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News From Aruba

Vacations By Aruba is a travel blog that promotes Aruba.

So naturally you would expect to only read “tourist” news.

However, if something “bad” is happening on the island I would also like to inform you about it. Just as much as I do the good things that’s going on in Aruba.

So here’s what is been going on in Aruba last week…

Be Careful in Aruba

There was two cases of tourists who lost their belongings.

Fortunately one of them was lucky to get all of his stolen items returned.

The first incident happened near the beach at Ritz Carlton – Fisherman’s Hut.

A family decided to go to fisherman’s hut since they were on a cruise stop on the island. They left their belongings behind unattended under one of the huts and went swimming.

When they returned they were surprised to find that all their belongings were gone.

The police was notified and came quick to the scene to find out what happened and brought the family back to the cruise port.

When they returned to the cruise port, they found their belongings back.

The person who returned the families belongings did the right thing.

The second scene happened at midnight.

A lady went for a late night swim on the beach in front of Hilton Hotel. After a while she spotted someone standing under the palapa where she left her belongings.

Before she could get out the water and find out what’s going on someone took her belongings. Left with here clothes and purse. The police found her clothes a few meters further from where the incident happened.

These two incidents could of been easily prevented.

Aruba is a safe place for tourist.

However, if you’re not going to be careful when traveling these things are bound to happen – anywhere.

Even in Aruba – Paradise!

My advice for you, whether it’s you’re first time or return visitor – be careful with your belongings.

Some tips for safety in Aruba are…

  • Don’t leave your belongings unattended
  • Don’t give out personal info about your credit cards
  • Avoid walking in dark areas at night
  • Don’t leave with all you’re cash at hand. (Leave money in the safe at the hotel)
  • Park your rental car in a safe place and always lock the doors
  • Don’t leave phones, wallets, tablets and money where it can be seen in the car.

Something new to do in San Nicolas

There’s a new initiative going on in San Nicolas to get the local community and tourists more in touch with the city’s rich culture and history.

It’s called “Experience San Nicolas”.

Experience San Nicolas is a unique way to get in touch with the rich culture of San Nicolas.

The culture of San Nicolas is a mixture of all the nationalities that live in the city. This mix of nationalities gave birth to a whole pot of delicious culinary dishes, art, music and it made history. 

Experience San Nicolas will be held on the first Sunday of every month.

Shops like WEMA, El Gallo Royo, Alankar, JM Enterprises, La Aruba, Joy’s Restaurant, Aruba Store and O’Niel Restaurant will have different deals and promotions.

Search for “Experience San Nicolas” on Facebook to see their page for updates.

Here’s the program for the 3rd edition of Experience San Nicolas, which is today 5 February 2017.

Experience San Nicolas Program for 5 Feb 2017

Giving Away Free Re-usable Bags

If you didn’t know it yet, plastic bags have been banned in Aruba.

The decision to ban plastic bags was made, because plastic bags cause damage to Aruba’s environment.

You usually see plastic bags that flew away stuck in the trees along the roads.

But plastic bags are gone for good now!

Following the ban on plastic bags AHATA (Aruba Hotel and Tourism Authority) gave away re-usable bags for free to people. They gave away the bags at two supermarkets where a lot of locals shop for groceries, Save a Lot in Noord and Hong Kong in Paradera.

Here’s a video of what exactly went on that day…

Aruba Bird life Conservation is on a mission

The members of Aruba Bird life Conservation and 15 kids traveled as special guests to the annual festival of birds in Colombia.

The prime Minister of Aruba, Mike Eman, was also on board for the trip.  

The mission of Aruba bird life conservation and the government is to learn from other countries how they protect their birds.  

Greg Peterson, of Aruba Bird life Conservation said the birds in Aruba are not protected as they should be. That’s the reason why this trip was essential in learning how Colombia protects their birds. So Aruba can implement these different strategies to conserve Aruba’s birds.

The kids and all invites learned how to analyze, observe and recognize birds they saw.

The prime minster said during a speech that there is plans of making a marine park in Aruba. This should be interesting, there’s plenty of places to build it.

I hope the marine park becomes reality.

It will be another fun thing to do in Aruba.

Aruba has over 900 different species of birds. And protecting them is going to be top priority from now on.

Accident At Mangel Halto

Last week a teenage boy managed to get the car he was driving into the beach at Mangel Halto.

The boy who was driving didn’t have a driver license and was under the age limit of driving. He was driving near the beach at Mangel Halto and somehow ended up in the sea.

The car that made it into the water.

Bystanders quickly notified the police and ambulance.

The authorities didn’t take long to respond and got to the scene quick.

Two other girls were also in the car.

They all got out without injuries and sent to the hospital for further check up. 

The boy probably took the car without his parents knowledge and this happened to him.

We all did things we weren’t allowed to do as kids and learned our lesson – this will definitely teach them a lesson.

Thank God none of them got hurt.

Carnival Casio & Soca Monarch Winners

It’s carnival season in Aruba and the biggest music festival during carnival took place last night.

Casio & Soca Monarch is the largest local music event featuring the island’s greatest music creators and bands of carnival.

