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News About Fast Ferry in Aruba

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Update About Fast Ferry Service in Aruba, Bonaire & Curacao

Do you ever dream about a Caribbean getaway between the ABC islands, but think it’s too expensive?

There’s a new fast ferry service on the way that might just make your dreams a reality!

It’s going to be a fast ferry that services inter island (Aruba, Bonaire & Curacao).

The minister of transport announced important updates about the project this week during a press conference.

He shared some of the following information about the fast ferry.

The project is still in the beginning stages.

An expert at fast ferries (Ton Jansen) will be on the island this week to inform the public and stakeholders about the project.

The goal at this moment is to share the details about the project, address any concerns by the public and stakeholder (including feedback and suggestions).

If you’re interested in this workshop by the minister of transport & Ton Jansen visit Santa Teresita Center (in San Nicolas) on June 26, 2018 starting at 7:00 PM.

According to the minister the fast ferry will:

  • Increase tourism in Aruba (and in San Nicolas)
  • Create a new economic pillar for Aruba
  • Create commerce between Aruba, Bonaire & Curacao
  • Introduce new businesses in San Nicolas

The next step in the project is to sit with the developers, and make a execution plan to create the infrastructure for the fast ferry between ABC islands (including the harbors).

Fast ferry will introduce a simpler and less expensive mode of transportation between ABC islands.

It’s not definite yet how much a ticket for the ferry will cost, but it will be hundreds of dollars cheaper than airline tickets.

Fast ferry passengers will be able to travel with their cars, and medium business owners get the opportunity to ship small cargo without paying the high prices of container cost (and waiting too long to ship).

During the press conference, the minster also mentioned that they will be breaking down one of the walls of the refinery (no longer functioning) in order to create a view of the beach. And they also plan to renovate the beaches in the area of san nicolas (especially rodgers beach).

If you’re an entrepreneur, this is your chance to start a business in San Nicolas.

It’s not definite when construction of the facilities and harbor for the fast ferry will begin, but the news sounds like a great start!

Isla Di Oro Project Not Approved!

The minister of infrastructure received feedback from different non governmental organization (NGOs) that the location at isla di oro is not suitable for an overwater bungalow resort.

NGOs don’t approve of the project, because of the negative impact it can have on the mangroves, marine life and the people living in the area of isa di oro (located in Savaneta).

Considering these points, the government denied the developers to continue.

The project also doesn’t fit the spatial development program (ROP) introduced by the government. They also announced that they won’t be approving any projects that don’t fit the current ROP. 

A new law will be implemented soon that protects the ROP from being adapted to approve projects that don’t fall within the rules of the ROP.

Despite the project being denied, the minister of infrastructure still thinks it is a great idea to introduce this type of resort on the island, but not at isla di oro.

The government might reconsider the project if the developers find another area to build the resort that won’t have a negative impact on the environment.

Things To Do in Savaneta (and places to stay)

Did you know Savaneta, was the island’s very first capital?
Did you ever consider staying in this area while on vacation? 
It’s a very tranquil place to stay. 
There’s no big resorts in Savaneta , only local residences, and a few apartment rentals and bed  breakfast-style accommodations.
Places To Stay in Savaneta
Savaneta is also known for restaurants that have fresh seafood. 
And last but not least, the beaches on this part of the island are beautiful!
Mangel Halto Beach is one of them. This beach is like no other on the island. It is a great snorkeling spot adorned with beautiful mangroves and great for kayaking!

The New Smart Community in Aruba

While the government denied the overwater bungalow project this week, they officially inaugurated another one called “smart community”.

It’s a residential area serving as a small scale environment with sustainable living conditions to gather knowledge about sustainable energy specific to the Aruba’s climate.

The project is fundamental to the development of Aruba, because these houses are a model of how to build greener homes in the future.

All the houses were constructed with different sustainable building materials and have top of the line technology installed for living in Aruba’s climate.

Smart Community is a collaboration between the Government of Aruba, FCCA, Utilities NV, ELMAR, WEB ARUBA NV, SETAR and TNO Caribbean.

The people living in the houses signed up for the experiment that will take a minimum of 5 years. During this period, experts will be investigating technology used in construction, renewable energy sources, (sun, wind, water), reusing water,  innovative agriculture experiments, and waste management,

The smart community is easy to spot.

It’s located on the highway in St.Cruz (close to Brouwerij Nacional Balashi).

Here’s image that shows the idea behind it…

A map of the smart community.

Aruba Hopes To Strike Gas Or Oil

A drill ship close to Aruba is currently exploring beneath the waters surface, hoping to find gas or oil.

The drilling is taking place on the north west coast of the island.

According to the director of Aruba’s Petroleum Company, the exploration process can take a minimum of 40 days.

International experts evaluated the Aruban waters with seismic research, surveys and other processes since 2010. They recently installed a drilling platform and now it’s time to find out if they were right.

If they strike gas or oil, it will be favorable for the island.

The first area drilled on is Bon Bini (here’s a map below).

Drilling in the middle of Bon Bini

Crisis Management Office Ready For Atlantic Hurricane Season

The crisis management office in Aruba announced that they are prepared for the Atlantic hurricane season (started June 1 ends November 30, 2018).

During the past weeks, the crisis management office organized different simulations on Aruba regarding hurricanes.

Different stakeholders participated in these events: government strategic departments, NGOs, and police, ambulance, red cross and military service.

Even though the meteorology experts predict that Aruba will not be in direct path (or danger) for this hurricane season, the crisis management office still has a plan in place, incase any foreseen circumstances take place.

Local Favorite Pier Restored

The famous blue pier in front of riu antillas got a renovation from top to bottom.

Locals refer to this place as – toren.

Even I have good memories diving off this pier 🙂

If you’re a long time visitor, you probably remember this pier (and have good memories of it also).

The pier is located on palm beach, between RIU Antillas and Divi Phoenix.

This beach is a must visit if you’re looking for an “unique local experience”.

Here’s two images showing before and after the renovation.

before the restoration.

pier in aruba

This is how it looks like now, beautiful!

Summer Beach Festival At Moomba Beach

If you’re going to be on the island (June 30, 2018), and you want to party, head over to Summer Beach Festival at Moomba Beach.

Imagine a beach party, with great music, drinks and lots of foam (expect to get wet and foamy).

There’s going to be several DJ’s, BBQ on the beach, beer bucket deals and great atmosphere.

The event is taking place June 30, 2018 from 1:00 PM – 7:00 PM.

Moomba beach is located between Marriott Aruba Surf Club & Holiday Inn resort.

Entrance is free.

Of course, I’m going to be there – let’s meet 🙂

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