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Aruba Hosts Biggest Vow Renewal in The Caribbean For The Second Time

Aruba hosted the second edition of biggest vow renewal ceremony in the Caribbean on Eagle beach!

The event took place on August 22, 2018 during sunset.

Over 200 lovebirds flew from all over the world to publicly renew their I do’s in Aruba.

Newlyweds as young as a day old married and long time partners with over 60 years of spouses.

This event went viral on the internet, and solidifies Aruba as the must go to destination for everything weddings.

Nothing less than romance and love was in the air during this evening!

It looks like the event will be repeated next year, are you going to be one of the love birds renewing their vowels on Eagle beach?

Delta Airlines Adds More Flights To Aruba For December

Good news for those who are planning a Caribbean escape during the holidays.

Delta Airlines offers travelers leaving from Boston Logan International Airport a new sale to 5 Caribbean islands including Aruba!

Flights are scheduled to leave on Saturday’s (starting December 22, 2018) – you’ll be in Aruba during the weekends, right in time for a cold drink on the beach!

5 Travel Hacks For Cheaper Airfare To Aruba

A Closer Look Into The Future Of Tourism Projects

Last week tourism minister announced plans to beautify the Malmok & San Nicolas for locals and island visitors.

One of the projects is a new boardwalk starting from fisherman’s Huts to the intersection at Malmokweg.

The idea behind it is similar to linear park near Surfside beach to increase sport activity.

A trail that provides safety for those who are dedicated to daily beach walks, jogging, cycling or just enjoying the sunset after a long day.

The second project is the enhancement of baby beach & rodgers beach area.

Lone Palm Stadium, as we know it, will get renovated. A new parking lot will be created, bathroom facilities, restaurants and cafes.

The old tennis court?!

This will be taken down and a new multi functionality facility will be created instead: beach tennis, volleyball, basketball and new tennis court.

It’s only a vision at this point, but development will start as soon as plans are finalized, approved by stakeholders and a budget is allocated.

The Cinemas in Paseo Herencia is Closing in September 2018

The movies located at Paseo Herencia will be closing its doors at the end of August!

They announced the news this week on social media. And added not to worry, because they renovated their movie auditorium located at renaissance.

New chairs, more leg room, new sound system.

According to management, this doesn’t mean goodbye, but the beginning of a new cinema entertainment experience (a new movie theater near Sasaki Weg).

Managing Lionfish Population in Aruba!

A surge of lionfish started in the 1980’s at the coast of Florida and now the whole Caribbean region (including Aruba) is saturated with lionfish.

The invasion of lionfish has gone through the gulf of mexico, into the caribbean, the coast of Brazil into waters they shouldn’t be able to survive in.

Lionfish make it to all parts of the worlds because they are highly adaptive and is a threat to the marine life. One lionfish eats about 5000 reef fishes, crabs and lobster every year. Lionfish are known to have a lifespan of 10 years, this means one lionfish can eat 50.000 reef fishes in its lifetime. This isn’t good for our marine life in Aruba.

Aruba Lionfish Initiative Foundation is currently managing the lionfish population in Mangel Halto. One of the only proven methods to be effective to reduce and manage the lionfish population in Mangel Halto is to hunt them with hawaiian sling spear.

Spear fishing is illegal in Aruba, but the foundation has special dispensation from the police and Aruban authorities to use spears to catch lionfish only – and it’s working!

In the near future they will be using a new dome environmental trap that attracts lionfish where divers can safely reach them below 50 to 300 meters. Local fishermen will help them deploy the traps, pick them up, sell the lionfish to the local seafood market for a fresh “Catch of the Day” and cast the traps again – keeping our marine life healthy!

Mangel Halto – one of the most popular and accessible dives and snorkel sites in Aruba.  

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