The music event took place on 3 days featuring over a 100 song compositions by carnival bands and only 2 winners to be selected at the final day. One person as the Casio Monarch and the other as Soca Monarch (one person can also win both prizes, if their song is good enough)

The winners of this years Caiso Monarch is Mighty Talent Jr. (The son of Claudius Philips, you might know him from happy hour at La Cabana) and Blacky won the Soca monarch. He’s a talented singer from San Nicolas.

Click here to see the carnival schedule for 2017.

Might Talent Jr (Left) and Blacky (right)

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35 replies
  1. George Opalenik
    George Opalenik says:

    Why doesn’t the authorities post signs about not leaving your belongings unattended.I have been to Aruba 25 years in a row and no one has ever said that to me.

  2. Jeanne Juppe
    Jeanne Juppe says:

    I recently read just this week about black widow spiders on the island is this true if so please inform everyone on your site

    • Angelo Limon
      Angelo Limon says:

      Hi Jeanne,

      There has been some signs of black widow spiders. However, not in public areas where most people visit. You will find them in places that are dirty and less visited by people. However, the situation is not so alarming yet.

  3. Kathy Gautie
    Kathy Gautie says:

    I love this newsletter. I bought a timeshare at Paradise Beach Villas in 1989. We went through a lot there but it survived and I love this resort. I have noticed many changes in all of those years and coming from the US we know we should be careful just like at home. I don’t know wha people are thinking to leave their things unprotected. Anyway. So happy that you take the time to keep us up to date. I will be there on 10/17 for nine days and cannot wait!!!!! ??

  4. Laura Engel
    Laura Engel says:

    I LOVE this newsletter. Please keep up the great work on keeping us Aruba LOVERS who do not live on the beautiful island updated on everything. Thank you again.

  5. June Stolp
    June Stolp says:

    Hi Angelo
    Thank you for starting the Aruba News Letter I have been going to Aruba for 30 plus years and now I am a Home owner in Aruba Aruba has become my second home It is great that when I am in Canada I can keep up with the news in Aruba from you and my second family in Aruba Danki Pasa bon noche

    • Angelo Limon
      Angelo Limon says:

      Hi Sallie,

      Yes you can use boxes to go to the store, but I personally find them to be unhandy (depends if you’re buying a lot of stuff) it’s better to buy a big reusable bag. Thanks for the comment!

  6. Julie Randall
    Julie Randall says:

    Ditto on the appreciation for the newsletter. We returned from our first visit less than a week ago and Angelo’s newsletter and emails were very helpful especially before we arrived. From his newsletter I knew about needing bags for the grocery store, so was well equipped 🙂 We were also wondering about a truckers protest downtown one day that was on the news (couldn’t understand what they were saying since it was not English) and nothing was reported in the daily English paper. Thanks to Angelo’s news up-dates we found it was about auto insurance premiums.

    Kuddos to you Angelo!

    • Angelo Limon
      Angelo Limon says:

      Hi Julie,

      Thank you! I am glad my newsletter was handy – that was the point of it all the first time I started it out. TO be helpful to people who travel to Aruba. I hope you find continuous value in what I keep posting. Much thanks!

  7. Steven Zboinski
    Steven Zboinski says:

    Been vacationing in aruba for 31 yrs and I believe it to be a very safe place . People just have to use some common sense.the best practice we have here in the U.S is that you see something say something .

  8. Kevin Salvi
    Kevin Salvi says:

    Mention in one of your blogs that Americans can download the UNITS PLUS “free” app from the App Store. It will help solve the conversion issues we deal with: currency, fuel mpg, weight, volume, length and others. Try it yourself!

  9. Tasha Berzal
    Tasha Berzal says:

    Well It sounds Stupid..But Would you leave your belongings unattended anywhere?? Why would they need to post signs..Its Common Sense..

  10. Patricia Sosnowski
    Patricia Sosnowski says:

    It is wonderful about the prime minister’s plans to help the birds but are there any plans to help the poor starving, needy dogs that roam the island? More government $$$$$ should be allocated to help the island dogs, i.e., spay/neutering programs, food, medicine,etc., etc., as so many people who visit Aruba see the desperate need.

  11. Tom
    Tom says:

    The newsletter is great. Thanks so much for gathering all this information. We have be coming to Aruba for 25 years. We have atone share at Costa Linda. This is the best way to stay in touch with what is happening.

  12. Ray & Evelyn
    Ray & Evelyn says:

    Hi Angelo, nice job on the news letter. This is my first time visiting this site. My wife and I have been to Aruba for the past 17 years (at Divi All Inclusive) and just love it. My only complaint is the snobs who think they crap ice cream, give a bad review. Sure would be nice if they went somewhere else and leave this beautiful island for the people who are not such tight butts. Anyway, when we returned from our last trip,… we booked our next November trip a week later. Can’t wait to get back there (home)… pasa in bon dia and keep up the good work…..danki Ray & Evelyn

    • Angelo Limon
      Angelo Limon says:

      Hi Ray,

      Thank you for signing up for the newsletter! I appreciate it.

      17 years and running and already booked another trip for Aruba. You and Evelyn are really love Aruba. Any plans of moving here for good yet?

      Take care!

      Sunny Regards.

  13. Elaine Scholl
    Elaine Scholl says:

    Love your newsletter, Angelo! It’s nice to be able to read the news, good and bad, in English. Keep up the wonderful work, and thank you!


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