JetBlue Suspends Flights From Fort Lauderdale + Newark To Aruba

JetBlue recently cancelled over 37 routes from their flight schedule, including flights from Newark (EWR) to Aruba. 

The decision by the New York Based airline hits two airports the hardest, which are Fort Lauderdale (FLL) and Newark (EWR). 

Both airports are important hubs for travellers to fly to Aruba.

Some flights out of FLL or EWR from JetBlue have not been completely cancelled as of yet, but as of January 2023, all of these flight routes will be completely removed. 

Only United Airlines will fly non-stop to Aruba from Newark, unless a change in flight routes is announced.

Check your flight reservations if you’ve already booked flights from FLL or EWR to Aruba. JetBlue is changing their pre-booked flights from FLL to Aruba, to FFL to NY to Aruba, until further notice.

JetBlue Airplanes. Source: JetBlue

According to a statement confirming the recent move from a JetBlue spokesperson, the current suspensions are implemented to ensure operation reliability.

The flight suspension by JetBlue is primarily in markets and airports that are experiencing challenges in daily operations.

The airline industry experienced major operational issues leading up the summer, especially during bad weather, and unexpected air traffic control delays. 

According to JetBlue’s spokesperson, reducing flight capacity will boost operational reliability ahead of the current high season for travel. 

For now, these flight cuts are definitive into 2023, until the airline announces their return in the future. 

JetBlue is accommodating all travellers with an existing booking, or a full refund.

The airline announced it will add new flights soon to compensate for the recent flight cuts to continue a balanced growth, including New York to Aruba, and Boston to Aruba.

The Green Corridor Bridge Now Glows in The Dark

The largest bridge in Aruba now glows at night.

Illumination was added on the bridge in order to make it more visible to traffic at night.

The lights were installed during a scheduled preventive maintenance work on the bridge a few weeks ago.

The colors at the bridge switch between green and yellow.

Check the image below for a view of the bridge at night when the lights turn on…

The Green Corridor Bridge at Night

The maintenance works included sandblasting, rust removal, and painting over the bridge as preventive measures to avoid deterioration.

Maintenance work on the bridge will likely take place every 5 years according to the Director of Aruba’s department of infrastructure and planning.

If you want to see the bridge at night, drive towards the airport, and head in the southeast direction towards San Nicolas. 

The Largest Vow Renewal Ceremony in The Caribbean

Aruba hosted the world’s largest vow renewal ceremony again on Eagle Beach.

For the fourth year, this romantic island invited couples to renew their wedding commitment on the world’s most beautiful beach. 

Over 200 couples, both recently married or many years married, participated in this event, on August 11, 2022. The event was streamed live, on Facebook and Instagram. 

The beach was beautifully decorated with tropical and chic decorations.

Local artist, Edjean Semeleer, was the Master of Ceremony, with Andy Ousbourne leading the vow renewal ceremony. 

Couples came from all over the world including, but not limited to the United States, Italy, Ecuador, Argentina, The Netherlands, Germany, Uruguay, Brazil, Spain, Canada and Peru.

Image Source: Aruba Tourism Authority

Saying “I Do” one more time to reconfirm their love for eachother, with the perfect Caribbean sunset, champagne, and hors d’oeuvres and music. 

Aruba is the number one island for couples to celebrate love. 

Next year will be the 5th edition of the vow renewal, and promises to be big!

The event will take place on August 9, 2023 

All participants are encouraged to wear white and match with caribbean style.

If you’re planning a vow renewal, get ready for the occasion and take part in Aruba’s romantic tradition next year by visiting Aruba Tourism Authority’s website.

The cost of participation in the vow renewal ceremony is free.

Long Table Dinner in Aruba

Wind Creek Resorts is organizing their one night, and one table, with 1000 invites enjoying a spectacular dinner and giving away thousands dollars to charity.

This is the 4th edition of Wind Creek’s, Long Table Aruba all white dinner event, and it takes place on August 28, 2022.

Imagine dinner under the stars, at night, and a chic decorated street with a long table with hundreds of other guests enjoying the event.

Special about this event is the 1000 foot long table with all white table cloth seating 1000 invites to enjoy dinner that gives back the proceeds to a local charity on the island. 

Long Table Dinner event in Aruba – Source: Long Table Aruba.

The event was first introduced in 2017, and has donated over $75.000 to charity in Aruba. 

This year will be the 5th year since Wind Creek Resorts acquired Renaissance Hotel. To celebrate this achievement, Wind Creek is donating $40.000 to a local charity. 

