Taking a good photograph of a sunset isn’t easy. That’s why I’ve decided to write some tips on how to take good sunset pictures in Aruba.

How to take good sunset pictures in Aruba

First of all scope your surroundings before you take any pictures.

You do this by reaching at the location you plan to take your pictures at least 30 minutes before the sun makes it way down.

Reaching late means rushing to take pictures and they might not come out good.

Think About The Composition Of Your Sunset Picture

It’s easy to take a sunset picture by placing the sun in the middle of your image.

However, if you use this technique your pictures will not look interesting.

Instead, put the sun in the top or the bottom of your image!

Incorporate other objects in your sunset picture

Another way how to take good sunset pictures in Aruba is to incorporate other objects into your picture.

Think about palm trees and overhanging palapas.

Or a pier, coconut, pineapple, cocktails or any interesting object.

By following these simple steps you can add a lot of depth to your sunset pictures.

Your sunset pictures will look a hundred times better!

Don’t be shy to take a lot of pictures

Once the sun is gone you have to wait until tomorrow to get another shot.

Wouldn’t you feel guilty if you didn’t make enough pictures of a beautiful sunset?

Get creative and create sunset silhouettes

A silhouette is a picture of a subject or object against sunlight so that only the outline of the subject or object is showing.

So, the sun needs to be behind an object or subject to create a silhouette.

There is something mysterious about silhouettes.

It makes your pictures beautiful and gives them a wow effect.

Minimize Camera Shake

You don’t want a blurry picture of one of the most beautiful sunsets in Aruba

Use a tripod to minimizing shake (blurry pictures).

If you don’t own a tripod use your body as one.

You can do this by resting your elbows between your knees as you sit on the beach.

Or you can lean against a rock (or any other thing) to minimize camera shake.

When you’re taking pictures of a sunset don’t forget to look behind you.

You might be surprised how beautiful the view can be behind you.

Don’t walk away when the sun disappears.

Because the most spectacular sunset colors usually appear after the sun’s gone.

Hopefully these tips help you make good sunset pictures in Aruba.

If you have more tips for better sunset pictures share them in the comment section.

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Images by rina.ricci 

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