Aruba rarely sees hurricanes. But this time we couldn’t escape Hurricane Matthew. However, Aruba wasn’t hit directly by the Hurricane. I had to see what damage was done when the storm passed and show you the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew Aruba. 

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Hurricane Matthew Aruba The Aftermath

The long-lived tropical cyclone Hurricane Mathew caused flooding in Oranjestad and Noord Area. It also  affected Aruba’s beaches. Area’s like Palm Beach, Eagle Beach, Malmok Beach, Boca Catalina, Arashi and Baby Beach have suffered lots of erosion.

Pictures After Hurricane Matthew Aruba

After the storm the waves were still high and rough.

The waves were so big that it broke a stone stairway near Boca Catalina.

The beach is nearly inaccessible now due to all these rocks around.

The hurricane caused storm surge reaching all the way up to the roads.

The waves don’t reach this far on land on a normal day.

Hurricane Matthew washed out conch, sea stars, sea urchins, stones and seashells.

The waves also managed to bring seaweed from the ocean onto the beach.

Volunteers raked all of the seaweeds into huge piles.

The whole beach at Casa Del Mar Resort has been severely damaged.

The beach strip from Divi Aruba All Inclusive Resort to Casa Del Mar Resort has been completely destroyed. All the sand that was there is now gone.

Besides lots of seaweed washed up on the beaches, floods and broken palapas. The damage could of been much worse. There were no mayor incidents including people.

The Future after Hurricane Matthew Aruba

What can you expect if you’re visiting Aruba right after Hurricane Matthew?

Maybe a few beaches will have no access to swim or snorkel. It could be also that there are still seaweed left over on the beach. But other than that your vacation should be okay.

If you’re ever traveling when it’s storming read safety and precaution tips during Hurricane Season in Aruba

The government has been doing a good job cleaning up the beach.

After a few weeks time the beaches will look clean again. Like Hurricane Matthew didn’t even happen.

5 replies
  1. Angelo Limon
    Angelo Limon says:

    Hello Andrea, the last picture is an actual image from Divi Tamarijn. However, it has been severely damaged it’s not recognizable it anymore. Are you planning to stay at the Divi soon?

  2. Scott
    Scott says:

    We are headed to Divi All Inclusive on Nov 23. What can we expect for beach access? Will we need to rent a car now and travel to get to sand?

    • Angelo Limon
      Angelo Limon says:

      Hi Scott, I have been to the Divi last week. And it looks pretty good. There is beach access – you can swim without worries. If I was you I would reserve a car asap to have one secured. There is no better way to explore Aruba than with your own transportation. We have some really good cars available – read our Aruba car rental page. Fill in the reservation form or send me an email at [email protected] with your request. Enjoy your vacation. Sunny regards, see you in Aruba – Angelo 🙂


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