With this donation, it would be the largest sum of money awarded to a charity from the long table event.

Renaissance Hotel was known to be involved with the local community, and this heartfelt supportive spirit is now also part of the new Wind Creek Resort.

Unfortunately, this year’s event is already booked.

The only way to look forward to this event is to prebook for next year’s long table event.

How to book?

Visit the, Wind Creek Hotel “Long Table” page for more details on the long table dinner event.

Taste This New Palette in Palm Beach

Aruba is a foodie paradise, and one of the newest restaurants on the island just revealed a new menu with a unique palette for you to taste.

The new restaurant I’m talking about is Blue Bar, located at the Radisson Blu.

Blu Bar is a new Peruvian pop-up restaurant by the latest resort in Palm Beach. They are open everyday from 5:00 PM – 11:00 PM.

The best thing about this restaurant are the appetizers and entrees that are matched with cocktails and wines that blend perfectly with each dish.

Blu Bar celebrated soft opening, grand opening coming soon. Source: Radisson Blu.

What’s on the menu at this pop-up restaurant?

You will find typical Peruvian cuisine and seafood centric dishes – ceviche, local fish topped sugar snap peas puree, slow cooked beef brisket, cowboy pork glazed with blackberry jam and served with tofu. 

The menu also features tiraditos, a Peruvian dish with raw fish, cut in the shape of sashimi, or similar to carpaccio, in a spicy sauce.

There’s plenty of Peruvian choice dishes on the menu that will satisfy anyone’s taste buds. 

Blu Bar is the only restaurant that offers Peruvian dishes on Palm Beach.

World Series of Poker in Aruba

World Series Poker is on the way to Aruba!

The international circuit of the planets largest poker tournament is on a world tour, and Aruba is next!

One of the most popular card games on the will be celebrated on the island of Aruba with the “World Series of Poker” celebrating 20 years of existence.

The poker games will be held at Hilton Resort from September 22 – October 2, 2022. Pro’s, amateur and every skilled level poker player in between are given a chance at the grand prize.

World Series of Poker in Aruba at Hilton. September 22 – October 2, 2022

The world series poker championships are held all throughout the world, and Aruba is one of the “poker destinations” with Las Vegas being the ending spot of the $1.000.000 cash game.

Aruba will be hosting the poker tournament in one of the most signature casinos when it comes to card games.

Are you ready for a game of poker at the Hilton?

Tables are open from 3:00 PM until 3:00 AM.

Card games include Roulette, Black Jack, Caribbean Stud Poker. Hilton Casino also includes Texas Holdem, Omaha, 4 – 8 limit, 2 – 5 and 5 – 5 no limit.

Monster Truck Show in Aruba

The American Monster Truck Association is preparing for a magnificent monster truck show on the island. 

The event is called “Caribbean Monster Truck Shootout”, is promised to be one of a kind. 

American Monster Truck Association aims to give shows around the Caribbean, and now Aruba is next on the list!

Expect 4 monster trucks executing spectacular jumps over cars, backflips and drifting. 

There’s even a surprise act by the one and only Transformers, Bumblebee and Optimus prime.

The show is taking place on September 30 – October 1 – 2, 2022 at Palo Marga Drag Race Strip. 

Tickets are $20 per adult, and $9 per child (until 12 years). 

You can purchase your tickets at different spots on the island including: NAPA (San Nicolas, Shaba, Santa Cruz), Caya Grandi Service Station, Bright Bakery, Tropical Bottling Company Carry Out (Oranjestad & San Nicolas).

Monster Truck Shootout in Aruba 2022 (September 31 – October 1 – 2).

Keep Aruba Clean With New Beach Bins

Aruba now has new eye-catching mint green beach bins to help you do away with your waste during your vacation and keep the island trash free!

The new beach bins are part of Aruba Tourism Authority’s campaign to preserve and protect the island for future visitors and locals to enjoy the island.

You can help keep Aruba clean by using these new recycling bins to throw away waste during your vacation.

New recycle bins on Aruba beaches.

The new beach bins are a nature preservation project between Aruba Tourism Authority and a local environmental friendly organization called Plastic Beach Party.

The bins are designed to collect separate waste items, including glass, metal and plastic. 

Together they installed 10 bins on 10 different beaches on the island to encourage visitors and locals to help the island recycle waste into reusable products, processed by Plastic Beach Party.

You will find these mint green beach bins at Palm Beach, Eagle Beach, Baby Beach and several other popular beaches on the island.

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