Wondering what’s the latest Aruba news?  Here’s the top 3 local Aruba news you should know about.

Latest Aruba News

You’re not the only one who’s having a hard time finding quality Aruba news in English on the internet. That’s why I decided to start a weekly round up of the most important Aruba local news. This way you can stay up to date with the news from Aruba.

Free Parking in Downtown Area

Yes, it’s true. You can finally park for free again now in the downtown area of Aruba. However, it’s only free parking after 15:00 PM in the afternoon.

You still have to pay for parking from 7:00 AM until 15:00 PM.

The Government and Aruparking is also going to stop blocking your car with boots.

Instead you will get a parking fine if parked incorrectly or exceed your parking time.

I agree with a parking fine better than blocking a car. Because blocking a car is counter productive. Let’s see if this is the solution that brings a change in the parking situation in Aruba.

Read paid parking in the downtown area of Aruba for everything you need to know about paid parking.

latest aruba news

You can finally park free now.

Free Wi-Fi in Aruba’s Main Street

Business owners say that paid parking has had a negative effect on the business in the downtown area.

Providing free internet is an incentive to attract more people to visit the main street.

Setar (a local phone provider in Aruba) is managing the free Wi-Fi project.

Now you can connect your favorite smartphone or other devices to the internet while exploring the main street of Aruba.

Want to know what activities there are in the main street? Read this article.

latest aruba news

Visit the main street of Aruba, it’s beautiful!

New Addition To Aruba’s Infrastructure

A new bridge is being built.

The bridge is a part of the new Green Corridor roadway that is being created.

The building of the bridge already reached the highest point.

The bridge is a great addition to Aruba’’s infrastructure.

The Green Corridor and the new bridge promises to reduce the driving time between Oranjestad and San Nicolas.

latest aruba news

The bridge is already looking nice.

Changes to Expect in The Future

The Government said that they will make more changes in the future for the main street of Aruba.

When you visit Aruba soon there will be…

  1. A sound system in the main street.
  2. Being able to drive through the main street after 19:00 at night.
  3. More activities in the main street like street performances and shows.

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10 replies
  1. Art Dubois
    Art Dubois says:

    Thanks for providing this information Angelo. You are absolutely correct – very difficult to get Aruba news in English. Don’t be afraid to post negative things as well as positive.

    • Angelo Limon
      Angelo Limon says:

      Hi Art,

      Thanks for your comment! I am going to do my best to report the “bad things” also, without putting the island in a negative light. I appreciate your comment.


  2. Esther Fernandez
    Esther Fernandez says:

    Paying for parking Downtown is counterproductive. Most people that go into Town are going to spend their money; why should they be charged to do so. As an elderly and somewhat disabled couple, we have stopped going into Town, and parking is part of that problem. We have been to Aruba every year for the last 36 years and used to enjoy our trips to shop in Town; we no longer do so.
    Having free wi-fi all along Main Street is also counterproductive. Do you want visitors to be on their electronic devices while walking down Main Street, or do you want them window shopping/buying while they stroll?
    Exactly where is this new bridge going to be? The road from Oranjestad to San Nicholas is already a straight run and I’m just not understanding!

    • Angelo Limon
      Angelo Limon says:

      Hi Esther,

      The new bridge is right next to the existing one. There is also a new road being constructed (next to the existing one) from the airport to pos Chiquito connecting to the new bridge. It seems confusing, but as the constructions finalizes I understand it better.

      About the parking situation, paying for parking is done because we Arubans just park anywhere how and when we want which disturbs traffic. So that’s why the Government did the paid parking basically. And I think also of course to pay for the electric tram costs too.

      I hope they take it off completely and make it better for disabled people.

      Thanks for your input, appreciate it!

      Sunny Regards,

  3. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Just came back from the great island of Aruba and while there we parked in Oranjestad main parking lot adjacent to bus parking lot. Never had a problem before but car got the boot and a $43 (American)fine.Very disappointed about the lack of more signage explaining the change (we had not been there last year)as there was never a charge before>. We would have had no problem paying to park.I dont know what the revenue is coming into Aruba government but with all the tourists I dont see why they would have any revenue problems.I would think even a 1% tax on entering country or a similar miniscule tax that is applied to rooms or activities could be put into effect (though my understanding is there is a room tax in effect now) I say that rather than a sales tax or food tax that is constantly up front on everyday purchases that may be looked upon negatively.It is a wonderful island but do not let it get caught up in the same progressions of the greedy in other countries.As I see now some of the mall expansion up by high rises has had a negative effect on Oranjestad. To have empty stores in that downtown area is a shame.So I say modernize with caution and the local populace
    should be a priority also when making determinations.

  4. judi
    judi says:

    That bridge and the dumb green corridor is all just a big waste of taxpayers money. How will it “relieve” anything? Everyone has to merge into one at the airport; and merge into one in pos chiquito. Politicians know crap about commuting. Why not construct a train? A subway?
    Just my opinion. Looking forward to more of your posts

  5. Donna Lograsso
    Donna Lograsso says:

    I’ve signed up twice trying to activate my subscription but I never receive the email (I have looked in spam). Help!!

  6. Gary
    Gary says:

    Really appreciate this. Great news. One item tho — I’ve always driven through O after 7pm. My “Main Street” do you mean LG Smith Blvd or where the trolley tracks are?

    • Angelo Limon
      Angelo Limon says:

      Hey Gary, paid parking counts in LG Smith around the PWC building, at renaissance parking lot and the whole strip until Certified supermarket (in front of the old Bushiri Hotel) And even in the back where the trolleys are too, all in the main street. There’s only a few spots to park you car “Free” all day around main street example the parking lot from West Deck. I always use that. I hope I answered your question. Sunny Regards, Angelo.


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