Aruba officially announced it’s reopening its borders for visitors, however, there are strict requirements in order to enter the island. 

The borders are gradually opening to countries, welcoming visitors from neighboring islands first.

Here’s when you will be able to visit Aruba, depending on which country you’re from:

  • June 15  – Bonaire & Curacao
  • July 1 – Canada, Europe, Caribbean (except St.Domingo & Haiti)
  • July 10 – USA
  • South & Central America remains closed until further notice

Key points you should know about before you board your flight:

  • Travelers must fill in Embarkation-Disembarkation Card (mandatory) 3 days before boarding airplane
  • Upload COVID-19 test results while filling in ED-card (optional)
  • Required to wear a mask during your flight
  • Mandatory COVID-19 insurance (15$ per day per person)

The first requirement to visit Aruba is filling out an Embarkation-Disembarkation Card (ED-card) 3 days before your flight. 

This ED-Card has several requirements. 

All visitors are asked to complete a self-health declaration form, upload COVID-19 test results (optional), and purchase a mandatory Aruba COVID-19 insurance (15$ per day per person).

When filling out the ED-Card you can choose to upload COVID-19 test results proving you are negative for the virus.

If you do not upload a coronavirus test result when filling out your ED-Card, you have to take a mandatory coronavirus test upon arrival at the airport that costs 75$.

The ED-Card also asks you to agree with the following requirements:

  • Cooperate with all the health screening and testing as indicated by the public health authorities in Aruba upon arrival and during your stay on the island, including isolation & quarantine.
  • Agree to quarantine while you wait for results if you test for COVID-19 at the airport. 
  • Agree to follow instructions by public health authorities in Aruba including but not limited to isolate or quarantine if tested positive for COVID-19 (at the airport, or during vacation). 

Aruba is waiting on you…

When will the ED card be available?

The website to fill in the ED-Card will be launched on June 25, 2020.

About Aruba’s Mandatory COVID-19 Insurance

Aruba’s Tourism Authority and the Government are striving to accomplish the best package options regarding the mandatory COVID-19 insurance on the island.

They are taking into account guests that have their own insurance coverage, longer stays, for several weeks or months, while still delivering the coverage for guests that have a shorter stay on the island.

The details of this health insurance coverage is still currently being worked out, and any updates regarding this matter will be announced by the Government and Aruba’s Tourism Authority before the borders officially open.

What happens when you arrive in Aruba?

All visitors will be subject to 100% testing, this includes checking temperature and coronavirus symptoms, a short interview by on-site doctors, and a mandatory COVID-19 test if you haven’t uploaded a negative test result while filling in your ED-Card 3 days before the flight. 

Visitors who take a test for coronavirus at the airport, must quarantine 24-hours inside their accommodation and wait for results. 

If you test positive for coronavirus, you will be asked to check out of your resort and isolate at an accommodation designated by Aruba’s Tourism Authority.

In case your results are negative, you are at liberty to move around the island.

If you uploaded a negative test result when filling in your ED-Card 3 days prior to your flight, but you get infected with coronavirus after and show COVID-19 symptoms upon arrival at the airport (or while in Aruba), you are subject to retake a test, and if you test positive you will have to go into isolation at a designated accommodation.

What if you show symptoms of coronavirus while on vacation?

So you uploaded a negative test result prior to boarding your flight, or you tested negative at the airport for coronavirus. But what if you start to show symptoms related to coronavirus while on vacation?

In case a visitor notifies the hotel of COVID related symptoms, the staff will direct the guest to their room, and a representative will contact a private clinic in Aruba to assist you over the phone.

While on the phone, the medical professional will ask health-related questions to determine your health state.

If you do not meet the criteria for testing, the medical professional will advise the next steps you should take. However, if you do meet the criteria for testing, a specific date and time will be appointed for you to test at a diagnostic center on the island.

When the criteria for testing are met, visitors must follow health and safety regulations, which includes taking their belongings, get transported for testing, and isolate at a designated location to wait for results. 

The visitor’s travel companions will be advised to quarantine inside the accommodations pending the suspected person’s test results, which will be confirmed within 48 hours.

If test results are positive:

The visitor with coronavirus will remain in isolation at the designated accommodation until recovered. Medical follow up will be conducted throughout the isolation and quarantine process. 

Once the visitor recovers and tests negative for coronavirus, they can resume their vacation or depart the island.

If test results are negative:

The visitor will be allowed to return to their resort and the travel companions will also be released from quarantine.

Important information for travel companions in Quarantine

If someone you have traveled with is suspected to have coronavirus, you will not be allowed to accompany them to the test center. 

You’d have to quarantine inside your accommodation until results are known.

Travel companions of a confirmed case will need to check out and will be placed into quarantine at designated locations for 14 days.

The quarantine period restarts each time a new case is discovered within the group.

Travel companions not showing any symptoms of coronavirus can either stay in quarantine in Aruba, at a designated location or choose to depart the island.

If travel companions of a confirmed case develop coronavirus symptoms while in quarantine, they will also be transferred to a test center and wait in isolation at designated location pending results.

can you imagine yourself here?

