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New List of Inadmissible Items At The Airport

Are you traveling to the United States from Aruba?  

If you answered yes, take note of the new list of prohibited items by Reina Beatrix Airport effective as of June 25, 2019.

Avoid monetary fines and flight delays by declaring all food products to U.S. Customs & Border Protection. 

Some items that you brought or bought during your trip in Aruba may be permissible to the United States, but these items must be declared and inspected. 

So what items are allowed, according to the new list by the Airport?

  • Pasteurized/Hard Cheese
  • Seafood
  • Poultry (cooked)
  • Bananas
  • Bakery Items without pork/beef
  • Any meals that you consumed outside the airport prior to entering the Aruba CBP inspection area. 
  • And any meals purchased inside of the airport facility. 

These items listed above are allowed when boarding an airplane, but it should be declared first. 

Besides declaring the items in your luggage, travelers are also encouraged to declare any excursions to several activities around the island including:

  • Donkey Sanctuary
  • Ostrich Farm
  • Philips Animal Garden
  • Or any horseback riding activities.

Remember to declare your items, because the regulations for permitted, restricted and prohibited items are subject to change at any time. 

For more information visit the airport page for the complete list of inadmissible items.

Bridging the Natural Bridge in Aruba

September 2, 2005 marked the collapse of the natural bridge in Aruba. 

Forever etched in history and our minds, the natural bridge still remains one of the most popular attractions for visitors and locals, even though it collapsed. 

Now, after a decade, a new foundation called 

“Bridging the Natural Bridge” will construct a new “natural bridge” between the large gap spanning nearly 30 meters. 

The original natural bridge was about 7.6 meters high. It’s predecessor will be made out of natural and innovative materials. 

No date is available yet for construction, until further notice.  

Spatial Development Plan 2019

The shape and patterns on a country challenges the development that is possible, and Aruba is no different.

Infrastructure Minister revealed a new spatial development plan for the island that will be effective for the next 10 years.

The new spatial development plan consists of a zoning map of Aruba, including several policies and regulations for development in protected areas. 

Here’s the new zoning map of Aruba.


a detailed look at the view of the island in zones.

The new zoning plan has regulation and policies that focus on a balance between nature and economic development including private sector, locals and tourism.

This means nature areas will be protected from construction of large resorts. Permits will only be issued for valuable projects in the tourism industry, local developments and agriculture.

A botanical garden for medicinal plants, fruits and vegetables is on the government’s vision in the near future. 

Win a 2019 Jeep Wrangler in Aruba

Wind Creek Casino at Renaissance Resort is rewarding one of their members a chance to win a brand new 2019 Jeep Wrangler.

How do you win?

As of August 2 until September 28, 2019 you’re going to be able to accumulate points using the Casino’s “Wind Creek Reward Card” to exchange for  raffle tickets to win the Jeep. 

Points can only be accumulated on Friday & Saturday. 

One raffle ticket is worth 150 points, you get more points to purchase raffle tickets. If you play more. All raffles must be entered into the drawing before September 28.

The winner will be selected on September 29, 2019. 

Besides the Jeep Wrangler, Wind Creek is offering players to win several prizes adding up to $25.000 cash.

You can play at both Wind Creek Crystal (open 24 hours) & Seaport Casino (open until 4 AM).

Visit the Player Services booth at Wind Creek Casino for more information and subscription for the Membership Card.

Subscription to the Wind Creek Reward Card is free.

Events To Attend When in Aruba August 2019

There’s a lot of tourist activities on the island. But on the other side, there’s also another world of events going on the island you may not know about.

Here’s a list of things to do in August 2019.

Visit The Farmers Market at the Ostrich Farm

Did you always wanted to try local bits and bites, buy local arts and crafts?

Visit the ostrich farm, located on the north country side for their weekly farmers market. 

Local farmers and artisans will present their home grown and made products including, but not limited to liqueurs, wines, snacks, pineapple juice, fruits, vegetables, and unique art pieces. 

The event is kid friendly. Shaved ice for the kids. Smoothies and lunch.

August 4, 2019 – 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM

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Rose All Day in Aruba

August 10 is going to be rosé all day in Aruba.

Renaissance island, also known as the flamingo island, has a rosé all experience for those who enjoy a glass of wine or champagne.

How does a rose all day look like in Aruba?

Private island. Beautiful weather. Beach. Stunning views. Music. Delicious food and drinking rosé all day. 

The dress code for the rosé event is white & pink.

Tickets for this event are normally $40, but there’s an ongoing early bird sale for just $30 – special available until June 30, 2019. (Event is on August 10, 2019).

Admission to rosé all day includes a boat ride to Renaissance island, $10 wine credit, and a goody bag.

VIP packages are also included for six people at $600. This includes: butler service, snack platter, 2 wine bottles and a private cabana.

Tickets are available for sale at the Navigators Desk or Front Desk at Renaissance Marina Hotel. For more information or reservations call +297-523-6115.

Explore Aruba At The Island Festival 

There’s a new reason to visit San Nicolas besides the stunning mural arts, display of culture, and beautiful beaches – a new street festival.

This month is going to be the 3rd edition of Island Festival.

It’s a 3 street festival in the promenade of San Nicolas. 

Each street will represent an island with its own theme: local island, multicultural island and historical island. 

Walk the trio streets and experience their local and multicultural food and drinks, music, ambience and vibe. 

Island festival will also have live shows. 

Local actors will illustrate the Aruban way of life back in the days and how the lifestyle developed until today. 

Two local bands will be playing live groovy Aruban music.

There’s also going to be different kiosks with local arts and crafts for sale made by Aruban artists. 

Island Festival will be organized once a month in San Nicolas. 

The next edition of island fest will be on August 28, 2019. 

Locals will be there. You are also invited to visit San Nicolas. 

Come and eat our food, taste our drinks, mingle with locals and experience the Aruban way of life!

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Listen To Steel Pan Music

Experience music that is typical to the island – steel pans! 

This year is going to be the 3rd edition of the steel pan celebration “Honor To Connor”.

The event is in honor of the islands steel pan music pioneer named Edgar Connor who was a star back in the days.

Various local steel pan artists will be performing including: Nico Connor, Lee Connor, Paula Engelen, Zaira Orman, Tico Kock and Ronwayne Kock. Additional performances will also be available in the likes of Quiver Quips Steel Orchestra, The Aruba Invaders Steel Orchestra, NLG Dancers and Carnaruba dancers.

Event will be at the Edgar Connor Amphi-Theatre at Paseo Herencia Mall on Palm Beach – August 18, 2019 – 7:30 PM – 9:30 PM (entry is free)

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