on the island to help with the investigations of the mangroves.

They were invited by the department nature and environment to inspect the mangroves in Santo Largo and Spaans lagoon.

According to them, the national park Arikok did a great job by planting mangrove seeds last month, because it will stimulate the growth of mangroves in this area.

They also said that the company that was in charge of building the new bridge near Spaans Lagoon managed to keep the destruction of mangroves in this area at a minimum.

Let’s wait to see what they find out after they release more information about the mangroves later this week.

Still No Government After Elections

A government hasn’t been officially formed yet since the elections a month ago in September. The formation of a coalition proves to be a hard task, but they managed to announce all the new 21 members of the parliament.

So why is the process taking so long?

Because the 3 political parties that need to form the coalition are still discussing their agenda’s and making sure everyone is accord with it, before they continue.

While all the fanfare around elections already passed, the Governor had to appoint several people with different task in order to form a coalition as soon as possible.

This is the first time in 16 years that the island will be governed by a coalition and the first time in history that the island has a female prime minister.

After they agree on their program for their 4 years of governance, they will move forward to the next step which is assigning politicians as ministers and figuring out who will be in charge of which sector.

However, the governor and public ministry needs to screen all members of the parliament, before a decision is made.

This whole process can take a couple of days, we will know more as they release information during upcoming press conferences.

The minister said that they already have a draft of the projects and programs during their governance, and will share it in one of their next interviews.

Expanding Aruba’s Airport With 3 Gates

Management of Aruba’s airport announced a new project, that will expand the facility.

The amount of visitors that come through Aruba’s airport has increased faster than they thought, since the last time the airport was renovated.

This was a clear sign for them that another expansion is need to offer the best service possible.

The plan is to create 3 more gates to accommodate all the airplanes.

In the following months constructions works will start, so be aware of this and there might be some inconvenience when going through the airport.

They are still in the design and planning phase, so it will take a while before renovations start. But after the renovations are done, there’s going to be 3 new gates, more stores to do some duty free shopping and more bars including places to eat in the Airport.

Of course the service will get better and faster.

New Owner For Renaissance Resorts

Both the renaissance hotel in Aruba and Curacao has been sold about 6 months ago to a US based hospitality company called Wind Creek.

Although no details of the deal was mentioned to the public, a representative of the company said that both hotels will continue to run under the same brand name.

The new owners said they are looking forward to being a part of the local communities in Aruba and Curacao.

Renaissance in Aruba has 431 rooms, 2 shopping malls and a popular private island where you can relax with flamingoes. Yes, the same ones you see people posting pictures of on social media…

To see the flamingos you need to stay at the renaissance resort, or pay $100.00 to visit the pink birds.

Art Fair Aruba 

Prepare to experience local art and culture on November 24, 25 & 26, 2017 during the second Art Fair in Aruba.

Last year over 10.000 visitors and locals visited the fair to see and buy local art while exploring the cultural district from Aruba, San Nicolas. Local and international artist left beautiful murals on several business in the downtown area of San Nicolas.

The program during this years event will be exciting according to the director of Aruba Art Fair, filled with street fair, photography contest, more murals and music.

This year local and international artist will leave visitors in awe again as they paint murals on different buildings.

International artist are coming from Mexico,Greece, Colombia, Portugal, Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Belgium and Italy.

There’s also plenty restaurants like Oneill’s kitten or Kamini’s kitchen to catch a taste of the locals dish!

Put the art fair on your list of things to do if you’re on the island.

The art fair is being held on the other side of the island, if you need a rental car, just ask me for a free quotation to rent a car.

Feel The Christmas Spirit

Christmas season is just around the corner, and we’re already feeling the Xmas spirit as the department of public works started hanging up decorations and lights near linear park in the downtown area.

They are also adding an oversized Christmas tree at the big roundabout near the airport, close to surf side beach.

If you’re on the island during these next few weeks and Christmas, drive alongside LG Smith Boulevard and linear park to see these decorations for yourself and join one of the many Xmas music events in the evening. While the bands entertains you, try one of the local dishes during the holidays like, ayaca. You will thank me later for recommending it to you.

Although we still have a lot to wait before Christmas, I get the feeling already.

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