Life as usual, is not the same anymore in Aruba.

Social distance is the new behaviour, at least until the world wins the battle against coronavirus.

The entire world is in a lockdown, including me, and everyone else in Aruba.

This is how life changed in Aruba after the first Covid-19 infection.

First Covid-19 Infection in Aruba

The first person who tested positive for coronavirus was on March 13, 2020.

It was a male traveler from the USA working as a consultant at the island’s water treatment plant.

He was transported to the USA by airplane a few days after and has been recovering from this disease since then.

More than 2 weeks later, Aruba reported 55 positive cases of coronavirus.

21 were locally transmitted cases of the virus.

The rest are locals who came from abroad and started showing symptoms of covid-19.

Medical experts have tested over 600 people already since then (update until April 1, 2020).

Luckily, everyone diagnosed with coronavirus are only suffering from mild symptoms, and no one has died yet from this disease.

Life In Aruba With Coronavirus

Life has changed drastically for everyone on the island.

The streets are quiet, even the high rise hotel area looks like a forgotten town, and the beaches are empty, which isn’t normal in Aruba.

Retail stores are closed and no one know when they will open again.

Schools are also closed, and kids are studying from home.

The government ordered different measures to stop the spreading of the coronavirus, including a “toque de queda” and “shelter in place”.

Toque de queda is Spanish word and means curfew. No one is allowed outside between 9:00 PM – 6:00 AM. Only people who work at important jobs are allowed on the road between these hours.

Shelter in place is a form of lockdown, which is effective after toque de queda.

It encourages locals to stay inside and only leave the house to buy groceries or go to the pharmacy for medicine.

aruba savaneta coronavirus 2020

When Will Coronavirus End

No one really knows how long we might be confined to our homes.

It may take a few weeks, months, some experts even say the effects of coronavirus could carry into 2021.

No one knows for certain when travel bans will be lifted, but in the meantime travelers are booking their vacation to Aruba late 2020 and early 2021.

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Coronavirus Updates in Aruba

The government gives daily updates about the coronavirus in Aruba on TV and on Facebook live.

Want to view the live press conferences by the government? Here’s the Facebook page. (daily updates are at 2:00 PM and 7:00 PM Aruba time)

Follow additional information about covid-19 on the website of the department of health in Aruba –

Surviving Coronavirus in Aruba

It’s been estimated that an average of 25.000 locals will lose their jobs in the tourism industry.

The banking sector promised relief for those who lost their jobs because of coronavirus.

Car payments, loans, and mortgages have been put on hold for the following 3 months, and will be examined after. 

Locals who lost their jobs due to the coronavirus can apply for a social project by the Minister of labour and will receive 950 Aruban florins (equal to $543).

Somethings Never Change!

Life as we know it on Aruba is not the same anymore.

Coronavirus introduced some drastic changes into our lifestyle, but something in Aruba remained the same. 

The beaches are still beautiful, the ocean even seems clearer.

Take a look at this beautiful picture of Eagle Beach during Coronavirus in Aruba. 

Aruba’s beautiful flora and fauna, including its surrounding environment got a break, a chance to restore and detox.

In the meanwhile, everyone is staying safe inside their homes, dreaming of the day everything returns to normal.

When are you planning to come back to Aruba? 

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