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Breaking News in Aruba

So what’s been happening on Aruba?

Let’s start with…

Robbery in Aruba

A robbery took place last week at a jewelry store (Kevin Jewelers).

The owner of Kevin Jeweler told the police that 3 Spanish speaking men entered the store, pointed their guns at the employee’s and held the manager hostage.

The robbers didn’t have any masks on, their faces were caught on camera.

Until now, the police can’t find the suspects yet.

Home Robbery

Three men robbed a home in the district of Madiki.

The robbers entered the house and tied a man and his son (9 years old). They took their belongings (phones, jewels, and money)

The police found the getaway car and arrested the owner of the car (a lady) – but the police didn’t find the robbers yet….

Could this be the same people who robbed the jewelry store?

Murder near Olde Molen Nightclub

The local community was shocked with the news that someone has been murdered near Olde Molen nightclub (close to The Mill Hotel).

The police got a notification that guns were fired near olde molen, and they immediately went there to check out the scene.

When they arrived they found a person on the floor, but already dead.

The victim was a 26 year old boy known as, Ralph De Palm, born in Haiti.

No one has been arrested yet for this murder – the police is still investigating the case.

There’s a suspicion that the murder is related to drugs.

This is not the first time for a shooting at olde molen nightclub. Because in December 7, 2015 someone shot a 37 year old man to death. The suspect was sentenced to 18 years of jail.

Previous to this incident, there were many other shootings and fights here.

As a local here on the island, I will not be going anywhere near Olde Molen Nightclub at night. It’s very dangerous there – take this as a warning not to visit this nightclub – ever!

Man Found Dead Behind California Lighthouse

The police was notified that a body was found near the coast of California Lighthouse, but the person wasn’t showing any signs of being alive.

Local forensics diagnosed that the man died because he drowned, and not because of a murder.

The victim was living in Aruba, but he was born in Curacao in 1970.

This is a very sad case – what was he doing at the coastline at night?

Be careful when visiting the rough coast of Aruba, because if you fall into the sea, the waves will crash you against the rocks – the results can be deadly.

Moratorium on Supermarkets

The government recently declared a moratorium on supermarkets in Aruba.

They did a research on supermarkets on the island. The results confirm that there’s a total of 185 supermarkets (and mini markets).

There’s about 2 supermarkets per 1000 inhabitants – which is too much according to the Aruban government.

In the past 5 years the total amount of supermarkets in Aruba grew from 90 to a total of 185, while the population didn’t change too much.

The Aruba Trade & Industry Association agrees with the decision of the government to declare moratorium on supermarkets, because the amount of supermarkets is excessive compared to the amount of people on the island.

All petitions to open a supermarket will be denied, only the requests before May 23, 2017 will be processed.

The moratorium is for two years.

In my opinion the government should also control the supermarkets to watch if they are keeping their prices fair, and not charging too much on their products compared to other supermarkets.

Restaurant Hygiene Inspection

The police inspected restaurants in the district of San Nicolas and closed a lot of these establishment during their regular hygiene control, due to not having permits to run a business or not having good hygiene in the restaurant.

They closed House of Cake, Dos Reis Snack, Fruteria Dominicano and La Granja. But these restaurants are open back again, because they got their permit and hygiene back in order.

However, there’s a Chinese restaurant called wing wag bar that has been permanently closed, because they didn’t have a permit to run a restaurant.

The police are going to be inspecting restaurants in the area of Noord in the following months – let’s see which of our favorite restaurants will stay open and which ones will be closed down.

Info on Citgo

Bloomberg recently published an article saying that CITGO is basically a scam to process Syrian oil in Aruba and transport it to America.

According to Bloomberg, they have access to emails and other documentation as proof that the plan is to sell Syrian oil for a cheap price to Venezuela, which in turn will be processed at the “new refinery” –  CITGO.

The refined oil will be then be transported to America and distributed to all gas stations.

Bloomberg interviewed a Venezuelan oil dealer, and he admitted to play a part in the plan – but he also said that he has nothing to do with the situation any more.

Long story short – if it’s true what Bloomberg is saying – we’re caught in a big scam!

First Turtles

Last week the first turtle came out a nest located in Eagle Beach – it’s the first turtle for the year 2017.

It took exactly 63 days and 3 hours for the first egg to hatch. A few days later, two other turtles were spotted.

There’s a lot more turtle nest around the beaches of Aruba, so there’s plenty of turtles that need to make their way to the sea in the following weeks.

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23 replies
  1. Cindy
    Cindy says:

    Thank you so much I look forward to reading this on sundays maybe the government should have a moratorium on building hotels next !!!!

  2. James Lennox
    James Lennox says:

    I recently heard about a grocery delivery service. Do you know anything about it?
    Thank you for all the news you bring to us even while stateside.

