Whether your looking to eat local dishes or culinary specialties, all restaurants on Aruba will please your taste.

The Brownstone

When is the last time you had the best ribs near Eagle Beach?

Or the best seafood dish?

If your answer is: a long time ago – let me show you this new place.

It’s a newfound gem near Eagle Beach.

It’s called – The Brownstone.

Keep reading and I’ll show you the best of the best of what The Brownstone has to offer…

The Brownstone Restaurant

The Brownstone started as a simple bar concept.

A place where you can eat good food at the bar, share stories with the bartender, and watch a live game on a big screen.

It’s now a perfect spot for ribs and seafood on Eagle Beach.

New York Style Look with International Food Flavors

The look and feel of the restaurant is similar to the brownstone structures in New York, when they first popped up in the early 19th century.

Almost everything inside of the restaurant is handmade, from the chairs to the the bar.

Cognac brown is the owners favorite color, and she decorated the entire place with chic brown décor.

Have a drink at the handmade Brownstone bar

The Brownstone offers a variety of cuisines styles influenced by different regions including:

  • Caribbean
  • Dutch
  • Europe

The menu also accommodates children:

  • Deep Fried Grouper
  • Home Made Chicken Nuggets
  • Pasta With Tomato Sauce
  • Scoop Vanilla Ice Cream

It’s no doubt one of the newest spot on Eagle for ribs and seafood, but there’s more options on the menu.

Half roasted chicken is also available in different styles: BBQ Honey Smoked, Korean Style, Caribbean Curry and Herb Seasoned.

The fish cuisines are made with the local catch of the day which is usually red snapper, also available in different styles: Korean glazed, Caribbean style and chefs style.

All main courses on the menu (expect pasta dishes) are served with potato gratin (cheese and potato layered on top of each other) and coleslaw.

Besides the regular food, there’s also a special menu for vegetarian, gluten free and lactose free foodies.

The beverage menu includes but is not limited to soft drinks, local beers, draft beers, cocktails, martinis, coolers, wines, and coffee.

There’s more on the menu, but the following beverage and food items listed below are among the best of what The Brownstone has to offer.


The Best Cocktail – Brownstone Cocktail

Let your taste buds tingle with a sip of the best house drink – The Brownstone Cocktail.

This is the restaurant’s iconic drink.

Made from a combination of ingredients including:

  • Brugal White Rum
  • Muddled Cucumber
  • Elderflower Syrup
  • Dash of Angostura

Served on ice –  a refreshing alcoholic drink with a slight cinnamon spicy taste.

Refreshing cold drink, served on ice.

The Best Draft Beers by Abita

At the brownstone they are proud to tap all IPA draft beers by Abita Brewing Company in Louisiana.

Here’s a few available draft beers at The Brownstone:

  • Purple Haze
  • Hop On

The purple haze draft beer is one of my favorites.

It’s a lager brewed with pilsner and wheat malts and vanguard hops.

Real raspberries are also used to add fruity aroma, and shade of purple color to the beer.

the brownstone restaurant draft beer

Cold draft beer by Abita.

The Best Appetizer – Grilled Scallops

There’s plenty of starters on the menu when it comes to appetizers.

If your not allergic to seafood, start your main meal with the grilled scallops!

Scallops are grilled to perfection: delicious crispy brown crust.

And glazed with sesame chili & soy sauce, yummy!

Grilled Scallops – Image by Sizzlefish.

Best Soup – Fish Caribbean Bouillabaisse

Soup is a popular dish in the Caribbean, especially fish soup made from the catch of the day.

The Brownstone offers a good tasting Caribbean inspired bouillabaisse fish soup.

It’s made with the days local catch, calamari, shrimp and mussels.

Freshly prepared in a light tomato fish broth.

Seafood Soup | Image by Pinterest

Best Salad – Garlic Herb Cream Cheese Mix Salad

If you like to eat light and healthy meals, you should try The Brownstone’s mixed salad. 

It’s a fresh mixed salad served with warm garlic herb cream cheese in puff pastry, walnuts, pear plums and champagne vinaigrette.

You can choose to add shrimp or scallops to the salad.

Fresh Salad.

Best Meat Dish – The Ribs

Do you finally remember the last time you had good ribs?

The ribs at brownstone are well seasoned, slowly roasted and finger licking good.

Every bite is as close to heaven as you can get.

The chef prepares the ribs in different styles:

  • BBQ Honey Smoked
  • Sweet & Sour Teriyaki
  • Cajun Dry Rub
  • Chefs Style

Try all of the signature rib style and experience the great taste and tender ribs for yourself.

the brownstone restaurant ribs

The Brownstone perfected ribs!

Best Seafood Dish – Grilled Stuffed Calamari

Another seafood option for sea dish fanatics at The Brownstone is the stuffed calamari. 

