When you’re at home and want to know what’s going on with Aruba you look for news online. However, finding local Aruba news in English can be hard.

Local Aruba News Update

Keeping up with island news can be a difficult task (mainly because of the language barrier). So to help you make sense of what is happening on your home away from home, I post a weekly recap of local Aruba news just for you.

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Plans for Bushiri Hotels

Do you know the building that used to be the ex Bushiri hotel (in front of Certified Supermarket on LG Smith Boulevard)?

Well a lot of offers have been made by investors and the private sector to buy the building. Buyers want to make it into a hotel, condominiums and other business ideas.

However, the government recently notified the press that they have their own ideas for this old ruin.

The ex Bushiri Hotel will be transformed into a recreational area for locals to use.

And the beach will become public.

But there are many things that should be worked out before construction starts.

For example, many locals that know the hotel from back then say that the beach at Bushiri is very deep.

According to them no one really swims there since the hotel closed down. Only fishermen who use a nearby pier to unload their fresh fish go here.

So the government needs to examine (and fix) the beach before it becomes public. 

The Damage Hurricane Matthew Left Behind

It wasn’t too long ago that Aruba was taunted by the giant hurricane Matthew.

The damage this tropical storm left behind was unbelievable.

The beach at Divi was completely gone. Including palapas and huts.

Near Malmok beach all the sea stars, conch and snails were completely washed away.

The gas station near the hotel area in Noord suffered a lot of water damage.

Last week the total cost of renovation of this area was announced. The gas station alone was around 300.000 Aruban guilders (that is 171.429$). 

Plus various shops in that area lost a lot of money also.

Restaurants like Gari Wasabi, Subway and other shops like Natures Discount were heavily damaged and needed renovations.

They lost a lot of equipment also due to the flood.

The total renovation cost of the gas station including shops, restaurants and condominium in the area are estimated to be around 500.000 Aruban guilders (that’s about 285.714$).

Check out a video of the floods near the area in Noord.

Black widow spider in Aruba?

A local spotted some strange insect in their yard. After further inspecting the creepy crawler they noticed it was a spider they had never seen before.

They informed the Department of Public Health and told them to let someone come and see what kind of spider it is.

It seems that the spider is a black widow spider (viuda preto).

So how can Aruba probably have black widow spiders?

The spiders can enter Aruba during the importing of products like fruits, vegetables, car tires and construction materials.

There hasn’t been any other reported cases of encounters with black widows (for a long time until this once)

I don’t think you should be worried about black widow spiders (I know I am not worried about it).

Gas price went up again…

It was about a month ago that I posted the last update on gas price.

The Minster of Economy announced on 8 February that the price for gas is going to raise again due to the price in the combustibles market.

The price for gasoline is now 180.4 cent per liter (increase of 1 cent). Only the price of diesel was reduced to 147.2 cent (-1.2 cent). All prices include BBO/BAZV.

This time it doesn’t seem much, but a raise is a raise still.

So if you’re planning to rent a car in Aruba don’t forget to budget for gas.

Click here to read more about renting a car via Vacations By Aruba.

Be Careful When Driving in Aruba

Last night police received a call that an accident happened with a rental car near Savaneta.

When the police came they were surprised to see a white Mitsubishi stuck in a ditch.

The tourist said he was going to Flying Fishbone (a well known restaurant in Aruba), but he completely missed the entrance of the restaurant and got off on the wrong side of the road into a ditch.

No one was hurt in this accident.

That’s a situation you don’t want to be in.

So, if it’s your first time (or not) driving in Aruba always be careful.

  • Don’t drink and drive.
  • Watch the speed limit.

The white rental car

More Police Visibility in The Tourist Area

There will be more visibility in the tourist section (low rise and high rise hotel area).

The police station in the area of Noord just received 2 new police cars from Aruba Tourism & Security Foundation and Korps Politie Aruba.

The 2 new Toyota RAV4 Hybrids are going to be used to reinforce visibility in the beach area.

Listen to the Minister of Justice (Arthur Dowers) and president of Aruba Hotel & Security Foundation (Jim Hepple) talk more about the new police cars and their plans to ensure security for every tourist on Aruba.

Queen of Aruba Carnival 63

It’s carnival season in Aruba. And it’s a local tradition to have a queen that opens all the carnival parades and represents Aruba during the entire year.

Aruba’s famous Queen election took place on 10-February-2017. 

local aruba news

Mrs Carnival Julie Tromp (left) and Aruba’s Carnival Queen Sabina Rey (right).

The new Queen of Aruba’s carnival 63 is Sabina Rey representing the bario (local way of saying city) of Santa Cruz. And Mrs Carnival of Aruba is Julie Tromp representing Champagne Carnival Group.

Congratulations ladies!

Check out the Carnival Schedule for 2017 here.

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