natural bridge in aruba

The combination of strong winds and big waves, crashing against limestone rocks on the north coast formed a natural bridge in Aruba.

The Aruba natural bridge was one of the largest in the world.

Yes, I said was, because in 2005, the unthinkable “Aruba natural bridge collapse” happened.

But the remains of the natural bridge remains a scenic attraction until this day.

So why should you visit the natural bridge in Aruba, if it isn’t there any more?

You should visit, because there’s many other things to see and do.

The 4 Things I Liked About Natural Bridge in Aruba

I decided to visit the natural bridge, after almost more than year without going there.

While driving on the north coast of the island, I was reminded of how beautiful Aruba really is because of the….

1. The Beautiful Scenery

The way to the natural bridge in Aruba is a sand road that will give you one of the longest bumpiest rides (approximately 2 kilometers) you’ve ever experienced.

natural bridge in aruba

2.8 km to natural bridge in Aruba

On your way to the natural bridge, you’ll only notice 3 colors, blue, brown and green (and different shades of them). There’s nothing else but mountains, cactus, the ocean and blue skies. Occasionally you will see a few donkeys or goats roaming around.

The view here is amazing…

natural bridge in aruba

Small cove near the coastlines

A picture might show you how beautiful it is, but this is something you have to experience first hand.

natural bridge in aruba

Welcome to natural bridge Aruba.

2. Beautiful Remodeled Shop

The first thing I noticed when I arrived at the natural bridge was the bright yellow snack bar and souvenir shop.

It was the first “thirst aid stop” created by a local family more than 45 years ago – and it’s still the only refreshment shop in this area of the island.

The shop was sold to a local tour company (De Palm Tours), which renovated the entire place.

They remodeled the thirst aid shop into a beautiful typical old style home on the island, known as a cunucu house.

natural bridge in aruba

The remodeled natural bridge store

The interior has been completely renovated. Fully air conditioned, with a new bar, dining area, restrooms and a gift shop.

natural bridge in Aruba

A few of the items sold at the gift shop.

They sell different clothing brands from Aruba, slippers, hats for all ages. You can also get pica di papaya (papaya pepper) if you like the extra spice in your food.

They also sell mini alcoholic bottles, sunscreen, mosquito repellents and Aruba aloe island remedy face lotion.

3. I Like The Cool Art on the Wall

The new owners lifted the natural bridge shop by adding a very cool and interesting mural, depicting the natural bridge in its original form.

natural bridge in aruba

Isn’t this mural beautiful?

Everyone that visits natural bridge in Aruba, takes a picture and records a video that can be remembered forever!

Turn your living room into the cool mural with a beautiful natural bridge canvas wall art.


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4. Baby Natural Bridge

Although the original bridge collapsed already, there’s plenty of several other natural bridges near this side of Aruba’s coastlines.

There’s a bridge right next to the remains of the natural bridge, known as the “Baby Natural Bridge in Aruba”.

natural bridge in aruba

The baby bridge in Aruba

Here’s a picture of the remains from the natural bridge.

natural bridge in aruba

Remains of the natural bridge that collapsed in 2005

The natural bridge in Aruba is a beautiful place to take pictures, because of the backdrop of the surrounding windswept rocky hills and the ocean.

You can’t visit Aruba and not go to the natural bridge – your trip to this part of the island will be well worth it. If you want to explore the island, read 9 things to do at surfside beach or have a romantic beachside dinner in Aruba.

Good To Know….

Before you visit the natural bridge in Aruba, it’s important to know that….

  • You have to pay $1.00 to use the restroom
  • Entrance to the natural bridge is free.

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