Calamari can be prepared in numerous ways: fried, braised, grilled and roasted.

The Chef at Brownstone grills the calamari perfectly to a crisp light brown texture. Afterwards combining the calamari with shrimp, mushrooms, spinach and a saffron sauce.

This dish is full of taste!

Or try the bacon wrapped shrimp, delicious!

Best Dessert – Flambéed Strawberries Over Vanilla Ice Cream

What’s the best way to finish a meal? If your answer is dessert, you’re correct!

It’s a tradition to conclude a meal with sweet tasting food, or a sweet beverage or liqueur.

At The Brownstone you get 3 choices for dessert, and the best one is the flambéed strawberries served over vanilla ice cream.

Specials at The Brownstone

Take advantage of the daily specials:

  • Early bird dine menu
  • All you can eat ribs
  • Live music

Check out the specials available at The Brownstone.

3 Course Early Bird Dine Menu For Only $28

Enjoy a 3 course meal including appetizer, main meal and dessert for only $28.

Choose your appetizer:

  • Broccoli Soup – finished with crunchy bacon strips
  • Tomato Salad – thin sliced tomatoes, feta cheese, olives and basil dressing
  • Mix Salad – tomatoes, bell pepper, red onions and champagne vinaigrette

For the main dish you can choose between:

  • Full rack of ribs – two types: BBQ Honey or Smoked BBQ
  • Deep fried grouper – served with 2 dip sauces: tartar sauce and French cocktail
  • Half roasted chicken – Caribbean Curry

Early bird dinner available from 5:00 pm – 6:30 pm

3 course menu worth every dollar.

All You Can Eat Ribs (Saturday) For $24.50

How much ribs can you handle?

If you are hungry for ribs, go to the all you can eat ribs on Saturday night for only $24,50

You can choose between different rib styles including:

  • Korean Glaze
  • Cajun Dry Rub
  • BBQ Honey Smoked

Potato gratin and coleslaw are served only once with the first order of ribs.

You can eat as many ribs as you can handle after.

The BBQ ribs is available during the entire night.

How much ribs can you handle?

Live Music (Sunday)

Enjoy live music every Sunday from 7:00 pm until 10:00 pm.

Come and enjoy the live entertainment at The Brownstone.


The Brownstone is located at the Alhambra Casino Marketplace.

Address – J.E Irausquin Boulevard 47

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Restaurants in Aruba are always offering something new and unique to customers.

The competition in the food business is intense, but this is required because it produces plenty of alternatives when looking for a place to dine out.

I’ve found 5 new dining concept that you might like to try when in Aruba.

Fresh Catch of The Day

If you want to experience a new seafood experience visit Taste My Aruba. 

Owner of the restaurant, Nathaly De Mey, shops at the local fish market and handpicks between 100 – 300 kilograms of fresh catches of the day.

The fresh seafood is deliciously prepared into several dishes, including but not limited to ceviche, lobster towers, grouper fish cakes and lobster bisque. Also part of the menu are drunken shrimp linguine in creamy garlic sauce or lobster with truffle mash.

With a true passion and sustainability for cooking, details are important for every dish at Taste My Aruba.

Nothing goes to waste – when it comes to lobster dishes, the whole lobster is used, from head to tail.  The head is used to make a bisque and the tail is used for the lobster tower. Fishes such as groupers carry a lot of meat at their head and body, which goes into fish cakes and the rest is used for the main dishes – yummy!

Taste My Aruba is located in Oranjestad, right beside Padu Lampe Plaza, on a beautiful decorated courtyard.

Authentic Aruban & Caribbean Buffet

Elements Restaurants unveils their new Caribbean buffet.

The menu has everything from local cornbread to polenta sticks, plantains, corn patties, Aruban ceviche, seafood salad, sulz, pickled pork, blood sausage, cucumber and papaya stoba, beef or chicken stews, fish or chicken soup, jerk chicken, Caribbean seafood paella and a variety of pasta stations.


That’s also covered with flan, cashew cake, local fruit cake, and more delicious sweets.  

All dishes are prepared with seasonal ingredients that are locally produced in Aruba or from nearby regions.

This newly upgraded Caribbean buffet is one of the best, because the food is prepared by chefs from different Caribbean nationalities. Such as Aruba, Jamaica, Santo Domingo, Haiti, Colombia and Venezuela.

Visit Elements Restaurant for a dreamy beachfront dining experience – the buffet is available every Monday to Saturday 12.30 pm – 3.00 pm.

New Vegan Menu at Ike’s Bistro

Ike’s Bistro reveals a new variety of vegan dishes attracting all vegans, and those new to this trendy health food. 