Aruba’s Airport Cleared for Landing

The normal operation at Aruba’s airport is going to be different due to the coronavirus situation.

Here are key points when at the airport, all taking careful consideration of social distancing rules and hygiene:

  • At the check-in terminals, only 140 passengers will be allowed entry to provide social distance between travelers, previously the check-in area was packed with travelers. 
  • Only 34 travelers can stand in a row for security checkpoints.
  • Only 105 passengers are allowed to stand in a row at the immigration checkpoints when entering Aruba, previously this area had a capacity of 500 passengers.
  • Travelers have to follow direction markers on the ground. 
  • Hand Sanitizers are strategically placed at the airport

Key Points regarding entry requirements at Aruba’s Airport: 

  • requirements for entry in Aruba due to coronavirus are always subject to change depending on the progress made on the island. 
  • Always stay up to date for announcements made by the Government regarding new requirements to visit Aruba.

Here’s a view of the airport at the moment, showing you what you can expect when arriving and departing the island…

The immigration hall when upon arrival…

Check in area outside the airport

inside the check in area

The seats at the boarding area…

Clear 4 Landing Video

Here’s a video showing you what you should expect when going through Aruba’s airport, and a message by the Tourism Minister and CEO of the Airport.

Renaissance Aruba Resort Covers COVID-19 Insurance

If you choose to stay at Renaissance Resort & Casino they will cover the cost of Aruba’s 15$ per day per person COVID-19 insurance. 

The resort will cover insurance cost (15$ per person, daily) by deducting it from your room rate when you book your stay. 

This offer is available between August 31, 2020 – March 31, 2021, and can be canceled 24 hours before arrival.

Other accommodations will also be offering this convenient deal. 

The official list of accommodations offering to cover visitors daily insurance cost will be published soon.

Do Not Pick Up Sea Stars in The Ocean

Before a halt in travel due to coronavirus, travelers used to enjoy sea stars and take them out of the water for a Instagram picture, but this was dangerous.

Picking up a sea star and holding it above water can be fatal to this beautiful creature.

Sea Stars are very fragile. 

enjoy from a distance, don’t pick them up.

Sea Stars need to breathe in order to survive, and they can only breathe underwater. Fresh air is toxic to the sea star’s respiratory system. 

The department of nature and environment noticed a lot of sea stars out of their normal habitat, and wants to remind everyone to enjoy watching the starfishes when snorkeling from far, but don’t take them out of the sea. 

Picking up sea stars is illegal in Aruba. They are protected under the nature conservation ordinance flora and fauna (AB1995no2). 

Tres Trapi & Boca Catalina are beaches known to have the most sea stars laying on the bottom of the sea in Aruba, but they belong in the sea, and not out of the ocean.

Renovations at Drive-in Almost Complete

A few weeks ago the owners of Aruba’s first drive-in announced they were relaunching the business. 

Renovations works are happening fast and should be completed end of July 2020.

According to the owner, a large sum of money has been invested in new modern equipment for the drive-in.

Drive-in will have modern equipment, however, the design and building will maintain its essence like the first day it was opened. 

The movie’s soundtrack will be heard just like old times, through FM radio-frequency. The property has a capacity for 280 cars.

Here’s a video of the property at the moment during construction and the owner during an interview in Papiamento (if you don’t understand Papiamento, at-least you can see the property)… 

In its glory days, the entrance was charged per person, in modern times, they are going to charge per car. 

The first movie premiered at the drive-in opening in 1969 was “The Guns of Navarone” a British-American epic adventure war film. 

Closing its doors in 2009, the last movie shown on the big screen at the drive-in was “Fast & The Furious 4”, one of the most popular street car racing movies. 

Coronavirus changed the entire world, including the movie industry.

Sitting in a packed movie theater is suddenly out-dated, and the old school drive-ins are the new and safe alternative to watch a film in this era.

It’s not easy eating popcorn with a mask on anyway, soon you can comfortably enjoy a movie in your car in Aruba without worrying about the person sitting next to you.

The New Pier at Rodger’s Beach

It’s official – construction started on a new pier at Rodgers Beach.

The new pier is part of the beach beautification project in San Nicolas announced in 2019 by the Government.

According to the Tourism Minister, the size of the new pier is 29 square meters, including a large platform next to it that can be used to jump in the water or simply to sunbathe. 

As soon as the pier is completed within 6 weeks, the project is set to continue with an infrastructure upgrade, new beach huts, additional parking spaces, new courts for sports (volleyball, soccer, and tennis), restaurants, bars, and bathrooms at both Baby and Rodgers beach.

Here’s a view of the pier at Rodgers beach back in the old days of Aruba…

Rodgers beach in its glory days…

More tourists will be geared toward this side of the island, because of the renovation and upgrading of Baby beach, Rodgers beach, and the addition of a new hotel. 

San Nicolas has a lot to offer, another view of Aruba, culture, arts, food, and beautiful beaches. 

There’s truly a lot to do here on this side of the island. 

When in San Nicolas, visit the Tourist Information Center close to the central bus station for guides on what to do.

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