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Food Truck Festival

It’s that time again for foodies in Aruba.

The popular “Aruba Food Truck Festival” is back again and bigger than before!

Follow my journey during last years food truck festival.

Food Truck Festival is the place to go if you want to taste street cuisine in Aruba.

Let your taste buds experience the sweet taste of what can only be experienced outside of the fine dining establishments found on the island. Over 15 food trucks and food vendors will be on site this year!

Aruba food truck festival

Visit the Food Truck Festival for delicious street food!

The festival is also famous for the atmosphere set by live music and entertainment.

Besides delicious street food, there’s also exoctic drinks and craft beers available!

The festival is a family event, and everyone’s invited.

Food Truck Festival takes place on April 26 – 27, 2019 at Plaza Daniel Leo located in the downtown area.

It starts 7:00 PM until 11:00 PM on both days and entrance is free.

King’ s Day Celebration in Aruba

Another public holiday is approaching as the island will be celebrating King’s Day on April 27, 2019.

Kings Day, better known as Koningsdag (Dutch) is an official holiday in the Netherlands and all the Dutch islands, including Aruba.

April 27 is the birthday of King Willem Alexander.

Until Queen Beatrix renounced her throne in 2013, the holiday was known as Queen’s Day ( Koninginnedag in Dutch) and was celebrated on 30 April.

Aruba celebrates King’s Day with an official ceremony and parade at the Wilhelmina Park in the downtown area. There’s also different family friendly festivities around the island including sports and kite flying competitions.

Dutch snacks and drinks will also be available.

Restaurants and beach bars are known to have specials on food and drinks with live music to entertain.

Locals wear orange shirts to represent the Dutch pride, are you joining?

During this day, all stores, shops, gasoline stations and supermarkets will be closed for the day.

Popular Dutch Coffeeshop Will Open in Aruba

A popular coffeeshop in Amsterdam, The Bulldog, will open an outdoor bar & cafe in Aruba.

The Bulldog will be located at the former wet bar & lounge spot inside the Paseo Herencia Mall at Palm beach.

It’s going to be the same inviting, comfortable and relaxing atmosphere the shop is known for in The Netherlands, but with an indoor and full outdoor terrace setting in paradise!

With a pool area close to the bar.

Expect fresh smoothies, Caribbean cocktails, small bites and snacks.

The official opening date is not known yet, but somewhere in 2019!

Watty Vos Boulevard Infrastructure Project Update

According to the department of public works, the new infrastructure project in Aruba known as “Watty Vos Boulevard” is almost complete.

Watty Vos Boulevard project is a new beltway that connects the district of Noord with the inland roadways. It includes new highways, overpass and several roundabouts.

The last four roundabouts are in construction at the moment, and these include:

  1. intersection at Alhambra Casino
  2. near Oceania on Eagle beach
  3. intersection at Noord
  4. intersection on Sasaki Weg, close to Divi.

The intersection at Alhambra Casino will be closed for construction as of April 13, 2019.

Detours toward end destinations in surrounding areas will be suggested with road signs.

Construction works will take 2 months to complete.

New Bills in Aruba

Aruban parliament approves a new law to introduce new designed Aruban florin bills.

The 500 Aruban florin bill will be replaced for a 200 florin bill, because the former is no longer used during transactions.

Besides swapping the 500 floin bill for 200 florin, the central bank of Aruba will also be printing a new series of paper money to replace the old ones.

Aruban Paper Money Bills

After the introduction of new paper money bills, locals and visitors can change the old bills for new ones at the Central Bank of Aruba.

The common exchange rate in Aruba is 1 US Dollar equals 1.75 Aruban florins. But the casino and banks have higher exchange rates, up to 1.80 Aruban guilders or more.

You can pay with US dollars everywhere on the island, except for $100 bills (and $2.00 dollar bills), because it is not accepted everywhere.

You can pay with credit and debit cards. American express is not accepted everywhere.

The new Aruban bills will be presented on May 2, 2019.

New CEO for Aruba’s Airport

The new CEO of Aruba’s Airport was presented to the public, after the current CEO, James Fazio, announced his retirement a few weeks ago.

Joost Meijs, CEO of Eindhoven Airport (Netherlands) will start his function as the new leader of the Aruba airport as of September 1, 2019.

He will be responsible for overseeing the airports redevelopment project “Gateway 2030”.

The airport is currently transitioning from the planning to the construction phase of the project.

recent news out of Aruba

View of Aruba’s airport

“I look forward to contribute to new successes of the international airport of Aruba and I am really impressed by all that has been achieved so far by James Fazio and his team.” said Joost Meijs.

The successor of James Fazio was carefully selected by Royal Schiphol Group, which is a partner of Aruba Airport Authority, the organization that operates Aruba’s Airport.

Before the new CEO takes full control of operations, he will be properly prepared to take the leadership role of the construction project.

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