As the world continues to change, people are more thoughtful about what they eat, and this menu is a must try if you’re a vegan, or just starting to taste the new way of eating. 

The new vegan menu starts with delicious appetizers: arugula jackfruit salad, mesclun salad, lemongrass carrot ginger soup, tomato basil soup, spicy buffalo cauliflower wings, vegetable tempura, and vegan fish taco.

All the main dishes on this vegan menu are a must try, including grilled fish filet & roasted cauliflower, sesame ginger duck, stuffed corn chips & avocado, or truffle porcini risotto & grilled tofu.

Dessert is simple and unique, a new creation named – Caribbean snickers. 

Visit the open air restaurant, Ike’s Bistro, located at Manchebo, and try their brand new vegan menu.

All New Gourmet Dinner Concept

This all new gourmet dinner concept is a combination of Caribbean and Peruvian fusion Cuisine that takes you on a culinary journey. 

Two restaurants, The Kitchen Table & Asi es Mi Peru are blending their culinary expertise into a perfect combination. 

What’s the new gourmet dinner concept?

It’s a 7 – 8 course dinner that reflects the best of the best when it comes to Caribbean, Peruvian and International cuisines. 

The gourmet dinner is available every Tuesday to Saturday.

Scrumptious Sunday Brunch at Corals Restaurant

What should the ideal Sunday brunch look like?

Besides a beautiful set up and decorations, the food should satisfy every palate, and your mimosa glass should be always full.

The chef at Corals Restaurant, Aldwin Donata, is the one responsible for the delicious brunch. The menu always changes every Sunday, keeping the public favorites. 

There’s a variety of food stations including, salad, soup, Asian, carving, Aruban, fruit, and bread. Dessert is complemented with delicacies, homemade pastries, cakes and a chocolate fountain.

Let’s do brunch at Corals, every Sunday from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm at Holiday inn Resort. Adults 35$. Kids 6-12 – $17.50 under 5 is free.

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A total of twelve Aruban  bartenders will compete against each other to display their cocktail making skills. 

The one who proves to have the skills and competency to create spectacular cocktails will be crowned the king or queen of cocktails in Aruba. 

King of Cocktails Aruba

Event starts on March 19 and it ends on March 31, 2021. 

Each bartender will make their special cocktail, and which will be available for you to try. (At their restaurants or bars, mentioned in this list) 

Find the bartender at his or her bar (or restaurant) and ask for one and be surprised. Remember to vote. 

Cocktails Price

All drinks cost $12.

Get a 5$ discount if you mention “KING05” when you order drinks.

Once you leave your vote for the best cocktail, you automatically enter a raffle to win a gift certificate to win $100, $50 or $25.

Let’s talk cocktails…

Stroopwafel Martini @ Willem’s Dutch Pancakes

The stroopwafel martini was created after inspiration of the stroopwafel which originated from Gouda, Netherlands.

Naomi ter Wal, the bartender behind this cocktail, wanted to make something she is proud of and close to her, being born and raised in Gouda.

She describes it as an amazing cocktail with a special Dutch cookie.

The stroopwafel martini is creamy and caramel-ish.



  • Absolut Vanilla Vodka
  • Baileys
  • Coffee liqueur
  • Shots of coffee
  • Caramel powder
  • Stroopwafel

How to make it

  1. Mix Absolut vanilla with baileys, coffee liqueur and a shot of coffee.
  2. Dash of caramel powder.
  3. Top it off with whipped cream and stroopwafel crumble.

Dragon Passion Martini @ Tango’s

The dragon passion martini was inspired by the freshest fruits in the Caribbean and Argentina. 

Brandon Montes, the creator of this cocktail, wanted to make a drink that is well known in his hometown Argentina, and he succeeded.

The Dragon Passion Martini is refreshing, citrusy taste and sensual, perfect for any meal.


  • Muddled dragon fruit
  • Fresh Passion Fruit juice
  • Mango Vodka
  • Passion fruit liqueur
  • Simple syrup
  • Lime syrup
  • Egg white

How to make it

  1. Mix dragon fruit  and passion fruit juice.
  2. Add mango vodka and passion fruit liqueur.
  3. Add simple syrup and lime syrup.
  4. Egg white to make the surface foamy & steady for garnish.

Ginger Licious @ Salt Pepper

The Ginger Licious drink was created out of the passion to create refreshing drinks.

Roy van den Heuvel, the bartender behind this gingery cocktail used ingredients with refreshing properties to create it.

Including cucumber, raspberry and cucumber vodka, honey, ginger and a dash jalapeno.

He describes the drink as refreshingly flavorful with a little kick!