    • Angelo Limon
      Angelo Limon says:

      Hi James,

      The grocery delivery service is probably a private company offering concierge service. I don’t know much about it, have to do some research myself on this – thanks!

  3. Judy Maas
    Judy Maas says:

    Gosh what is happening there? Kinda getting leery of next trip there. They need to get this under control they depend on the tourism.

  4. Guy Napoli
    Guy Napoli says:

    Thanks Angelo Very interesting reading. Can you update any new local places to eat. Now there is something the government can do help these small eateries stay open not close them.
    Thanks for your work We do enjoy the reading. Go have some sun and a beer. Thanks again

  5. Gary
    Gary says:

    I, along with many Americans, stopped buying Citgo gas when Chavez stole it from several American companies. He then failed to modernize, production has tailed way off(because of it) so the story makes sense in that aspect.

  6. Elle Woods - Legally Blonde
    Elle Woods - Legally Blonde says:

    As far as the ‘fair prices’ at some supermarkets, competition has a way of fixing that problem all by itself. You will GO to the fairly priced-good product stores and spread the word. You will also avoid the overpriced stores and also SPREAD the word :o) It’s called good ole’ economics! Don’t need the government to step in.. that’s the problem in the good OLE’ USA! LOL Thank you this is a great publication.

  7. Rich
    Rich says:

    Hello Angelo, We are coming August 5-12. Will need a van for 7-8 people. Staying at Phoenix. Owners of timeshare but they may move us as building A is being renovated to the “Links”. Some are worried about the Venezuela issue. Im not. I hope to hear from you soon for more info. Rich in CT USA

    • Angelo Limon
      Angelo Limon says:

      Hey Rich,

      How are you? We have different local newspapers – I think the ones delivered to the hotels is “Aruba Today” which is in English. You can also call other local newspaper like diario and inform about the price to place add.

      If you want you can advertise your time share on my site also, we can discuss it.

      Sunny Regards

  8. grethe
    grethe says:

    Hello Angelo, we were in Aruba last two weeks and wanted to take a beer with you, but we didn’t know where to find you, so I sent 5 dollars on PayPal. Thank you for your news from the island. We were on the island when the murder at the Olde Molen happened. Too bad!! However, we love the island our “Home away from Home”!!!

    • Angelo Limon
      Angelo Limon says:

      Hi Grethe,

      Thank you so much for the beers – I appreciate it!

      I would of loved to drink some beers with you at bugaloe or so, next time for sure!

      Sunny Regards – take care!

      Angelo Limon

  9. Rich
    Rich says:

    hello Angelo, thank you for replying. Yes, think we have confirmation Aruba Today is what is delivered daily to Phoenix. It always was. Selling through your site?? I need more info and pass along to my buddy. How can we communicate, just through this email system? Or do you have a direct email?
    thanks again from rainy CT…two months too go!!!

  10. Rich
    Rich says:

    hello all, when I bought at the Divi Phoenix in 2008, they claimed the 4 new buildings were the last building the government would allow. Then they subsequently started Condo’s out past Marriotts. And who knows whats else. There is the whole other side of the street across from Phoenix the last time I wwas there in 2012. Im sure they need money, greed corrupts all governments. More taxes, fee’s and workers to screw.

  11. Rich Karle
    Rich Karle says:

    hello all, when I bought at the Divi Phoenix in 2008, they claimed the 4 new buildings were the last building the government would allow. Then they subsequently started Condo’s out past Marriotts. And who knows whats else. There is the whole other side of the street across from Phoenix the last time I was there in 2012. Im sure they need money, greed corrupts all governments. More taxes, fee’s and workers to screw. Ask any Aruban taxi driver. They tell all!!

  12. Bob
    Bob says:

    I was on the island the night of the murder. It was a drive by I heard. I took a cab back to tamarijn from holiday inn casino. The cab driver told me the whole crazy story about what happened to him the night before. He was in the left turning lane just a short walk past that murder scene. He had just dropped someone at the mill. Or dove through there
    Looking for a fare. A dark and large vehicle was coming up behind him with its lights off! Two vehicles. It cut him off on the outside (the right). And went tearing around him making the left turn onto the same route he had intended for the cab. Aswell a smaller vehicle went straight or right. It was a small Nissan. Beige. The big vehicle was a “dark big V8” hummer. Very fast. He. Chased it because it made him mad. It was too fast for him. Then the cops went by aswell. He told the cops everything he saw. The cabbie even knew the victims name. Ralph DePalm. He said it was likely Chinese mafia. This is basically the short version of What he told me. I was blown away. He was positiv about the hummer and the Nissan The hummer nearly smashed him!
    Rest forever in peace Ralph. Though I didn’t know you. I love aruba. And it’s good people. Cheers


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