This post is the ultimate guide to getting cell phone service in Aruba.

It turns out you can make your phone work in Aruba, without skyrocketing your bill.

You’re about to learn how to get your cell phone to work in Aruba.

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Cellphone service in Aruba

Aruba has two phone providers. Digicel and Setar. I use Digicel.

You have a choice to use your phone (roaming) or buy an Aruba sim card.

If you choose to stick with your number remember to contact your phone provider before you fly to Aruba. Ask them if they have cell phone service in Aruba.

Maybe a roaming plan, international plan or anything at all!

But wait, here’s what they won’t tell you…

They’ll charge you around 2$-3$ per minute for incoming and outgoing calls!

A 20 minute conversation can cost you around 60$.

Also expect hidden charges. Like data use for email updates and push notifications.

If you plan to roam you’ll be able to do so with At&t in Aruba and also with…

  • Verizon
  • Sprint
  • T-Mobile
  • KPN
  • Digitel
  • Vodafone
  • and more.

However, it‘s way cheaper to have what I call an Aruba cell phone to call abroad. And buy Aruba data cards for when you need a data plan.

Click here to download a free guide for traveling with Aruba with your phone.

Cheaper Cell Phone Service in Aruba

Using your international sim card to get Aruba cell phone service is expensive. I would buy an Aruba sim card from Digicel or Setar. A sim card will cost you about $21. Data plans can be bought separately.

Change your APN (Access Point Name) settings.

  1. (for Digicel) APN Name: Digicel – APN:
  2. (for Setar) APN Name: setarinternet – APN:

Having the wrong APN-Settings means your internet connection won’t be good.

How To Call United States from Aruba

Dial 001 and the area code in the united states plus the phone number.

Cell Phone Aruba Tips

If you plan to keep your sim card (and not roam either) you should:

  • Turn off your mobile data
  • Turn on your WiFi
  • Put your device in airplane mode.

Aruba is dotted with WiFi hot-spots. You can make a phone call if you need via Skype, What’s App, Facebook Messenger and all other calling apps over WiFi.

How to Get Cell Phone Service in Aruba

Click here to download a complete PDF sheet for traveling in Aruba with your phone.

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