  • Cucumber Vodka
  • Lemonade
  • Raspberry Extract
  • Syrup of Jalapeno
  • Honey
  • Fresh Ginger

How to make it

  1. Add ½ ounces of syrup, 
  2. Add 1 ¼ ounces of cucumber vodka
  3. Add 1 ounce lemonade
  4. Add ½ ounces of raspberry extract
  5. Add ice and shake it up! 
  6. Pour into your glass.

Piña Colada Mojito @ Sopranos

The piña colada mojito was masterfully created by combining two well known cocktails together, piña colada and mojito!

Tatiana Villa, the bartender behind this cocktail, wanted to create a signature drink that gives vacationers a tropical taste and reminder that they are in Aruba.

She describes the drink as sweet tasting with a tropical Caribbean vibe.


  • Coconut rum
  • Mint leaves
  • Lime juice
  • Pineapple juice
  • Piña colada mix
  • Soda water

How to make it

  1. Mix the malibu, mint leaves, lime juice, pineapple juice, and pina Colada mix
  2. Finish off with a splash of soda water.

Kulikitaka @ Surfside Beach Bar

Inspired from the song Kulikitaka by Tono Rosario, this drink was created to give out tropical flavors. 

JP Nahar, the creator behind this drink, made rum as the main ingredient of the cocktail.

He describes the cocktail as refreshing with a sour kick.


  • Coconut Rum
  • Grand Marnier liqueur
  • Dry White Rum
  • Simple Syrup
  • Lime Juice
  • Red Bull
  • Cranberry juice

How to make it

  1. Add 3 second pour of lime juice, simple syrup and cranberry juice into the shaker.
  2. 5 second pour of coconut rum and dry white rum into shaker
  3. 3 second pour of Grand Marnier tino shaker
  4. Splash of red bull into shaker
  5. Add ice and shake it up!
  6. Pour into glass and top it off with ice. 

Kiwi Sakétini @ Que Pasa?

The kiwi sakètini, was crafted with love and passion, by bartender Denilson Geerman.

A very high-end brand of Sakè is used as an ingredient in this cocktail that pairs well with fresh sushi. 

When you drink the kiwi sakètini, the taste brings you all the way to Asia. 

The key to this cocktail is making it out of fresh ingredients.


  • Kiwi
  • Sakè
  • Gin
  • Fresh lime juice
  • Simple syrup

How to make it

  1. Mix the kiwi with gin, lime juice and sake.
  2. Add ice and shake it up!
  3. Garnish with small pieces of kiwi slices.

Peanut Butter Old Fashion @ Nos Clubhuis

The peanut butter old fashioned was inspired by the demand for classic “old cocktails”.

Johan de Beer, the creator of this cocktail, remade an old fashioned cocktail, with a new nice and sweet taste. 

He describes the peanut butter old fashioned as an original oldie cocktail taste, with a sweet and sour kick.


  • Old Fashion Aromatic
  • Screwball peanut whiskey or bourbon whiskey
  • Simple syrup
  • Cherries
  • Slice of orange
  • Peanut butter

How to make it

  1. Mix in glass all ingredients.
  2. 2 counts of Whiskey.
  3. Add a cherry, orange slices, a dash of aromatic, and a dash of simple syrup.
  4. Add a small splash of water, crush and mix it. 
  5. Add ice and stir it.

Tropical Ginger @ Moomba Beach

The tropical ginger was inspired by tropical flavors and made by a local Aruban bartender.

Danny Kock, the creator of tropical ginger specializes in mixology and loves to create his own special flavors. 

He describes his drink as refreshing, bubbly and spicy.


  • Brugal rum
  • Bacardi
  • Own mix simple syrup: pica papaya, green peppers, and jalapeno juice
  • Lime juice
  • Ginger syrup
  • Coconut soda

How to make it

  1. Mix 1.5 1.5 ounces of white rum
  2. Add 1/2 ounces of dark rum
  3. 1/2 ounces of lime juice
  4. 1/4 ounce of mixed simple syrup
  5. Add a splash of ginger syrup and coconut soda
  6. Stir it up!

Mango Mojito @ Hadicurari

The mango mojito is not known in many cultures, because it adds salt to mangos. 

Gerson Albay, the creator of the mango mojito, created the drink based from a fusion of different cultures.

He describes the drink as complex, but easy to make, and hard to forget once you taste it.


  • Orange Vodka
  • Peach Schnapps Liquor
  • White rum
  • Fresh mango slices
  • Lime slices
  • Mint leaves
  • Mango pure
  • Simple syrup
  • Lime juice
  • Club soda
  • Extra Pink Himalayan Salt

How to make it

  1. Add 4 lime slices into a shaker.
  2. Add mint leaves into the shaker.
  3. 1 ½ ounces of orange vodka.
  4. ½ ounces of peach schnapps.
  5. 4 drops of mango pure.
  6. 4 drops of lime juice.
  7. 3 drops of simple syrup.
  8. 4 pieces of fresh mango.

