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Local Newspaper in Aruba

This week’s local newspaper in Aruba was full of political headlines, a sign that election is getting very close (in September 2017), but I skipped right through the political propaganda, and noticed a lot of positive developments that I like to shed some light on…

Successful Dog Spay & Neuter Campaign

United Dogs Aruba gave 328 stray dogs in the district of San Nicolas a better future, because of a spay & neuter campaign last week.

Their original goal was to sterilize 400 dogs, but they reached pretty close.

Besides sterilization, the dogs were also vaccinated, dewormed and got a chip. The microchip contains important information about the dog.

I considered this campaign successful – congratulations and thank you for doing it!

Thumbs up to United Aruba Dog and all the people who volunteered.

7 illegals detained near Baby Beach

The local coast guard detained 7 undocumented people who were trying to enter Aruba in a fishing boat.

A operator noticed a suspicious movements on his radar, and immediately dispatched two coastguard boats to patrol the coasts of Baby Beach.

About 2.5 miles south of Baby Beach, the coast guard caught the suspicious boat.

Five of illegals have a Venezuelan nationality, one of them is from Ecuador and the other person from Colombia.

The captain got detained and charged with trafficking people.

Warda nos costa (coast guard) seized the ship for further investigation.

Mosquito Traps

The department of public health placed mosquito traps all over the island, to find out which type of mosquitoes are on the island.

They are under the assumption that the mosquito type – aedes taeniorhynchus, is to blame for the zika outbreak a few months ago in the district of Savaneta, Pos Chikito and San Nicolas.

The results of this experiment are crucial to adjustment of the current policy regarding combating zika and to establish new guidelines to prevent mosquito for the the upcoming “rainy season in Aruba”.

At the moment they placed 4 traps around the island – including one at the hotel sector. More traps are going to be places in the coming days.

The amount of reported and confirmed zika cases in Aruba at the moment is very low.

The minister of public health didn’t specifically say the amount of cases during a recent interview, but he assured the public that the confirmed cases of zika are well below the minimum level.

Here are a few tips to help you protect yourself against mosquito bites in Aruba…

Update On Toronto Murder Suspect

Four suspects who were caught last week in connection of the murder in the district of Jaburibari were released from jail.

However, there are four other people who are also suspected to have something to do with the murder and are still incarcerated.

One of them is, Michael Teddy Gibson, who is being accused of being involved in a gang related murder at Regent Park in Toronto (April 2, 2016).

The public ministry reported that the case is still under investigation, so they can’t give out too much information.

2 New Hotel in San Nicolas

The minister of infrastructure (Benny Sevinger) announced the construction of two new hotels in the district of San Nicolas.

During an interview he said that the negotiations with the hotel chains are almost complete, and in a short period the investors will be receive the land to start construction.

The minister didn’t specify which hotels will be opening, or the locations of the resorts.

However, I have a suspicion that one of the hotels is already started construction, near rogers beach.

According to the minister of infrastructure, the hotels will not be built directly on the beach (keeping the beaches public) and they have to contribute to the development of the district of San Nicolas.

The question many people are asking is, isn’t the new hotel going to have a negative impact on Aruba’s reserved nature area?

Some locals are calling this announcement fake news, just a political stunt – what do you think?

Is The Rehabilitation of the Refinery Delayed?

Word around town is that the rehabilitation of the refinery has been delayed, pushing back the start up date from 2018 to 2020, because there’s no money to fund the refurbishment.

But the minister of economy denied these claims, assuring the public that the timeframe of the refurbishment is on schedule.

According to the minister of economy, a large part of the rehabilitation process will be completed in the last quarter of 2017.

Gas Price On The Rise Again

The gas price is on the rise again, and it’s the highest since 20 months ago.

Gasoline is now 5.2 cents more expensive – 182 cents per liter. The price of diesel also increased. One liter of diesel will now cost you 146 cents per liter, an increase of 3.1 cents.

If you’re renting a car in Aruba, take these gas prices into consideration.

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New Restaurant in Renaissance Marketplace

There’s a new restaurant opening where cilo lounge used to be in the renaissance marketplace.

The new restaurant will be called Le Garage Bistro, a French bistro offering lunch and dinner.

During an interview, the new owners mentioned that they are close to opening their doors in the coming weeks – with a new staff and chef!

Folkloric Parade Display

On May 28, 2017 there will be a cultural parade event held, starting at 4:00 PM from La Cabana Hotel to Paseo Herencia Mall.

The parade will display Aruba’s folkloric clothes and traditional music.

If you’re on the island, stand on the roadside to witness the local folkloric parade.

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