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New Spot To Eat, Drink & Watch The Sunset

There’s a new restaurant / bar in Aruba that offers local food, cold beers and beautiful sunsets. 

Two new establishments in one spot – it’s like the best of both worlds.

The new restaurant is called “Cadushi Sunset Terrace” and the new bar is known as “Straddle it Saloon”.

Cadushi Sunset Terrace has a “Flaming Saturday & Sunday” BBQ special:

  • Chicken and Ribs for $10.00
  • Chicken, Ribs and Chorizo $13.00

Or try their regular menu which features coconut shrimp, fish, steak and hamburgers.

For the cold beers and drinks go to Straddle it Saloon. It’s a new biker bar offering cold beers, even the locally made brews like Balashi, Chill and the New Magic Mango. 

They are located at the previous bar known as “Mi Dudu Bar” in Moko.

The restaurant / bar is set on top of large boulders, which gives you  beautiful view when the sun sets in background.

Both are open daily:

  • Monday – Friday 4.00 pm – 11.00 pm
  • Weekends – 4.00 pm – 1:00 pm

Ike’s Bistro New Vegan Menu

Ike’s Bistro is a popular resort restaurant in Aruba and they have a new vegan menu that is worth trying if you like to eat healthy food. 

The new menu was created by Executive Chef Sandro Herald and his team of cooks.

It’s a interesting menu that features mouthwatering green food.

You can select anything to eat from the menu, or you can pick a three course meal that is paired with a wine tasting experience.

Here’s a view of the menu:

    • Appetizers – Vegan Fish Taco, Chickpeas Tartare & Avocado, Spicy Buffalo Cauliflower Wings, Vegetable Tempura, Tomato Basil Soup, Lemongrass Carrot Ginger Soup, Arugula Jackfruit Salad and Mesclun Salad.
    • Main Course – Sesame Ginger Duck (has gluten in it), Stuffed Corn Chips & Avocado, Grilled Fish Filet, Roasted Cauliflower, Truffle Porcini Risotto, and Grilled Tofu.
    • Dessert – Caribbean Snickers

The jackfruit salad is a perfect appetizer to start of your vegan three course meal at Ike’s!

Ike’s Bistro also continues to offer their regular menu with seafood and meat for non-vegans.

It’s an open air restaurant, under a large cabana located at Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa.

Aruba Awarded 3 Times by Travel + Leisure

Aruba ranks 3 times by Travel + Leisure online magazine the “world’s best awards 2021.” 

Travel + Leisure readers vote for the best islands, cities, hotels, cruise lines, airports and other vacation experiences. 

Aruba wins in 3 different categories including:

  1. Top 25 islands in the Caribbean
  2. Top 25 islands in the world
  3. Top 25 resorts in the Caribbean

Here’s how Aruba ranks in the “best of the world awards” by Travel + Leisure, according to readers who voted:

  • Top 25 Island in the Caribbean – Aruba #3
  • Top 25 Island in the world – Aruba #18
  • Top 25 Caribbean Resort – Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort #12

What makes Aruba attractive to visitors around the globe?

The happy and friendly locals on this island is a major attraction – the crystal clear beaches and tropical paradise nature is extra!

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New Games at Wind Creek Casino

There’s a new exciting gaming machine at Wind Creek casino called Battle Challenge.

Battle Challenge is fun and gives players the thrill of racing to win prizes. The game let’s you challenge other players, and play “against the house” in a racing competition resembling “Mario Kart”.

The race cars speeds up around a track and you can wager more to accelerate the car. Players can slow down opponents cars, or use power ups to protect their car from being slowed down in the race.

Only the first, second and third places are rewarded with free play, credits to purchase food, cash, and other prizes.

The battle challenge racing game is available at Wind Creek Crystal Casino.

Here’s a video (2 minutes) of the game in action, and how it works.

Carnival 2022 Still Uncertain

Carnival celebrations are uncertain due to the current pandemic around the world, this is also the case in Aruba.

Aruba is known to have one of the most beautiful parades on the globe.

The celebration of Carnival is one of the oldest traditions on the island.

Aruba’s Cultural Minister and the official organization that manages Carnival in Aruba did not make a final decision as of yet, whether to let Carnival resume in 2022.

There are plenty of factors to consider before a decision can be made, according to the President of the Carnival Organization.

Carnival season in Aruba is a guaranteed good time!

According to tradition on the island, the Carnival season starts on November 11 with the release of the official jingle.

Followed by a Torch Parade, known as Fakkel Optocht, on the first Saturday in January – and queen elections, and several other parades.

Aruba Expands Fleets of Public Buses

Aruba’s public transportation company, known as Arubus, is set to expand its fleet of buses.

The current fleet at Arubus consists of 20 buses.

Now there are 15 new buses that are being shipped from Brazil, which will make the fleet 35 buses. 

There’s no date yet when the buses will arrive in Aruba.

Arubus also revamped their bus schedule due to coronavirus as of September 5, 2021.

To find out more about the new bus schedule’s visit Arubus route scheduler.  

Public bus fare in Aruba are as follow:

  • $2.60 per trip
  • $5.00 roundtrip
  • $10.00 day pass

You can visit nearly all the beaches in Aruba with public transportation.

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Air Travel Ban Between Venezuela Extended

The local Department of Civil Aviation extends the ban on air travel between Venezuela and Aruba for another 3 months. 

This announcement was made public by the department in the local news on September 10, 2021 with a notice to airmen number A0543/21.

All general, commercial flights and shipping packages from or to Venezuela will be suspended until December 10, 2021. 

Air Travel between the two countries is suspended due to the instability within Venezuela at the moment.

Aruba Eases Corona Measures

The Prime Minister of Aruba announced the easing of measures, after taking strict measures to stop the spread of delta virus on the island.

It wasn’t long ago that the Prime Minister applied curfew and other measures as the number of active cases started to rise. 

The measures were timely, as today the cases are considerably low and a high rate of vaccination throughout the local population.

Here are the new measures that are effective as of September 2, 2021

  • Curfew is eliminated (also known as – toque de queda)
  • All establishment are required to close at 12:00 AM
  • Restaurants are allowed to seat 6 people per table (was 4 before)
  • Face masks are still required
  • It’s prohibited to consume alcohol on public roads
  • Social distance remains

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“Rosario Bibo” at Alto Vista Chanel

The Alto Vista Chapel is holding a Rosario Bibo on September 20, 2021.

Rosario Bibo is the local name for a live rosary mass service on the island. 

The Alto Vista Chapel is one of the iconic spots in Aruba to visit. 

It has been pictured in many ways throughout the years on instagram – the most visited time is in the morning hours by tours. However, this “Rosario Bibo” is going to be special, as the ceremony of the Rosario Bibo will be held at night.

If you are on the island and are looking for a special way to pray with rosary, pass by the Alto Vista Chapel starting at 7:30 pm (September 20, 2021).

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If you’re in Aruba, go to the alto vista chapel for rosario bibo.

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