Déjà Vu @ Fishes & More

The Déjà Vu is a cocktail that brings back memories of the one happy island.

Ariahaj Helder, the creator of this cocktail, made this drink with locally produced ingredients in Aruba. 

Her goal was to make a drink that gives you a cool and refreshing feeling. 

She describes the drink as nice and smooth, reminding you of the fresh Aruba beaches.


  • Chill beer
  • Tito’s Vodka
  • Limes
  • Mango extract
  • Passion fruit juice
  • Simple Syrup
  • Seltzer Water

How to make it

  1. Add ice into a cocktail shaker.
  2. Add 2 ounces of Tito’s Vodka, 1 ounce of Chill beer.
  3. 1.5 ounces of passion fruit juice, ½ ounces of mango extract.
  4. ¼ ounces simple syrup, and squeeze half a lime into the shaker.
  5. Shake and stir it!
  6. Pour into a glass and add a splash of seltzer water.

Mary’s Tropical Treasure @ Cafe The Plaza

The cocktail Mary’s tropical treasure is just as the name suggests, full of tropical flavors. 

Inspired bartender and mixology specialist,  Maryleen Ras, this cocktail was created by using different ingredients such as candy, spices and fruits. 

She describes the drink as sweet, surprising and fruity.


  • Dark rum
  • Amaretto
  • Watermelon syrup
  • Dadel (date) syrup 
  • Lime

How to make it

  1. Mix the dark rum, amaretto, and ice into a shaker. 
  2. Add watermelon and Dadel syrup
  3. Shake it up!
  4. Optional: garnish with mint, yellow dragon fruit, burned orange peel & pineapple peel.

Tony’s Crush @ Moomba Beach

Tony’s Crush is a well balanced drink that you can drink anytime of the day.

This cocktail created by Teun van Duin, has a lot of the Caribbean liquid spirit, better known as Rum.


  • Watermelon pieces
  • Lime juice
  • Simple syrup
  • Silver rum
  • Cointreau
  • Passion Fruit Passoa

How to make it

  1. Mix the watermelon slices with lime juice and simple syrup into a shaker.
  2. Add 3 counts of rum, Cointreau, and passion fruit passoa into the shaker. 
  3. Add ice into the shaker and shake it up! 
  4. Pour into glass with crushed ice and add a dash of sprite.

Vote For Your Favorite Cocktail

Are you a cocktail connoisseur?

After you’ve tried the cocktails, vote for your winning bartender here and get a chance to win a gift certificate.

Leave a comment, and share with us, which cocktail in this list you like the most, or share the best cocktail you’ve ever had in Aruba.

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With hundreds of fine dining establishments to choose from, making dinner plans in Aruba can be hard – but I’ll make it easier for  you, because I found a hidden gem!

To make your menu choices as simple as possible, I’m highlighting some of the most stellar dishes you should try, if you decide to visit.

Let me take you through a culinary journey at this spot: Ricardo’s.

Escargot & Ceviche For Starters

If you love seafood like me, you’ll be delighted with one of the chef’s favorite appetizers – escargot!

Half a dozen escargots swimming in delicious garlic butter sauce and white wine sauce.

Each one of these cooked edible land snails were tasted amazing.

The dish is accompanied with corn starch based polenta bread, known locally as funchi.

Fresh fish and seafood are plenty on the island!

Knowing this, another seafood dish was in front of me after indulging my first appetizer. This time a favorite on tropical island, especially in Aruba – Ceviche!

Chunks of grouper, marinated in lemon, sea salt and onions. Topped with herbs and bell peppers.

Every bite was tasty and refreshing, just as this Peruvian inspired dish is supposed to be prepared.

If you’re not a ceviche lover, this dish will convert you into one, once you take a bite.

Chef’s Pepper Steak

Beyond the endless meat options on Ricardo’s menu, I settled for the Chef’s Pepper Steak!

Juicy beef tenderloin accompanied with a peppery cognac sauce.

The top quality meat is grilled to perfection, served with delicious mashed potato and mixed vegetables.

This dish has an exquisite taste and surely will leave any meat lover wanting more!

Aruban Grouper Filet

If you’re looking for an authentic specialty during your vacation in Aruba, try the Aruban Grouper Filet!

Fish is a part of traditional Aruban dishes, and the chefs at Ricardo’s put a new spin on a classic cuisine with nice presentation.

Tantalize your taste buds with this crispy pan fried grouper with mango creole sauce.

It’s served with rice topped with herbs and mixed vegetables.

Chefs Recommendations

After my last dish, the hostess suggested I try lobster pasta with vodka creamy sauce on my next visit – which I will definitely do!

