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You might be wondering where I get my information from to write this newsletter?

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At the end of the week I pick out the news that you can relate to and I translate it into English so you can read every Sunday!

So, how accurate are my words?

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Because if I read the newspapers, see the same thing on tv and hear it on the news, it must be accurate!

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Line Up For Flip Flop Festival 2017

This years flip flop festival promises to be bigger than ever, because of the artists that are performing.

The first two artists who are going to be in the line up at flip flop are Konshens and Morgan Heritage (both artist are from Jamaica).

Konshens is known in the dancehall music scene for his hits like, bruk of ya back, gal yu a bubble and Mr.Policeman.

And the Grammy award winning band, Morgan Heritage, formed by the reggae artist Denroy Peter Morgan will delight us with their musical tunes.

Flip flop will take place on 31 march until 2 april 2017.

If you’re in Aruba and want to go you can buy your early bird tickets for $15 at all gas stations in Aruba.

During the next couple of weeks the organizers of flip flop will announce the other remaining artists that will be performing.

Are you going to flip flop this year?

Try Some Italian Ice Cream by Marriott

A new shop just opened in Marriott Stellaris & Casino that sells gelato.  

It’s an Italian company named Gelato & Co.

Have you ever heard of it?

I didn’t…

But the company is known to make their gelatos (Italian ice cream), sorbets, cakes and other fresh desert with natural ingredients. They use no artificial flavors, preservatives and coloring.

We all have to live healthy to live long to keep on enjoying Aruba…

So this new place sounds like a healthy option if you’re looking for a refreshing ice cream.

You can find Gelato & Co in the lobby from Marriott Stellaris & Casino. It’s open from 10 AM to 12 AM.

I might have to visit them soon because I enjoy eating ice cream…

latest news from Aruba

New Gelato shop in Marriott.

Eagle Beach Again in Top Ranks

According to the Travelers Choice Awards by TripAdvisor, eagle beach is in the top 3 for “beaches in the Caribbean”.

The top beaches were chosen by reviews from travelers on TripAdvisor during the last 12 months.

A lot of travelers commented that eagle beach is beautiful because of the long stretch of white sand and turquoise water (a perfect destination for a beach getaway).

Arashi beach also was nominated in the top 25 beaches in the Caribbean.

The beach at Arashi is popular because you can snorkel, bathrooms are available, there’s a snack bar, great shade from palapas and is easily reached by car and public transportation.

How do you feel that one of your favorite beaches in Aruba ranks best in the Caribbean?

Way to go Aruba!

Aruba’s National Bird

The government decided to make the prikichi the national bird from Aruba.

The decision came a few weeks after the group from Aruba Bird Life Conservation went with the prime minister of Aruba to a bird life conservation festival in Colombia. 

Out of more than 200 species of birds in Aruba, the prikichi and the shoco (owl – Aruba’s national symbol) are the only two birds that are native to the island.

What’s interesting is that the scientific names for these two birds contains the word “Arubensis” which means that they are from Aruba, of course! 

I remember admiring the bright yellow and green birds when I used to play in the cunucu (yard in Papiamento) as a kid. I could recognize them without seeing them, because they made a distinct chirping sound…  

However, I noticed a decline in the amount of prikichi and shoco that are on the island.

This is because of boa constrictor snakes that are eating these birds. It’s the way of mother nature, and if we would like to preserve the prikichi and shoco we have to protect them.

So after this announcement, the prikichi (and shoco) is now a protected bird!

latest news from Aruba

A prikichi sitting on a tree branch.

Sterilizing Stray Dogs on Aruba

Animals are fun and amazing to have.

A lot of locals have dogs and cats here in Aruba, but some of them don’t know how to take care for their pets.

This negligence of animals is resulting in a high amount of stray dogs in Aruba.

The situation is getting out of control, because there are too many dogs wandering around looking sick, emaciated and full of disease.

Last year veterinaries together with bucuti and tara beach resort started a program to sterilize dogs and cats. The resort was paying half of all costs for sterilization for the locals.

Since the program first started a total of 6000 dogs and cats were registered and almost 4000 of them got sterilized.

The total amount subsidized by bucuti and tara resort until now is about 380.000 Aruban guilders (which is about 217.000 us dollars).

The sterilization program is currently ongoing and proving to be successful, but it’s only a small part of the solution.

The other part of the solution is to teach pet owners how to take care of their dogs (or stop people that can’t take care of pets from getting one).

If you’re ever interested in adopting a four legged friend, you’re welcome to do so at one of our veterinaries.

Bushiribana Gold Ruins Graffiti

This week someone wrote “Aruba Pro Pedofiel” on the walls of the gold mine ruins (what was this person thinking?)

