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New Tax As of July 1, 2018: The B-AVP

After a meeting which took over 10 hours, the parliament of Aruba approved and adapted several laws (over 13 new motions) in order to implement the tax increase.

Aruba’s parliament consist of 21 members, and 12 of them voted pro while 9 where against new taxes changes.

At the moment taxes are 3,5% (BBO 2,5% – BAZV 1%). The tax is going to change in two segments. The BAZV will be increased by 1% and a new tax will be introduced (BAVP 1,5% – Belasting Additionele Voorzieningen PPP projecten)

According to the prime minister, BAVP is a temporary tax that will go towards paying for the PPP (public private partnerships) projects approved by the previous government (Green Corridor & Watty Vos Boulevard).

The government will compensate over 17.000 pensioners, by lowering their health insurance (from 10,5% to 6,5%). And lower the income tax and payroll tax by 2% for those who earn less than $1775.

The tax will count for basically every product, except foods items in the basic good list (bread, baby powdered milk, eggs, fish, rice and other basic necessities).

All stores are required to print the amount of taxes charged on the receipt, including the new BAVP.

Important – Detour Alert Superfood Intersection!

The department of public works closed the main road L.G. Smith Boulevard (Sasaki Weg), east of Super Food Supermarket (as of May 23, 2018).

And they reopened the L.G. Smith Boulevard west of Tropicana Hotel for traffic in both directions.

The detour will affect traffic from Oranjestad, Noord, J.E. Irausquin Boulevard and San Miguel.

All detours will be indicated by barricades and warnings signs. The roads near this area are closed, because of a roundabout construction near superfood supermarket.

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Here’s a view of the detours on map and the roundabout near superfood.


The current situation near super food.

Radio Stations Sign Royalty Agreement With Dutch Company (and avoid DUCAPRO Agreement)

A few months ago the Aruba Broadcasting Association that represents all radio and tv stations on the island received a letter by DUCAPRO that forces them to pay royalty fees for playing commercial music.

This is the first time in history that radio stations in Aruba have to pay to play commercial songs. The fee that DUCAPRO wants to charge is $1700 monthly.

There are in total 21 registered radio stations on the island that are represented by the Aruba Broadcasting Association.

According to the letter sent by DUCAPRO, the agreement will take effect as of June 1, 2018. If a radio stations don’t register with DUCAPRO and pay royalties, they can receive a fine.

Radio stations owners protested against the idea, and even said to change their format into a ‘talk radio’ to avoid paying for fees.

According to DUCAPRO, the monthly fee allows radio stations to play commercial music anytime.

But the Aruban Broadcasting Association ditched DUCAPRO agreement and sign a deal with BUMASTEMRA(Dutch Company) to pay music royalties fee thats are lower and reasonable than DUCAPRO.

Not everyone will be charged the same rate, but according to the size of the listeners and amount of registered commercial music playtime.

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Open The Border To Import Fruits, Vegetables & Fish

The maritime border between Venezuela and Aruba is still closed.

Since the border was closed in January, local market owners haven’t received any fruits, vegetables or fish from Venezuela. They are forced to import goods from other countries, which are more expensive and take longer to deliver.

Local market owners asked the prime minister to reopen the border for at least the importation of fruits, vegetables and fish.

However, the Aruban government can’t reopen the border yet, because they are still waiting for the authorities in Venezuela to send a document with all the conditions that Aruba needs to abide by in order to reopen the border for importation of products by boat.

The prime minister sent a representatives to Venezuela this week in order to speed up the process to reopen the border, at least for fruits, vegetables and fish.

Predictions For Hurricane Season In Aruba 2018

International and local meteorologists predict that this year’s hurricane season will be as bad, or worse, than last year.

The hurricane season starts from June 3 to September 30.

Meteorologists are predicting 14 storms and 7 hurricanes, that will form this year. Out of the 7 hurricanes, 3 will fall in the range of category three or five.

The tendency is for hurricanes not to directly hit Aruba, because the island is located right outside of the paths hurricanes take in the Caribbean.

Hurricane research caribbean already named these storms – Alberto, Beryl, Chris and Debby.

Aruba is known for its trade winds and cooling breeze, but the wind has picked up a bit due to the upcoming hurricane season.

The meteorological department warns beachgoers for strong winds, currents and waves.

Island TipsUse these handy beach towel clips to keep your towel from flying away.

Watch The World Cup in Aruba

Aruba Bank and Tele Aruba sign an agreement to transmit every soccer game by FIFA World Cup 2018.

Although the islands favorite team (The Netherland) is not participating in the World Cup, there are plenty of other teams to cheer for!

The first game will be Russia against Saudi Arabia on June 14, 2018 (11:00 AM Aruban Time). There will be different bars and restaurants near the hotel area that will transmit games live on big screen tv’s.

Do you like to watch the World Cup?

If so, join the locals at your favorite bar on the island and enjoy the games.

Biggest Ship in The World Docks in Aruba

One of the biggest cruise ships in the world docked in Aruba this week – freedom of the seas.

Freedom of the Seas is a cruise ship operated by Royal Caribbean International and iy can accommodate 3,634 passengers and 1,300 crew on fifteen passenger decks.

The harbour was dredged 12 meters deep, before the gigantic ship docked in Aruba’s cruise port.

It’s the first time a ship of this size visits Aruba.

Director of Aruba Ports Authority said that the facility will be renovated and in the upcoming years to accommodate more boats and biggers ships

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