Drink & Wine Recommendations

Besides cocktails and mixed drinks, there’s plenty of wines available at Ricardo’s that compliment each dish perfectly.

According to the hostess, which is also a knowledgeable sommelier, suggests drinking red wine when eating steak, especially pinot noir.

When indulging in fish, salad or chicken, try a glass of white wine.

Location & Reservations At Ricardo’s

Ricardo’s is a restaurant & bar located at the Aruba Beach Club.

It’s a open restaurant with two dining options: on deck or on the beach!

Their menu features the best Aruban cuisine and international dishes.

If you want to taste what Ricardo’s has to offer, place your reservation here in their online booking system.

Reservations at Ricardo’s are only accepted at least one day prior to your visit (not valid for same day reservations)

A Few More Recommendations 

Aruba is the ideal place to expand your culinary horizon, because the amount of dining choices one will find is practically endless. 

On my latest culinary quest to find the best creative cuisines, I stumbled on a local restaurant in Palm beach known as “Sweet Peppers”. They serve local Caribbean and international dishes that will leave any foodies taste buds craving for more.

You’ve probably researched new restaurant menus online before your trip to Aruba, but if you’re still looking for recommendations, follow the trails by foodies like me. 

Foodie Tip “Free Glass of Wine” – Make online Reservations at Sweet Peppers and get a full free glass of the finest wines available on the island. 

Hors d’oeuvre

To whet my appetite I started with bread and tapenade sauce as Hors d’oeuvre (pronounced “or-derv”), which according to Wikipedia is a small dish before a main course. 

Tasty tapenade and garlic butter sauce on bread.

Spread the home made garlic butter and black olive tapenade sauce on the bread and voila – delicious to the last bite! Tapenade is a green sauce puréed or finely-chopped with black olives, capers and olive oil.

3 of a Kind Ceviche’s

To further prepare my taste palette before the main course, the savvy chefs at Sweet Peppers suggested to try their new appetizer – Trio Ceviche. 

Gone are the days of serving only fish ceviche’s, because Sweet Peppers is one of the only restaurants on the island that offers beef, shrimp, mediterranean and vegetable ceviche.

Trio Ceviche: Fish, Beef & Shrimps

The first ceviche; marinated pieces of grouper filet in lime juice and sea salt with onions and sliced boiled potatoes.

Then the beef ceviche, prepared with sautéed chopped tenderloin in light soy sauce, sesame oil, mustard and lime juice with red onions and mixed bell peppers. The third ceviche in the trio dish is marinated jumbo shrimps in lime and orange juice with red onions, bell peppers and cilantro. 

Trio Ceviche is accompanied with corn or plantain chips.

Aren’t your taste buds beginning to tingle?!

Aruban Seafood Soup

If you’re taste buds aren’t tingling yet, Sweet Peppers serves a traditional Aruban seafood soup that will do the trick.

Rich and creamy Aruba seafood soup.

The Aruban seafood soup is a rich cream based soup, with Aruban peppers that gives the dish a local flare.

Every scoop of the Aruban seafood soup was full of big chunks of grouper, shrimp, calamari, mussels and scallops – yummy!

14 OZ Argentinean Churrasco

Churrasco is a term for grilled meat, and the chefs at Sweet Peppers know how to prepare a well done steak on a charcoal grill. 

The steak is served with mashed potatoes, broccoli and carrots. And although it’s hard to improve on a well grilled steak, the chimichuri and garlic sauce add more zest to the dish!

Charcoal grilled steak simply delicious!

Chimichuri sauce doubles as a marinade and an accompaniment for all grilled meats.

If you enjoy a great Argentinean steak, order the 14 OZ!

Lasagna Bolognese

Sweet Peppers has their own traditional home made version of the classic Italian Lasagna Bolognese.

It’s arguably the world’s most favorite Italian dish filled with ground beef, garlic, fresh herbs, creamy tomato and béchamel sauce.

Lasagna Bolognese for pasta lovers.

The lasagna bolognese is the ultimate comfort food for any pasta lover.

Location & Opening Hours

Sweet Peppers is located in Palm beach, on the second floor of Paseo Herencia Mall. It’s in the in the middle of the tourist action, a great place to dine on the outside patio and watch people move around the high rise hotel strip.

You can visit Sweet Pepper anytime, because their open 7 days a week, from 5:00 PM to 11:00 PM.

Remember to claim your Sweet Peppers Special “Free Glass of Wine” – If you book online, you get a free glass of wine – click here to make your reservations.

I’ll be heading to sweet peppers tonight again, meet me there?

A Few More Recommendations 

Are you looking for a new restaurant in Palm Beach Aruba to try on your upcoming trip? So are thousands of other travelers on the island. They are so many restaurants in Aruba, but not enough time to try them all (even for me that lives here).