However, this not the first time that they wrote this slogan on the gold mill walls (it’s the 4th time).

It all started with one father whose daughter was molested and began writing “Aruba pro pedofiel” all over the island. Now a few more angry parents are also starting to paint this slogan around the island, because of a recent child molestation case. They are mad because the child molester didn’t get a long enough jail sentence. 

I understand that they want to voice their opinion, but damaging local property and a tourist attraction is not the solution…

I hope this trend stops and that the government starts giving longer sentence for child molesters.

latest news from aruba

This is not the way to resolve this.

Archaeological Museum Closed

If you have a visit to the archaeological museum planned when in Aruba (in the first two weeks of March) you’re going to be disappointing, because they’re going to be closed on 28 of February 2017.

The reason they are closing is because they are installing a new air conditioning system.

So if you had planned to visit the archaeological museum you have to reschedule…

They said it will be known publicly when the museum will open again.

latest news from Aruba

The museum is going to be closed for renovation

Too Much Tourist Getting into Accidents

This week a lot of accidents took place with tourists in the mix.

Many of them which are unfortunate and some could of been completely prevented.

The first accident happened between a local and two tourists in the downtown area.

The rental car involved in this accident failed to give the other party preference and caused the accident. They were not hurt severely, but needed to be taken to the hospital for observation.

Another accident happened this week with a lady that was speeding in a residential area and lost control of her rental car. She managed to turn over the car, knock down a traffic sign and hit full on into a house that was under construction.

It was a miracle that she came out of the accident without any major injuries.

latest news from Aruba

She completely turned over the car.

A couple parked their car near Malmok beach to go snorkeling.

But when they returned to their car, they were shocked to see that someone broke into their car and took their belongings.

I don’t know if they left their belongings visible, but if that was the case, this could of easily been avoided.

This is enough to give anyone with a bad intention the impulse to break in…

latest news from Aruba

Police taking notes of what happened

If you’re going to drive in Aruba always be careful (while driving and parking).

They will break in your car, anywhere in the world, even in broad daylight, if you leave your belonging visible.

My advice to you is…

  • Never speed (stay in the driving limit)
  • Don’t drink and drive
  • Never drive and text on your phone
  • When leaving your car hide all personal belongings out of sight.

If you’re looking to rent a car for your upcoming trip click here to see our rental rates.

Security Cameras

The government is going to use technology to bring down the crime rate on the island.

Minister, Arthur Dowers wants to put cameras on certain areas of the island to increase security for locals and tourists. They are currently running a few tests with these cameras positioned near the hotel and downtown area. Because some area’s for example by the pelican pier are reported to have locals selling drugs to tourist. They are a molestation for people who are not interested (and it’s against the law)…

With the help of these cameras the government is planning to catch these drug dealers red handed.

If the cameras prove to be successful more will be added (there are talks that about 600 cameras will be placed all over the island).

latest news in Aruba

security camera near the beach in Aruba

Latest News From Aruba about CITGO

The rehabilitation of the refinery is finally starting to take place after the government signed a contract with CITGO in 2016,

About one week ago more than a 100 people were contracted and officially given a badge to enter the refinery.

Today there are more than 200 people who are working to recover the refinery.

This week the government announced that about 200 specialists from Trinidad & Tobago will be contracted to help rehabilitation process. 

It seems that a lot of foreign workers are being contracted, but that was part of the deal. More foreigners than locals would be contracted to rehabilitate the refinery. But, after the refinery is in full swing, 80% of the employees have to be locals. 

When the rehabilitation of the refinery is completed those who were contracted from away have to go back and locals are going to run and maintain the refinery.

The director of Aruba investment bank, Frendsel Giel said that the refinery will yield more than 340 million dollars annually for Aruba. The majority of this money will go to workers, local contractors and the government. And the city of San Nicolas will be booming again!

The reopening of the refinery will definitely give a boost to Aruba’s economy.

Green Corridor Bridge

Last week the director of ODINSA (an infrastructure company from Colombia), Carlos Zubieta Uribe, shared a positive update about the developments of the bridge that they are in charge of constructing during a press conference.

He said that the construction of the bridge is on schedule and everything is going according to plans.

After they complete the structure they will move to the next phase of the project that includes adding lights to the bridge, putting road signs and putting asphalt on the road.

The deadline of this bridge is set to be in August of 2017.

The bridge is part of the green corridor project, which is a renovation of the existing highway and creation of a new one from the airport to the area of pos chiquito (and savaneta) including several new roundabouts.

Soon you will be able to drive on the new highway and bridge of the “green corridor”.


latest news from Aruba

Green Corridor Bridge


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