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Aruba Implements New Measures Against Delta

You might have heard the news by now if you are looking to travel to Aruba – the Government reintroduced new measures against Delta. 

The new measures are not strict and don’t really limit your vacation or local life on the island.

Aruba’s new measures are very flexible compared to the measures taken by other Governments around the world.

All the new measures are aimed at slowing down the infection rate and keeping the locals and visitors on the island as safe as possible through this global pandemic. 

These are the new measures according to the Prime Minister:

  • Face masks are mandatory again (buy your own personal Aruba facemasks here).
  • Businesses must close at 12.00 am (midnight) until 6:00 am. 
  • There’s a ban on public areas, parking lots and beaches after 12:00 am midnight until 6:00 am.
  • Drinking alcohol in public areas is prohibited. 

The new measures do not include curfews or lock downs as the Government tries to find a balance between managing the pandemic and normal life on our one happy island. 

Ban On Beaches

Visitors staying at their hotel are allowed to be on the beach, if it’s on your resort property.

However, it’s not allowed to be on the beach that is not near any hotels, after midnight (example: Arashi, Surfside, Baby Beach, Malmok, Grapefield or Mangel Halto).


The new closing times for businesses (12:00 am midnight) also apply for casinos. 

All new measures are effective as of August 7, 2021 – until further notice by the Aruban Government.

Testing is Mandatory Again in Aruba

The Government made testing mandatory again as of August 1, 2021.

This new measure is aimed at slowing down the rate of an important new coronavirus variant “Delta” that is affecting the world at the moment. 

Aruba’s new travel measure counts for every traveler, also for travelers who are fully vaccinated – especially after the government announced exemption from testing for US travelers with smart health cards, which will not be effective anymore since testing is mandatory again.

The Government also announced that the “Aruba Visitors Insurance ” price will be decreased to $15 per stay (no longer than 180 days – it was previously $30).

Insurance for kids under 12 (confirm) years old is free. 

To enter the island you need to have a negative test done in your country 72 hours before arrival, or you will have to get tested when you arrive in Aruba for $75.

Check in area outside the airport

More Pfizer Vaccinations

Aruba received a new shipment of Pfizer vaccines from The Netherlands as the Government continues its vaccination program to vaccinate 85% of the population of Aruba.

The new shipment of vaccine arrived on August 4 on a flight from KLM. 

This gives the Government an additional 12.285 Pfizer vaccines.

Frontier Airlines Will Now Fly To Aruba

It’s official – frontier airlines will start operating in Aruba as of November 2021. 

The airline is headquartered in Denver, Colorado and plans to add Aruba as its new destination departing out of Miami International Airport. 

According to the Senior Vice President of the airline – “Frontier airline’s mission is to deliver the lowest fares to travelers out of Miami, and also offer the same opportunity for locals who want to visit the US. 

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8 Cruise Ships Scheduled For August 2021

Cruise ships are cruising again, and Aruba has 8 cruise ships scheduled to dock on the island’s ports in August. 

The cruise industry is growing slowly, but surely –  especially in Aruba, as August has an increase of cruise ships compared to the month before. 

Usually filled with cruise ships from all over the world, the ports in Aruba did not receive any ships for 15 months, due to the pandemic. 

Aruba was blessed to be one of the first destinations for cruise ships as the cruise industry restarted a month ago. 

Next to stay over visitors, cruise tourism is also important to the island’s economy, as it helps the island recover from the pandemic. 

Here’s the cruise schedule for August 2021:

  • August 3 – Royal Caribbean Odyssey of the Seas
  • August 5 – Celebrity Summit
  • August 10 – Carnival Horizon
  • August 18 – Royal Caribbean Odyssey of the Seas
  • August 19 – Celebrity Summit
  • August 21 – Star Breeze
  • August 24 – Carnival Horizon
  • August 31 – Celebrity Equinox

Carnival Horizon is scheduled to visit Aruba 24 times for the remainder of 2021. 

Royal Caribbean’s Celebrity Summit and Carnival Cruise Lines will dock at Aruba’s ports 69 times for this year.

Expect New Regulations Against UTV & ATV Vehicles

Nature in Aruba attracts visitors to drive around in utility and all terrain vehicles (ATV / UTV) to discover the island’s beauty.

However, Aruba’s nature is sensitive to these vehicles as they can cause irreparable harm to our nature if not operated responsibly. 

Adventurous visitors who are not familiar with the island’s laws drive these vehicles on the beach and landscapes, which is not allowed. 

The Government is proposing new measures to address the use of these vehicles. 

According to the Prime Minister, “the aim is not to prevent the use of these vehicles, however, the new regulations will be implemented to protect the island’s nature and insure these vehicles are operated responsibly”.

The new regulations will be announced soon by the Government.

Watch Turtle Hatch on the Beach

It’s the time of the year again – watching baby sea turtles hatch on the beach in Aruba.

Leatherback sea turtles lay eggs on the beach every year. 

This year’s egg laying season finished in July 2021. 

If you are in Aruba you can witness this wonderful phenomena. 

In the following two months (August and September) baby turtles will hatch on Eagle Beach and make their way to the sea for their new journey. 

There’s over 40 nesting egg spots around Eagle Beach – and more around the island.

Here’s a few tips you should know about, if you’re watching a turtle nest hatch on the beach:

  1. Do not attempt to touch sea turtles, stay at least 5 meters away
  2. Do not take sea turtles out the water
  3. Give a nesting sea turtle space, stand at least 10 meters away.
  4. Do not shine lights directly at sea turtles at night
  5. Do not feed sea turtles, the sea provides enough food.
  6. Keep the beach clean of plastic and other harmful items.

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