In case you decide to hit Palm Beach in search of great food and good times, you’ll probably find Sweet Peppers restaurant if you’re around Paseo Herencia Mall.

Local Aruban Restaurant In Palm Beach Sweet Peppers

Sweet Peppers is a family owned and operated local Aruban restaurant.

It’s not a tourist trap, or a fancy high-end place, but a cozy and casual restaurants to eat.

If you’ve never heard of this place before, take a look as I show you what they offer and some recommendations for Aruban inspired dishes.

Sweet Peppers Restaurant Menu

You can expect international cuisine fused with Caribbean and Aruba flavors at Sweet Peppers.

Here’s some of the best dishes that everyone who’s ever been there raves about, and which I am going to try next!

If you have a appetite for fish, ask for the catch of the day (specialty grouper & garlic shrimp).

Aruban Grouper Fillet

Served with rice, fried plantains, sautéed mixed veggies and a mango-creole sauce, lemon or garlic butter sauce.

local restaurant in palm beach sweet peppers Aruban Grouper Filet

Grouper, Aruban Sweet Peppers Style!

Aruban Garlic Shrimp

Pan-fried shrimp with onions and red bell peppers in a garlic butter sauce.

local restaurant in palm beach sweet peppers Aruban Garlic Shrimp

Just the way you like it!

Argentinian Churrasco

If you love meat try the charcoal grilled Argentinian churrasco steak with chimichurri sauce. Or dip your steak in mushroom sauce, delicious!

local restaurant in palm beach sweet peppers Argentinian Churrasco

This is for you, bon apetit!

Ceviche Bar

If you’re a ceviche lover just like I am, this will be one of the first thing you order of the menu 🙂

local restaurant in palm beach sweet peppers ceviche

I can eat this ceviche like, right now!

Not only do they serve fish ceviche, but also vegetarian, meat, shrimp, mediterranean ceviches! All ceviches are served with corn chips on the side.

Are you suddenly getting an appetite for restaurants in Aruba?

3 Course Menu For $25.00

If you’re traveling on a budget try their 3 course menu for $25.00!

You get to choose between a soup or salad, one entree and a dessert.

This deal is available everyday from 5.00 PM – 7.00 PM.

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Special Theme Nights & Good Times

Depending on when you’re on the island, you can take advantage of their special theme nights.

Friday is all you can eat grouper night. Served with rice, or mashed potatoes and mixed vegetables. Only $23.95 per person!

local restaurant in palm beach sweet peppers all you can eat grouper

All you can eat grouper, yummy!

Sundays you can try to eat all the BBQ ribs you can for $23.95

local restaurant in palm beach sweet peppers bbq

Doesn’t this look finger licking good?

Good times at sweet peppers keep rolling on Wednesday during Karaoke Night (9.00 PM – 11.00 PM).

How’s your karaoke skills? Grab the mic! Let loose. You’re in Aruba!

Where Is Sweet Peppers Locations?

On palm beach, right across the street from the Holiday Inn. The restaurant is located on the second floor at Paseo Herencia Mall.

They have indoor and outdoor seating with an outdoor view.

The open-air balcony is great place to enjoy a meal while you overlook the beautiful Palm Beach strip.

Kids Are Allowed

Kids are welcome at Sweet Peppers!

local restaurant in palm beach sweet peppers kid friendly

Sweet Peppers is a kid friendly restaurant.

More Details About Sweet Peppers Restaurants

Here’s a few things you might want to know about sweet peppers.

  • They  accommodate big groups.
  • Vegetarian food options
  • Wheelchair accessible (elevator, seating, restroom)
  • Live music
  • Accept cash, debit cards, credit cards

Luckily there’s no reservations needed to enjoy a local Aruban meal at Sweet Peppers, but you can secure your spot if you want on their website!

Sweet Pepper Restaurant & Bar

Head Out For Good Food Or Good Times

If you’re looking for a new favorite place to eat in Aruba, visit Sweet Peppers.

Try any dish recommended by the staff or the Aruban inspired cuisines I mentioned.

There’s always good times and great food at Palm Beach!

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Aruba is not only a perfect beach destination, but also an island full of culinary delights waiting for you to taste! The food in Aruba and the restaurant scene is experiencing a steady rise  – there’s already over 300 restaurants already!

Believe it or not, these restaurants aren’t the touristy type. Aruba is considered to have the best restaurants in the Caribbean.

If you are wondering what to eat in Aruba and where to eat, keep on reading…

However, before you continue, make sure you’ve had a bite to eat, because you’ll be hungry at the end of this article – bon apetit!

Must Try Best Food in Aruba

The dishes featured in this post are just a small selection of the wide variety of cuisines available on the island. There’s plenty of other delicacies that will set your taste buds ablaze, but I’ll leave those for another bigger list of must eat foods in Aruba.

Here are some of the top choices when going fine dining in Aruba.

Let’s start of with…

Shellfish Trio at Barefoot

If you like seafood, you’re in for a real treat, because there’s plenty of seafood dining in Aruba.

A seafood dish that’s worth trying is the shellfish trio at Barefoot. It’s a marriage of lobster, shrimp and scallops dressed in a lobster sauce that’s simply delicious!

best food in Aruba

A mix of lobster, shrimp and scallops – Image by barefoot.com

Coconut Pineapple Shrimp At Ricardo’s

Next on the list is another shrimp inspired dish, but with a tropical twist.

The twist in this dish is the coconut pineapple lime marinade that’s coated on the shrimps. It’s served with rice, broccoli, coconut flakes and roasted pineapples.

You’ll taste the creamy coconut sauce in every bite that you take!

best food in Aruba

Can you imagine this being your table? Image by ricardosaruba.restaurant.com

Pork Calypso at Passions

For every succulent seafood dish on the island, there’s a delicious meat dish that’s equally that’s worth trying. And that’s the pork calypso dish by passions on the beach.

It’s a sauteed pork tenderloin stuffed with prunes that have been marinated in Captain Morgan. Served with rice, melon gravy and toasted cashew nuts sprinkled on top – yummy!

As you can see in the picture, the dish is presented with pork surrounding the rice dress in sauce.

Passions restaurant is one of the many restaurants that offers romantic beachside dining in Aruba.

best food in Aruba

Pork,pork, pork! Yummy! Image by passions-restaurant-aruba.com

Grilled European Swordfish At Screaming Eagle

The next dish tastes as good as it looks. It’s the grilled European swordfish. Served with green asparagus, oven baked tomatoes and a delicious dressing.

This dish is flavorful, a must taste!

best food in Aruba

Taste this! Image by screaming-eagle.net

Crusted Mahi Mahi at White Modern Cuisine

Everyone is crazy for mah imahi on the island and white modern cuisine has a mahi dish everyone should taste.

The fish is pan fried and served with potatoes, pickled red onions, sweet glazed carrots, glazed zucchini and dressed with a avocado creme & creole sauce.

Are you getting hungry yet?

I sure am!

best food in Aruba

looks and taste delicious! Image by whitecuisine.com

Land & Sea Kebab at Driftwood

Driftwood restaurant is known for their seafood, not only that but the fact that the fishes are caught by the owner himself and prepared by the chef in the evening during dinner makes this restaurant unique.

One of their special dishes is a mix of both worlds – the land & sea kebab!

It features two skewers, one with slices of tenderloin. And another skewer with lobsters and shrimp. Served with red onions, lime and potatoes on the side.

best food in Aruba

The best of both worlds, land and sea kebab! Image by driftwoodaruba.com

Filetto alla Trattoria at El Faro Blanco

El faro blanco is known for their Italian cuisines and breathtaking views of Arashi beach.

Besides their delicious pasta dishes, the filetto alla trattoria stands out in presentation and looks scrumptious!

It’s a grilled Fillet Mignon wrapped in bacon and dressed with a red wine sauce.

Topped with sprinkles of brown sugar, cloves and cinnamon, vegetables, sliced oranges and a fresh strawberry.

best food in Aruba

I’m getting hungry just seeing this! Image by faroblancorestaurant.com

Grilled Skirt Steak at Amuse Bistro

If you like steak as much as I do, you will love the grilled skirt steak at Amuse Bistro.

This is a meats lovers dish!

A plate with a generous amount of well seasoned grilled steak. It’s served with sweet plantains, potato and mango chutney.

best food in Aruba

Steak lover only! Image by amusearuba.com

Tuna Taki Taki at Windows on Aruba

The chef at windows on Aruba restaurant knows how to bring the lure of the ocean on on a dish with this tuna taki taki dish.

This dish has cuts of seared ahi tuna with sesame crusted peppers, cucumber, cremini mushrooms, wakame salad, dressed in a coconut lime marinade.

best food in Aruba

Presentation is on point! Image by windowsonaruba.com

Seafood Pasta at Sweet Pepper

Last but not least, one of the dishes you should try is the seafood pasta at sweet pepper.

The linguini pasta is served with a mix of seafood specialties: lobster, clams, shrimps and a sweet sauce. It’s a mouthwatering pasta dish!

The owners of sweet pepper are known to hand select their seafood, so you’re dish is as fresh as it gets.

best food in Aruba

Love for pasta! Image by sweetpeppersaruba.restaurant.com

Your Suggestions…

If you’ve had your share of dishes on the island, we’d love to hear about it. Add a comment and let us know what we should try next…

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